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Victoria Beckham: 'Shocked' to Be Expecting a Girl

Victoria Beckham: 'Shocked' to Be Expecting a Girl

Victoria Beckham arrives at Heathrow Airport to catch a departing flight on Saturday (March 12) in London, England.

The day before, the 36-year-old fashion designer’s husband, David Beckham, announced the couple will welcome their first daughter in the summer!

“Obviously, we’re very lucky to be expecting again, and this is the first time I’m going to say it: It’s a little girl,” the soccer star said at a L.A. Galaxy luncheon, ESPN reports.

“We’re still in shock,” he added. “Obviously, having three boys, you kind of expect another one, so finding out a little girl is in there is surprising, but, obviously, we are over the moon. Our three boys are happy and excited, and Victoria is doing well.”

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  • jento



    cobgrats! the beckhams are sooo pretty as a family

  • jento



    cobgrats! the beckhams are sooo pretty as a family

  • alice

    Not surprised, I’m pretty sure this one was made to order. Sad. Another boy would have been just as much of a blessing.

  • up

    je suis sure qu elle s est faite inséminer pour etre sure d avoir uune fille et de nos jours on peut choisir le sexe de l enfant si on a de l argent mais c est bien pour eux pressée de voir la tete de la fille looool

  • clancy

    congrats to them finally somebody to dethrone Suri! (If she won’t hid the baby like she did with Cruz)… I hope there’s no “designer baby comment” lets just be happy for them even if some of you hate her..

  • clancy

    oops too late #2 already started the “made to order”/ “designer baby comment”

  • Birds_Of_A_Feather

    the Beckhams think they can fool most of the people some of the time..AS if this is no designer baby..Posh is always in trend if that means test-tube baby is chic..too many celebs are stealing their thunder lately and competition is fierce in America to stay relevant compared to their stature in U.K

  • Glamourous

    I’m happy for the family. Don’t be ridiculous with the designer baby nonsense. Victoria and David do not seem the type to such a silly thing. They love their children and even if the new one was a boy, they’d be over the moon.
    I’m happy that they can a little girl to family. She’ll be loved by them all.

  • Catherine

    I Think She Should Have More Weight On Her Bones
    But I don’t think the baby was made to order she has polycystic overies for a start so that makes it hard to concieve, she knows she’s lucky with having 3 children & 1 on the way i wish them every happiness im sure the little girl will be beautiful can’t wait to see a piccy :o) xx

  • Tomato

    Thrilled for the family!

  • On the map

    great news for the beckhams. they’ve wanted a little girl for awhile now. i remember her saying that her house is all about crowd control. haha. maybe a little girl will help bring some calm to the place. good on you vic and becks.

  • Rushing River

    Man oh man she looks great. Filling out a little but still gorgeous. She must work out a lot (when not pregnant of course). Glad for the family.

  • jane

    congrats! #7 what kind of person are you? you seem to speak as if you really know what happens in the beckhah household. And FYI posh is in to fashion trend not celebrity trend. Divorce seems to be a trend in Hollywood and she’s been married to the same man. Didn’t your mom tell you not to judge a book by its cover?

  • Nice leather

    Even preganant she’s making fashion statements. I really llke her jacket.. I always worry about preg women in heels though and why are those damn paps so close to her?

  • americanmom

    I don’t know if they did a made to order baby but I doubt it I am not even sure if that is medically possible but even if it were its not our business and certainly either way these people really seem to care about their kids not exploiting them as other celebs do.

  • Mum

    still hot. I hope I look like her after three soon to be four kids.

  • Adora Adams

    I think to be able to have a”healthy baby” is more important than the gender..she seems to be obsessed about a girl! Maybe willow smith is on her mind.

  • @15

    No kidding. Not like some celebs taking their kids to parks surrounded by photographers. As if we don’t know that they’re doing. Please. We see their kids on occasion at athletic events, etc. but they aren’t trolled out constantly.

  • steph

    i honestly couldnt be happier for the two. the first girl for the two—that must be amazing!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS

  • Brit

    They must love children to have four of em. Victoria seems like a caring mom and I’m happy for them to have a new addition. The boys will live their little sister.

  • Trina

    GIRLS RULE!!!!!!!!

  • Lourdes

    I just hope the girl not to be as stupid as her mom. Maybe her father will keep the girl’s feet on the ground.

  • Morning Star


  • @22

    Hey “Larda$$” shut the hell up. lol

  • BB

    I wish I could be this woman for one day.
    She is the luckiest woman on the planet.
    Beautiful kids and the hottest man I have ever seen.

  • Melinda

    Wonderful news. Glad for everyone. Has anyone in the US seen David play soccer?

  • Dieter

    She has been working so hard her entire life !!! I hope the baby girl will be healthy !!!!

