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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Helicopter Departure!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Helicopter Departure!

Katie Holmes carries her 4-year-old daughter, Suri, as they arrive at the 34th Street Heliport in New York City on Friday (March 11).

The 32-year-old actress and Suri took off and left town in a helicopter!

Suri carried a Clifford the Big Red Dog stuffed animal with her for the trip and hid behind Clifford when she got a little camera shy.

Katie was spotted leaving her apartment to run a few errands earlier in the day.

FYI: Katie is wearing J Brand “Bette” high-rise wide leg jeans in Wonderama.

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Photos: Famepictures, Flynetonline
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  • Pandora

    No blankie! No pacifier! That’s progress. Now the twit has to realize one does not carry a 5 yr old kid around!

  • kizbit

    I’m not a fan of the Cruise’s, but I think it’s just so sad that this poor child is so secluded. She’s always with her mother. No little friends. Always getting her picture taken and not happy about it. There seems to be no parental desire to protect this little girl. Shameful.

  • marta

    stalking 5 yrs old child all day long just beacause it sells is awful, try to imagine what does she feel, she is so little and doesn’t really know why there’s always a camera in front of her, she’s tired of it

  • Zahara is carried at 6


    Why don’t you post this the next time Brad & Angie are carrying Shiloh who turns 5 soon and Zahara? She’s 6, and was carried in Berlin/NYC, etc. She’ll be 7 soon and I bet she’ll STILL be carried. WHo cares? But why is nothing ever said about it?
    Buuuuut, Noooooo……those kids feet shouldn’t touch the ground? Correct Branangelina fans? And for your info, Idiots, this isn’t a normal next door mother/child. there are MOBS of people around them, you don’t see that. Maybe she don’t want her crushed??
    But, never a word, as Zahara and Shi get carried. and Maddox was carried until 6, and Pax , no better.
    It’s up the parents and situation, you all just can’t stand all kids, BUT them and it’s getting old. (not to mention sick)!!

  • Agree about Carrying

    Agree!!! Why is it I always see postings of brad/ange carrying older kids? I totally agree, they never ever say boo!
    I’d carry Suri too in NYC with the papparazzi and what not all around. These people haven’t a clue!

    Katie looks so good. Love her style!

  • hahaha


    haha then ur calling Angelina a twit too huh? She seems to always be carrying her girls, 1 who is older then Suri,Pax was carried at 5, and Maddox was carried like forever! LOL. get real!

    Next Photo of THEM being carried, Post something, OK twit???

  • Sun

    fake smile

  • MOON


  • missy b.

    Funny how some people compain that Katie isn’t protective enough, while others criticize her for carrying her child. Did it ever occur to you guys that she carries Suri to protect her from the paps? I guess she can’t win.

  • missy b.

    Funny how some people complain that katie isn’t protective enough, while others criticize her for carrying her child. Did it ever occur to guys that she carries Suri to protect her from the paps? I guess she can’t win.

  • hghk

    Katie is most of time carrying Suri in her arms to make sure she is in the pictures frame, and then in mags. Suri is now her only claim to real fame.
    And Angelina rarely carries Shiloh or Zahara in her arms since a while now. It happened just occasionally since 2 years.

  • Marissa

    She is so pretty and Tom is so lucky and was amazing

  • paola

    Hola, Katie es la mejor actriz de hollywood, adoro como viste, ojalas me puediera parecer un poco a ella, su hija es hermosa!! :D

  • Jokergurl

    It did occur to me that she carries Suri to keep her from the paps because unless there’s a bodyguard team around them the paps will get as close as they can. Notice with the Jolie Pitts that there is always a gap between them and the paparazzi because of their security team. This kid is not enjoying having her pictured taken all the time. If I were Katie I would start with getting me a perimeter of bodyguards around her and Suri, that’s the Jolie Pitts do.

  • Hot mess

    How can this idiot smile when her daughter is in obvious distress?

  • Toria

    @Zahara is carried at 6:

    First off this is a TomKat thread and not a JP thread. And people comment on Shiloh and Zee being carried all the time–and their blankies, thumb sucking and clothing. You and Romeo have selective reading. You both think only poor Suri is attacked. The JP kids are attacked with much more cruelty. However, this is a JP friendly blog, most are not. If I may point out Celebrity Baby–Suri and Katie can do no wrong. Go there.

  • Jolly Folly

    Katie managed to get into NYC by plane/helicopter without the paps knowing it, evidently she didn’t like the anonymity–so she made sure they knew when she was leaving so she could get her and pet photographed.

  • Wtf!?

    Here is an honest thought. I really think the reason why people seem to be “criticizing” Katie’s parenting is probably the fact that Suri still uses a pacifier at age 4 yet can wear kiddie heels, seems to be carried more than necessary, has an “annoying” father who is a Scientology zealot, and appears to be spoiled. This thought it based on the comments that I have read on this site along with others. Who knows, maybe she isn’t spoiled and the only reason why she’s being carried a ton is due to the paparazzi. But I will say, I when my mom saw an episode from the Simpsons where Maggie was 18 and still sucking on a pacifier, she “accidentally” threw my pacifier away when I was…about 3. I’m still bitter about it as a 26 year old ha! But who knows, maybe I would have been still sucking on a pacifier if my mom had not have stopped me.

