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Rachel Weisz: West Coast To East Coast

Rachel Weisz: West Coast To East Coast

Rachel Weisz flies from Los Angeles to New York City on Wednesday (March 9).

The 41-year-old British actress celebrated her birthday earlier this week with Daniel Craig at the restaurant The Little Door in Los Angeles.

Rachel‘s next movie to be released is The Deep Blue Sea. She plays the the wife of a British judge who is caught in a self-destructive love affair with a Royal Air Force pilot.

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  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!!

    Now she looks good in this pics

  • http://Jam Sligo lambert ^____^ cute

    She have new movie will be boring

  • Kelly

    Love her, great actress.

  • Weber from Brazil

    dammm…she’s so beautiful!
    and she really looks so fresh! there’s not photoshop here!
    She looks better than most twenties girls around (Julianne Hough, LiLo, Olivia Munn)

  • Bart

    Now that is a real beautiful and talented woman and I know that for a fact because I saw her in person. Not to mention that she is very nice and kind as well. Daniel is a very lucky man.

  • Lilly Fin

    Rachel Weisz is one of the few actresses working today that can actually play any role and give a great performance with it. She’s also stunningly beautiful as well.

    Bravo to her and Daniel Crag.

  • Oc

    Really great actress, can’t wait for dreamhouse and deep blue sea.

  • Wtf!?

    Rachel + Daniel Craig = GROSS…SIKE! They are absolutely a great looking and phenomenally talented couple. I wish them the best aka I want them to reproduce so they can have a MEGA talented baby.

  • AIden

    Life imitates Art. It’s weird that her character in Deep Blue Sea embarks on such a SELF—Destructeve affair maybe she’s doing the same thing with daniel. Love her to pieces but just saying.

  • AIden

    Life imitates Art. It’s weird that her character in Deep Blue Sea embarks on such a SELF—Destructive affair maybe she’s doing the same thing with daniel. Love her to pieces but just saying.

  • Tim

    Rachel Weisz deserves a man who treats her with respect like Daniel Craig other than stay in a relatioship with a womanizing jerk like Darren Aronofsky, who cheated constanly behind her back over the years.

  • to Aiden

    Rachel has chosen to be with Daniel; that’s what she wants. staying with a man she no longer wanted nor loved, your hero Darren, would not only have been destructive for her but for her little boy as well. by the way Darren has also moved on as well. why don’t you?

  • to Tim

    agree with you completely. Rachel finely got tired of listening to all the people talk about what Darren was doing. unfortunately, some people just can’t what people in LA have always known. maybe Daniel will be able to give Rachel what every woman wants; a faithful partner.

  • susan

    my mother says the film that Rachel’s “The Deep Blue Sea” is a remake. the original starred Vivian Leigh. i googled it. interesting plot.

  • Candy PoP

    A very good friend of mine went to a party in NY a couple of years ago and she saw Darren Aronofsky there. She told him that she was a big fan of his and his wife’s work and love the film “The Fountain”. She asked if Rachel was there with him and he said no becaushe she was working on a movie at the time. To make a long story short, he was hitting on her for a good deal of the night, complaning that Rachel spends to much time with their son than with him. My friend looked at him and told him that she was not the kind of woman to go out with a man who was willing to cheat on his wife and she was going to walk away until Dareen said to her that he was not marred. She told him to F$@$ off and she left.

    Aiden, if you think Darren was a good man to Rachel, you’re sadly mistaken.

  • AIden

    How come your friend has not come forth? She left Darren for Daniel…it’s the truth get over it. She may have cheated on him….get over that. At the end of the day Daniel Craig is a total putz for leaving Satsuki Mitchell for a relationship, that in my opinion won’t last very long at all. Seen this pattern with rachel before except it happened with British Actor Neil Morrissy…they hooked up after some BBC movie they did and had a relationship for a year or maybe a little over. Well he moved in with Miss Weisz and before you knew it they just broke up quicker than you could break glass on hard wooden floors. By the way I forgot to mention that Neil, before hooking up with Rachel was already in a deep rooted relationship with another woman. If that doesn’t point it out any clearer than I don’t know what does. History might be repeating itself here don’t you think.

