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Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Shape' April 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Shape' April 2011

Vanessa Hudgens flaunts her toned tummy in Shape‘s April issue.

Here’s what the 22-year-old Beastly star had to share with the mag:

On her fast food addiction back in 2007: “I was so unhealthy. I used to go to Cold Stone Creamery, get a tub of Butterfinger ice cream and eat it all before bedtime. And my fingers were permanently stained orange from Cheetos. When I came back [to High School Musical], I almost couldn’t get my costume on. When I finally got it zipped up, my boobs were up to my chin!”

On getting in shape for Sucker Punch: “I knew it was going to be hard but I didn’t know how hard. In the beginning I could dead lift 135 lbs. By the end, I lifted 180 lbs. I was a monster … Exercise is amazing from the inside out. I feel so alive and have more energy.”

On former flame Zac Efron: “Long-distance relationships are hard no matter what. When you don’t have face-to-face time, it’s just different. Having an iPhone helped, but it wasn’t the same. We grew up together. It was nice to have someone to share all those experiences with. It was a good thing. The relationship kept me grounded and because I was with someone who knew me so well, I didn’t need to try to be someone that I’m not.”

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163 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Shape' April 2011”

  1. 1
    lauren Says:

    i dont blame them,

    but it did seem like both of them kept each other grounded.

    wish them the best.

  2. 2
    Summer Says:

    She looks incredible! We’re the same height so i’m going to use her as an inspiration to get back into shape.

  3. 3
    candy Says:


  4. 4
    Sean Says:

    Mmmmm…mmmmm!! I bet she tastes really good.

  5. 5
    BEAN Says:

    Er we all know that is not her tummy.

  6. 6
    MllleF Says:

    Humility and elegance is definitly the rules of the

  7. 7
    MllleF Says:


    Use some photoshop too, because this is what she

    I use to do the same mistake when I was younger and a teenager, until I had major eating disorder.
    I just realise my mistake at 30, I’m loosing some weight but I don’t give a damn about having a six pack, and a fake body created by some computers.

  8. 8
    Chloe Bell Says:

    It’s still kind of surreal that Vanessa and Zac parted ways, but it sounds like there’s still hope. Anyway, she said some level-headed things. I hope all is best.

  9. 9
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    She looks great! She’s such a sweetie!

  10. 10
    Sheda Says:

    What does she mean long distance???? They were only apart pretty much when he was filming the lucky one and she was filming journey 2 mysterious island. And they let those short amount of months tear them apart??? Wow

  11. 11
    lauren Says:

    i think they saw each other every couple weeks or something,

  12. 12
    bri Says:

    uh seriously, that is not her stomach.

  13. 13
    Warren Says:

    Hot and sexy woman, but she always was beautiful.

  14. 14
    :)* Says:

    wau beautiful

  15. 15
    Joanna Says:

    she looks good. nice cover

  16. 16
    cf10 Says:


  17. 17
    sweet Says:

    she looks great , i love the person she is evolving too- beautiful and respectful. having said that what do you expect her to say that she was willing to do the long distance and phone chats because they had done it before but zac couldnt keep his pants up and was unfaithful disrespectful douchy boyfriend there for the relationship ended.
    good riddance have you seen his latest marketing ploy -staged photo ops with his ninjas- im embarrassed for him.

  18. 18
    r Says:

    She’s so beautiful it’s not even funny

  19. 19
    Maria Says:

    @Sheda –> dont worry about it, she is a smart girl and she knows that magazines and people are going to ask her about the ”break-up” all the time and she cant only say all the time: ”yeh, we are still friends” To let the media leave her alone, she had to give some kind of reason that most people would expect.
    Long distance? I mean come on, if its true that they officially split up (which i dont think its the case) then she would eventually date another actor and then it will be the same problem, he will be filming there, she will be filming here etc. thats hollywood relationship and its hard to find someone out of hollywood who can understand the pressure of this job.
    So no they didnt officially split, they took a long break, so people can focuse on their work seperatly, i miss them together, i love them both, but i think, how hard it may seem, its good for both of them to be seperate for a while to learn who they are, experience different things, i mean look how vanessa and zac changed (on a good way) since the two gave space for each other……and the media is threating vanessa really different, on a positive way. They love each other, and the news came two weeks after the hawaii thanksgiving it wouldnt make sense at all, they made a very hard but also adult decision, they will come back, zac and vanessa will probably play the field but no one can deny their affectione for each other ;)

  20. 20
    Exit to the left Says:

    Please go away. Will you go away now?

  21. 21
    Kerri Says:

    I knew you meant it when you said goodbye. I promised myself i wouldn’t cry. The distance between us was far too wide. I knew our time was running out. The dream of us i wish would never end. The life we had ended too soon and all that was left is the faded memorys.

  22. 22
    maeli Says:

    baby v looks good

  23. 23
    Kar Says:

    Actually there are some of us who aren’t total morons… OF COURSE that’s not her stomach… DUH. What a lie, i dont get it.

  24. 24
    naomi Says:

    @Chloe Bell: to me sounded like there is NO hope :( idk her answergives me the impression that she doesnt love him like she used to. BUT maybe she just said that becuse she’s actually really private about her relationship.

  25. 25
    knock Says:

    I hate when celebs try to pretend they are/were fat. She was a twig in HSM, and still is.

  26. 26
    knock Says:

    I hate when celebs try to pretend they are/were fat. She was a twig in HSM, and still is.

