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Ke$ha: Bikini Babe in Australia!

Ke$ha: Bikini Babe in Australia!

Ke$ha hits the beach in a high waisted bikini on Tuesday (March 15) in Adelaide, Australia.

The 24-year-old pop sensation walked along the beach and even did a few yoga poses!

Yesterday, K$ performed a high energy 45-minute set at the Future Music Festival in Sydney!

K$ is scheduled to perform four shows in Japan later this month before traveling to South Korea and then heading stateside.

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Credit: Scope Australia; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Lena

    She has the worst body i have ever seen! Well, today anyway. Her body hurts my feelings. She should wear a one piece. Please!

  • Mike

    She’s a man, baby!

  • Mike

    She’s a man, baby!

  • annab

    @50….Not all 44 year old women are shapeless.

  • Wtf!?


    Can I hire you to help me pick out a bathing suit? Ha! Seriously, I need all the help I can get.

  • Rosa

    Wow. She’s bigger than I thought.

  • mindy

    She looks very pregnant

  • Annie

    Seriously: Is she a post-op transexual? Despite all the rumors Lady Gaga has never looked like anything other than a woman to me, just a darn fugly one. However with this Kesha creature I really do wonder. I’ve seen pre-fame pictures of Kesha and she looks like a straight up DUDE – not merely man-ish or tomboyish or butch but fully male.

  • Beached

    Why the hell is this tubby b*tch even in a bathing suit? I cannot wait until her time is up and she slips into inevitable pop-cultural obscurity.

  • ccc

    ………. eeww

  • Calico

    Oh my. What an unflattering bathing suit.

  • Calico

    Oh my. What an unflattering bathing suit!

  • Calico

    Whoops! Totally didn’t mean to post that twice.
    But I agree with what another person on here said. Her body isn’t all that bad, it’s just that darned bathing suit making it look odd.

  • thischick

    wow. i have a 6 month old daughter and my body looks way better than this.

  • Sean

    I just dry heaved…

  • Elle


    With a 6 month baby you have a work out (just by being a mom),
    Ke$ha evidently does no workout at all…

    She has a shitty figure, but if she cared, she could make it better.
    Our comments are for nothing, anyway… :)

  • whocares

    what? eeeeew!

  • Celia

    @Oh No No:

    I’ve seen 44 year old women with better bodies than that. Halle Berry is 46.
    Kesha just doesn’t take care of herself. Clearly. And that’s a shame, because she obviously has the money to do it. All she has to do is higher a personal trainer.

  • B

    dude she looks straight out the trailer park….load up the 1976 pick up yall and lets get to the beach!! She has the ugliest shape!!

  • Jess

    she has a great, healthy, natural body. it is just the bikini that is no good.

  • Raichill

    I think she made her money as a singer, not a super model. Who cares if she has a thick waist and is wearing an unflattering bikini. People seem disappointed that she isn’t the perfect package.

  • AutumnM

    Ke$ha has a very unfortunate shape. There’s nothing she can really do about it, but perhaps she should wear more flattering clothing to fit her body tape.

  • ddd

    ugly inside, ugly outside

  • Bree

    @RN: You are too funny but it might me the ugly swimsuit what was she thnkin

  • SE

    I like her for showing off her body, no mater what people say.
    She is just shaped like most women.

  • Alexa

    Pensé que era Sarah Ferguson =S

  • Katt

    So where’s that bikini babe you’re talking about in the title?!

  • Ms no waist huge waist

    JEsus christ, the pics are ……uglyyyyyyy. Poor girl she has no waist at all.
    She might like her beer too much t have such guts!

  • Helena

    Not only does she look like John Travolta, she has the same body shape right now

  • longchamp

    wait. has she ALWAYS looked like this?! if so, her stylist does a bang-up job of showcasing her body in regular clothes, ‘cuz this ain’t what i was expecting to see at all…

  • aaa

    i love u kesha

  • Nina

    Go Kesha! It’s about damned time a woman with a real-world figure, not a plasticated, fake, you-haven’t-seen-the-real-me-since-three-cup-sizes-ago “figure” got on the news. The swimsuit’s not great, but hey–I’d rather see a healthy woman embrace her figure and show off what she was born with in a so-so suit than a twiggy, completely surreal model who represents .0001% of the population in the best swimsuit ever.

    We’re not all Pam Anderson. We shouldn’t have to be. I’m glad SOMEONE realises that, rather than being so shallow as to say “she should cover up, she’s not what I find personally aesthetically attractive.”

  • Belinda

    WTF!! 24????? She does have the body of a 50 year old. Wow! She’s actually prancing around like she’s proud of it. Of well, if you feel good about it than all the more power to you. Just weird seeing someone at 24 have a middle aged body

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    She has the most disgusting body for any celebrity under 60.

  • Linda

    Wow, her stylist should get a raise because she knows how to work around her flaws. Seriously, Ke$has has the worst body shape I have ever seen in my life on a girl. And people have the nerve to talk about Kelly Clarkson. At least Kelly has curves and a body that can easily be toned. But Ke$ha? She makes Kelly look skinny. She’s so box-shaped. I can’t tell if her boobs are hanging low or if her chest area is just long. She’s so wide from the mid-section to all the way down. It looks weird!

  • Reg

    WTF is with that bikini…she is filthy anyway !!

  • Lena

    Jess, girl u need glasses!

  • Allison

    @Nina: Really? How “real” can she possibly be if THIS is what she really looks like, yet her videos show a different story. Ever see her video for Take It Off? Where’s THIS body in THAT video? It wasn’t that long ago, she couldn’t have looked that different. And please don’t insult my intelligence by saying she had to do that for her video, that she was TOLD she’d be photoshopped; there are women who refuse to be photoshopped and demand to appear as they are…women of integrity. Unfortunately, Ke$ha is not one of those women.

  • Lola

    The pics are not flattering, but not deserving of all the judgmental comments here. And I don’t even know who Kesha is. To all the women with the nasty comments: stop doing this, we’re our own worst enemies. To the guys with the nasty comments: she’s still out of your league.

  • anna

    it’s so weird that her arms and legs are really skinny, I would never guess she had that mid section weaing clothes! That’s a plus I guess..the awful bikini she’s wearing is only making matters worse too!

  • Cecilia

    WTF??? awfull!!!!

  • Porsche

    I love how this is a top story because he body is so unattractive lol

  • Jokergurl

    Poor girl doesn’t have a waist, not the best suit either she needs a one piece, I thought she was in better shape than this yikes!

  • anon

    I like hat she doesn’t care. Do your thing.

  • Chris

    @MilleF Honey, what are you on? The body isn’t bad? She aint that old but looks like an old lady! There isn’t one attractive thing about her! Seems like her PR person has been hiding the that fact form us for awhile! Like in her photoshopped mag pics, videos! Babe turns me off now!!

  • jasmine

    Not the best body out there. I agree that she might wanna hit the gym a little, but stop picking on her because she’s not a toned size 0 YET SHE’S CLEARLY STILL HAPPY.

  • Tami

    You peeps are critical, over 50 percent of Americans are overweight, so probably at least 50percent of the people posting are overweight too. So the message from some of the people here is: if you don’t have a great figure don’t wear a bikini?

    Singers are people too

  • Naty

    Ugly, dirty, no talent person.
    I wish she would go away!

  • carloalexi

    why does her body look like that? now i know why she has to wear so much makeup and dress like a clown. most of it is to distract the paparazzi from her disgusting body. i get body dysmorphia just by looking at this. GET TO THE GYM!

  • Emily

    She’s a very tall girl, almost a giant. But she is stunning and talented.