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Kate Middleton's Bikini Body Revealed

Kate Middleton's Bikini Body Revealed

Check out these pics of a shirtless Prince William and Kate Middleton on holiday in Ibiza, Spain.

The photos, which show Kate rocking a white bikini while lounging on a yacht, were taken back in September 2006 but recently re-surfaced.

William, 28, and Kate, 29, have been making appearances together in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and North Wales before their wedding next month.

The couple will tie the knot April 29 at Westminster Abbey in London.

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kate middleton prince william bikini 02
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kate middleton prince william bikini 05
kate middleton prince william bikini 06
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  • v

    These pics have been around since 2006, so NO they have not “only recently surfaced”.

  • Cora

    she does have a really cute body…only one or two of these pics have been available not all…

  • Cora

    she looks great…i love how the british press and papers like the dailymail say shes gotten a bit too thin and is too body-obsessive–if she was heavier, the papers would slam her and call her fat. unbelieveable

  • NOPE

    He looks old.

  • Sunday Girl

    The girl is hot, let’s admit it. William, not so much. Hope their kids don’t inherit those horrid Windsor genes!

  • G

    Kate’s body is straight from top to bottom with no waist definition and gladiator arms. In one of the pic, we see her dad on the boat with her and William. Let’s hope he wasn’t checking his daughter out…

  • entheno*90

    They have been together FOR YEARS….why is the press suddenly showing OLD pix as if the couple were dating in secret and no one knew who she was? It was always predicted and speculated that they would marry.

    I’ve seen pix of them together for years..walking… eating partying, etc her shopping ..walking down the street…this is not a woman who suddenly fell into his life.

    She’s always had great style and looks sharp in all of clothes..she has narrow frame …beautiful face and cute smile.
    I wish them the best..and I feel that his Mom would be proud too.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Geez, who fvckin’ cares?! Those dates back to 2006 and you post ‘em just now as if it’s newsworthy?! GIMME A BREAK. No big deal, like.. SERIOUSLY? Yes she has a nice body but this is so freakin’ old, it’s not even interesting.

  • v

    Her mother was there too and of course she was lining them all up and sitting there taking copious pictures of the bunch. A bit creepy if you ask me.

    Also as far as the British press goes, they are going on about her weight NOW because 5 years ago (when these pictures were taken) she was “heavier” (and by that I mean she weighed more, not heavy as in over weight by any stretch of the imagination) then she is now. If you look at her legs here and her legs in the recent Ireland pictures there is a drastic difference. And yes she has for the most part since graduating school been dieting and trying to maintain the stick like figure (which is not natural for her). Sad really.

  • 878

    Shes an ugly version of Lauren Conrad.

  • LP

    Wow didn’t realize she has such a boy’s body with no waist and hip definition. Tight body though.

  • Cheery

    White swimsuits are hard to pull off, but she looks fantastic in that bikini.
    Lucky girl, very fit :)

  • whizzer

    Eeewww for Prince William’s balding spot & beer gut – he definitely dont have Lady Di’s genes!

  • sara

    This reminds me…I need to get to the gym. Bikini season is around the corner. Also, Kate looks good. Big shock.

  • Skinny Fiber

    Kate Middleton’s looking very hot and sexy in her bikini photo,I can’t stop my eyes from see her sexy body….!

  • loydie moliere

    Kate Middleton’s looking very hot and sexy in her bikini photo,I can’t stop my eyes from see her sexy body….!

  • Dani

    She looks really good

  • Working Class

    I guess this is how the girl next door can become the Queen of England. What a bad example for girls.

  • deadpool

    (sigh) I miss the age when women were confident enough to sport beautiful soft dreamy curves. Women of the 21 century are no different then men.

  • Annie

    Yeah ancient pics. William is heaps skinnier now. @ Cora you are so right about the british press – if Kate was a few pounds heavier they’d be all over her for looking “dowdy” and “mumsy”. They recently had an article where they put a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow next to Kelly Brook and declared that Gwen was “dangerously skeletal” yet Kelly was “full of wobbly bits”. My mind boggled since they looked practically the same size to me except that Kelly’s boobs are a bit bigger.

  • Lil’

    @deadpool It’s not only a matter of time. it’s the way your body is. I would kill for few more curves, but hey, I am the way I am and so is Kate Middleton. Or at leat was. It’s true that she appearsto have lost weight

  • BB

    How could anyone say a negative thing about this woman?
    Are you crazy? She is just beautiful. The Prince is very lucky.
    I wish them all good things.

  • shoegal

    i’d respect her more if she had taken advantage of the fantastic education that was given to her and worked consistently. instead, she’s waited and vacationed while the country is falling in economic shambles. no wonder the majority of brits say they have no interest in the wedding.

  • Andie

    Let’s just say she agrees with you and the economy….
    Do you actually think the royal family takes advice from her?
    Please, give me a break.

  • pop

    If I looked that hot I’d be marrying a prince this Spring too.
    Eat your hearts out jealous people.
    KM has it going on. Get over it.

  • Dieter

    Jared – I just had a terrific hot wank on the buns of hers’ !!!! Totally came !!!!

  • I like her

    She is beautiful. Her body is better then some famous models have.

  • onhermajestysroyalservice

    God Save The (future) Queen

  • slriki

    i do it kate before william

  • mechanic

    give the girl a break.she can’t help it that shes beautiful and fell in love with a prince.give her her freedom leave her alone and let her enjoy her life as a person and not as an all the jealous ones you will have to learn to suck it up.I wish them nothing but the best.