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Vanessa Hudgens Prefers Beaches Over Bars

Vanessa Hudgens Prefers Beaches Over Bars

Vanessa Hudgens hops back in her car after grabbing lunch with her family on Saturday (March 12) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress, who was spotted the day before leaving the gym, recently dished that “parties and all the stuff isn’t really my scene.”

“My scene is honestly sitting around at home, hanging out with my mom and my sister,” she said in an interview.

“I think I am kind of boring like that. And I love being outside so I would rather be out on the beach than going to a bar,” she explained.

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  • Fauve

    Vanessa is definitely a fashionasta loving the hat and general feel of the outfit. Beautiful as always can’t wait for Sucker Punch if you have not go see Beastly it is worth every penny see it more then once! We love and support you all the way Vanessa know we have your back!

  • Lee

    I love her style! V always lovely.

  • Lee

    I love her style! V always lovely.

  • lauren

    i feel bad for her again,,,, someone decided to leak nude photos of her again for the third time,
    its a pattern

  • Abby

    @lauren: and talking about shit like that here is going to do WHAT exactly? Just drop it!!!!

  • Ryan

    @lauren: I don’t feel bad. I feel happy. The more nudes, the better. :D

  • Ashlee


    And just WHY do people like you have to bring that up? What the HELL is your problem? Walk a mile in her shoes and see how you would feel mean girl.

  • Amanda

    Love that hat!

  • etker

    I like her style, but i think that she could have better, but it’s good :)

    I’m inviting come to my blog :)

  • etker

    I like her style, but i think that she could have better, but it’s good :)

    I’m inviting come to my blog :))

  • Sweetness

    She’s cute for a tween type actress but why do these actors and actresses continue with the Disney mantra of saying ‘they hate parties’ and they prefer staying at home b.s. Hollywood is one big party. That is how these actors schmooze and get scene by paparrazzis. Who buys that she does not go out partying… Perhaps 12 year girls but in the real non Disney world she and other starlets go from party to party to be seen.

  • lauren

    uh @ ashlee
    someone posted it and im stating what i think/ im saying i feel bad for her,

  • Kimmy

    yeah right. and they took your naked sex pics on the beach. LOL

  • http://teamhudgens mindaluz

    lauren whatever you say i still love her your just jealous

  • JC

    Your indicates possession. Is this your stupid post? You’re is the contraction of you are. You’re writing a stupid post.

  • Kelly

    How is Lauren being mean? Vanessa knows what she’s doing. Celebrities act all wounded and hurt over leaks. How convienent for them to leak right before her movie comes out. Just like Chris Brown leaked himself naked before his album dropped. When Cassie had an album out, her photos ‘leaked’. Its the people around them and PR telling them what they need to do to get the job done. If you don’t know how it works yet, your so naive. Don’t pity her, it was fully intended.

  • cookie

    Can everyone just make a pact to ignore Lauren in future, don’t reply to her and she will eventually go away. She’s nuts and needs the attention.

  • lauren

    @ cookie
    i dont need attention, im making an opinion,
    who the hell are you telling ppl what to do? why is it when ever i post somthing on here postive or negative i get so much hate from people? just because i’m not a ( true fan) really?

    look at all the other people who post negative stuff on here and their not bitching them?

  • Sammo
  • Sammo
  • Sammo
  • Sad

    Vanessa spread her lips for the camera in the new nudes. And I’m not talking about the lips on her face. Why is it always her who have the nude pictures leaked? We would think Miley would be the one with the nudes every couple of years…..

  • BOJI

    Well, Vanessa is of age now and those pics were taken when she was underaged, so get over it. They are old. There are many other n u d e pics of Celebs in more compromising situations. What abt those of them performing simulated s e x in the cinemas? What’s up with the double standards? For heavens’ sakes, Miley, Rihanna, Amanda Seyfried,Reese Witherspoon, and countless more have done nudity so what is the big deal?!

  • BrittanySnowFan

    gorgeous girl

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!!

    She’s reall vanessa

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!!

    Vanessa Cute

  • BrittanySnowFan

    oh you

  • nora

    Love her! I’m a true fan no matter what! Love her work, and thats what she should be appreciated for!

  • http://j cf10

    she is hot

  • Bradley Bobst

    Vanessa Hudgens Rocks she is the best Totally can’t wait fot Sucker Punch Looking Fine Vanessa.

