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Chris Brown: Sorry For Cursing, Yelling, & Being Rude

Chris Brown: Sorry For Cursing, Yelling, & Being Rude

Chris Brown wears a Buzz Lightyear necklace and shows off his new blond ‘do while shopping with his entourage on Friday (March 11) in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old singer browsed stores, including American Apparel, along Melrose Avenue.

Chris recently took time out to tweet his thoughts and support for the victims of the Japanese earthquake.

“My prayers go out to everyone in japan!!! We have to love one another and come together as a planet!!!! Life is way too precious to waste on ignorance!!! We have to come together!!! All of us! Every race, gender, etc. I love you all,” he tweeted.

“For anyone I’ve ever hurt,cursed out, yelled at, been rude too!! I sincerely apologize!!” he said in another tweet. “Life is beautiful and we are Beautiful People.”

10+ pictures inside of Chris Brown shopping in L.A…

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  • Birds_Of_A_Feather

    I found him him too young for my liking when he first launched , but he is growing out of his baby face and into a handsome man with a personal style. The platinum blond is a hott look! He must surely make Rihanna’s heartbeat race–despite the incident we gotta admit they were each other’s first sweethearts

  • boston61

    What exactly did Rhianna say to you before you hit her? Let’s get it all out there and hear both sides. Women are just as abusive to men. It is a two way street.


    That Hair color would look soo much better on him if it was a little longer and went into like a swooped Mohawk of some sort…

  • Bindi

    I used to like Chris Brown. Now?! Nah I just can’t stand him! It’s not just because of Rihanna…. It’s good that he send good wishes for things but I personally don’t like and I don’t like his music at all

  • lola

    @boston61: Does it friggin matter what Rihanna said? THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR PHYSICAL ABUSE YOU DUMB A*S. Jesus christ!!!! JustJared has the most ignorant, juvenile, illiterate and racist readers. Jared, you know I love you and we all love your positive approach but reading comments on this site always make me shake my head. What a shame!

  • lola

    Fix your comment system Jared. It eats comments or take ten years to post them SMH

  • LEB

    Well said Chris! That is the way the earth was intended to be and one day soon it will be!

  • http://Jam Sligo lambert ^____^ cute

    Im best than he

  • serena

    Love blonde..cant wait for FAME album out 22 MARCH <3

  • Cheery

    His “apology” neglects to mention anyone “I beat to a bloody pulp.”

    And Lola, it’s not worth it; people today have no sense. A girl can be raped (what was she wearing?), beat up (what did she say?), and fools will insist she had it coming.

  • Sadie

    This prick needs to add “or any woman I beat the shit out of”. TRASH IS TRASH despite color, gender, financial status, etc. . He has no remorse which makes me angry.

  • MJlove

    love this man =’) <3 cant wait for his new album!!!!!!!!

  • commonsense

    Anybody else find it hard to believe his sincerity when he hasn’t even sincerely apologized for beating his girlfriend?

  • Guarapa

    @Birds_Of_A_Feather: I wanna puke every time he crosses in front of my screen. His teeth make him look evil too.

  • Guarapa

    I wanna puke every time he crosses in front of my screen. His teeth make him look evil too.

  • Intelligence

    Smart solution would be, if you don’t like looking at his face, don’t click on any links with his name in them.
    But then again, the vast majority of you aren’t intelligent in any form, shape or fashion. So I shouldn’t expect logical problem-solving from you, should I?

    You act like little children anyway.

  • Lalou

    He always looks cute. Love the new hair cut. Can’t wait for FAME !

  • Sabrina

    Cheery, I wish I could give your comment a million thumbs up. You read my mind!

  • Sade

    These photos were taken a FEW DAYS after he assaulted Rihanna:

    0 remorse. He is even more disgusting for feeling NO shame about what he did. How his fan girls continue to try and justify his actions is beyond me. You’re kidding yourselves if you think he’s changed.

  • wow

    Wow there’s some serious hate here. First of all he said people that he hurt so obviously he doesn’t need to say anything about the situation between him and rihanna. This post has nothing to do with her. He wants people to know that in order for us to grow as human being we have to all want to change. He did what he had to to better himself & once again RIhana herself has forggiven him. Who cares that he didn’t apologize to you. DID HE BEAT YOU? NO? SO THEN JUST GET OVER IT!!!! He’s apologized to her behind the scenes a million times so wwhy are you worried about hearing his apology? I don’t understandd that. Can someone please explain that to me? Don’t worry I’ll wait….

