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Jennifer Lopez: The New Face of TOUS Spring 2011

Jennifer Lopez: The New Face of TOUS Spring 2011

Jennifer Lopez leaves Ago restaurant having dinner with fellow co-workers Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest on Thursday (March 10) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old singer has just been announced as the new face of the TOUS Spring 2011 Advertising Campaign. “We are absolutely delighted to have the iconic Jennifer Lopez be the face of TOUS’ Spring campaign,” declares Rosa Tous. “Jennifer is not just an amazingly beautiful woman, but also a talented actress, musician and dancer sharing with us strong family values as we are a family-owned business” explains Salvador Tous, Honorific President of TOUS. “We are confident that Jennifer Lopez will be a great spokesperson as she is genuine and endlessly charismatic; a great illustration of our brand.”

“This is my favorite bear. You know, all girls love diamonds,” Jennifer Lopez declared.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing leopard python “Fiona” pumps by Brian Atwood.

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  • jento

    LOVE IT!!!

    I can’t stop listening to her new son On The Floor!
    sooo catchyyy!

  • entheno*90


    You have to do something about KAZ and SLIGO..this is ridiculous.

    NONE of the comments make sense..AND they’re ALWAYS negative.

    If you care about your site you’ll monitor these’s annoying and turning folks away.

  • bbjlo

    Jennifer looks amazing!

  • nht13

    Now those rumors about her being broke make sense

  • She Stinks!

    Yet another endorsement because she is flat broke due to her lavish spending and her husband’s obvious expensive drug problem. Nose jobs, botox injections, skin bleaching and tacky blonde weaves are expensive. She just threw her money around like she’s some big playa, and now its all gone, just like her career.

    How long before this money grubbin’ HO is the face of Valtrex, Kotex Tampons, or Summer’s Eve douche products? Or maybe a secret sex tape, leaked by her mother of course, just like Kim Kardashian !
    She’ll be on dancing with the pathetic has-beens next, just wait and see!

    But, actually she is getting what she deserves for all the horrible things she has done to others to get ahead in the industry. Like using children dying of cancer to sell a crappy CD. Like killing animals for her trashy fashion line. The list goes on and on and on. Its time the trash goes out JHO, it gets picked up twice a week, be on the garbage truck headed for the dump!

    Karma is slapping this worn out b*tch right in the face. Next up, filing for bankruptcy! I love watching her fall from grace.

  • She Stinks!

    Oh, and I forgot to provide a fashion commentary, I know how much you all just love it. She looks hideous and trashy at the same time. No class, but did she ever have class? NO!

    The tights show off the short legs and fat thighs, the shorts are silly. You are not Rihanna or Ke$ha, JHO. You’re clearly not in your 20s, even though you think you still are.

    It is an epic fail. Even Latina girls in their teens or 20s don’t dress like this.

    Its not the 1990′s anymore, and you just look foolish. I almost feel bad for you, well, NOT!

  • She Stinks!

    And what does TOUS mean anyway? Since they picked JHO to represent them, it must mean:

    Trashy, Old, Used Up, S, L, U, T!

    They got the perfect spokesperson then.

  • Marissa

    She is not broke, she has mouths to feed and she did not go invetro

  • Joel

    @She Stinks!:

    It seems you are trying to preach concepts, values and “class” but the funny part is that you don’t even follow them. It’s awkward that frustrated people like you uses the Internet to release their bad feeling towards others. You are just a sad little person :/

  • josh78

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  • sad!!

    @She Stinks!:
    WOW! You seems soo angry…….All this hate can’t really be about JLO, you don’t even know her or have anything to do with her. You really need to evaluate all that anger and hate and maybe try home yoga or excercise……if that doesnt work, just get a life maybe???? You are really SAD person…….In conclusion, you are SAD!! JLO is hot!!!! Get over it

  • She Stinks!

    @ all of you

    Just because someone doesn’t like an untalented, over rated, over paid, fat a$$ed, nasty, rotten b*tch, doesn’t make them sad, miserable, or angry.

    It shows they have taste and standards.

    I find it funny that its not OK for me to hate on that pig J-NO talent, but you can hate all over me. Typical dumb JHO fans!

  • sad!!

    @She Stinks!:

    You are allowed to have your opinion but when you come to a website and post such hateful, mean and cruel thing about someone you don’t even know and just have your perceptions about then we have every right to hate on you…….We are not dumb!! You are the dumb immature one that comes on a site to insult and criticize an artist and then expects fans of that artist to sit back and take your awful words about someone that we admire……everyone is allowed to like or dislike who they choose but you are SAD because you have nothing better to do with your life to insult Jennifer EVERYTIME some news comes out abotu her!!! She does not stink…….YOU STINK!!!! For being such hateful and bitter human being……..!!!!

  • jen

    She is always saying how proud she is of her heritage and her ‘curvy’ body. However, she is ALWAYS trying to lose weight and her South American image. WHAT A FAKE!!!!!

  • Dzorifgins

    the girl is hot.

  • Chrissy

    If you hate her so much why are you wasting your time giving her attention and writing about her.JUST GET OVER IT!!!!