  • samuel

    such a dirty little minx

  • BOJI

    Stop viewing those pics, you perverts, those are under age pics and extremely private, I may add. Like her lace covered shorts and her smile as always.

  • kami

    ♥ love her hat. i have one almost like it. ♥

  • kyle

    Good for her to be liking the beach more than the bar.

  • V

    Amanda Seyfried strip down for Chloe, but we only saw her butt profile. Vanessa, we see the inside of her vag. At least we know Zac is endowed.

  • Haters Suck

    So, does anybody have a link to these new n u d e photos? I’d love to look at them while going solo.

  • http://Ign Haters Suck!

    Fuc*ker what did I tell I about stealing my call sign!! Come up with your own crap and stop being a little b!tch.

  • Vanfan

    Lauren said: ,uh @ ashlee someone posted it and im stating what i think/ im saying i feel bad for her,”

    Oh, that’s bull sh!t. You were the FIRST person on this thread to mention it. So, YOU are the person who posted it. I had not heard anything about it until I read your post.

  • yets

    Thanks to all fan who really Love her..
    God Bless you all and Vanessa is a good person and i will support her all the way.
    by the way Looking Good Vanessa.

  • HatersSuck

    If the pics were “extremely private” as you put it, then she should not have put them on the Internet for all to see.

  • Haters Suck!(original)

    hey pretender, I know you wish you could be me, but you’ll never be me so STFU and get a life u little b!tch.

  • kgg

    Geez, so what about the pics…they were a part of the last group someone stole from Vanessa. All you perverts need to get over it. This has happened to other actors and actresses….so what? It’s not their fault that there are sick people in the world who steal other people’s private property and try to ruin them. That is the crime, not the pics, but the the idiots who steal them. How would you feel if someone stole your private pics and put them on the web…not good, huh? Put yourself in her place…..and let’s move on to another subject.

  • HatersSucks

    Um, it was Vanessa who put them on the internet.

  • lei

    So excited about her New Project.
    More to go Vanessa,We continue to love you.

  • Haters Suck!(original)

    Ignore the wanna be little b!tch of a troll. He/she is full of $hit and even they know it.
    @#43 you, whoever you are, disgust me.

  • lei

    to All vanessa supporters pls dont talk about the pics anymore.
    lets talk about her careers,somebody want to put her Down , but thats not Going to happen because Vanessa is Talented and hardworking.

  • lame

    If you are a die-hard fan of Vanessa continue to support her by talking about her work rather than than all of the other nonsense. She has been down this road before and always handles it with grace and dignity. Leave it to her attorneys to sort this out. She is a strong and fearless young woman and the bastard who is out to get her will get his or her karmic On a lighter note, I saw Beastly yet again. It is a little gem of a movie…she is so beautiful in it. I love Neil Patrick Harris. Wonder if he would consider adopting me:)

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ lame, i saw Beastly again last night i really enjoyed a second time she is so beautiful on screen, she as a very expessive face. i just love it, and my family and my self are going to see sucker punch,week after next, her little movie made enough to cover the expensies. 17 million, that’s want it cost to make, and it will be soon overseas. I love neil patrick harris, thats when he wanted Vanessa to play mimi, for rent.

  • BOJI

    You the imposter of Haters Suck, Yes YOU. She did not post them on the internet, dumb a s s. Vanessa was a teenager then 16 or perhaps younger. Like most young celebs at the time thought that her pics would stay private and they were stolen by someone or some persons known to her. Unfortunately I think they were all young and underaged at the time and never thought the pics could be distributed through the internet so quickly and that is the big difference. Vanessa has basically been ill-advised as to her legal rights and privacy at the time the pics came out and it has been most unfortunate for her that she did not get the right backing. Ashley Greene had such pics but her lawyers were quick to act and Leighton Meester was another. Even Miley took a such a pic of herself even though she was discreet enough to leave her face out of it, but those who know her well knew very well it was her.
    So what is it that makes Vanessa’s scandalous pics any different from others? It is only the prejudiced and the prudes and the haters for what and whom she represents who condemn her, that’s what. She still gets my support a 110%.

  • Seriously

    Vanessa should have learned the first two times she had her nudes leaked. “Once a fool shame on you, twice a fool, shame on me.”