  27. 27
    DM Says:

    I wonder when this interview was done. Her hair still looks long here. It must have been done awhile back before she cut her hair. I agree with some of you, I think she had to say something so that the media won’t have to asked her about Zac anymore.

    She did say that that their relationship kept her grounded and that she was with someone who really knew her well and that she didn’t have to try to be someone that she’s not.

    I think that they will in time get back together. They are so much in love when you look those pictures of them together back when. That love will never be forgotten. They are still young and they will probably date other people, but they might still end up together. There have been lots of hollywood couple who ended back with each otherafter a split and after dating other people and ended up getting married.

    It might happen to Zac and Vanessa. Date other people and end up with each other at the end and get married!!

  28. 28
    Honestly Says:

    I don’t think she was saying she was fat as much as she’s saying she had bad eating habits.

  29. 29
    Lily Says:

    @knock hmm don’t think so. I think what she said is right, you can see the differences in her body between HSM 1 and HSM 2. So yeah, celebs are human, they feel fat too and it’s not wrong.

    anywhow, looking good vanessa! Well she always exercising in gym, no wonder :D

  30. 30
    Kerri Says:

    @Dm: do you really mean that .Do you think they could get back together?

  31. 31
    wiseinlove Says:

    She’s looking really good. Up and onwards. Love her and the person she’s becomin!!!

  32. 32
    DM Says:


    I didn’t ge that from what I read. Maybe she just doesn’t want to say more. And your right she does keep her relationship private, so maybe she just want to give an answer so they won’t have to asked about her and Zac.

    But my personal opinion, I think that they’ve been seeing each other privately. I’ve seen a lot on twitter where they are sightings of both of them. Not sure how true those sightings were, but I still believe that they love each other and ending a 5 yr romance is not easy to forget. There will always be feelings for one another.

    They are just taking their time personally and figuring out what’s next for the two of them. I sitll have faith in Zanessa.

  33. 33
    samuel Says:

    pathetic woman, anytime she has a new movie out she leaks nudie pics

  34. 34
    lauren Says:

    there are scans of her magazine article
    how they wored the questions about zac and their break-up starting with before her 22nd birthday.

  35. 35
    Kerri Says:

    @dm: you are a true fan just like me. At times it maybe hard but we just have to hang in there and never give up on them. Keep praying people.

  36. 36
    biki Says:

    @Maria: u are right if they officially broke up now it would be confirmed by them self’s or their reps.they just took a break cuz they are so much busy,they are focusing more on their career,they are just on break,but they still love and care for each other 5 year old relationship can’t just like that get i’ll just wait but i am 100% sure that we’ll see them when they finish whit all this busy stuffs.

  37. 37
    kami Says:

    ♥ vanessa said in the most gracious way she could that they are over. and she even said nice things about the relationship. she is one classy lady. ♥

  38. 38
    Sean Says:

    Long distance? Didn’t they both live in LA??

  39. 39
    Kerri Says:

    @Biki: do you know when the interview was taken? because last time vanessa said that zac and her are figuring things out. I am very confussed. I wish there was some way that us fans could know. Anyone who sees zac or vanessa ask them if they are dating. I wish we could get the number of their reps and ask them until they have no choice but to answer us.

  40. 40
    DM Says:


    Yes, I am a fan of both and not one or the other. I hope that they will find each other again in the future. Maybe after their schedule calms down.

    I still have faith in the two of them. I don’t think that they will just let go of a 5 yr relationship. When I see those pictures of them in the past, I feel sad. I go to you tube just to listen to their interviews on what they say about each other. They compliment each other and the way they look at each other you can tell they are in love.(you noticed I use the present and not the past tense)..will not say were in love, cause I know they are still in love and just working things out especially about their working schedules.

    Keeping the faith for Zac and Vanessa. Will always be Zanessa 4ever where ever life will bring them.

  41. 41
    biki Says:

    @DM: i saw sightings too,who knows might they are seeing in private,and yah you are right 5 year old relationship can just like that get over,they still love each other,they just took a break,cuz they are busy now,but i thing we’ll see them when they finish.and plus all this rumors whit zac hooking up whit other girls or nessa does the same thing i don’t thing it is true,cuz i did not see pics or videos of that cuz paps. are all the time whit tham where ever they go,and for those drinkik and doing drugs,they are grounded they don’t do stuffs like that they are leaving normal life,if they were doing now stuffs like that been to drunk like that whit zac on that pic when he was at private party whit that girl,they were not kissing or doing stuffs she was just some fan or friend,and if he was too much drunk on that pic or doing drugs he wouldn’t even stay on his legs,he would fall down,he was just looking tipsy and having good time he just drinked 1 or 2 drinks,and V when she was at britany’s party she just has 1 or 2 drinks,they don’t do drugs or getting o much drunk it is not good for them or people around them,u cant control u re self when u have too much alcohol in u re stomach,u could vomit,doing bad stuffs,u could die and fall down.and they don’t play field cuz when u do all the stuffs like this u would lose u re fame,and than u would regret it,so all of u just wait,and we’ll see,but for all that stupid rumors are no true,i am 100%sure will see them when they finish whit their work.

