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Katie Holmes: Holmes & Yang Fall 2011 Preview Event!

Katie Holmes: Holmes & Yang Fall 2011 Preview Event!

Katie Holmes and design partner Jeanne Yang are all smiles at the preview event for their Holmes & Yang Fall 2011 collection at Barneys New York on Tuesday afternoon (March 15) in New York City.

“This season was inspired by Charlie’s Angels,” the 32-year-old actress told Just Jared. “There are a lot of fun colors that pop in the collection, which will be in stores in July.”

“All of the stitching is handmade,” added Jeanne. “All of our clothes are made in Manhattan except the suits are made in Brooklyn.”

After the event, Katie was seeing buying a toy toucan for daughter Suri and lunching at Italian restaurant Serafina with friends.

Also pictured:‘s Jared Eng and the Barneys team – fashion director Amanda Brooks, CEO Mark Lee, and Creative Ambassador-at-Large Simon Doonan.

FYI: Katie and Jeanne will next make appearances at Barneys New York (9570 Wilshire Boulevard) on Saturday, March 19, at 1-3pm in Beverly Hills, Calif.

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Credit: Neil Rasmus; Photos: Billy Farrell Agency
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  • MllleF

    Ok for the scientology, for letting go some clothes and some hairdo since she’s married, ok for the hells for her kid…

    BUT…she must stop that one side smile ! Enough ! :)

  • MllleF

    for the heels

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Agin .-.

  • Maysbury

    She needs to go home. Or back to the basement where Tom Cruise locks her in.

  • ck

    Not sure that dress is your color Jared ;)

  • Lulu

    Tom’s money hard at work. she is so childish.

  • Just Jared

    @ck: But it’s so pretty!!

  • Amanda

    Katie looks like she’s smirking in the first picture.


    Did Katie give you the check Tom wrote for you so you’ll keep putting her on your site and kissing her and his behinds?? Why else would you post about Holmes constantly when she does so little worth posting about?

    Holmes is not a fashion icon by any stretch of the imagination, she can’t act (her films are one flop after another), sing or dance, and her clothing line is nothing more than a vanity project. Nothing in the line is even slightly original and the prices are sky high, and sizes are limited. If I’m going to spend $2500 on a jacket, I can assure you it would be a Chanel or a Dior. Holmes and Yang? I think not. More like Hurl and Yack.

    I was there this morning/afternoon and was not the least bit impressed with Ms. Holmes, Ms. Yang or their clothing line and I’m shocked that Barneys lowered their standards to carry the line. I’ll rethink shopping at Barney’s in the future.

  • 0000

    so you hate katie, but you still went to see her. …obsessed stalker!!!
    i hope they had good security. some people are freakin nuts.

  • Christina


    Hurl and Yack = LMAO!!!!!!

    I want to know what qualifies her in her mind to be a fashion designer. The only thing that I can think of is that she wears clothing. You know, like the rest of the world!!! This would be equivalent to me designing a calculator because I took geometry in high school.

    Give me a break!

  • it’s Robo-Bride

    What an uninspired collection!

    What is very amusing and ironic, according to KH they started designing because Katie was wearing a pair of white pants and *gasp* you could see the pocket lining through the material. Well here Katie is–you can see her b*ra and its outline–both the material and the edges (because it doesn’t fit–wouldn’t someone in fashion know how to get a b*ra that fits properly???). And in a height of irony–you can see her pocket ouline beneath her tunic as well as every button, bump etc. And here they are pushing their line and you can see the pilling on Yang’s sweater.

    Katie looks so happy with her half smirk. She looks as tho she wants to be any place but here.

  • mary

    ok, i will Katie and her partner this. it’s great that all the clothes are made in Manhattan and Brooklyn. give all the jobs that have gone off shore, these two should get credit for this. as for the collection, well i can’t honestly say good or bad until i get over to Barney’s to have a look. but i do not like those white pants.

  • kizbit

    She should stop wearing her own “designs” because they are always so ill-filling on her and such a poor advertisement. She looks so unintelligent in these photos.



    You truly are a moron. I happened to be at Barney’s doing some shopping and simply stopped to preview the line as I would do with any trunk show happening at Barney’s. Perhaps you ought to look in the mirror before you call someone a “stalker”. The fact that my post upset you so much when it’s about an actress you’ll never meet makes me think you need intervention from a mental health professional. My suggestion to you would be to shop talking before you continue to prove what a fool you are.



    You truly are a moron. I happened to be at Barney’s doing some shopping (some of actually CAN afford Barney’s, darling) and simply stopped to preview the line as I would do with any trunk show happening at Barney’s. I didn’t go to Barney’s specifically to see Holmes or Yang. I happened to be there, dimwit.

    Perhaps you ought to look in the mirror before you call someone a “stalker”. The fact that my post upset you so much when it’s about an actress you’ll never meet makes me think you need intervention from a mental health professional. My suggestion to you would be to stop talking before you continue to prove what a fool you are.


    So sorry for the double post but @0000 is such a cretin, I just had to say it twice! LOL!!

    Glad I made you laugh Christina. ;-)

  • dee

    why do her teeth match the coat?

  • kate

    Somebody forgot to lint roll Katie. Just add that to all the other wrongs with this outfit .

