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Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Shape' April 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Shape' April 2011

Vanessa Hudgens flaunts her toned tummy in Shape‘s April issue.

Here’s what the 22-year-old Beastly star had to share with the mag:

On her fast food addiction back in 2007: “I was so unhealthy. I used to go to Cold Stone Creamery, get a tub of Butterfinger ice cream and eat it all before bedtime. And my fingers were permanently stained orange from Cheetos. When I came back [to High School Musical], I almost couldn’t get my costume on. When I finally got it zipped up, my boobs were up to my chin!”

On getting in shape for Sucker Punch: “I knew it was going to be hard but I didn’t know how hard. In the beginning I could dead lift 135 lbs. By the end, I lifted 180 lbs. I was a monster … Exercise is amazing from the inside out. I feel so alive and have more energy.”

On former flame Zac Efron: “Long-distance relationships are hard no matter what. When you don’t have face-to-face time, it’s just different. Having an iPhone helped, but it wasn’t the same. We grew up together. It was nice to have someone to share all those experiences with. It was a good thing. The relationship kept me grounded and because I was with someone who knew me so well, I didn’t need to try to be someone that I’m not.”

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Some slime them there all over the net and finny I don’t remember you bitching when Ashley Green’s nude pictures surfaced and those were professional pcs she posed and got paid for and she was over 18.

I guess if you are white it’s okay to be stupid

Someone is trying destroy V maybe that there are people in the world so cruel and evil should bother you more.

Oh your not a “class act” based on your mistakes you are a “class act” by how you handle them


THose are pics are years old long before now and the navy seals.

BTW I’d start looking over my shoulder the bible says we reap what we sow and someone very dear to you is going to end up paying for the hatred in your heart either by illness or rumors about them or worse and you will stand there helpless and when you ask for help God’s going to remind you of the of the malice and stuff you AND OTHERS posted about someone you didn’t even know.

gracemarie @ 03/15/2011 at 8:45 am


A number of actresses with picture have been on the cover and in shape including sex tape Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz etc so get off your high horse

Usually when people go to these lengths regarding someone else’s error they are trying to hide something about themselves and they are afraid of getting found out so they deflect.

I wonder what you are hiding about yourself or your mother or family that is such a disgrace. It’s going to come out sooner or later your nastiness has guaranteed that so this exercise of yours is a waste of time.

Woman take a professional photo session .. and finish with these pornographic images.



I was thinking/mean of a professional and erotic nude session

i support vanessa 100% love her, go baby V, and hope 4 zanessa


The woman is not a twig no matter what anyone tries to say. She has a lot of meat on her bones. She’s NOT a twig. Nicole Richie back in the day is what you call a twig honey.

@ano22: The latest set of pictures were apparently sent to Zac as it was reported on another site that Gina was going to release some pictures just before SP came out, and if this is the case and the photo’s were for Zac then shame on him for giving them to Gina in the first place and also fornot having the b”"”s for standing up and being a good friend of Vanessa’s, they are ddone with being bf/gf but so far he’s not been anything like a friend to her at all.

Apparently he has been told by his team he has to stay in his house for 5 days ebcuase of them and to avoid questions, so those hoping he will be at her preimer even as a friend that’s not gonna happen, and to be honest it never was even if they had still been together.

Once again Vanessa has to deal with this crap and HE stays quiet, well I’m glad that she is out and about with her true friends one of which he’s not, and she has her family.

Stay strong Vanessa an d don’t let anyone including efron and his team get you down.

HOT !!!!!!!!!
Thats our Girl.

@florence: I don’t believe that. Zac still cares for vanessa. No matter what is going on he is still friends with her. Maybe more than friends i don’t know. I know that he is still friends with his ex girlfriend before vanessa. That shows you he is a good guy.


This kind of slander really has to stop.


This kind of slander really has to stop- if you read somewhere that professionals were going to do something that assinie and it happened-then the likely source for that is the person who actually DID release them- hopefully he will be caught and prosecuted- but you spreading that same slander for other people to see and repeat isnt a good idea

She is so hot!!!!!

pls dont talk about the pics.
Just Support Vanessa hudgens if you love her.

