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Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Shape' April 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Shape' April 2011

Vanessa Hudgens flaunts her toned tummy in Shape‘s April issue.

Here’s what the 22-year-old Beastly star had to share with the mag:

On her fast food addiction back in 2007: “I was so unhealthy. I used to go to Cold Stone Creamery, get a tub of Butterfinger ice cream and eat it all before bedtime. And my fingers were permanently stained orange from Cheetos. When I came back [to High School Musical], I almost couldn’t get my costume on. When I finally got it zipped up, my boobs were up to my chin!”

On getting in shape for Sucker Punch: “I knew it was going to be hard but I didn’t know how hard. In the beginning I could dead lift 135 lbs. By the end, I lifted 180 lbs. I was a monster … Exercise is amazing from the inside out. I feel so alive and have more energy.”

On former flame Zac Efron: “Long-distance relationships are hard no matter what. When you don’t have face-to-face time, it’s just different. Having an iPhone helped, but it wasn’t the same. We grew up together. It was nice to have someone to share all those experiences with. It was a good thing. The relationship kept me grounded and because I was with someone who knew me so well, I didn’t need to try to be someone that I’m not.”

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  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …Watch, the next pictures of her stomach that come out be there will NOO

  • Kerri

    @lady: how sure are you? zac once said he wants to get married when he is 30 and vanessa also said that.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …Six-pack. LOL

  • Bradley Bobst

    OMFG Vanessa is so damn sexy.

  • Lady

    that true he did say that.they are not over.

  • MKhay

    yeah she was real fattin HSM (rolleyes)

  • fiona


  • fiona
  • sweet

    maria , that was beautiful and true . vanessa is a class act she would never reveal what a total cheating douche zac was to her in the end . she is so much better off without him. he has become a pathetic poser with a posse of wannabes who are about as ninja as i am. the loser and his ladyboys now stage photo ops for themselves on the beach- look how far he has sunk he really needs to take a good look at himself and his “friends”

  • fiona
  • fiona
  • DM


    That is true. He did say that at one of his interviews. How funny that they both say that!!!…and they both got tattoo’s>> they sure think alike. I think that’s what long relationship does>>they think alike..just an opinion!!

    Hmm>>now I wonder..but my hopes are still that they will be back together..Not giving up on the two yet!!

  • Kerri

    @Dm: good attitude. couples take breaks all the time. Racheal bilson got back with her boyfriend. People who have been in a long relationship do that all the time. It is called taking a break ,cooling off then getting back together and being hotter than ever.

  • nkenk

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that was her actually stomach. They were working out a lot during sucker punch so that was probably a result

  • jasmine

    Shape photoshops everyone’s abs, hello! But she still looks great here…either a lot of PS going on or this was taken before she packed on the pounds. Not saying she’s not pretty, she just got a bit chubby.

  • kyle

    Great body, great photo.

  • DM


    Yes, I do believe that they are taking a break and see where their feelings will lead them. Either together for life or just friends>> I sort of compare them to Nick Lachey and another Vanessa >> Vanessa Minillo>> They went their separate ways(I think it was a year) and found themselves back again and now they are engaged to be married. The same was with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez.. They got back together after years of separation and now have twins.

    I’m still have that faith on Zac and Vanessa. They both come from good family upbringing and they know that what they have is real. They are so private that they will not really let everyone know, not even in interviews what’s really going on between them. I see it this way, if they haven’t found anyone within 6 months, then there is still a chance for both of them. It means that they still have that strong feelings for one another and can still get back together>>my own personal opinion!!

    So I salute you Zac and Vanessa>>I hope that you will find love with each other again and like I said before, will be there for both of you. You are the best perfect couple in Hollywood as far as I’m concern.

    Zanessa always!!!

  • Peggy


    Pathetic excuse for a man she didn’t leak them and you already know that that’s why you came on here.

    Your parents must really ignore you for you to need attention so badly.

  • Bookmarks Printing

    she’s looking very awesome,she’s very hot…!

  • ari jayes

    she’s looking very awesome,she’s very hot…!

  • Peggy


    No Zac said he wanted to get married at 40 then said he got in trouble for saying that and changed it to 30

  • maria

    @sweet: I know, right? How old are these guys? Late twenties? And they’re wearing matching bracelets, acting like middle school boys, and calling themselves “ninjas”? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard guys that age doing. It’s so laughable. But whatever. Acting like a pubescent kid is what he wants to do, so be it. Unfortunately, you throw in the issue of drugs and drinking, and you’ve really got trouble. But he’s made his choices. Hope he can live with them.

  • lame

    @maria: Completely agree with you Maria. You summed it up in a very eloquent way. Thank you. Whatever happens….and whatever HAPPENED…..Vanessa will be fine and I’m sure Zac too. Whatever will be..will be. Right now, there is much suffering going on abroad….perspective and prayers.

  • Amber

    Vanessa fans bashing Zac again? Just worship your girl and leave him alone. I don’t understand why they try to make everything Zac vs. Vanessa war. Does it make her any better?

  • Malia

    Vanessa’s cover picture is beautiful. She’s in really good shape.