  • Katie go home

    I wonder what Simon Doonan REALLY thinks of her crappy clothes?Problem w/ being a celebrity, is that, NO MATTER what you’re always being told how fabulous and BRILLIANT you are. An especially since she’s Tom Cruises wife, the privileged above never hears it straight. She is a TOTAL moron. I worked in that store, for Simon, doing windows and her NEVER held back telling you what he felt about your work. This idiot woman gets a passes for f-ing a movie star. I have NO respect for her especially with fashion.

  • Yang looks homeless
  • Rainy

    From the NY Times (and who would spend this type of money on a collection so dull????)’

    The 24 styles in the collection start at $325 for a camisole and end at $9,120 for a lace and leather gown. “We wanted to make pieces that you could bend over and pick up your kid in and also look really elegant,” says Yang. “We know that women are on the go and do a lot of different sorts of things all in one day. Hopefully, this helps to provide them with some confidence in attacking all those different roles,” says Holmes.

  • moe


    even more boring….her silly side smile.

    gotta go puke now

  • Lucy

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an “actress” carry herself with so little poise or grace. She looks so terribly awkward and uncomfortable. And that black tunic is unflattering. Her upper arms look like grandma arms from the side – awful considering how thin she is.

  • shellbell

    How does her hair seem to grow way fast!! At least she did something to the color! Going all natural in that department was pretty boring to me. I thought with all that money she could definitely afford a good hairdresser. OMG

  • Oh god here we go

    She should cut that blah hair. She looked better w/ the bob. She was prettier. Now she looks like every other tall brunette. The fashion she has doesn’t seem to have an identity. It’s because here, she is styled by Jeanne yang. When left to her own devices, it’s scary. She is not fashion godess. She has unlimited money. Same with Suri, you fill the kids closet up with $ stuff so anything she chooses is going to appear fashionable. You put carters in her closet, she would be loving wearing that. Shes just a kid, they have no clue. ..geez pol can buy anything. Katie holmes is unhappy for sure. That’s obvious!

  • Rainy


    It’s called extensions.

  • annie

    You guys are so predictable. Now it’s her hair———-it looks so nice…but no, of course not to you guys. Anyway!
    Must admit I liked what Katie wore in Dallas and Chicago more than this outfit, but it’s still cute and classy at the same time, but she shouldn’t have taken off her her S pendant.
    I liked the 2011 H&Y Lookbook, and even tho I really liked the clothes, they need accessories, like the model is wearing, to bring them out.
    That leather coat is stunning.
    If I were to choose a dress from her collection for Katie to wear , it would be the Spanish dress, love it!

    Bilbomet— Fel—Kat maria….are you guys around, miss you , it’s lonely here!

  • Garbage clothes

    I give this stuff another yr. After the hype it’s done. She got Barneys to carry their stuff b/c a chunk of Tom Cruises money goes there every yr. It’s her go -to dept store… So the Buyers and Creative Directers have to suck it up and smile. I bet they all got in an elevator and started blurted out laughing after she left. That’s how that business is, I’m not lying. It’s a rough crowd. What I don’t understand, is how, this filthy rich woman can stand up there and smile and push her over-priced garbage boring clothes when there’s a whole millions of people across the world that have just had there lives torn from them. Go help ppl Katie Holmes, its good or you! SHE IS DISGUSTING.

  • ??

    Anne your obsession with this shallow, gross poor excuse for a human being is unhealthy. O back to your Katie holes fan page… Ra Ra!

  • annie

    @ ??
    if I have an obsession … then what do all of you have. Your obsession is equal to mine, believe me….if not more.

  • zzzz

    The model in pic #5 is standing pigeon-toed! Katie must have coached her, lol! As for this Yang woman, she can’t seriously be a designer, showing up for this event in that hideous, pill-covered sweater. He outfit wouldn’t be appropriate for a fashion line event at K-Mart, let alone Barney’s!

  • Emily

    I love her smile. Tom is a lucky man!

  • katarina

    The clothes are just ordinary clothes but with ridiculously expensive price tags. The only thing that’s in any way special about them is that only a privileged few can afford to buy them.

    The bra issue is an eyesore.

  • Tya

    Whatever rumor about her but katie is sooo pretty.

  • it’s Robo-Bride


    Sorry Annie, but watching Katie and her fashion sense is like watching a train wreck go by. As a fashion minor and a some-time model when I was young and thin–as well as a life long fashionista–I know it is possible to look on a penny budget with time and effort. To look this bad on a zillion dollar budget with all of the resources that you have-well it is hard to believe and makes her credibility as a fashion designer plummet.

    Just look at that bra! She is probably a 32A or 34A and it looks like she is wearing an AA or something. You can clearly see it doesn’t fit. If you are going to push your clothes then they should look good in the pushing. Not to mention that top picks up every bump in the pants and shows the lined pocket.

    I realize that Katie is desperately trying to find a place or niche that she will be successful in–but fashion isn’t it. She was a good small screen actor–she should go back to TV.

  • annie

    @robo bride
    I’m not defending here, but it is the camera flash. Once and only once I wore a skin coloured bra with a black top, when I left home my top was not see through, but it was in the photos that were taken.
    Billy Farrell agency has lots of pics of the event. I’m surprised JJ was there, probably Katie was too. Some pics were very nice.

  • NYorker

    Seen the line. Loved it. Its classy, very Europeanlike. By the way, KH is beautiful in person, sth about her is very special.

  • Tartanjug

    Thanks Katie for designing such inexpensive clothes. NOT!!
    Why not make something the rest of us can afford rather than all your hooty-tottly LA friends.