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Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki: 'Supernatural' at PaleyFest

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki: 'Supernatural' at PaleyFest

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki attend PaleyFest 2011′s panel honoring their show, Supernatural, on Sunday (March 13) at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Jensen brought wife Danneel Harris, while Jared hit the red carpet with his wife, Genevieve Cortese, who previously appeared on the CW show.

Jensen, who directed the “Weekend at Bobby’s” episode earlier this season, said “he’d love to” go behind the camera again.

“As long as [Jared]‘s not in it,” he joked, TV Line reports.

FYI: Danneel is wearing a Jenny Han top.

15+ pictures inside of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki at PaleyFest…

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  • Emily

    lucky girls!!

  • Meister

    Just two actors and their beards, how cute.

  • http://Alexa_R Alexa_R

    I <3 them.

  • Anon

    At meister why the hell would you say that. Jensen and Jared are married to them because they love them. They are not beards so I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. go away.

  • Anon

    Supernatural is a great show. Lucky girls to be married to guys like Jensen and Jared. Go away meister.

  • lili

    Come out guys =D You two together can beat Brangelina’s ass!

  • nohemy

    What great looking couples.

  • Unusual Staffs


  • emilie

    I’m gay, but I have a huge crush on Jensen :|
    I absolutely LOVE Supernatural
    Amazing show
    My mum even made me a Supernatural themed birthday cake hahaha

  • itziar

    so hot! i would pay to be one of their beards.

  • Cristobal

    <3 them

  • fardous

    i envy those ladies bez im huge fan of teir show

  • Anon

    Itziar they are not gay. Get lost. You and meister don’t know shit. Jensen and Jared obviously love these women. the beard idea is so pathetic. they are happy being married and in love. You and meister go to hell.

  • Anon

    At post number 9. Jensen and Jared are not gay. They are in love with these women. If you are going to come up with stupid theories like meister get the hell off this board. To meister making up cruel lies makes you look like an asshole.

  • Anon

    These are two good looking couples. To the people making up stories about them.

  • Notobemean

    Too bad the show is such convoluted bs now, I really used to enjoy it, those days are long gone. And wow, as much as I hate to use the term when speaking of these two ladies, they’re not just their wives but actresses in their on right, I use the term actress loosely but still. I guess since neither can get an actual acting job, they’re only relevant as wives, sad!

  • Lawrence

    Jared’s such a hunk!.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^ cute

    Nice to see they

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!!

    Those All nothing and average people

  • moss

    JARED & JENSEN!!! LOVE THEM BOTH!! #supernatural <33333333

  • Casey

    Guess that answers the questions about whether Daneel as pregnant end of last year when she was really puffy in the face in some photos and had a bit of a belly bump-people wondered if the weight gain was baby related. Guess it was bloat or she’d just gained a few and has now lost them again as she’s obv not pregnant now

  • mrs.robinson

    Love these guys. Thanks for the pictures. Jensen looks like a movie star and Jared is buff as always. Each man is good but together they are gold like Newman and Redford. I know we’ll most likely never see them work together again after Supernatural but it would be ashame for all that chemistry to go to waist.

  • Aidualc

    I think it’s funny how convinced are some in thinking that starts of some TV shows are gay and have secret affairs without any real proof. Like some fans of Glee are saying of Lea Michelle and Diana Agron and like the comments I read in the past about Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford.

  • J2_forever

    I like that they was together on public^^
    Love Jared and Jensen…thank for the picture:*
    I wish some more new information about SPN

  • Mimi

    Love these guys <3 Supernatural is a great show!

  • Dina

    All four look beautiful. Go SPN!

  • Jared

    Why do they always get the hottest boys????

  • Conga

    Jensen Ackles looks so ridiculously good. He has talent, he certainly looks like a movie star, bloody hell he should BE a movie star! :)

  • Amy

    All four of them look amazing!

  • ramo

    I love SUPERNATURAL !!! I love them!

  • Spartacus

    Has Danneel officailly changed her name to Ackles now? it’s how her name appears on the Getty images thingy and on IMDb…..wonder why she’s changed it now? was it a birthday presant for Jensen, or was it coz Gen appeared as Geneveive Padalecki in the titles of the spn ep she was in?

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    aawwwww look how cute they r 2gethr!! luv thm!! CANT WAIT TIL APRIL!!!!! GOSH I CANT STOP LOOKN AT JENSEN SEXXXYYYYY!!! ps.. who da heck dresses those girls???

  • Emii

    Love J2. Together. They’re fabulous actors and best friends and secret lovers. Love Danneel, dislike Gen. If Jared and Jensen wanna hide their relationship, fine, but the real fans know what’s up.

