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Gabriel Aubry & Nahla Head to the Hotel

Gabriel Aubry & Nahla Head to the Hotel

Gabriel Aubry carries his sleepy daughter, Nahla, back to their hotel on Thursday (March 10) in New York City.

The 34-year-old model is keeping an eye on Nahla while Halle Berry films New Year’s Eve in the city.

Glad to see Halle and Gabriel could set aside their differences and can come together to do what’s best for Nahla!

Earlier in the week, Halle took Nahla to Central Park for a visit!

FYI: Nahla is wearing a babyGAP Shearling coat.

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  • someone

    Just goes to show what a liar Halle is…she said Gabe was a threat to shes okay with him being around thier daughter.

  • JoJo

    He looks like Gerard Butler in these pics!

  • commonsense

    No good mother leaves their child in the care of someone they believe will harm their child even if it’s the child’s father. So either Halle’s a liar OR she’s a bad mother!

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^____^ cute

    Her mother datin someone secrit

  • MsIrene


    I’ve never read anywhere that Halle actually said she believed Gabe would “harm” their child. I took her concern to mean that she perhaps did not approve of Gabe’s company, which at that time may have been Kim Kardashion. It appears that she was totally okay with Gabe being a daddy until he went out with Kim Kardashion; it has been said that Halle did not want her child exposed to the media while with the Kardashion girl. At any rate, Halle said in Vogue Magazine that Gabriel was a very good father and absolutely the one to have her baby with.

    I agree with you, it seems that Halle is either a bad liar, or she was just being vindictive when she made her statement (in poor taste) about Gabe.

    Personally, I’m so happy to see the father in his child’s life. Mine barely was, due to a vindictive mother…….I guess that’s why I kinda feel sorry for Gabriel.

  • annie

    Hale must be a real bitch eh

  • mia

    he had no choice…

    1) the judge ruled against him and did nto award any child support

    2) Halle sweetened the pill by paying out of pocket for his expenses

    3) KFRAUD!!!

  • Sound

    I can’t stand LIARS . Halle lied

  • Jill

    Gabe and Nahla are so lovely together… she needs her daddy, just like every little girl!
    I think Halle has heard the opinions which were not in her favor and has decided to behave differently towards the father of the child…
    however I adore this duo!

  • Angela

    The kid is clearly very tired. Anything for a photo-op.

  • mailey

    cute pair.

  • nanananna
  • mia

    Halle HATES kim Kardashian

    Aubry went out on that publicity stunt date because he know how much Halle hates Kim

    Aubry got more than he bargained for..Halle went CRAZY’!!

  • Sam23

    mia@ He dated or had a fling with Kim back in November split in the begging of December and Halle flip out in February so I don’t think it had anything to do with Kim and if did she would be a hypocrite because the guy Halle dating is a cheater and a none womanizer .

  • aziza

    thank you gabriel for being arole model for young dads everywhere

  • crista

    Who the f*ck cares what kind of coat the child is wearing, Jared? Will you knock it off with the stealth advertising????

  • ericap

    I thought Halle had decided to drop out of New Year’s Eve?

  • manni

    What a great Dad. one likes a vindictive woman..

  • fred

    hey Gab you GOLDIGGER

    Halle got you contracts with Louis Vuitton;Calvin Klein;Versace amongst others.

    SHE bought you that failed restaurant Cafe Fuego in NYC

    SHE got you the Mercedes you crashed in January and had the audacity to call her to pick you up.Good thing she sent the driver.

    You make up to $ 500.000 to $ 700.000 a year yet you had to more money from her take care of Nahla?

    you GOLDDIGGING traitor;LIAR and USER!

    If there is a god;Karma will strike YOU

  • Wesie

    they worked out their differences?
    lol, no, Aubry had to go where Halle wanted and be a nanny again.
    Aubry seems to be the only one who can overcame his pride in the best interest of Nahla.

  • C

    How adorable! She is so cute and what a handsome dad she has.
    You can really see she looks a lot like her dad but also a bit like Halle, beautiful mix.

  • Angela

    I wouldn’t trust him around my daughter….he looks CREEPY.

  • Ginger

    Halle should be freaken glad that Gabriel wants to be part of his daughter’s life and not like her dumb deadbeat dad!!!! Some beetches are never happy!!

  • Kayla

    Halle is a liar, because she said the child was afraid of him and screamed everytime he came to pick her up! I’m telling you when Olivier gets a real dose of her evilness, he’s going to drop her and she’s going to go CRAZY! Her thing is, “Hey I’m sooo beautiful and I can get and have who or whatever I want, nobody dumps me or their screwed! Well Halle there is a circle to life, good things come to an end they don’t last forever, after this year I’m sure you’ll be the one who is SCREWED!

  • MsIrene



    I disagree he looks creepy; He actually looks tired, and rightfully so. It can’t be easy trying to follow after Halle, in order to make sure his daughter (yes, that’s right, HIS DAUGHTER) is taken care of and safe!

    His background and personal records speak for themselves. From what I hear, this man has a “squeaky clean” record, which is more than we can say for Halle. There is no reason NOT to trust him. Gabe has lived in foster homes at a young age, and this child means the world to him! This is his own flesh and blood. She is the most precious thing in the world to him, so let’s give credit where credit is due!

    Looks can be deceiving, as we all know by now, with the child’s mother, and it’s the character that counts! My opinion.

    Do your homework before making judgments on others!

  • sunseeker


    Anybody with a bit of knowledge knows that Stars get Expenses like nanny’s etc pays for by the studio, its in their contract. Halle has not payed a dime, any father who goes through all this crab to be with his daughter gets my support any time. And all these people who go on about him being after her money, if she is worried about that don’t give him any, problem solved. And how about Oliver Marinez, he must be using her, hasn’t worked for years until this last movie with Halle. Why not bash him, his last movie before this one was in 2007.

  • Mike

    @ MsIrene You don’t know a damn thing about Gabriel Aubry’s character
    and background. You were not in a relationship with him and you did not have a child with him. And WHY do people trash Halle for doing what othermothers and actresses do which is take there child to work with them. Auby wanted to block Halle from ever taking her child she gave birth to out of state because he is VINDICTIVE. Aubry made things about Halle instead of his daughter. Halle went to work and he had nothing to do but get on a plane. Since Aubry is “Christ like ” why did judge decide Halle could take he daughter with her. Why did he drop his custody and support lawsuit?