  42. 42
    biki Says:

    @Kerri: i don’t know when interview was taken but her hair is cut now so might it is old,i am not sure about the sightings,but all i am saying it is just that they are busy and are on break,but i am 100%sure that we’ll see them each other when they finish,and whit all that stupid rumors abot zac had new gf it is not true i did not saw them kissing,and that he was not major drunk if he was that much drunk,he wouldn’t even stay on his legs,and all the time fall down,they don’t do drugs or get much drunk,when they go party’s like this might they are just having 1 or 2 drinks,and they don’t play field cuz i did not saw pics of them doing that if they were doing that they would be caught now by paps.cuz they are everywhere they go.they still love each other 5 year old relation ship cant just like that get over,so just wait will see,but we’ll see them when they finnish whit all this busy stuffs.

  43. 43
    ilia Says:

    Some of you are insane. It is none of your business if they are dating or not.

  44. 44
    Mellie Says:

    so this is before she took the extensions out?

  45. 45
    Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!! Says:

    Ohmg she’s really vanessa hot!

  46. 46
    Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!! Says:

    No nude?

  47. 47
    maria Says:

    I think that Vanessa looks amazing in this Shape spread……all the pics are just so good. And for those who think it’s photoshopped…..I doubt it. You can suck in your stomach and get that tight look. And of course you’d suck it in if you’re in a bikini on a cover shoot. She’s a very natural body, very healthy, and not hard as a rock…..very feminine, and very sexy. I love how natural she is, and she’s comfortable in her skin.

    As far as what she says about her relationship ending in the interview, I believe she is just being gracious and classy not divulging anything. It’s the standard excuse all actors give when a relationship ends. She is private and will never talk about anything so intensely private. But this interview says it was done in NC, when they were still “good friends”, and good enough where he came to see her after spending weeks with her in LA. Yes, things were still good between them then. But things “happened” after NC, which I believe ended their “friendship” as well, because they haven’t been seen since doing anything. He is joined at the hip with a group, that is bad news, and she has been spending time with her family and different friends. They have dealt very well with “distance” before; at the end of this month, they’d both be in LA indefinitely, with no new projects imminently starting. The “distance” thing is just what they all say. If that was true, then NO celeb would ever have a relationship OR get married, cause they are ALL away for periods of time. So, I’m not buying it, but I respect her class and graciousness, as always. So proud of you, Vanessa. You are an amazing woman, and truly a woman to love. There is an amazing guy out there who will love you the way you hope to be loved, who will do anything for you, and never feel his job is more important than you. Believe in yourself and you will have your dreams…..

  48. 48
    Lady Says:

    i belive the Shape Magazine.was done in dec are jan.but zac was in nc in jan with vanessa.i think she say it to just shut them up.i bekive they are see each other to.hi biki.

  49. 49
    Kerri Says:

    @Lady: I just remembered that zac said he wants to get married when he is 30. Vanessa said the exact same thing in the magazine.

  50. 50
    i n f a m o u s l y c o o l Says:

    …You’d have to be a complete fcuking moron to believe that’s her real stomach. Ahahahahahahahaha …Like, c’mon! …Hahahahahahaha
    …Photoshop / airbrush gone WRONG! …Epically wrong.

  51. 51
    i n f a m o u s l y c o o l Says:

    …Watch, the next pictures of her stomach that come out be there will NOO

  52. 52
    Kerri Says:

    @lady: how sure are you? zac once said he wants to get married when he is 30 and vanessa also said that.

  53. 53
    i n f a m o u s l y c o o l Says:

    …Six-pack. LOL

  54. 54
    Bradley Bobst Says:

    OMFG Vanessa is so damn sexy.

  55. 55
    Lady Says:

    that true he did say that.they are not over.

  56. 56
    MKhay Says:

    yeah she was real fattin HSM (rolleyes)

  57. 57
    fiona Says:


  58. 58
    fiona Says:

    @Exit to the left:

  59. 59
    sweet Says:

    maria , that was beautiful and true . vanessa is a class act she would never reveal what a total cheating douche zac was to her in the end . she is so much better off without him. he has become a pathetic poser with a posse of wannabes who are about as ninja as i am. the loser and his ladyboys now stage photo ops for themselves on the beach- look how far he has sunk he really needs to take a good look at himself and his “friends”

  60. 60
    fiona Says:

    lol no…

  61. 61
    fiona Says:


  62. 62
    DM Says:


    That is true. He did say that at one of his interviews. How funny that they both say that!!!…and they both got tattoo’s>> they sure think alike. I think that’s what long relationship does>>they think alike..just an opinion!!

    Hmm>>now I wonder..but my hopes are still that they will be back together..Not giving up on the two yet!!

  63. 63
    Kerri Says:

    @Dm: good attitude. couples take breaks all the time. Racheal bilson got back with her boyfriend. People who have been in a long relationship do that all the time. It is called taking a break ,cooling off then getting back together and being hotter than ever.

  64. 64
    nkenk Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that was her actually stomach. They were working out a lot during sucker punch so that was probably a result

  65. 65
    jasmine Says:

    Shape photoshops everyone’s abs, hello! But she still looks great here…either a lot of PS going on or this was taken before she packed on the pounds. Not saying she’s not pretty, she just got a bit chubby.

  66. 66
    kyle Says:

    Great body, great photo.

  67. 67
    DM Says:


    Yes, I do believe that they are taking a break and see where their feelings will lead them. Either together for life or just friends>> I sort of compare them to Nick Lachey and another Vanessa >> Vanessa Minillo>> They went their separate ways(I think it was a year) and found themselves back again and now they are engaged to be married. The same was with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez.. They got back together after years of separation and now have twins.