  • Quin

    Rachel Weisz is a goddess, even with out make up on, she looks like an image of perfection.

    @Candy PoP:

    Your story is not new. Darren also uses his friends for hook ups as well. Safe to say, Rachel did the right thing dumping him.


    Neil Morrissy has admitted in interviews that he uses the press to get publicity, i take anything he says with a grain of salt, especially the British tabloids of all things.

  • AIden

    That played out in the media the same way her hook up with daniel craig has played out…Neil at the time never spoke of it. So quin get out of the picture loser you apparently know nothing. How does him saying that have anything to do with the fact that both he and rachel hooked up and broke up the way they did. Dude come off your high horse settle down…like I said history looks to be like it’s repeating itself when it comes to her. Love her but that’s the truth baby…

  • Candy PoP


    Because my friend has class, some Darren did not show that night at the party.

  • to Aiden

    pay attention here. stop acting like a child; try for once to act like an adult. reports of Darren and other women have been circulating for years. everyone heard them and felt badly for Rachel. people, like myself, wondered why Rachel stayed with him. just because you, personally, did not hear the reports does not mean that they didn’t exist. as for why the previous poster’s friend has not come forth? who are you to demand such a thing. the fact is that Darren blew it big time; he, like many other men, probably thought that Rachel would keep letting him come back.

    she has left him and Darren has only himself to blame. as for Daniel and Satsuki, their relationship also ended long before it was announced. people knew there was trouble in that relationship. oh yes, there are now reports that Rachel believes that Daniel is the one for her for the rest of her life.

  • Candy PoP


    She said that Darren was with a group of friends that night as well, but from what she said, Darren was the one trying to hit on her.

  • AIden

    So “to Aiden” let me make sure I’m following you….you really think that rachel saying that daniel is the one for means he really is….please this woman said that about Darren long before their son arrived. By the way did rachel openly say that herself the way she did on letterman and leno and other countless interviews when talking about Darren. Um I think not and Candy Pop he was around friends was he…well according to what he has told friends he apparently felt like the luckiest b****** alive to be with rachel and they thought that as well and this was just a liitle while before the two broke up. See the thing you 20 somethings don’t seem to understand is this…Rachel and Darren were in a nine year relationship, courtship, bond, betrothed to one another. When you have been a relationship marriage or engagement I don’t care…you don’t just quickly move on from something like that…sure rachel could be saying that “could being the key word” but in fact she might not actually feel that way. She maybe using daniel to get over her feelings for darren which by the way having been in a similar situation at one time or another are still there. That’s why they call it rebounding. She may act like she really wants daniel and maybe for a moment she does but that nine year bond that ultimately produced her precious son is still around even if there is still pain and hurt there and trust me there is from both rachel aqnd darren because she saw a life with him..evidence in point she, in a vogue video interview from Oct. 2008 said that she wanted hoped to keep her family together, I read into that meaning the she didn’t want her son to grow up having split up parents. Why do you think she’s not coming out and saying “yeah I’m with Daniel Craig” the way she did when she was with Darren Aronofsky. How come her being with daniel has been more in the spotlight than Darren’s supposed cheating ways? Cause its not true…its a rumour to defer people to truth that has been presented if the media knew, if people in hollywood knew, tell me how come Rachel Weisz was immediately linked with her now lover Daniel Craig? How come no one heard that Darren was supposedly hooked up with another woman? No you all know this is fishy I just don’t think you guys care that both darren and satsuki were at all hurt by this and that crude of you all. As long as rachel and daniel are together right?

  • Elizabeth

    Fighting about a relationship that is over on the internet isn’t going to turn back time. Why don’t we all just agree to disagree? I highly doubt we’ll ever change Aiden’s mind. And by constantly replying to him we’re only fuelling his inane rants.

    That being said, she has been looking ridiculously gorgeous lately. She actually looks better at 40 than she did at 20!

