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Alexander Skarsgard: Little Door Lunch Visit!

Alexander Skarsgard: Little Door Lunch Visit!

Alexander Skarsgard rocks a beanie and a pair of shades as he arrives at the Little Door restaurant for some lunch on Thursday (March 10) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week, the 34-year-old True Blood star wore his support for his Swedish roots, rocking a Hammarby Football Club t-shirt.

Tonight, Alex is celebrating his girlfriend, Kate Bosworth‘s Nylon
March 2011 cover.

Earlier this week, the happy couple was seen dining at Sushi Roku.

Just Jared on Facebook
alexander skarsgard little door visit 01
alexander skarsgard little door visit 02
alexander skarsgard little door visit 03
alexander skarsgard little door visit 04
alexander skarsgard little door visit 05
alexander skarsgard little door visit 06
alexander skarsgard little door visit 07

Photos: AKM Images
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  • Hunk

    he’s such a hunk of a man… he can do so much better than Kate Bosworth. Sorry, but there is something very off putting about her… anyways, can’t wait for the new True Blood season!!

  • Nikki

    The only time that he looks angry/annoyed in paparazzi photos is when he’s photographed with KB…and even then he’s walking 10 feet in from of her.

  • Nikki



    Why are they continually pushing this nomance down our throats? It just makes it seem even more of a PR thing by them needing to tell us how “happy” this “couple” is. From practically every sighting we hear that they are with a group and stand 5 feet apart. What real couple does that all the time? Only ones that can’t stand each other.


    I think that Bosho threw a party for herself. Most cover parties are thrown before the magazine hits the news stands and they usually publicize it on their websites. The Nylon twitter, blog and Facebook did not mention the party.

  • P

    His PR had gotta tip off the parz to grab pix there. I’ve been to these Hollywood lunch spots and never seen parz hanging around waiting for any celebs. But still, love to see pix of him not gonna complain, especially sans KB. Come on, even JT and Biel had called it quit already. How much longer does these 2 have to be together?!

  • P

    BTW Is that his new sport car behind him? What was it?

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^ cute

    Bad taste

  • what’s

    so special about this man?

  • BigJohnson


    Heared his johnson is half a meter long, could be it.

  • Ts
    Alex went to her nylon mag party. Of course they didn’t pose together.

  • The Myths

    Myths about alexander skarsgard:
    “he’s talented” but doesn’t get roles in movies and his Eric is more about looks. Peaked with Generation Kill (playing a marine–> he was a marine in Sweden)
    “he looks better with age” because he has work done, like teeth fixed, work out (he’s slim), he has more money to “Ken up”
    “Kate Bosworthless mystery” there’s no mistery, they’re alike. His family probably doesn’t like their show.
    “He’s so handsome” yes, he’s tall, has an accent and (thanks to gym) is hunky. His face is cute if you like seahorses.
    True: He is sleazy meatball.

  • Misty

    @what’s: He’s tall.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Alexander skarsgard 1 of paparazzi

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Luck alexander because yo earn easy money,but for me i don’t like work paprazzi ,good for yo alexander

  • Nylon party of Z listers

    @Ts: hey TS-thanks for the link to the party photos…I didn’t recognize anyone else in the photos except Rhys Coiro, and I only know who he is because I watch Entourage. I gave her the benefit of the doubt for a long time because I know rumors are easily spread and are many times exagerrated, but it seems KB must really be a pariah in Hollywood because nobody famous will attend her premieres or parties. Amazing that JJ already knew about the party in advance, and that Alex would be attending-wonder who tipped him off?…

  • Ugh

    I’m actually embarrassed for him that he attended that Nylon event. Then again she never gets magazine covers I guess he felt the need to celebrate her finally landing one. Then again, we all have him to thank, he’s the one responsible for this D-lister getting attention again.

  • doppelgangers are best

    I’m tired of Alex. He doesn’t make me dirty thoughts at work.
    I way prefer the doppenhangers on twitter:
    kateseviltwin (KET) – AlexTheStupid – AlexSkarstrash – DrunkSkars
    I LMAO with them.
    Alexander makes me feel pity for how he ruined his chance after Generation Kill and True Blood.

