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Jennifer Lawrence: 'Hunger Games' Lead?

Jennifer Lawrence: 'Hunger Games' Lead?

Jennifer Lawrence is close to sealing the deal to star in Hunger Games, Variety reports.

The 20-year-old Oscar-nominated actress has been tapped to play Katniss, “a young woman [who] joins a survival contest to save her community,” in the film based on Suzanne Collins‘ popular books.

Hailee Steinfeld and Abigail Breslin were also reportedly being considered for the role in the film.

Jennifer can next be seen on the big screen in X-Men: First Class, which hits theaters June 3.

WOULD YOU LIKE to see Jennifer play Katniss in Hunger Games?

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  • FlOr

    Dux! She doesn’t look 16 or underfed or has olive skni or dark huir she s just another Playboy bunny!

  • taylor

    No. Next option please.

  • Celia

    NOOOO! Why do they want her for this role?! She’s all wrong. As wrong as you could get.

    I guess she can act (I’ve never seen Winter’s Bone), but in terms of age, looks, body type, EVERYTHING…she’s not right for the role.

    Sarah Bolger, Ella Purnell, or Hailee Steinfeld would be perfect as Katniss.

  • dannie

    Well… she’s not who I expected to be chosed to play Katniss. Right now I just want them to start filming!

  • brigetta

    She’s a very talented actress, but she looks too old (not that she looks old generally, but too old to be 16) and is not at all how I pictured Katniss! Hailee, Abigail, Emily Browning, or Sarah Bolger would all look the part and play it very well

  • Kat

    She has olive skin so you are wrong there. Hailee Steinfeld is too sweet to be Katniss. She would portray the character all wrong. Abigail Breslin is white as snow. Her face is too babyish as well to play tough. I think Jennifer Lawrence was perfect in Winter’s Bone. She is an Oscar nominated actress in the leading female category. The acting industry is rewarding talent with franchise leading roles. That’s the way it should be. First Emma Stone for Spider man, now Jennifer Lawrence for Katniss Everdeen.

  • Noel

    What do you think about Cana for Katniss? Look at these awesome pics of her IN CHARACTER!

  • Kate

    She’s only 20. Playing a sixteen year-old is not unheard of for someone that’s 20. It’s not like she’s 25.

    Hair can be dyed, contacts can be worn. I think she’s a great choice for this series. I love that they’re getting a good actress from the get go. This could be a disaster without good actors so I’m very pleased they aren’t using Kristen Stewart types and are actually considering actors that will actually do the characters justice.

  • Kate

    She’s only 20. Playing a sixteen year-old is not unheard of for someone that’s 20. It’s not like she’s 25.

    Hair can be dyed, contacts can be worn. I think she’s a great choice for this series. I love that they’re getting a good actress from the get go. This could be a disaster without good actors so I’m very pleased they aren’t using Kristen Stewart types and are actually considering actors that will actually do the characters justice.

  • sarah

    before you judge, watch at least part of winter’s bones. she looks ENTIRELY different, plays a high schooler realistically. she’s very tough in the movie, and the character is essentially the same as katniss’s. in the movie she’s brunette, olive skin, lives in “appalachia” which is wheere district 12 is set, and her character in the movie basically has to raise her two younger sisters and depressed mom when her dad is killed. it’s a different plot, but she’d definitely be perfect.

  • sarah

    plus, based on the above picture, she could pull of the cinna-designed dresses and ceremony scenes flawlessly.

  • bea

    @sarah: Her skin is NOT olive in winter’s bone. She is very pale. Keep in mind I don’t use pale as an insult.

  • Kate

    I’d rather Katniss be played by someone who can actually act rather than by an olive skinned untalented actress.

    You have to give and take when it comes to these types of roles. This is a character from a book, they’re not going to find her. It’s as simple as that. Katniss Everdeen does not exist in the real world. But I think Jennifer Lawrence can bring her to life with her talent. Looks aren’t everything. Her hair will be a simple change, who cares about her skin??? Do you want Vanessa Hudgens to play her? think about this before she’s written off and an olive skinned talentless actress gets this role instead of someone who will do Katniss justice.