  • Michelle

    Oh please, I think everyone knows THAT IS NOT HER ABS, STOMACH OR BELLY BUTTON! Just check out the nasty nude photos of her that have just been released. LOL And rumor has it she did it herself. I don’t know anyone who is ever going to buy SHAPE magazine again. How embarrasing for them. If this copy ever actually goes to print or out on the market it will be a total joke.

  • Rose

    @whizzer: F*** k you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://fanpopgirl fanpopgirl

    vanessa is an example of natural beauty i have to say that haters are going to love nessa when they watch sucker punch which will for sure be a box office movie<3 as on to her relationship with zac i think in future they might get back together cuz everyone know u can’t let go of beautiful memories u have for 5 YEARS thats a long time for me they will always be the cutest couple ever cuz they show people what exactly true love is <3love u VANESSA HUDGENS

  • kgg


    Now, bashing Zac is not going to accomplish anything. He’s 23 and a big boy, so he needs to GROW UP and look out for those people who are supposedly his friends. They are not what they appear to be, Zac, and please stay out of the bars,

  • ano22

    vanessa is gorgeous!
    re her relationship with zac? zac is a douche like ryan philippe. he’s the next bar butterfly hooking up with wannabee models and sl*tty hollywood wannabees. vanessa deserves better.

  • http://manumarkman Manuela


  • sweet

    you no what people i dont “worship” vanessa i ADMIRE and RESPECT her SO MUCH. i dont think a lot of young or older people could handle the amount of crap that she has had to endure without some sort of breakdown , yet she has managed to still move on and learn with quiet dignity from her mistakes, it is not her fault if others cant get past her mistakes from when she was young, and you know what else there is nothing wrong with nudity top models and actresses are paid to show flesh what nessa did was private and for her boyfriend until the tool sold her out.

  • whizzer

    Reality / Truth do f*kin’ really hurts – one can never hide from it.

  • kikay

    shes smiling but deep inside she wants take of f her bathing suit!and then pose in her altogethercoz thats how she roll!

  • audemars

    She’s looks more MANLY than Zac & got a PIG nose just like Victoria Beckham – MEHHH!!!

  • Tata

    Gosh!!! she looks great!!!! Hope in Journey 2 we will see a lot of this fantastic body :)

  • Jokergurl

    I don’t see her deadlifting 180 lbs either, she’s TINY. I doubt it. Those abs look photoshopped though.

  • Maddie

    Why could that not be her real stomach? She’s been going to the gym like crazy… perhaps it is.

  • J

    @kgg: We can all still agree, that she a sex freak still right? It hasn’t slow down her career, so why even care too defend at this point?

  • u know!

    ahh sexy?? we’ve seen her naked-.-

  • biki

    @Lady: hi lady how are u? u are right abot that.

  • Emma

    I read an article about Ashley saying how she’s trying to get them back together bc she believes in them and she wants Zac be with his true love

  • biki

    and don’t know why are u saying bad stuffs about zac like this,first on that pic what u saw,he was at private party and that girl was just a friend or fan,second come on guys.u believe what u read u don’t believe what u’ll see,god,if he was an alcoholic,he wouldn’t even stay on his legs,he would not know where he go,he would fall down all the time,he would vomit,he would not control him self’s and hurt him or people around him,so i did not saw pics or videos of him doing that,cuz paps.are all the time whit them where ever they that pic where he was holding beer,he just looked a little tipsy just a little drunk,not major,he was just having good time and dunked 1 or 2 drinks that is nothing beer dont have too much alcohol just 20%,if he was all the time like major drunk he would be caught by paparazi,and we would see pics or videos that he is doing bad stuffs,so on that pic he was just tipsy,for god sakes,if u have just 1 or 2 dinks u are looking tipsy but when u become major drunk or on drugs u do very bad stuffs and u can’t sty on u re legs,u fall down all the time.god,he is not alcoholic.

  • Kerri

    @Leeelee: why are you so mean? vanessa wouldn’t put those pictures of herself on the internet. Someone did that and you are encouraging that not cool. Vanessa was under age at the time so you are selling child porn by letting people see it. We all have ghosts in our past, We all make mistakes. Vanessa doesn’t need to be bashed but supported.

  • jeezzum

    A MONKEY in a bikini – EEEKS!!!

  • jeezzum

    A M0NKEY in a bikini – EEEKS!!!

  • lauren

    what article was that?

  • biki

    @Kerri: yoa are right that was long time ago,the pics are not new she had longer hair than,now her hair is cut,and might on that pic when she is kissing whit that girl,might it is not V cuz there are so many girls look like her.

  • maria

    I am so sick of losers who arent’ over the fact that “those” pics are from years ago, are considered child p-o-r-n, and meant to be private. The a$$ who is doing this will be nailed. But why do people not get she’s already paid for this stupid phase in her life? She was a teen, naive, and made a mistake. She already knows that. And anyone who says they didn’t make mistakes as a teen are just outright liars. Everyone does. Get over yourselves. Take a look at the internet and even just movies……how are just naked pics so bad?? Middle school girls do this stuff. Get real. It’s the way people learn from their mistakes. She has.

  • Daniela

    She’s looking really good in this picture no wonder if you hit the gym as much as she does. But to say she is a class act… it’s problaby just me but I don’t think it’s real classy to have nude pictures all over the internet.