  • LMAO @ u

    @doppelgangers are best:

    You’re just jealous moyerist or manganiello fan as are those stoopid doppelgangers. Do you seriously believe that dissing Skarsgård will gain more fans to moyer or to that pathetic almost “superman” lol

    For an unknown foreing actor Skarsgård is doing very well, actually better than any other TB actor so far. Melancholia and Battleship are coming soon in theatres.

  • Doreen

    Kate looks terrible in those photos, and who else is there besides Alex that is worth mentioning. Nobody! She probably begged him to go because it looks like there were only about 6 other ‘guests”. When does he work exactly, because he’s been out a few nights this week? Are they on a break or something? You’d think he’d be shooting scenes.

  • Really?

    Alex you could have changed your clothes dude. A different shirt or something. At least pretend to be enthused?

    Why does she always looks so stupid on the cover of a mag. ?

  • Katie

    Notice nobody famous showed up other than Alex. Interesting that the Straw Dogs costar is there. PR anyone?

  • Katie

    LOL I just noticed that this was posted at like 1:30am so JJ only knew about Alex being at the part after the fact, and tried to make it look like it was known in advance.

  • Black is not his color

    He needs to wear lighter color clothes. He looks likes a member of a swat team with that outfit on. He must be having a bad hair day with the hat too. LOL


    There has got to be so many things wrong with her that she could not get any notable previous co-star to come to her party. Alex’s co-stars all seem to love him yet wouldn’t come out to support his gf? Okay.

    What about all her old gfs like Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson, Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow her stans claim are still her friends?

    Ten years in HW and she couldn’t get anyone A/B list to attend her party?

    She’s a pariah, no ifs, ands or buts.

  • Katie

    It screams PR that the other Straw Dogs co-star was there. Have we ever seen them hang out before? I doubt it. Gotta get the movie mentioned somehow, since Bonesworth isn’t a selling point.

  • Tanter

    “Happy couple”?? Seriously – when have they ever looked happy? The only reason Alex looks looks remotely content when he’s out with Kate seems to be that he’s drunk!

  • seeshay

    sorry, “black is not the color” but love the team tee shirt (and always like seeing him solo best.) He looks good

  • amtj2008

    Something about those Nylon photos aren’t right. There were like 10 people there and Alex couldn’t pose with his “GF”? I think he stopped by to support a friend and left to continue shooting.

  • Reality Check

    The real reason that this board has been so slow to comment is that KB, Alex,her assistants and lapdog Arlene haven’t inundated the board with their usual brand of extremely stupid comments.Kate and Arlene are always on JJ.Trust.Those dumb bit*hes are currently commenting on the KB Nyoln board.There is a reason why a t.v. actor and a poser actress are getting 250 plus comments when they are out together.They are not that popular enough to warrent that many comments.They have been antagonizing the fanbase all along.

  • Reality Check

    btw:People at the Purse Forum listen up.Kate and Arlene have been commenting there for a long time.Those 2 will always find a way to bring up KB and everything that she is doing.1 of them is called soconfusing.There is at least 2 more.You all have been warned!

  • @30

    they are all stupid and vanilla still doesn’t make her a good actress and SD will suck Epicly.


    I severely doubt that Skas sits on these boards and write comments. I think he reads some of it but that’s only natural to see what people are saying about you.

  • Reality Check

    Yes,he has been commenting.AS does have a lot of time on his hands.Why do you think he is able to go to concerts and all of those parties especially at night.Just because the fanbase was treated to the “Eric has amnesia”storyline doesn’t mean that it is the “year of Eric”.True Blood is an ensemble drama.There are a lot of actors on that show that have his\her own storyline.Alex thinks that it is his show,it is not so.I understand that the fanbase really doesn’t want to hear the truth about him.Hiis manager have done an amazing job at hiding the truth about Alex.That Amanda S quote was well put together.
    BTW:every pap shot is stage to tell a story.

  • alice

    so what is the truth about his behavior he dosent care about the show and the actors and only himself and the only reason he dosent get fired its because of his fanbase he has and the money he does for HBO. there is one thing i want to know is that if he dosent care about the show that feeds him then why bother going to the Paley Festival , why stay an extra 45 minutes signing autographs for fans after the panel. did he manager told me him to stay to make look like he cares so fans cant complain about him later on. so i wonder what it is the real truth that he is a conceited guy and only cares about himself and what he gets from with kate bosworth and the fans are just sorry people in his life and the reason he still get them is because he acts in front of them and pretends to be nice that reality about him or it is much worse.