  • sweetness

    he looks totally gay… that’s why this self hating creep beat Rihanna to a pulp. the fool was in denial and completely jealous of Rihanna. Now he’s coming out like a peacock?

  • caroline

    Chris is looking good and Love Love his new video. So excited for his new album out March 22nd.

  • MTO


  • sacha

    @MTO: @Sade: omgg DD:

  • http://www. III

    Why do people think he’s hot? He has Taylor Lautner syndrome.
    His face looks compressed, like a beaver.

    Buttaface lmfao.

  • Jonte

    His tweet had more to do with him than the victims of Japan. How predictable of him.

  • lola

    @Cheery: PREACH!

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!!

    Eww Scaary link rihanna X__X
    i don’t wan’t to see link

  • Yvonne

    Thanks justjared for posting something positive on chris. Hes does and says positive things all the time but the majority of media always ignores it. But as soon as he says or does something they can put into a negative light they do just that.

  • Neickha

    Damn hes hot. But I get what Chris was saying. Its never too late apologize or forgive. I had a friend who’s mom died and she never got to say goodbye or Sorry because they weren’t talking to each other for months. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to get things write with people. It shouldn’t take a tragic accident/incident for someone to say sorry or I love you. You never know what can happen until your in someone elses positon.

  • Frozoid

    He didn’t apologize for hitting anyone. And to Boston61: Do you know anything about domestic violence? It doesn’t matter what Rhianna said. Hitting a woman is NEVER OK. There is no justification for this.

    If the woman were coming at him with a gun, or a knife, yes, I could see grabbing the woman’s hand and wrestling to get the weapon out of her hand.

    You’re just as bad as Brown and other domestic abusers: Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, they blame the other person for “making” them do it.

    Get yourself educated before you do the same thing to a woman- if you haven’t already.

  • blah

    Cris go away, no one cares about u anymore, woman beater

  • Maysbury

    He’s a little exclamation mark happy. What a loser.

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!!

    Chriminal chris B,, should be punished in jail forever

  • Lalalove

    Looking like Sisqo with that blonde hair

  • well well…

    ok, so he turns this pseudo-prayer into promotion for his new single BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!?

  • #1

    damn is he on acid or somethin?


    @Cherry Are u serious, im sick of females being stupid. If u wear the shortest skirt ever and the highest heels (thinkin u cute) u look lke u belong on the corner. Basically sayin i can do it any where, but yall think that ur jus so innocent. Ur putting urselves out there and u kno it. And u purposely try and provoke men get all in there face and telling them hit me hit me but wen he does it u freak out. Get off of chris he made a mistake, handled his business, and is trying to get his life bck on track but yall wont let em. His apologies were sincere and he didn’t need to say anything about the situation wit rihanna cuz he already addressed that enough.

  • Barbara

    Don’t care for him, but admit he looks much better with the blond hair.

  • Hugh A. Sole

    All-Time Douche.

  • C

    Women have the right to dress anyway they want, just like men.
    It doesn’t matter if she looks like a prostitute, it doesn’t matter if she IS a prostitute, no one has the right to touch you! Do you understand? Your parents, school system etc has failed you if you don’t know that fact.
    Your body is YOUR body, there is no justification for rape or violence.

  • ruth

    he’s a nasty piece of work, best to be avoided at all costs.

  • Willy WOnka

    @commonsense: Thats just not true. i can pull plenty of videos up when he is sincerely apologized. but obviously he sincerely apologized because rihanna went back for a couple of months. Can we atleast agree that she deserved the apology more than you do.

  • Willy WOnka

    @Sade: you do know he was with rihanna on those jetskis. just cause you dont like him doesnt mean you twist the facts. Liiiaaarrr!

  • Julie

    we forgive you Chris and we love you, god bless you and now just move on and continue to be successful. we all make mistakes, learn from them.

  • boston61


    Women will attack a man’s ego. She will isolate him from his friends and family. I’m not saying there is ever a justification to hit someone. There are different ways to “hit” someone. It does not have to be physical. Some women can be really vicious.

  • Aspen

    Chris Brown looks absolutely fine with that blond hair.
    He looks really good !!!
    Express your self.
    Try new things

  • Aspen

    Chris Brown looks fine with the blond hair !!!
    Express yourself !!!
    Try new things.

  • Sun

    his penis is not pretty. sorry

  • miss thang

    He’s a very short little man and a no talent has-been,no one cares what you have to say Chris.If he tried that woman-beating on a guy he’d get his little wimpy but kicked.