  • to Aiden

    you really are upset that Rachel left Daniel! one would think that he was your own brother. please, tell us all, what part of Darren and Rachel are over do you not understand Rachel does not want to be with Darren anymore; what part of this don’t you understand.

    so, Darren and Rachel being in a 9 year relationship; courtship, bonded and all that. yet, the man chose to get involved with other women on the side and, according to you, Rachel should have accepted that. she should have stayed because of the 9 years they were together. what planet are you living on? by the way, everyone, and i mean everyone, in LA knew all about Darren. the fact that you didn’t is not all that important. yes, they share a son together. so what! these two will not be the only separated parents in the world to raise a son.

    yes, in the vogue video interview Rachel said she hoped to keep her family together but that was in Oct 2008. three years ago, idiot. things changed; Rachel has since decided that Darren is no longer what she wants. now, i know that you don’t like this but Rachel has chosen to be with Daniel. she will not go back to Darren just to make you happy.

    Darren was hurt by the break up? perhaps, since he probably thought she would stay with him no matter what. Satsuki hurt? probably; but she had a good run and she’s a big girl. these things happen. while i’m thinking of it i have a good idea. you should say this to yourself several times a day “i do not control Rachel. I cannot force her to go back to Darren.”

  • AIden

    Hey elizabeth ever been married? How ’bout close to marriage? Your obviously in your early 20′s since you clearly don’t have enough experience to know what your actually looking at. Change my mind…please little lady I’ve had a lot more experiences than you to know the truth in this situation rather than bull****. You all still don’t get it. When it turns out that I and so many others are right, will you be saying that than?

  • AIden

    You know what your a heartless idiot…I doubt you’ll ever get married! She “chose daniel” right, “that Darren is no longer what she wants”. You said it right there, that there my friends contradicts your belief in Darren cheating. Why would rachel ever have to choose between the two unless she had an option to cheat! To leave one for the other. So there my compardre Rachel and Daniel being together did indeed cause the differences that ultimately broke rachel and darren apart. Hey I’m here to put you in check about why and how she’s with Daniel and how ultimately this won’t work. By the way Satsuki and Darren have feelings too! Especially Satsuki, she’s a big girl is she, again. You heartless idiot, you are wrong. This women dedicated herself to this man for 5 years! Again when your in a committed relationship like that for that long, that person is in your very soul, same goes for rachel and darren. When your in a relationship and your partner just ups and leaves you for another or for no apparent reason, tell me how’d you be able to be okay, be a “big girl” and just move right along! These people are humans with emotions, not objects. Once you realize that maybe you’ll be able to understand a little bit more

  • Soni

    WoW, she stunningly beautiful!! No plastic surgery. No heavy make up.
    She and Daniel Craig make a lovely couple, so adore them!!

  • C

    To the two posters going back and forth arguing…I hope you are either Rachel or Darren or close relatives to them, or else this fight between you is weird and creepy.
    Do you even know these two people? Why are you so involved in a celebrity couples relationship? That’s messed up.

  • to C

    I agree with you. but i have to say it’s fun to read.

  • AIden


  • AIden

    Just kidding, relax!!! Lol

  • AIden

    Sorry guys apparently my drunk buddy George thought it be okay to come on here and make some jokes. I said earlier that I was done talking to you guys and indeed I am. Sorry for the mix up it was not me at leat the last two statements.

  • the lonely man on saturday night…

  • jen

    I am sure her body and soul completely filled with a feeling of satisfaction. Obviously Rachel Weisz is receiving sexual gratification from Daniel Craig. Look, her skin, and her eyes is shining. If you were a woman, you should know what I mean. She has become more and more beautiful, is younger than she was 1 year ago!

  • AIden

    So that’s all she’s getting from craig nothing less nothing more.

  • AIden

    Oh and by the way….I highly doubt that would be enough for her she has always looked this flawless. Even when she was with Darren.

  • OMG

    shining eyes and skin, well that’s the benefit when you switch from a pornstache director to a sex on legs actor LOL
    If he would F*U*C*K me I would glow too,

  • Guinness

    I would glow so “loud” as to power the entire East coast. good point. love the p0rnstache analogy,,,what was she thinking–for 9 years…her career could get better with him? ok. Now she is set, she can live a different life–but thank him, and take your just desserts with Mr. Craig. luckhee poker player she is….