    @Reality Check:

    I really think you’re full of it. I find it hard to believe a person that commands such loyalty from old friends and co-workers is egotistical enough to say/think that TB is all about him. Admittedly his association with Boswaste and famewh*ring was a jack@ss move on his part but doesn’t erase his core personality./integrity. I think for the most part he was mislead and has been trying to correct his error in judgement.

    No matter what, he still seems to be still very well liked/respected by his co-workers and is still very kind/ cordial to his fans. Unlike KB he seems to make and keep friendships with his old co-workers regardless of their ability to boost his career.You can’t take that away from him despite the skank stank.

  • Whatever

    @Reality Check: So you’re telling us he feels like the mega star of TB but still bothers to comment on this board? That sounds really odd. Have you ever seen all his interviews (esp. before Bonesworth)? If that is fake then he truly deserves an Oscar… just sayin.

  • are now claiming that alex and worthless were all affectionate at the nylon party of course no pictures???? it was a guest who witnessed it hmmmmmmmm. what guests??? I did not know anyone turned up for the supposed intimate dinner with worthless parents.
    we have sooooo many reports of this dinner it was either a nylon party or an intimtae dinner with the parents which is it????? something smells of shit and it aint worthless feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Kate Bosworth, laughing, smiling and stealing kisses with beau Alexander Skarsgard at a Habitual-hosted dinner celebrating her Nylon cover at Hemingway’s in L.A. “They were very sweet,” a guest says of the couple, who were joined by several other friends and family at the bash.,,20473225,00.html

  • p

    wow.. again, such ugliness…. you know what people.. u need to take a step back and evaluate your own lives… happiness is fleeting at best, just take what is happening in Japan as a case in point… if Kate and Alex are happy then let them be and be glad for them.. and look for the happiness and the special moments in your own lives instead of wishing ugliness upon people you don’t even know… i don’t know either one of these folks, but the commentary is so mean.. i just don’t understand it..



    Why are you wasting your time reading all this if you are as fulfilled and evolved as you preach? No rainbows or butterflies to chase? Why would you allow all the “mean spiritedness” to soil your beautiful mind? You really should stop reading and enjoy your mantle of joy.

    Btw, just really dislike the very disingenuous Khate and her pretentiousness . Her sense of entitlement makes it enjoyable to watching her fail. She just is not likeable and apparently her lack of friends at her Nylon party after 10 years in HW pretty much sums up how she’s lived her life. She’s reaping what she sown. She’s a user and people know it. Really, according to her Nylon article she’s very good friends with Sienna Miller. Where was she or any of KB’s other friends, past co-star? What about her BFF and Baby cast? C’mon they all were busy and couldn’t show up for some free food and booze? These are D listers and could have used the exposure but didn’t show? Says quite a lot.

    Btw, nice people don’t pimp their bfs or parents for publicity.

  • http://viking65 mforman

    all of this is just getting ridiculous, the girl is usless. no friends, unless on her payroll, it is so obvious now, it is actually quite sad, 10 yrs in this business and not one former costar, not one former director even speaks of her, even Kevin Spacey seems to have given up on the disgusting human being. where is her great friend Krysten Ritter, who made those two ridiculous comments when she was filming with the famewhore. she served her purpose, even she didn’t go to her party, i mean her intimate dinner. how embrassing, first she has to throw herself a party that has maybe ten people show up and then RB the publicist whore goes into overdrive calling in favors to get articles written to say it was an inimate dinner for family and her bf, no pictures of course just words, to try and cover up the embrassment that she is a pariah in HW and no one wants to be near her. this girl has proven time and time again and even has been quoted as saying that nothing or no one will stand in her way, her way of what, there is no career and once SD goes down in flames, if it is even released, that will be all she wrote, that is why she is looking to now make movies in Paris and in Japan, and she is going back to the fashion stuff (if you consider Nylon fashion). also did anyone else catch when she said on the YouTube Nylon video about her wanting to do a musicial, she should stop trying to copy GP’s life, she even dresses in a very, very similiar dress at the Calvin Klein show, remember KB, she has done it all first, including her husband. what is sad is that AS was mislead, he trusted people with more experience then him and now he is trying to correct this situation, it has been noticed by others on this board. no one has ever answered me as to why his manager and RB and KB all had dinner at the beginning of talks for SD and then again when SD had completed casting, if this wasn’t a PR scheme from the beginning, why wasn’t AS at the dinner. i am such a fan of his and was before TB, he deserves better than this. once this whore finds someone new, she will allow it to end, i don’t think she will allow it before than, stage 5 clingers like her need that, we can only hope he will wise up and just stop all this PR crap once and for all., then she can start stalking him, she already begs and pleads for help., he is just too nice to say no, he likes to help out people who he considers friends, he should watch his back with her, because she only cares for herself. hopefully he will learn to use that word no and see her for what she is. the only reason she is getting the publicity she is getting is because of him and she is not ready or willing to give that up. she was not even invited to Paris Fashion Week, those designers do not want her in their clothes, they represent class, something she doesn’t have and never will.