    I’m still have that faith on Zac and Vanessa. They both come from good family upbringing and they know that what they have is real. They are so private that they will not really let everyone know, not even in interviews what’s really going on between them. I see it this way, if they haven’t found anyone within 6 months, then there is still a chance for both of them. It means that they still have that strong feelings for one another and can still get back together>>my own personal opinion!!

    So I salute you Zac and Vanessa>>I hope that you will find love with each other again and like I said before, will be there for both of you. You are the best perfect couple in Hollywood as far as I’m concern.

    Zanessa always!!!

  68. 68
    Peggy Says:


    Pathetic excuse for a man she didn’t leak them and you already know that that’s why you came on here.

    Your parents must really ignore you for you to need attention so badly.

  69. 69
    Bookmarks Printing Says:

    she’s looking very awesome,she’s very hot…!

  70. 70
    ari jayes Says:

    she’s looking very awesome,she’s very hot…!

  71. 71
    Peggy Says:


    No Zac said he wanted to get married at 40 then said he got in trouble for saying that and changed it to 30

  72. 72
    maria Says:

    @sweet: I know, right? How old are these guys? Late twenties? And they’re wearing matching bracelets, acting like middle school boys, and calling themselves “ninjas”? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard guys that age doing. It’s so laughable. But whatever. Acting like a pubescent kid is what he wants to do, so be it. Unfortunately, you throw in the issue of drugs and drinking, and you’ve really got trouble. But he’s made his choices. Hope he can live with them.

  73. 73
    lame Says:

    @maria: Completely agree with you Maria. You summed it up in a very eloquent way. Thank you. Whatever happens….and whatever HAPPENED…..Vanessa will be fine and I’m sure Zac too. Whatever will be..will be. Right now, there is much suffering going on abroad….perspective and prayers.

  74. 74
    Amber Says:

    Vanessa fans bashing Zac again? Just worship your girl and leave him alone. I don’t understand why they try to make everything Zac vs. Vanessa war. Does it make her any better?

  75. 75
    Malia Says:

    Vanessa’s cover picture is beautiful. She’s in really good shape.

  76. 76
    Michelle Says:

    Oh please, I think everyone knows THAT IS NOT HER ABS, STOMACH OR BELLY BUTTON! Just check out the nasty nude photos of her that have just been released. LOL And rumor has it she did it herself. I don’t know anyone who is ever going to buy SHAPE magazine again. How embarrasing for them. If this copy ever actually goes to print or out on the market it will be a total joke.

  77. 77
    Rose Says:

    @whizzer: F*** k you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. 78
    fanpopgirl Says:

    vanessa is an example of natural beauty i have to say that haters are going to love nessa when they watch sucker punch which will for sure be a box office movie<3 as on to her relationship with zac i think in future they might get back together cuz everyone know u can’t let go of beautiful memories u have for 5 YEARS thats a long time for me they will always be the cutest couple ever cuz they show people what exactly true love is <3love u VANESSA HUDGENS

  79. 79
    kgg Says:


    Now, bashing Zac is not going to accomplish anything. He’s 23 and a big boy, so he needs to GROW UP and look out for those people who are supposedly his friends. They are not what they appear to be, Zac, and please stay out of the bars,

  80. 80
    ano22 Says:

    vanessa is gorgeous!
    re her relationship with zac? zac is a douche like ryan philippe. he’s the next bar butterfly hooking up with wannabee models and sl*tty hollywood wannabees. vanessa deserves better.

  81. 81
    Manuela Says:


  82. 82
    sweet Says:

    you no what people i dont “worship” vanessa i ADMIRE and RESPECT her SO MUCH. i dont think a lot of young or older people could handle the amount of crap that she has had to endure without some sort of breakdown , yet she has managed to still move on and learn with quiet dignity from her mistakes, it is not her fault if others cant get past her mistakes from when she was young, and you know what else there is nothing wrong with nudity top models and actresses are paid to show flesh what nessa did was private and for her boyfriend until the tool sold her out.

  83. 83
    whizzer Says:

    Reality / Truth do f*kin’ really hurts – one can never hide from it.

  84. 84
    kikay Says:

    shes smiling but deep inside she wants take of f her bathing suit!and then pose in her altogethercoz thats how she roll!

  85. 85
    audemars Says:

    She’s looks more MANLY than Zac & got a PIG nose just like Victoria Beckham – MEHHH!!!

  86. 86
    Tata Says:

    Gosh!!! she looks great!!!! Hope in Journey 2 we will see a lot of this fantastic body :)

  87. 87
    Jokergurl Says:

    I don’t see her deadlifting 180 lbs either, she’s TINY. I doubt it. Those abs look photoshopped though.

  88. 88
    Maddie Says:

    Why could that not be her real stomach? She’s been going to the gym like crazy… perhaps it is.

  89. 89
    J Says:

    @kgg: We can all still agree, that she a sex freak still right? It hasn’t slow down her career, so why even care too defend at this point?

  90. 90
    u know! Says:

    ahh sexy?? we’ve seen her naked-.-

  91. 91
    biki Says:

    @Lady: hi lady how are u? u are right abot that.

