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Jessie J Rocks Out on 'Saturday Night Live'

Jessie J Rocks Out on 'Saturday Night Live'

Jessie J hits the stage on Saturday Night Live‘s most recent episode, featuring host Zach Galifianakis.

The 22-year-old British singer shared the stage with B.o.B to perform their hit song “Price Tag,” and later in the show, Jessie let loose for an amazing rendition of “Mama Knows Best”!

“I am so in a space of ‘omg wow’ right now. I’m the first artist to ever be booked on SNL before having a album out. Thank you for believing in me :) USA I’m coming for ya,” Jessie tweeted early this morning.

Jessie J & B.o.B – ‘Price Tag’

Jessie J – ‘Mama Knows Best’
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  • Lea

    Cool, this song has been stuc in my head for days. I like how she said “….video bleep for video hoes”….lol!

  • Lea

    stuck …sorry!

  • Icko

    Amazing voice! love you jessie J

  • annoying mannerisms

    I got excited and interested in her when I first heard Do It Like A Dude but her second single Price Tag is so annoying (as insufferably obnoxious, preachy & pretentious as every recent P!nk song)…I just can not……with her.

  • mizz

    that was the first SNL performance everrr that when she finished i was like damn i want to buy her music…and i googled her.. WINNING!! yea ik i kind of lost for typing that

  • Ben

    good voice
    CRAP songs and lyrics.

  • lol

    @mizz: lol

  • http://www. ummm

    WOOOOOOOOOW she can sang her face off!!!!!!!!!


  • http://www. V

    Mama Knows Best was amazing.

    She would be super fun if she didn’t make that stooopid squeaky noise with her voice, pull those re*arded faces and make those annoying stuttery noises.

    Why can’t she just sing!

  • Sean

    Put on some clothes you pretentious skank.

  • LAA

    Thanks for this Just Jared ! This girl deserve all what can make her happy, she is so amazing! I have follow her on youtube in now 3 years, and it is so nice to see how she is make the world smile with her lyrics.
    - Before you talk bad about her, please listen to her lyrics, not only do it like a dude, mama knows best or price tag, but also, I need this ( song she wrote to chris brown ) and the song that had been on step up 3d, ‘ who you are ‘ . trust me after that you will accept her and think she is amazing.. so nice to see her on such a famous website ! goo just jared,.. JESSIE J <3.

  • Sunday Girl

    How is it that someone lands on SNL with no previous album out? What has the industry come to? People are paying people to make people famous? Who paid who? Used to be you had to prove yourself in order to land such a gig but now people don’t even have to know who you are or know your album. Really sucks. No wonder the music industry is in the trash, because the audience is not deciding anymore, record execs decide for us. This is the end of music.

  • imnotcrazy

    jessie j soo amazing!!! i love her voice and music!!! we’ll definitely see more of her in the future!!!

  • MiltonCody

    Finally a girl that can sing her ass off !! Say buhbye to Rihanna & Katy Perry !!

  • Wtf!?

    D**n she can sing…thank goodness for new talent that can actually sing.

  • Nottafan

    she’s just really loud – there’s no vocal range. she wails, her voice is on blast, she backs it up with a lot of confidence and you’re fooled into thinking she’s good & that there’s talent.


  • Wtf!?

    See, now this is what I call talent! Thank gawd, I was beginning to think that the music industry lost all credibility. She has more vocal control than aguilera which is super impressive. We all know that Christina tends to over sing to the point where it jacks up a song. Hell at least I’m being honest, although I WISH I could sing like both of them. I can always dream….I knew I should have joined choir in middle school DOH! Ha.

  • Ben the Dude


    Jealous much? Stop hatin’. But I will give you permission to hate on Rihanna and Katy Perry.

  • dee

    JJ is a sexy beast w/talent. very refreshing. so sick of the manufactured talent like britney who simply sing-talks.

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!!

    How’s ?

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!!

    Average girl

  • Tom

    She is great. Her album is amazing. Can’t wait for her to take off in the US. Good luck Jessie!

  • Sunday Girl

    First artist to be on SNL without having an album out so what warrants her beingon SNL?????? What other explanation but that someone paid Lorne Michaels? Once again, like Willow Smith and other stars, an automatic “Star” is being shoved down our throats and we have nothing to say about it. Sh ehas already happened whether we like it or not. We the audience have no more choice. We eat what rich execs feed us. What a joke for hard working singers who are hitting the pavement everyday. Music is dead.

  • Tom

    I love all the hating on her because she’s knew. All the haters will eat their words.