  • Evanna


  • Kristy

    She’s a talented actress but not who I pictured to play Katniss. Jennifer has an older look to her and I think for the first film at least, Katniss needs to have that youthful look about her, not to mention the olive skin. I know hair can be dyed and wardrobe plays a huge part, but I think someone like Hailee Steinfeld would be more suited. Either way, I can’t wait until they begin filming

  • Daine

    What if she got a tan? and colored her hair? and wore contacts? Would that make everyone happy? She CAN act….That is the one thing that cannot be changed so I think they choose wisely! I just want them to cast Katness and then get strong actors in all of he other parts too!

  • benna

    I think she is great in Winters Bone but that is one specific character. We have no idea if she is versatile.

  • annie


    NO SHE DOESNT. I am so sick of all the fricken actress being white, why cant they for once have a change.

  • Abby

    @Kate: Would I want Vanessa to play her? YESSSSSSSSSSSS <3

  • Abby

    She’s only 20 years old but looks more like a 26-27 year old. WHY would they cast her as Katniss? I mean, could they REALLY make her look like a 16 year old girl? O_o

    Plus doesn’t Katniss have like olive skin, dark hair, and grey eyes? Jennifer just looks like a white girl. They should get someone more exotic looking for this roll. This girl is STUNNING but just not what I pictured.

    I WILL say out of the three actresses (Lawrence, Steinfeld, and Breslin) who were up for the roll Lawrence I think would be the best bet. Steinfeld and Breslin are too young for the roll. It looks like they want to cast a 20 something year old for the male leads. That would just be really wrong and gross to see a guy in his 20’s acting next to a young girl like Breslin & Steinfeld are.

  • Sora

    Kristen Stewart was cast as Bella Swan for her acting credentials first and foremost. She also suited Bella’s look, as a second thought. Someone who was cast for their looks would be Emma Watson who played Hermione Granger. From the get go she was too pretty to play Hermione, a homely, book smart, but not universally likeable character (to her peers). It was obvious they (WB) was hoping they could get some male audiences draw out of Emma even as a 9 year old. Bad acting for 6 movies and some improvement in the last and final chapter of the franchise. So sad and a waste of an opportunity for a young up and coming British actress. She will turn into another fashion girl or Weinstein’s muse/consort.

  • jenny

    Hollywood has a fear of anyone who isn’t white.

  • Romeo

    She doesn’t look that old at all and her eyes and hair color can easily be changed, #20.

    The CHARACTER is white, #22.

  • jenny

    @Romeo: Oh I know. My comment was in agreement with annie’s.

  • Chelsea

    This is HORRIBLE news! JL is super talented but is NO Katniss. Too old, too blonde, too curvy. Just wrong! The casting agents are idiots if they cast her. If you get Katniss wrong what hope is there for the rest of the movie?

  • nora

    they need somone unknown

  • Innah

    they need someone NOW.

  • emily

    yeah baby!!!!!!! I. Love. Her! She’s gonna be the BIGGEST star after this!

  • TeamPeeta

    Nope. She looks old.

  • Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

    I absolutely loved that book and am excited for the movie. Not sure what to think about this girl playing Katniss. I don’t see her as Katniss, but maybe she could pull it off.

  • Anna

    I think Jennifer could pull of Katniss VERY well. I loved her in Winter’s Bone. As far as her appearance goes… Jennifer doesn’t look like Katniss, but before shouting how wrong she is for the part I’m going to wait until there’s a set picture of her. Maybe she’ll die her hair or lose weight? And maybe they’ll age Katniss to 18.

    I think Jennifer is one of the best actress’s on that could portray Katniss. Maybe she won’t look exactly how everyone imagined her, but that’s not the more important to me than her personality/characteristics.

  • Asha

    She doesn’t look like Katniss. I was hoping that Hailee Steinfeld got the part. She is who I pictured while reading the books.

  • Casey

    I love her shes pefect, have the people who are hating on her SEEN winters bone??? shes vulnerable and tough as hell and young and amazing, she had me in tears, shes that good. and ive seen other movies of hers and shes very good consistently. Katniss needs that zing, that something that has you watching her, a vulnerability and almost weakness despite her hard outershell adn that something JL can portray effortlessly. Hailee whatshername is crap, she looks 12, and sweet and candy like she might make a good Prim but as Katniss she’d suck. Abigail Breslin has the same problems except she looks even younger nad has even less of the look and is a bad actress. I love Katniss, I love her fallable side, how shes truely brave in that shes terrified but she tries anyway and for that to come across you need a GOOD actress. Im so sick of actresses being chosen because fo their looks not their talent. JL has both, shes gorgeous, which Katniss DOES need because of the stuff with the prep team and the ceremonies etc and shes amazingly talented, a wonderful sublte performer who actually gets the less-is-more thing I think she’d be wonderful.