  92. 92
    Emma Says:

    I read an article about Ashley saying how she’s trying to get them back together bc she believes in them and she wants Zac be with his true love

  93. 93
    biki Says:

    and don’t know why are u saying bad stuffs about zac like this,first on that pic what u saw,he was at private party and that girl was just a friend or fan,second come on guys.u believe what u read u don’t believe what u’ll see,god,if he was an alcoholic,he wouldn’t even stay on his legs,he would not know where he go,he would fall down all the time,he would vomit,he would not control him self’s and hurt him or people around him,so i did not saw pics or videos of him doing that,cuz paps.are all the time whit them where ever they that pic where he was holding beer,he just looked a little tipsy just a little drunk,not major,he was just having good time and dunked 1 or 2 drinks that is nothing beer dont have too much alcohol just 20%,if he was all the time like major drunk he would be caught by paparazi,and we would see pics or videos that he is doing bad stuffs,so on that pic he was just tipsy,for god sakes,if u have just 1 or 2 dinks u are looking tipsy but when u become major drunk or on drugs u do very bad stuffs and u can’t sty on u re legs,u fall down all the time.god,he is not alcoholic.

  94. 94
    Kerri Says:

    @Leeelee: why are you so mean? vanessa wouldn’t put those pictures of herself on the internet. Someone did that and you are encouraging that not cool. Vanessa was under age at the time so you are selling child porn by letting people see it. We all have ghosts in our past, We all make mistakes. Vanessa doesn’t need to be bashed but supported.

  95. 95
    jeezzum Says:

    A MONKEY in a bikini – EEEKS!!!

  96. 96
    jeezzum Says:

    A M0NKEY in a bikini – EEEKS!!!

  97. 97
    lauren Says:

    what article was that?

  98. 98
    biki Says:

    @Kerri: yoa are right that was long time ago,the pics are not new she had longer hair than,now her hair is cut,and might on that pic when she is kissing whit that girl,might it is not V cuz there are so many girls look like her.

  99. 99
    maria Says:

    I am so sick of losers who arent’ over the fact that “those” pics are from years ago, are considered child p-o-r-n, and meant to be private. The a$$ who is doing this will be nailed. But why do people not get she’s already paid for this stupid phase in her life? She was a teen, naive, and made a mistake. She already knows that. And anyone who says they didn’t make mistakes as a teen are just outright liars. Everyone does. Get over yourselves. Take a look at the internet and even just movies……how are just naked pics so bad?? Middle school girls do this stuff. Get real. It’s the way people learn from their mistakes. She has.

  100. 100
    Daniela Says:

    She’s looking really good in this picture no wonder if you hit the gym as much as she does. But to say she is a class act… it’s problaby just me but I don’t think it’s real classy to have nude pictures all over the internet.

  101. 101
    Peggy Says:


    Some slime them there all over the net and finny I don’t remember you bitching when Ashley Green’s nude pictures surfaced and those were professional pcs she posed and got paid for and she was over 18.

    I guess if you are white it’s okay to be stupid

    Someone is trying destroy V maybe that there are people in the world so cruel and evil should bother you more.

    Oh your not a “class act” based on your mistakes you are a “class act” by how you handle them

  102. 102
    Peggy Says:


    THose are pics are years old long before now and the navy seals.

    BTW I’d start looking over my shoulder the bible says we reap what we sow and someone very dear to you is going to end up paying for the hatred in your heart either by illness or rumors about them or worse and you will stand there helpless and when you ask for help God’s going to remind you of the of the malice and stuff you AND OTHERS posted about someone you didn’t even know.

  103. 103
    gracemarie Says:


    A number of actresses with picture have been on the cover and in shape including sex tape Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz etc so get off your high horse

    Usually when people go to these lengths regarding someone else’s error they are trying to hide something about themselves and they are afraid of getting found out so they deflect.

    I wonder what you are hiding about yourself or your mother or family that is such a disgrace. It’s going to come out sooner or later your nastiness has guaranteed that so this exercise of yours is a waste of time.

  104. 104
    ThisIsMe Says:

    Woman take a professional photo session .. and finish with these pornographic images.


  105. 105
    ThisIsMe Says:


    I was thinking/mean of a professional and erotic nude session

  106. 106
    telma Says:

    i support vanessa 100% love her, go baby V, and hope 4 zanessa

  107. 107
    ROCK HARD Says:


  108. 108
    Qiana Says:

    The woman is not a twig no matter what anyone tries to say. She has a lot of meat on her bones. She’s NOT a twig. Nicole Richie back in the day is what you call a twig honey.

  109. 109
    florence Says:

    @ano22: The latest set of pictures were apparently sent to Zac as it was reported on another site that Gina was going to release some pictures just before SP came out, and if this is the case and the photo’s were for Zac then shame on him for giving them to Gina in the first place and also fornot having the b”"”s for standing up and being a good friend of Vanessa’s, they are ddone with being bf/gf but so far he’s not been anything like a friend to her at all.

    Apparently he has been told by his team he has to stay in his house for 5 days ebcuase of them and to avoid questions, so those hoping he will be at her preimer even as a friend that’s not gonna happen, and to be honest it never was even if they had still been together.

    Once again Vanessa has to deal with this crap and HE stays quiet, well I’m glad that she is out and about with her true friends one of which he’s not, and she has her family.

    Stay strong Vanessa an d don’t let anyone including efron and his team get you down.

  110. 110
    yets Says:

    HOT !!!!!!!!!
    Thats our Girl.