  • PDA, or no PDA

    It is funny that an insider or party guest saw AS and KB affection with one another at the nylong party. I thought the only ones that showed up were a few celebs and her parents. Perhaps KB reported that they were affection. She is so into being papped, where are the photos? Where are the photos to prove it. I think i saw him hold her hand in Sweden, and he had more affection with the beer in his hand than her at that concert where he got drunk last year. He has been very good at avoiding PDA shots when the paps are around for quite sometime. Now we hear about the pda from some obscure “guest”. Also, if he wanted to get away from her, he is a big boy and I am sure he could handle not seeing her anymore or being around her if he really wanted too. It is such a game, you would think he would get tired of playing it. She is really into it, so she will be playing it as long as she can get attention, good or bad attention. She doesnt care.

  • anchor necklace?

    what has happend to alex’s trade mark silver anchor necklace that he is never without?………….it appears to have gone missing …………. in recent pics ?k’ho is suposed to be doing a repleca of that anchor necklace for crap-mint, from other forums!!!! anyone else heard of this?? …………….
    is it supposed to impress alex? by doing a repleca of his chain andi n hope alex will see a different side to her. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @anchor necklace?:

    How do yo know it’s missing? We rarely ever catch a glimpse of that inside his shirts.

    Btw, I posted about the idea of a Tackymint replica of his anchor months ago . It’s called sarcasm. Even it it were true you wouldn’t need to have physical contact to make a replica…there are things called pictures. You know, pictures like the ones where we rarely see them together or when we do he’s miserable. Pictures of PDA that surely a couple after all this time should have.

    I wouldn’t put it past her to make an anchor necklace ad explain on the Tackymint site how she was inspired by Sweden’s great nautical heritage while spending the summer there. No actual mention of Skars though, but absolutely everyone would know what/whom she was alluding to.

  • http://viking65 mforman

    i think he went to that Nylon party to see his costar in Straw Dogs, Rhys and for no other reason because they have both been busy working , i am sure she begged, pleaded, cried and clinged and being the nice guy he is he went as an after thought, but can you imagine thinking it is this great party and maybe 10 people show up and you are stuck there and then you have to read that it was just an intimate dinner for you and her parents, my goodness she is such a pariah and a disgrace, you cannot even feel sorry for her. he must have been so pissed and i think Robin the whore is running out of lies to tell him about articles being wrong and paps just showing up, they(her paid for crew) probably just keeps their fingers crossed, that they can get just one more passed him. what i really think is happening is that he really trusted the wrong people, and little by little he finds more and more out about this disgusting whore. the lack of PDA is just getting worse and he is doing more and more things on his own (thank goodness).
    he is still wearing his anchor necklace, the only time he takes it off is for filming, it is his good luck charm and reminds him of home.
    i thought she would make a copy of an anchor necklace a while ago, i wonder if he said no. if she makes it, what a joke that will be and her and that long time paid for friend Cher will make another crapmint video talking about the fact they made the necklace for Sweden, her fairytale land with all the depressed drunks, she is in the final desparate moves and that is a big one.
    like i have said in previous posts, i was a fan of his before TB, just see PUSS and you will know why, in all interviews and articles he comes across as a very talented actor, loyal friend, great costar and is crazy for his family. hopefully he will break free and go back to the man we have all read about and saw in the pictures for the 6 weeks she was gone. he deserves that and more.
    also, i still do not think that was his sister,i saw the photo of them side by side, both in flats and that girl was way too short and quite hippy, his sister is tall even in flats and very, very skinny. just saying.

  • boop

    they’ve been together how long, and he can’t even pose in a pic w/ her??? what an awesome bf. seriously, it just makes him look bad.