    Anywho, I pretty much stated the obvious here but oh well.

  • AEP

    Ha-Ha…..who is the loser that has to carry the brats sucker, drool towel, and Cankles purse. He must feel so dignified. But I am sure Tiny Crazy gives him an extra special bonus.

  • Sam23

    Tom and Katie have both said that they don’t have a problem with the paparazzi taken pictures of Suri, Tom even said he likes the photos and sometimes they get some really great shots of Suri which just proves that they like the attention they get.

  • Sam23

    Tom and Katie have both said that they don’t have a problem with the paparazzi taken pictures of Suri Tom even said he likes the photos and sometimes they get some really great shots of Suri which just prove that they like the attention they get.

  • annie

    has anybody watched this little black and white video of Katie , just saw it a little while ago / whatsinthebag, a shorter version is also on People website.
    Katie and Suri are both adorable….come on guys stop finding things to whinge about all the time.

  • Judy26

    I don’t know why people atomically go to Brad & Angie there been photos of Jennifer Garner/ Ben Affleck carrying Violet 5, Heidi Klum/Seal carrying their three oldies 6, 5 and 4 even Gwen/Gavin and their nanny carrying Kingston 4 ½.

  • lucinda

    Whoops, where are all the crucial details about Katie’s wardrobe? What, there’s actually a post that’s not full of advertising for a change. Sweet!!

  • KC

    Clearly the photographers are upsetting Suri. It is up to her parents to shield her from them. Unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be the case in these pictures.

  • Ali

    It is so healthy and authentic that this little girl does not want to be photographed. Her mother should recognize this and use minions to get her coffee and hot chocolate and cupcakes – because the leeches will ALWAYS be around when she parades her daughter. Do you EVER see Angelina parading her children around? NO. She understands that it will make the child self-conscious and false to herself. They could certainly travel with security and some discretion to save this child from this kind of pressure. She should be allowed to be private.

  • moe

    who in the hell cares about Katie bimbo and her brat doing errands?

  • Jolly Folly


    Obviously Jared does! I’ve noticed via google searches, he is almost always the first blogger to post pictures and articles. Can’t say they generate much interest as reposts etc get fewer and fewer as people grow really tired of this D lister trying to trade up to an A lister via her husband and child.

  • a Blind Vice

    This famous celebrity mom is a slave to her child. The daughter calls all the shots, makes diva demands, and swears and yells at her mom. At a recent play-date, a source says that as the mom was showed up to pick up her daughter and the little girl threw a fit on the front porch and yelled, “I hate my f***ing mom! I hate my f***ing mom! I don’t want to go home with you! I wanted dad to pick me up.” And then the mother said, “I know sweetie, I know. I’m so sorry sweetie! I’ll drive you home and you can see dad.” The little girl said she’d go only if her mom bought her ice cream, to which the mom agreed while the other kids looked on.

    Main Guesses: Katie Holmes/Suri; Theresa Guidice/Gia; Leah Remini

  • DT

    there is nothing wrong with carrying her….obviously you people just don’t get parenthood…kids need that! the paci is another story!

  • Wonder
  • Romeo

    Get a life, #1.

    You make far too many conclusions about people you don’t know from paparazzi photos, #2.

    It’s a double standard, #6. TomKat only does wrong while Brangelina only does right.

    Critics aren’t logical, #9. Just hateful.

    Prove it or shut up, #11.

    Holmes is famous enough.

    Why does it matter if any parent carries any of their young children?

    You would then criticize her as a weirdo by having so many bodyguards, #14.

    More cruelty, #16? Are you insane? Brangelina are treated like gods!

    Mind your own kids, #18! No one forces you to see these photos or tells you how to raise your own children!

    Of course she’s spoiled. So what?

    You only care about criticizing her parents for whatever reason and not because of anyone’s welfare. If you really care, go to Africa or Asia and nurse sick children.

    They also said other things about the paparazzi’s annoyance, #20.

    Because all those other parents are criticized while Brangelina always gets a free pass, #24.

    Mind telling use how she should accomplish that, #25?

    What’s the difference between your kids being ‘paraded around’ or simply taking them out in public in broad daylight, #26?

    She’s too young to be the subject of that blind item, #29.

  • Wonder
  • Wonder
  • hag

    it’s weird but suri has the face of an older child. NOT a 5 year old…..

  • Marie

    Angie carries Shiloh and Zahara sometimes, SOMETIMES. Katie carries Suri 9 out of 10 times.

  • annie

    gorgeous pics of Katie and Suri laughing in the helicopter at lainey gossip.
    I think that’s the real Suri, before she has to deal with the paps.