  111. 111
    Kerri Says:

    @florence: I don’t believe that. Zac still cares for vanessa. No matter what is going on he is still friends with her. Maybe more than friends i don’t know. I know that he is still friends with his ex girlfriend before vanessa. That shows you he is a good guy.

  112. 112
    say what? Says:


    This kind of slander really has to stop.

  113. 113
    say what? Says:


    This kind of slander really has to stop- if you read somewhere that professionals were going to do something that assinie and it happened-then the likely source for that is the person who actually DID release them- hopefully he will be caught and prosecuted- but you spreading that same slander for other people to see and repeat isnt a good idea

  114. 114
    Danielle Says:

    She is so hot!!!!!

  115. 115
    yets Says:

    pls dont talk about the pics.
    Just Support Vanessa hudgens if you love her.

  116. 116
    DM Says:

    Here’s what one magazine have to say about the Zac and Vanessa’s breaking up:

    The ex Disney star, 22, finally admits that distance killed her five-year love affair with ‘High School Musical’ co-star Zac Efron, 23 — how sad!

    Vanessa Hudgens might be exhibiting some wild behavior – but she still really misses Zac Efron! The gorgeous brunette is Shape magazine’s April covergirl and we’ve been gushing over her amazing bikini bod! But even though she looks the best we’ve ever seen, she definitely has a broken heart. The actress pulls at our heartstrings when talking about why she and Zac called it quits in December. If you thought they simply fell out of love … you’re wrong.

    I think that if they work things out, there is still hope for the two of them getting back together>> They never really fell out of love, it was just the work schedule distance of their relationship that made it hard for them to see each other. I just think they need to learn to work on it. Like she said, they are “figuring things out”>>

    Who knows, they might figure things out and get back together>>maybe after everything calms down (work schedule), they still have a chance. There’s been quiet a few Hollywood couple who have broken up and found each other back again who are now either engaged or happily married.

    Keep your faith in Zac and Vanessa. Who knows what might happen down the road for the two of them. Zac and Vanessa will always be known as ZANESSA!!!>>

  117. 117
    gracemarie Says:


    Distance is the standard answer in Hollywood no matter what really went down. So I wouldn’t put all my marbles on these remarks.

  118. 118
    lady Says:

    biki think will work out.i still belive.there love like that do dead after 5yr.i think they will make it after all.we need to gave the time.just hope that he will open his eye soon.i pray that his pre not do these to vanessa.i belive they still talk everday.9it not over. i feel somethink not right.

  119. 119
    lily Says:

    ohhh she looks hot on the cover!!! She’s all tan and ripped. I blame Zac for the breakup..just because I know how guys his age tend to be. I’m sure it was all him. I hope she does find her true love and does get married like she wants to. I see her as very maternal, like her mom Gina.

  120. 120
    say what? Says:


    Well as Peggy pointed out on another thread- and she appears to have a vile hatred of Zac- it was him who blew off his family to spend Thanksgiving with her in Hawaii- went to her house after she got back and stayed for hours- and followed her to NC when she had to film there- so clearly whatever the PR reason being given really is- it looks as if there was major trying on his part.

    I dont blame either of them-Im sorry their relationship has to be judged this way. I imagine they are hurt enough without all the nastiness of their “fans”

  121. 121
    candyfloss Says:

    really this girl knows how to stay relevant when she really isnt Jessica Biel she take tips, now that she’s lost all relevance

  122. 122
    tomato Says:

    Disney may throw v, but the porn industry is, after all, :P

  123. 123
    Kristie Says:

    @knock: Well she never said she was fat. She just said that she was unhealthy and couldn’t fit in her costume (so she might’ve gained weight from how she was before and it might not have been noticeable to other people, but obviously she knew).

  124. 124
    TX56 Says:

    Hey you guys, i curious if you knew about Zac stills talk with his a great friend name is Nikki Blonsky on texting when they didn’t hanging cause they live in different states. Um is Zac and Nikki only talk private sometimes? i really don’t sure i check on google about both of them this year and past though. Please don’t be negative on me i just want to know if you knew? :/

  125. 125
    Lissi Says:

    @say what?: Noone said he didn’t try, I think. But trying isn’t always enough. And since they weren’t seen together since he came back from NC (end of january), it looks like the trying didn’t work out. I mean in December and january we got reports from ‘friends’ saying they will get back together etc and we got sightings, tweets and blurbs. I just can’t understand, why you can’t see, that they are probably not trying to fix it anymore. It can happen. No one says they didn’t loved eachother the 5 years they were together, but life changes, people change, people should accept that. But there are people saying it’s Zac’s teams fault, bc they can’t accept it, bc it’s easier to say it’s not Zac and Vanessa’s fault, so they can still believe they see eachother privatly or whatever. But that’s bs, it was their decision and the yseem happy with it. I hope for them to find another love, that will be great like their was or even better and that ZV at least stay friends.

  126. 126
    biki Says:

    @Kerri: yeah u are right i just read on another article that,they want to focus on their career now,and the break up caused about that they are busy,but they are still in touch and love each other,they are just on break,and who knows might they are seeing in private,and u know what i’ll just wait i will not believe the rumors which will come next cuz it won’t be true cuz there is no pics or videos of them doing bad stuff’s or hooking whit other persons,but i am 100% sure when will see them when they finish all of the haters which are saying bad stuff’s of them and believing everything what they’ll read not believe to their eays,they will change their toughs about zanessa.