  • AIden

    Let me say something the damn women has been beautiful, flawless, and glowing since the day I saw her on “Stealing Beauty”. She has a luminosity that will last til she’s 90. NO MAN can make that kind of beauty glow up or down. She has Always, and I mean always been this beautiful…do really just recognize this because she’s with daniel now. How unbelievably impeccable of you ladies. She has and will always be the most beautiful woman in hollywood no matter what man comes in or out of her life.

  • wisecracked’

    dang…I wish I was her’ …I mean talented, smart, glowing, beautiful. And Daniel Craig!

  • Susan

    i think a lot of women wish they were in Rachel’s place. especially now that she and Daniel are reportedly looking for a home in NYC so the can move in together.

    to Aiden,
    you mentioned that you were upset that people here don’t seem to care about the former girlfriend’s feelings. the only thing i can suggest is go back to the many previous threads that still exists from the time Daniel and Satsuki were still together. read what was posted.

  • AIden

    He dogged Satsuki by 1) Professing his love for her at the Casino Royale premiere so the whole world would know.
    2)Getting engaged to the darn women and then quickly denying it.
    3) And finally cheating on her with Rachel Weisz

    Ultimately the guy led her on to believe that they would be together forever and instead dropped her like a fly. If that doesn’t say that he is a crooked kind of guy, I mean gentleman than I don’t know what else does. He wasted five years of her life….and that is basically you seem to be alright with. What if he did that to you. What I don’t understand (and for the last time I am not upset) is why amazing voiceful women such as yourself like a guy who doesn’t appreciate such a dedicated women. If I had been her guy I’d treat her with as much decency as any other women deserves. Even you deserve that. He claimed his love for her and totally contradicted himself by leaving her for another women. That’s wrong and unjustified and if you seriously are so MAD about a guy like that tells me what kind of person you are my Lady.

  • sally


    Casino Royale was about five years ago, relationships can change over that length of time. As for the bug up your butt over Rachel leaving Darren,get over it. it was a long time coming from what i was told and Rachel deserved better than what she had gotten from Darren. Let’s just say that it takes two adults to make a mature and loving relationship work and Rachel was the only adult in that relationship.

  • AIden

    Do you think daniel is an adult. I mean sure he’s a man but really he is more like an immature horny little teenager who takes advantage of anything and anyone if you ask me. I don’t care what you say….he used her and he dogged her that shows he is way more in the immaturity department then you all may realize. So sally you know nothing, you’ll see what I mean in a few months.

  • wisecracked’

    Geeze Alden …you should really get over this and move on.

    Actually Darren has the best of both worlds: He has his ‘son Henry AND gets to see Rachel when he gets the chance.
    Too bad for Daniel… he has to deal with Darren if he plans to be totally part of Rachel’s life because of Henry.
    Henry will have the best of ‘Dads vying for his attention: James Bond and the ‘Director’ …..ha! What a total package!!

    Atleast for Satsuki, she ends up with a beautiful ‘BOND like apartment in Tribeca Daniel bought for her out of this whole affair

  • my two pence

    darren and rachel don’t belong together

  • scientific reasoning

    i also disagree about the quality of her beauty…i wouldn’t say she is beautiful i would say she is pretty or lovely but i wouldn’t go as far as beautiful in a drop dead gorgeous kind of way.
    if she and daniel craig end up together permanently i don’t really care since i don’t care for either of them. i have a definite distaste for daniel craig but i don’t have an opinion about rachel. however i disagree about her looks.

    i would say she and daniel craig are each other’s equals in the looks dept. he is not attractive at all. and that is probably why i don’t care if they stay together.

    i can’t give a statement on their longevity because i dislike daniel craig so my predictor doesn’t work in those cases. therefore i am unable to give an expert opinion on that aspect.

  • sleaze factor

    i think its the sleaze factor that is a put off

  • Cipnskijs

    HOT GIRL ?