  • annie

    you are right Ali , Brangelina don’t parade the kids around, they save it when there are movies to promote…..then they decide to take them to the park, or an outing……then and only then do you see the kids…..and at toy stores of course. Suri’s parents lead a busy life, and she leads it along with them.
    As for that blind item, I think that if Suri was going to swear her head off at anyone it would be the paps, and i think we would have seen it by now.
    what a gem it would be to see her telling the paps to f..k off !

  • photo op

    And the photographers got on the roof top how? Because they were CALLED AND TOLD TO BE THERE!!

  • anne

    @Zahara is carried at 6:
    you are right! suri is being caried around because she is scared of the paps. but that is the same reason the jolie pitts are being caried around until 6 and 7 years old. so you cant say that suri can be caried but zahara cant! she is only one year older and she is scared of the paps!

  • Rainy


    No Annie, most of the times if you see the JP kids it is because they are on location with mom or dad. You generally don’t see them after the movie is finished/in production and when they go on a promotional tour. Then you generally see them going thru an airport.

    Brad and Angelina do not parade the kids out like Tom and Katie parade this child out. Angelina and Brad have both said they do NOT want their child to think getting their picture taken is the norm. Tom has said it is. Brad and Angelina have said they are trying to give their child a somewhat normal life with normal children experiences even if this means someone else taking them to Disney or the movies in order to avoid the paps. Tom and Katie parade her out for photo ops and take full advantage of being the center of attention. You really don’t see any other celebrity parading their child out for photo ops like Tom and Katie. You know if Princess Diana could take Harry and William to Disney World and only a small amount of photos were published because Diana worked out a deal with the paps for privacy for the rest of the visit–you would think Tom and Katie would do the same thing. We will let you take “x” pictures and pose if you like–if you will allow us privacy for the rest of the visit. BUT OH NO–that would mean less camera time for them both.
    Personally I think Tom and Katie are disgusting with the way they shove this child in front of the cameras. They are her parents and you would think they would try and protect her. But they don’t do they?

  • dani


    You know Romeo– it is really easy to do what you do–criticize and mock and throw words at people. You never offer an opinion. You never back up anything you say. It is true because you say it is true. You never present facts and you never do any research when people present you with facts.
    You are narrow minded, close minded. And funnily enough the way you answer criticism just happens to be the way the cult tells members to answer criticism. You can protest from now until doomsday that you are not a xenu cult member, but it is very curious that your responses are right in line with their doctrines on how to respond to criticism of the cult. Personally I think you have either been assigned (or punished by the cult) to do this or you are doing it on your own thinking you’ll score points with the cult.
    Shame on you either way. When you criticize others for opinions and when you tell them they are wrong–back up your statements with facts. But you can’t can you? ‘Cause you don’t have any. If you’re going to tell someone the story they are promoting is false and a rumor, then back it up with a citation to a legitimate journalistic publication that proves it. If you are going to state there is a double standard for the JP kids–then prove it. I’ve seen you over on their threads and you don’t protect them, you don’t disagree with any of the disgusting things that are said about the kids, you do nothing…unless of course someone says something negative against TomKat then you attack. That is hardly someone who is protecting the downtrodden. You have a specific agenda. If you truly felt sorry for TomKat because no one supports them (and Annie does a much better job than you because she backs her statements up with references to where you can find information she states)–then you would be supporting Rumor Willis (who gets slammed all the time), Taylor Momsen (again gets slammed all the time), Miley Cyrus, and a host of others who get slammed on JJ.

    You Romeo are one of the biggest hypocrites on this blog.

  • Beth

    Cute!! good to see they are happy&healthy :)

  • Minnie

    I bet your a ange fan who cant stand other hollywood children looking better in the lime light than ange’s kids. pathetic. get a life.
    Suri is a beautiful healthy child.
    learn not to be a brutal bitter low-life.

  • Jake

    #42..Romeo is just paid PR. Don’t waste your time…He or she is nothing more than a paid liar to get more posts.. Everything crazy gay boy does is paid for, including his robot beard of a wife. And the kid? Maybe the real dad should step forward.

  • Alice

    look how that poor child is hiding behind that red jacket:(
    shes like ”naw, I dont like the creepy photographer men”

  • cuca

    Im a little fed up with the situation Tom and Katie are creating with Suri as if she was the prettiest girl of the planet. It’s bad for the little girl, for the rest of kids who want to imitate her as if they had all her money and for people who they want to brain wash as kids. There are prettier kids out there and even celeb kids like Nahla Aubry who I find more exotic and prettier and less photographed. It’s more harmful for the little girl giving her the best of the best instead of socializing her. She’s just 4 years old.

  • Creola Gihring

    Thanks for article. Always keep more interesting publications. Been following blog for 4 days now and I should say I am beginning to like your post. I need to know how can I subscribeto your blog?

  • anne

    the joliepitt kids are not exposed by their parents as much suri is. they definetely use her for publicity

  • Tulip

    Suri was in great form (going to visit Tom?). She laughs on the account of the paps: I’m glad she is so vocal and jokes about the situation. She is not really disturbed much by the paps, she likes to play with them.