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Sandra Bullock: Saturday in Soho with Louis

Sandra Bullock: Saturday in Soho with Louis

Sandra Bullock takes her adorable son Louis out to NYC’s Soho neighborhood on Saturday (March 12).

Late last month, the 46-year-old actress met up with Jennifer Hudson and her 19-month-old son David Jr. in L.A., where both moms were rehearsing for the Oscars.

“[Sandra] and my son became the biggest buddies, so they hung out the entire time,” Jennifer told E! Online.

“When I came back into the room, Sandra‘s like, ‘Oh my god, he kissed me. And he was kissing my hand!’” she shared.

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  • mary

    i have such respect for Sandra Bulloch. i think she’ll make a great mother; Louis couldn’t have a better life.

  • Jennifer

    She looks sad.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Shes boring and i hate to see woman like her boring and sad :X

  • JMO

    Her ‘child’ looks like a little monkey, yes he does. Sorry for Sandra.

  • JMO

    Her ‘child’ looks like a little m o n k e y, yes he does. Sorry for Sandra.

  • Shawna

    JMO – You are a disgusting, pathetic excuse for a human being. The only person that is not human here is you!

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Her son is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen in Hollywood. He is so beautiful and cute. Sandra is really pretty.

  • boston61

    She always looks sad. How did such a cool woman end up alone? Life is weird. Life is more difficult for very intelligent people like Sandra. So much more complicated. Life is easy for all the stupid sheep out there who never even try to do anything with their lives other than breed. I love that she carries the baby herself. She could have 5 nannies with her. Rock on Sandra!!!!

  • laugh

    @JMO: yeah and you look and sound like satan from hell, burn racist burn. ah ah he he ho ho

  • LP

    I love Sandy, she’s so funny.

  • jackie

    her baby came right out of central casting. All stars now have a black baby on hold for PR whenever they need a happy ending.

  • http://dlwater donna

    JMO- Its real easy to hide behind the computer screen punk.

  • Mocha

    I do love Sandra I really do but the martyr thing shes got going on is getting old. She has to snap out of it because she looks more sad and lonely now than last summer when the scandal was at its peek. And if the long face is because of the papz, she needs to deal with them better just like alot of the celebs with kids do. You dont see them having a depressing looking face for the papz like she always does.

    Jesse has moved on with Kat and they seem to be happy and busting to show their love via twitter. Sandra on the other hand has become more withdrawn and seclusive than last year. I do feel for her and I know what she has gone through is terrible and she got the rug pulled from under her but enough is enough. Women all over this country are cheated on every day and they dont even have a small percentage of the money Sandra has so they can be independent from their cheating husbands and yet they move on with dignity and high hopes for new relationships and new loves. They dont wallow in their problem forever. Its been over a year and Sandra looks like she is still wallowing and moping about her situation, while Jesse is having the time of his life. I thought she was a strong woman she really needs to snap out of it. I think Louis always looks so serious because he can sense shes sad.

  • Angela


    What a disgusting little creature you are. Enjoy living in your own miserable little world.

  • Crash

    sandy is cool. cant wait for her upcoming movies!

  • Chiro Jim

    I LOVE Sandy but she has to learn how to carry her baby better. Not just in this picture but in many others I have seen posted as well she carries him on her hip and hanging way out away from her which is really hard on babies backs. This probably because she is a new mother and probably irritated with the press hanging around I guess… But she should carry him in front of her, hand under rear and supporting his back.

  • tata21212

    I agree, yes her ‘child’ looks like a little monkey

  • Jokergurl

    Louis is a cutie, I love the little stuffed doggy he has. I think she should look up Keanu Reeves, they have great chemistry on screen and I just think they would be really good for each other, after all Keanu was a guest at Sandra’s wedding to Tattoo Man. They both respect each other, and genuinely like each other, near the same age too.

  • I nfamous

    yes keanu and sandy should get together!

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!!

    @7 your liar, yo not real im ,, yo just fu-kin fa-got love me more, now i want change my name

  • bee

    some of you that are saying sandra needs to smile, how could she smile when the stupid paps are in her face. she is not a famewhore like others. i respect sandy so much and she will always be my fave actress and her son is too cute for words. God bless Sandy & Louis

  • Laura

    ok. even if he looks like a monkey or something. is it really important?
    should he be the cutest baby on the planet to make her happy?
    i think that it is ridiculous.
    she is happy to have Louis and that’s what really count

  • TC

    @bee – Oh Pleazze Sandra has been under the pressure of the paps for the last 15 years and she did not behaved the way she does now by acting like the sacrificial lamb. Getting all upset just make the paps more interested in her. Once in a while she needs to relax and enjoy the fact that she is out with her child enjoying the day even if the paps are around. Instead she looks like shes going to a funeral. She really needs to loosen up she always looks so uptight. The tattoo-man drama is over now.

  • Shawna

    Chiro Jim – every mother carries her child on her hip. It doesn’t cause any damage. You are talking about how you should carry a very small infant not a child of Louis’ age.

  • Laura/tata2121

    No actually, it is JLO’S twins who look like monkeys. Which is why she never allows the paps to take pictures of them, which is why Ben dumped her because he didn’t want PuertoRican monkey babies like Emme and Maxx.

  • Laura

    Sandra needs to become a cougar like pronto!!! then she’ll be smiling alot. She needs to get back to her Ryan G. days ;)

  • Baby

    Louis is an ugly black baby, poor sandra got a gettho baby

  • kidstER


  • kidstER


  • kidstER