  • krystel

    please no. she’s just wrong for katniss. i’m getting tired of movie productions destroying the casting of leads. they trashed twilight already, spare the hunger games series please.

  • ja


    Please, maybe you should do some reading before saying anything and claiming it as fact, Kristen only got the part after the first choice for Bella, Emily Browning, turned it down, and yeah she looks like Bella however with her description in the book I don’t know how I would take that but oh well, it’s on her and yeah some think Kristen is a good actress even if I don’t but that’s not what this is about. Emma auditioned 11 times before getting the part after both the casting directors and J.K Rowling herself said that she was perfect for the part and for someone who didn’t have any acting experiences to come in and do a role like Hermione in a movie that would be seen by everyone around the world I think she did a great job, sure it wasn’t prefect but she have to date only done HP + two other movies so she is still learning.

    BTT, I like Jennifer, I haven’t seen ‘Winter’s Bone’ yet but from what I have seen she is good, but she is also new and she is still learning so why not wait until the movie starts filming to see how she does. I also notice that there seem to be more complains about her looks then anything but maybe you should wait to judge that too until you see what they will do with her, it’s very easy to dye someones hari or give them contacts, look at Angelina Jolie, she is blond but pulled of a brunett in Lara Croft, another examble among many would be Ron Perlman, I mean you think he really has red skin like Hellboy, no, these things can be added into the film later.

  • Peppercorn

    Calling shenanigans on the whole “something has to give so we have a good actress in the role” idea: there are PLENTY of good actresses out there that are of color (because, damnit, Katniss is OF COLOR) that simply don’t get exposure like Jennifer Lawrence. Or, white actresses in general. Why, when “something has to give” does it always have to be race? I mean, look at who they were talking about casting for this role: her, Chloe Moretz, Hailee Steinfeld, and those two other random chicks whose names I can’t recall who are also white. I am a huge fan of CM and HS, but I’m sick of seeing white people bogart roles that were written for or called for darker-skinned folks. (Latest in a long line of darkening-up-movie-horrors: that Tamara Drewe chick in Prince of Persia – Zuleikha Robinson would have killed in that role and it would have been throwing a bone to oh, all of the middle east for casting Jake Gyllenhaal as a freaking Persian orphan-prince. Instead they have her slap on the cheapest self-tanner she could find, dye her hair brown, and just ugh whatever.) They may not be wearing black face, unless it’s as a joke like RDJ in Tropic Thunder, but they might as well be. I’d resigned myself to Hailee Steinfeld, since she looked even a little ethnically ambiguous, but Jennifer Lawrence is just straight whitebread. Good for her if she can play a hard-as-nails teenager, but she is not who I wanted to see get this role.

  • anon


    No, they have a fear of losing money. If you are black like Will Smith they love you, not because he is black but because he is attractive to a target audience that includes all races. Follow the money.

  • Jess

    She’s a wonderful actress, but Hailee Steinfeld would be better suited in my opinion.

  • anon


    Angie is blond? I don’t think so. Anyway, with all due respect to Jenifer Lawrence, Chloe Moretz has been building a track record (Kick-Ass, Let Me In) just for this kind of role and screams age appropriate-youth and vulnerability with age-defying fearlessness and ability. If Jennifer gets this role she will be at least one year older and that much further removed from the character when the time comes for filming.

  • Casey

    why????? she looks llike shes 12, isnt a particularl good actress and doesnt have that steal core hardness overladen with a softness that is needed for the role. the only thing she is is brunette adn hairdye can fix that. Hailee is an awful awful choice. she’s make katniss look like a tiny child which she isnt. shes young but not a child, hasnt been a child since her fathers death. HS might be ok as Prim but a Katniss???she’d be awful. beyond awfyl that would be really **** casting.
    JL is a supremely talented actress, hairdye and contacts can change appearance and as for too old excuse so many are using, its because the only time theyve seen her is when shes dolled up for an event where makeup etc makes her appear older-she was the youngeset in her category, making her appear older would ahve made it less like she wasa child amongst the adults. If youve seen Winters Bone, which most of the people on this comment thread seem to not have, you’d see how young she really looks when stripped of makeup
    HS would look ridiculous up against a Peeta who ould prob be late teens/early twenties actor. it would be gross to see that,not to mention legalities….