Here’s what one magazine have to say about the Zac and Vanessa’s breaking up:

The ex Disney star, 22, finally admits that distance killed her five-year love affair with ‘High School Musical’ co-star Zac Efron, 23 — how sad!

Vanessa Hudgens might be exhibiting some wild behavior – but she still really misses Zac Efron! The gorgeous brunette is Shape magazine’s April covergirl and we’ve been gushing over her amazing bikini bod! But even though she looks the best we’ve ever seen, she definitely has a broken heart. The actress pulls at our heartstrings when talking about why she and Zac called it quits in December. If you thought they simply fell out of love … you’re wrong.

I think that if they work things out, there is still hope for the two of them getting back together>> They never really fell out of love, it was just the work schedule distance of their relationship that made it hard for them to see each other. I just think they need to learn to work on it. Like she said, they are “figuring things out”>>

Who knows, they might figure things out and get back together>>maybe after everything calms down (work schedule), they still have a chance. There’s been quiet a few Hollywood couple who have broken up and found each other back again who are now either engaged or happily married.

Keep your faith in Zac and Vanessa. Who knows what might happen down the road for the two of them. Zac and Vanessa will always be known as ZANESSA!!!>>

gracemarie @ 03/15/2011 at 12:08 pm


Distance is the standard answer in Hollywood no matter what really went down. So I wouldn’t put all my marbles on these remarks.

biki think will work out.i still belive.there love like that do dead after 5yr.i think they will make it after all.we need to gave the time.just hope that he will open his eye soon.i pray that his pre not do these to vanessa.i belive they still talk everday.9it not over. i feel somethink not right.

ohhh she looks hot on the cover!!! She’s all tan and ripped. I blame Zac for the breakup..just because I know how guys his age tend to be. I’m sure it was all him. I hope she does find her true love and does get married like she wants to. I see her as very maternal, like her mom Gina.


Well as Peggy pointed out on another thread- and she appears to have a vile hatred of Zac- it was him who blew off his family to spend Thanksgiving with her in Hawaii- went to her house after she got back and stayed for hours- and followed her to NC when she had to film there- so clearly whatever the PR reason being given really is- it looks as if there was major trying on his part.

I dont blame either of them-Im sorry their relationship has to be judged this way. I imagine they are hurt enough without all the nastiness of their “fans”

candyfloss @ 03/15/2011 at 1:23 pm

really this girl knows how to stay relevant when she really isnt Jessica Biel she take tips, now that she’s lost all relevance

Disney may throw v, but the porn industry is, after all, :P

@knock: Well she never said she was fat. She just said that she was unhealthy and couldn’t fit in her costume (so she might’ve gained weight from how she was before and it might not have been noticeable to other people, but obviously she knew).

Hey you guys, i curious if you knew about Zac stills talk with his a great friend name is Nikki Blonsky on texting when they didn’t hanging cause they live in different states. Um is Zac and Nikki only talk private sometimes? i really don’t sure i check on google about both of them this year and past though. Please don’t be negative on me i just want to know if you knew? :/

@say what?: Noone said he didn’t try, I think. But trying isn’t always enough. And since they weren’t seen together since he came back from NC (end of january), it looks like the trying didn’t work out. I mean in December and january we got reports from ‘friends’ saying they will get back together etc and we got sightings, tweets and blurbs. I just can’t understand, why you can’t see, that they are probably not trying to fix it anymore. It can happen. No one says they didn’t loved eachother the 5 years they were together, but life changes, people change, people should accept that. But there are people saying it’s Zac’s teams fault, bc they can’t accept it, bc it’s easier to say it’s not Zac and Vanessa’s fault, so they can still believe they see eachother privatly or whatever. But that’s bs, it was their decision and the yseem happy with it. I hope for them to find another love, that will be great like their was or even better and that ZV at least stay friends.

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