  • swoon

    I like her a lot but she trys too hard. Her vocals are all over the place.

  • Tom

    @Sunday Girl:

    You act as if she didn’t work for what she got.

  • lovelydee

    I’m so happy, Real Talent lol.
    I love her music.


    my first exposure to her and it’s obvious that she’s a HUGE talent. I hope she makes great music and moves forward without lots of drama. Bravo…and congrats to SNL for booking her.

  • Truth

    @Nottafan: you would’ve said the same thing about Janis Joplin. She obviously has range, she’s controlling it based on the song (not everyone needs to hit every note under the sun in one song). Clearly, you have no idea what vocal style and real singing is about. Stick with Christina Aguellera, Katie Perry and Britney Spears.

  • Backlash

    Pretentious how? @Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!!: Average how as in average one of the best vocalists out now average. STFU!!!! stop saying stupid and ignorant shit just for the sake. Jealousy make you ugly

  • Backlash

    @Nottafan: Clearly u know shit about music. I bet u like Justin bieber. Awww shame!! Jessie J does not want your support anyway.

  • http://dnica Mann

    She is the Brit Chritina Aguilera amazing voice but you already know the deal really I don’t even have to press play. Whitney Houston and Celina Dion (even though I’m not a fan) new how to use their vocals to great effect.

  • Backlash

    @swoon: I dont understand why people say that. Its called vocal prowess. U dont have to understand it honey. Go listen to Justin Bieber if u want bubble gum pop.

  • amensister

    she also wrote “Party in the USA” for Miley Cyrus, so she is not just an amazing singer but a PROVEN hit songwriter as well,

    she just needs to control her face movement when she sings, the same with Xtina and others. I think its something to do with having a great voice.

  • Opal

    Great to see Jessie J finally getting the props she deserves.

    For all those who only listen to music that’s on the radio and thinks she is a “newcomer” who hasn’t proved her salt yet, Jessie J has been an industry secret for awhile now, writing songs for Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, etc. In fact, Timberlake called her “the best singer in the world”. Now the public has the proof in the pudding of how talented she is. Her vocals are as stronger than most people – AND she’s not autotuned or relying on a producer to make her sound good in the recording studio! She writes her own music, creates her own beats, and now, finally, sings her own songs. Just sayin’.

    (Also, all you teeny boppers might be impressed to know that she wrote Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA”.)

  • 1776

    For those who say that Jessie J can’t sing, youtube videos of her singing Big White Room at Scala. Raw talent.

  • In The Know

    She has been a known quantity within the music industry for a very long time. The Moron that said she was anointed like willow smith is seriously uninformed, as are most people when it comes to knowing any real industry story, and the true numbers behind most acts.

  • TRP

    She can sing her ass off.

  • hahahaterrible

    hahahaha that was terrible. her fake voice undulations are grating, but at least she dressed up like a whore. hahahahaha terrible.

  • noname

    most amazing singer ive heard in a long time!
    she’s just one big WOW!

  • Julie

    I love her voice but the way she sings can be annoying. It’s like she’s making fun of herself sometimes with the way she moves and sounds.

  • FreebiesandDeals

    Wow – she is something new and different and that song is sooo catchy. she is even appealing to people of an *cough* older generation. Go girl!

  • http://dnica Looky

    @Truth: OMG!! She is no Janis Joplin LMAO. Wash your mouth out with soap for saying that or even puting them and the same sentence that girl had REAL soul that she sang from heart with … With this chick it’s all mental a calculation I wasn’t going to comment but come on this is Laughable a good writer though.

  • Kris

    @Sunday Girl:

    Hun, just cause YOU didn’t know who she was before this doesn’t mean no one did. Jessie J has been proving herself for years. She’s writen MANY huge hits for well known artists and is an amazing talent. She had songs on two big movie soundtracks last year and she won a Brit award recently. She got on SNL cause she’s good and your opinion that only established people with 5 records should get on SNL is beyond ignorant and shows what you know about musical talent, which is nothing.

  • Kris

    Sunday Girl you’re a dumb bitch.

  • Xtina

    She is good yeah… British Christina Aguilera

  • mkrock

    Check your research dude – she’s been pounding the pavement as a musician and songwriter in the UK for years. Fun fact: she also wrote Party in the U.S.A.

    @Sunday Girl:

  • zen76

    Love this girl think she’s hyper talented and has overcome adversity. Its nice to see a pop start that shockingly does’nt use drugs or drink! she has a good range and makes very catchy songs and is a talented songwrite unlike other pop wanabee’s!!!