  127. 127
    sunny Says:

    Her pic ordeal is so old. Why doesn’t the idiot who is sabotaging her just let out all of her dirty laundry at once and be done with it? This person obviously has no life or morals. Let’s face it, Vanessa must be crazy behind closed doors, or at least was at one time, I’m sure there’s more out there. I could care less what she does in private but this leaking pics everytime there is a new movie coming out is so old now. I think this person or PR group needs to move on now. I actually yawned when I saw the headline that she has new naked pics instead of being totally infuriated like I used to be.

  128. 128
    say what? Says:

    @Lissi: @Lissi:

    But I do see that they arent trying anymore. I was responding to the person who put all the blame for the break-up on Zac. Whatever happened it looks like they did try and its probably hard enough to end a long term relationship without a bunch of “fans” making up weird stories about how one or the other caused it

  129. 129
    Lissi Says:

    @biki: You are not believing it, even with V saying it herself that they are over? Ok, that’s desilusional.
    I don’t believe all the rumors either, but there will come the time, maybe even this year, when a rumor about one of them having a new bf7gf could be true. Shakira said after the break up, that the Pique rumors aren’t true. Now they were pictured kissing, so it is true and people said her and her ex would get back together, too.

  130. 130
    Lissi Says:

    @say what?:
    Ah ok, I didn’t get what you meant at first. But you are right, some are really crazy, bc they can’t accept it, that they are only human like we all are. Only bc everybody thought they will stay together forever, get married and have beautiful babies, doesn’t mean they would. And now it came out other, then we all thought and some can’t accept it even after 3 months.

  131. 131
    biki Says:

    @lady: what do u mean whit that he will open his eye’s,he is not doing bad stuffs,are u tell me that u believe too about that he was drunk or do bad stuffs to nessa,first that whit that girl on that pic what we saw he was in private party he was not kissing her or doing stuffs whit her they are just friends,and if he was major drunk or doing drugs he wouldn’t even say on his legs,he would fall dawn,he would vomit all the time he would not control him self and do bad things to him or to other people,he can die,don’t tell me that u changed u re mind about him,and come on,he just had beer in his hand beer just have 20% alcohol that is nothing,he just looked a litle tipsy little drunk,haven’t u see people hwo are major drunk and little drunk tipsy didn’t u noticed deference?come on lady why u belived that what perez hilton said u did not believed to u re on eyes,what happen whit u,i mean he is not alcoholic if he were like that,we would see the same pics or videos like breatny spears did years ago,and some other actors which they now lose their fame.when zac or nessa goes to partys they just drink 1 or 2 drinks alcohol and look tipsy little drunk there is lot of difference of major drunk and people who are doing drugs,god.

  132. 132

    Those aren’t her abs and if she deadlifted 180 pounds, then I’m the Queen of England. Other than that, nice photos.

  133. 133
    Bradley Bobst Says:

    Vanessa is so damn sexy and hot totally love her.

  134. 134
    biki Says:

    @Lissi: omg sje this not said that they are over she said figuring things out which means they are busy and are more focusing in their career,they are just on long break,cuz they’ve now so much things to do,and plus the break up it is not even officaly confirmed reps are just saying that they are on break,but still in touch and love each other,might they are seeing in private how do we know.

  135. 135
    lady Says:

    no biki i know how much they love each other.i know they are hurt right now he need to open eye and see a his friend who use him. i belive with all my heart that they love each.and will work think out.i been with them send hsc. i been on the net everday to fine think about them.but right now i think his friend is use him and he will work more now.. it like his life is not his but his rep.right now you can see now much vanessa is hurt.yes he smile but it not the smail went zac call her are tex that a smile.i don’t think he drink that much.biki i belive just like you do.i belive they are see each like just don’t die like that.

  136. 136
    biki Says:

    @lady: yeah u are right about that whit his friend,but iam sorry i did not got u well i tough that u change u re mind about them,and no they are not drinking or doing stuff’s and thank u for supporting me i always will support u and people who are not believing all this stupid rumors,and people which are not saying bad stuffs like me,please don’t be mad at me now i misunderstood u,yeah and i believe too that they are seeing each other in private.

  137. 137
    Lissi Says:

    She said that back in december. Things can change. I read the article, did you? She said it was good and she is not regreting it. But she didn’t say they are figuring it out. Please be realistic. There could be hope, but all the things you are stating are not reasons to believe rn. Bc at the moment it clearly speaks against a reunion at this point.

  138. 138
    biki Says:

    @Lissi: how do u know that things have been changed things haven’t changed,do u even know what means privacy,might all that sightings were not true but there was so many sides and sources which say that they re still seeing each other.and might it is false but 3 days ago many people saw them together and they looked musch in love,might they just want to separate for alittle when all this will calm dawn whit their career,but i still think that will see them when they finish.they just took a braek cuz they need it free space.

  139. 139
    The truth Says:

    More naked photos…. classy. We all know how this career is going to go based on how she’s currently deciding to keep it afloat. Zac was smart to run as far as he he could from this one.

  140. 140
    Truth Says:


    God, enough already. If you were really a fan of either of them you’d respect their privacy and quit putting all your hopes and dreams onto a couple that you don’t even KNOW. She’s said more than once that they’re over. What more proof do you need? Do you need one of them to make-out with another person on camera? Would that be enough? Seriously, get a life and move on. Maybe they weren’t meant to be.

  141. 141
    peggy Says:

    @The truth:

    Her career is going fine cause here in LA everybody wants to know who is doing this to her and want it found out.