    Supernatural’s amazing <3

  • Anon

    To emii stop spreading lies. How can you dislike gen you don’t know her. Jensen loves daneel and Jared loves gen. You sound jealous. happy they found love.

  • Anon

    Does anyone know if gen cortese has changed her name to padelecki? I saw daneel has changed her last name to ankles but on gens imdb, her name is still cortese.

  • vivi

    rihanna graphic I created last year…”On My RockStar Shhh…”

  • Anon

    I meant to say ackles not ankles. Danneel and gen are beautiful and they are lucky to be married. It will be great once they have children. The people calling Jensen and Jared secret lovers are pathetic people that should get the hell off this site.

  • somethingblech

    Gen is ugly as sin. Only a bunch of Jared/Supernatural fan ass kissers thinks thinks this man faced troll is not homely looking. I could care less if they are beards or not. Danneel’s cute, I don’t like her personality, but at least I get why people think she’s pretty. Not just oh she’s married to Jensen, I must ass kiss.

  • emilie

    @Anon: did you mean post number 10? cause I’m post number 9 and I never said they were gay :|

  • Anon


  • Miriam

    Love the pictures. They all look gorgeous (only thing is that Danneel looks very white in the face, other concealer next time?)

  • Anon

    something black gen is not ugly. You sound like a jealous pathetic person who has to knock others to feel better. Gen and danneel are both beautiful talented actresses. Calling her a troll makes you one you despicable creep. Fans like the two women not just because they are married to Jensen and Jared but that they are talented actresses. If you don’t like it on this site, get the hell off. Both women are very beautiful.
    To emilie: I apologize to you. I meant post number 10 who made an idiotic comment implying that the guys were gay when they are in fact straight and married to two beautiful women. To 10, get a life.

  • Anon

    Something blech I meant to say, pressed the wrong button. You should just get off this board if you are going to be a hateful person.

  • biblophile

    It’s such a pity that mean ignorant people post such stupid comments. It’s because of misogynists like these jerks that spn actresses receive unwarranted criticism. Intolerance and bigotry are unacceptable . These men are not gay but clearly they feel less free and more constrained because of posted remarks. Congratulations.

  • pickles

    Yall are a cute couple. Danneel Harris and Jensen are a cute couple. So is Genevieve Cortese and Jared Padalicki are a cute couple.

  • Spiro

    Is there really still a debate about The Boys’ marriages and sexuality? I’d like to ask all the staunch defenders of the “they’re straight men in love with their nebulous female costars” out there : You always say the person doesn’t know the star personally as a slight–but neither do you! And let’s do some factual analysis–Jared knew Genevieve for only months when he married her. Jensen and Danneel (what a stupid name Danneel is, by the way. Sounds like a paint treatment.) took separate honeymoons-he went for a spa treatment, she went on a press junket for a show. Gay male actors who are acknowledged as such suffer a slow death career wise, once they come out-Rupert Everett, anyone? I am not saying that there is not a coponent of jealosy motivating some of the “beard” talk; that is what mary jane fangirls do. But to those who defend them, I for one live in Hollywood, and both of The Boys maimntain homes here in the West Hollywood area, and both of them have significant reps as card carrying queers. But neither of them is out, for familial and religious reasons. So, sorry if you don’t like it, but that is the truth. Watch their body language together when you go to one of those overpriced SPN cons. They always have their hands all over each other, intimately for so-called “Straight” men. This is just logic at play, ladies. J2 are motivated by career, cultural and social factors the farm belt types or smitten teens who lurk here would never be aware of. And, really, is their sexual orientation any of our business? There is only pain for those who choose to conceal, but that is a choice some do make. We should honor it, in personal interactions. As for what I’ve seen demonstrated…

  • Katie

    @Spiro: Okay..? That’s kinda weird when Jared and Gen talk nonstop about each other and how much they love each other and Jensen has talked about when he was on his honeymoon he read a book or something like that when asked what was the last book he has read. Also he got asked a question at a con for who he would sell his soul for and he replied with : Well I would have to say my wife.” so no, as much as I do love J2, I know it’s just fantasy. These 2 gorgeous men love their two beautiful wives!

  • Pam


    Those two getting married after “knowing each other for months” is not much proof of your “they’re gay” theory. A lot of non-famous, straight (and gay/lesbian) people get married (or at least move in with each other) after only knowing each other for months. Sometimes after mere weeks. I’m not saying it’s a great idea, but it certainly isn’t damning proof about the lack of authenticity of the emotion involved or the strength of their bond. If anything, it seems to speak of a profound, passionate kind of overwhelming emotion, a whirlwind romance. Sometimes people just get carried away.

  • http://yahoo zeinab

    they are a very nice couples i hope to them happeness for ever after

  • http://yahoo zeinab

    they are very nice couples i hope for them happeness for ever after