  • Gilmore

    She is cute and all but she is no Katniss. I do not want her, she looks to old for the role and she’s a blonde I wanted kaya scodelario, but whatever I just hope she doesn’t ruin it.

  • Commenter

    At least Jennifer Lawrence’s facial features aren’t conventionally beautiful. That gives her a bit of exoticism. Her eyes look Asian for sure, which is 70% of the world’s population anyways.

    Kristen Stewart got the role of Bella after Emily Browning turned it down, even though now Kristen is much more popular than Emily is now. Emily was considered because she did another young adult book franchise not too long before Twilight (A series of unfortunate events). She had just wrapped the franchise and didn’t want to take on another book franchise. She is more marketable in that way. Which also shows that Twilight was not a very sought after project like the girl with the dragon tattoo, hunger games, harry potter. So looks and appealing to the mass market weren’t such a big deal. They chose an indie actress with credibility who needs to know how to act to carry the film, as oppose to a pretty girl lead with big names in supporting roles (Harry Potter). J K Rowling was introduced to the three main leads after Heyman already told the three leads they had the part. J K is nice in that she doesn’t interfere with filming and let the experts do the work. She did specify that she only wanted unknowns and British citizens to portray her characters. That was her part in the casting. Anything more and she might as well be the casting agent for the Harry Potter movies.

  • Hannah





  • Anna



    Just because she’s new and upcoming DOES NOT mean that you can cast her in anything. She’s
    a) Too old
    b) Doesn’t look underfed
    c) Brown eyes? No. Brown hair? No. Olive skin? No.

    So please drop this idea.

  • Florence


    Kaya Scodelario can act. And she looks exactly like Katniss is described.

  • Celia


    Right WB cast a 9 year old Emma Watson, because they knew she would grow up to be hot…right…that makes SO much sense. *eyeroll*
    Emma was cast for talent and because she had the right look. Nowhere in the Potter books does it say Hermione is “homely.” Hermione is described as pretty numerous times throughout the series. The books are told from Harry’s POV and he’s not really attracted to her, because she’s like a sister to him. Other male characters (Ron Weasley, Victor Krum, Cormac MacLaggen, Fenrir Greyback, etc) clearly are.

    A similar thing seems to be happening with Katniss. Some people seem to be under the impression that she’s not supposed to be attractive when there are SEVERAL clues throughout that series that she is in fact very beautiful. She…just like Hermione…has more important things to worry about other than looks and doesn’t spend hours in front of the mirror. This is why they need to go with someone like Hailee Steinfeld, Saoirse Ronan, Sarah Bolger, or Ella Purnell. All of them are gorgeous, but their looks can also be downplayed if necessary.

    Jennifer Lawrence is too curvy and too Baywatch for the role. I don’t even see it working if they dye her hair. If Katniss isn’t right, then no one will see the movie.

  • Jane

    Too old, too curvy. She needs to look like a tomboy teenager. Must be more scrappy looking than JL, she is just not right. She could be the mother of the little sister who gets picked to play, was she 9? No, no, no, no, no.

  • To Celia

    Actually the producers did say that when they cast Emma, they had no doubt that she would grow up beautiful. That it wasn’t a surprise when she turned out that way. As a nine year old in her cast photo op, she was already wearing short little mini skirts and transparent belly tops with Dan and Rupert in the trio screen test (in the ultimate edition DVD extras).

  • hannah

    hailee please.

  • Casey

    katniss has GREY eyes, not brown. ummmm ever heard of contacts???hair dye?? cos OMG its like, um like no ever actress, like ever had to alter her appearance. idiot..
    this years oscar winner famously lost alot of weight for her role, charlize theron gained loads and had her face altered with makeup cos shes not ugly yet her character was.
    If you had even seen winters bone you’d see how alike katniss and Ree are, yooud see how beautifully JL played that complex part, the vulnerability, the youth the strength that is Katniss all over not to mention HOW YOUNG SHE LOOKS