    They don’t have time for your stupid pathetic ignorant railings oh and BTW what ever you’re hiding you will now get to see come to light. You wouldn’t need to go after her if you didn’t have something of your own.

  142. 142
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    Nice picture. Don’t believe it’s not photoshopped though. And can we stop the hate on Zac please. I just don’t get why people are being so negative to someone they don’t really know, no matter how much hearsay you hear or gossip you read.

  143. 143
    julia Says:


  144. 144
    geri Says:

    …if we all saw the naked pics…..we know that is not her body at all!
    but do not blame her….not everyone has abs like that…so magazines fake it.

  145. 145
    seacg Says:

    I really wish they left models on covers only and let singers sing and actors act. I think they are horrendous models!

  146. 146
    Lady Says:


  147. 147
    biki Says:

    @Lady: yeah i know i saw the bracelets too,and u are right about that they are so much busy now,oh god i am tired of saying this like i million times and explain to all this people,they are on break they’ve so much movies to do,but i am 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 %sure that we’ll see them when they finish.and did u saw now it was posted,new pics of her whit her co-star they were riding a motorcycle and they were caught going in her house and if u ‘ll read the comments of all haters u will laugh just go there and u’ll see they are saying again stupid things,that they are dating or hooking up that is not true cuz she said that he is like brother to her,and it doesn’t mean if u have guyfriend that is u re bf or somethin,just go u’ll see,u will get laugh when u see what they wrote.

  148. 148
    vanessa's pussy Says:

    she doesn’t look this good in those new nekkid pictures

  149. 149
    maria Says:

    she looks healthy and as long as she is happy with her body, thats fine. Cant stop looking at her abs!

  150. 150
    Alice Says:

    I subscribe to shape magazine and they have said repeatedly that they do not do any airbrushing or anything like that. it defeats the purpose of even having the magazine.

  151. 151
    HateSucks Says:

    Did you see the report on JJ with Josh H at her house? I KNEW it! She was seeing Josh while they were filming. The b i t c h SO cheated on Zac. Then she broke his heart when she broke up with him. She is such a ho. She says she wanted face to face time, but what she meant was vajayjay to pole. Since Zac was not there, she got it from Josh.

  152. 152
    Deb Says:


    biki will never believe that they have broken up. Even if one of them gets married, he’ll be on here saying that the marriage isn’t real because Zac and Vanessa are just taking a break.

  153. 153
    BARBARA Says:

    HATE SUCKS. you are really dumb! They aren just friends, he was trying to be a good friend for moral support, she said she is not dating and Josh and her are just like brother and sister, you must be the ho. and Josh is on Zac’s basketball team.they are friends. grow up!!!!!!!

  154. 154
    HateSucks Says:

    You’re the dumb one if you can’t see what went on. Things changed with them after Zac visited her in hawaii. He could feel something was wrong. She was distant and wanted to be with Josh. I read this somewhere too.

  155. 155
    BARBARA Says:

    Boy are you wrong, you read in intouch which Zac was on one side and Vanessa,on the other side, the side of Zac ,he was seeing TP ON jan 21st, the only problem with that he was in NO. and the other side was made up as well, people were saying Gina was the source, who is Zac publist, and she tryed giving the blogs the information, but very onr that knows Vanessa, knows there like sister, and brother, and his pr people wanted to be free so he could persue his career, they wanted them apart for years,so they put pressure on Zac, and Vanessa, to work on there careers, so very one makes there choices, they both want career, the rumors on the internet, is Gina hired someone to pass out the pictures, and she has done it before, to other people.

  156. 156
    biki Says:

    @Deb: haahahah omg how do u know that some one of them will get married whit some other person,god,are u physic?we don’t really now what it is going on whit them she said in this magazine that they broke,because of their career,what caused was their work,don’t u got it for god sakes?that they are on long break,,cuz they are busy,they don’t have time for their relationship now,they wanted a free space,couples does things like that when they are busy,god.u were saying to me i am moron,and physic that i said on lest post that i am living in my fantasy’s that when we’ll see them soon or when they finish we’ll see them and that i was believing in that sightings which some of them were true cuz lot of people saw them,do u even now what means privacy?god,now u are a

  157. 157
    biki Says:

    @Deb: now u are BIG PSYCHOPATH THAT U HAVE DREAMS THAT SOME OF THEM WILL GET MARRIED WHIT SOME ONE ELSE,and that u did not god it what she said,god,she said that they are busy,and don’t have much time to see each other,ahhahahha we’ll see just all of u wait we’ll see when will see pics of them sooner or when they finish all of u will be shocked and u will say very different thing.god.than i will laugh.

  158. 158
    babyg Says:


  159. 159
    Deb Says:

    You need to work on your reading comprehension. I never said that anyone was going to get married. I said that EVEN if one of them did, YOU would still claim that they are just taking a break from each other. In other words, no matter what proof there is, you will never believe that they have broken up. Vanessa has said it. She has said she is single and looking, but you continue to deny it. As Truth said, get over it and MOVE ON.

  160. 160
    tina Says:

    @WICKED WENCH: hello, queenie

  161. 161
    franz Says:

    vamessa is my faborit artist

  162. 162
    Mary Says:

    UHH she’s hot and that’s coming from a girl. If i had a body like that, I would have took pictures of myself naked too.

  163. 163
    amelia25 Says:

    Go nessa!

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