  • Jane

    Every mother who had three pregnancies all of which resulted in having boys would be shocked to have the fourth baby be a girl! God, they must be over the moon all of them, im happy for the family. Those little boys with a girl? To damn cute!

    Oh and Mrs Beckham is looking amazingly cute, and stylish as always!

  • girlstragedy

    She has taken a liking because she has an ugly behind lol

  • giny

    Finally a mini posh!. I like the Beckhams because no matter how famous they are they don’t parade their kids like other celebs do. In fact if you live outside UK, not and avid fan, not and avid hater you won’t know how many kids she had and their names. I didn’t even know she had 3 kids. I found out about it during the spice girls reunion tour. And since then I started to like Victoria because of her good fashion sense.

  • It’s PR

    @@15: Oh my god, yes they are! Especially when they need PR! How many pics have been posted lately of David w/ the boys….this plus the new baby is to detract attention from his recent philandering reports. They are all about image. He admitted he was concerned about it. They are phony, and yes, they’ve been married many years but Vickie has put up with a lot of cheating because they don’t want to ruin their paycheck. All these slobbering posts are ridiculous and frankly a bit suspicous.

  • Lalalove

    Aww congrats to the two!

  • From Paris with Love

    Yey a girl finally! Good for them.
    Oh don’t be ridiculous anyone would be thrilled to have a girl after three boys (or a boy after three girls).
    About the designer baby comments, I don’t know I’m skeptical… but if they did have a designer baby that’s no worse than using surrogates, IUI, having twins at 40, same sex parents, etc.

  • http://j cf10

    i’m super happy this will be the cutest baby on earth

  • icecream

    Oh does it even matter if it’s a designer baby or not? If they wanted a girl & had a way to make sure of that, fine. If it just so happens nature ended up with this kid being a girl, fine. Regardless of how, it’s still a girl!

    Yay for them & I have no doubt that had it been a boy they would have been as excited/over the moon/blah blah blah…they may have some flaws but I really don’t think anyone can really say that they don’t truly love their kids. Happy for them, kinda wanted them to have another boy coz their bys are adorable but yay for them getting a girl. Hope the pregnancy goes well & everything works out well for them all.

  • Birds_Of_A_Feather


    you are one delusional psychotic Beckham fan who ignore to acknowledge his numerous affairs before you sing praise n glory about their longstanding mariage..Staying thin is Vic’s way of validation..she is not really talented, or a natural beauty but she could be the skinniest B*** that David’s ever had as well as beating every celebrity on the scale!

  • boston61

    I see she still has her c*nt shoes on. What a tool.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    She Looking Good.Love Her

  • shop girl


  • CCrider

    Verrrrrrry happy for them!
    Loved her since forerver. Can’t wait to see this lil’girl’s face!!!

  • point?


  • lol


  • Nessa

    me too! i read the same story last year
    can’t believe they keep getting all these stories right!
    future celebrity gossip are also said now that jessica alba is having a girl
    can’t wait to see victoria and david with a little girl so sweet

  • hmm

    she’s 38 and has a football husband who cheats. this is IVF at its best and she knew the only way david wouldn’t stray was if she gave him a girl.

  • efron

    Move over Suri, a new stylish baby is coming.

  • V.W

    I cant believe some of these pathetic comments, there are so many angry/jealous people out there when it comes to the Beckhams. I’m so happy for the family…thrilled infact!
    VB is an amazing person who’s achieved so much more than any of us put together and she does it in style! ….i’d challenge anyone who thinks otherwise.

    Why on earth is it so bad that she’s open about wanting a baby girl? …and who cares if the baby’s dressed head to twinkle toes in Dior…its nice to have nice clothes!!!!!!
    I bet most of who commented are tracksuit wearing, Jeremy Kyle watching, and very UGLY looking people, and the other one’s are wannabees who want VB’s life but could never have anything close, which results in slaggy off to make themselves feel better!

  • V.W

    Oh yeah i didnt realise having a baby girl stops your husband from straying ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • V.W

    She was in the most successful girl band EVER and was by far the wealthiest half of the couple when they met and look what she has acheived since? SERIOUSLY i dont think she’s with him for her “pay cheque” you loser!

  • saywhat?

    Those shoes while flying and pregnant, poor thing should wear some flat slippers. Congrats on the baby girl, you know she will be one tough but spoiled little girl!

  • Anastasia

    I can’t believe that some people believe that they “order”the sex of their baby..that’s nonsense!I am sure they didnt care if their fourth baby would be a boy or a girl cause what matters most is to have a healthy baby!I am really happy for them,they deserve it cause they are such a lovely family!Victoria looks gorgeous as always,i wonder though when will she stop wearing those high heels which aren’t exactly pregnancy friendly material…
    I am also very curious to see the name they’re giong to pick this time..maybe they’ll choose sth more traditional.more classy..i wish them all the best!