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Ke$ha: Bikini Babe in Australia!

Ke$ha: Bikini Babe in Australia!

Ke$ha hits the beach in a high waisted bikini on Tuesday (March 15) in Adelaide, Australia.

The 24-year-old pop sensation walked along the beach and even did a few yoga poses!

Yesterday, K$ performed a high energy 45-minute set at the Future Music Festival in Sydney!

K$ is scheduled to perform four shows in Japan later this month before traveling to South Korea and then heading stateside.

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Credit: Scope Australia; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Dee

    She’s rich why is she wearing that hideous swimsuit?!!!! It makes me mad lol she could look cute instead of looking like a 90 year old woman

  • deby

    is she pregnant???

  • Susanne

    Mol @ 03/15/2011 at 1:25 pm +69

    She always picks the WORST bathing suits!
    I’m going to Hell for saying this, but she has the body of a woman 40 years older than her.

    Good comment! I AM over 40 years older than her and have a much better figure.

    She should not wear a bikini cut like that because it would make anyone look dreadful. A well cut one piece would give her a better look.

  • Amazed

    T hat bottom half of the bikini is really unflattering
    Are they sure that’s not her mother they accidentally photographed!
    It just goes to show how much work the celebs do to show themselves in a bikini

  • K


  • Baby

    OMFG, her body is looking like a granny!!! She has NO waist!!!! NO waist!!!! She cannot be 24.

  • Maddie

    Babe… not so much. Girl needs to eat better and go to the gym. No one needs to look like that at her age. Gosh. She has the money from her autotuned music… if you’d call it that. Fix ur body.

  • rocknmovies

    She sure doesn’t have a nice body. Nothing to be jealous of…

  • khidir


  • Thai

    Lets face it, even without that horrible bathing suit, looks like crap. And when u think shes just 24. Or at least she claims so. But u know hows the deal with celebs’ age…

  • AnnmarieZ

    You are all sooooo predictable, commenting on her body of course–I am sure most of you look worse than her!!!!

  • bla

    Bikini babe?lol

  • kate

    Its NOT Kesha!!

  • Tom

    Good for her. She doesn’t care and I think it’s great!

  • Ashley

    I was watching Aubrey Oday’s show the other day (don’t judge, lol) and one of her choreographers basically told her she was “fat” or considered “fat”,and that in order to be a successful POP SUPERSTAR, you have to be a certain size and toned. You don’t have to lose loads of weight, but at least 10 to 15 pounds. And Aubrey is not fat by any means, but by hollywood standards, she is. I mean, she’s curvy (not box-shaped) and has no cellulite whatsoever. So if this is the standard, what the hell is Ke$ha’s excuse! She must have hell of a management team who just don’t care how she looks one way or the other.

  • ty

    The old ugly

  • lilia mazunina


  • Anon

    SO NASTY!! What a hideous, gross, disgusting body!! Cover that shit!

  • toni

    @Tami: I don’t think it’s not wearing a bikini, more like since her body isn’t in the shape to wear that type of swimsuit, wear something more suitable for your body. I don’t care about her weight, I have relatives with the same shape as her, but she should at least want to compliment her body in the bikini. The bikini brings out her flaws more instead of making her look better.

  • Ben

    Wow……she has an awful body… great grandmother looks better in her bathing suit. That out of shape fat ass and thick chunky middle section does not make that bathing suit look good at all.
    Her tits are so lumpy and small…..geez….does she even look in the mirror?

    This chick is butt ass ugly in the face as well as her old lady body.

    With all her $$$$$…she needs to visit a gym, a plastic surgeon and hire a stylist. What an ugly skank…..

    It goes to show her white trashness comes out even on the beach.

    This ugly troll has no talent as a singer anyway…..without photoshop and auto tune…she’d just be another fat and ugly low rent white trash wanna be.

    What a perfect example of no talent and no style.

  • eww

    that body is so not attractive. lil bacons. no waist. no ass.
    the swimsuit is just like her image.

    bye Tra$ha. ;)

  • Nita

    I didn’t realize she was that fat !
    And that bikini isn’t so flattering if you have that body shape…

  • hunchback


    I’m 65 and I have a much better figure than this woman. Cover it up!

  • Tedd

    Not sure “BABE” is the right description on this post

  • BEAN

    Why is Jared keeping this up there so people can mock her more? ASS

  • Lea

    dannggg, How unfortunate can one be to have a body like that???

  • Panda!


  • deke

    She has a perfect square body.

  • KR

    I’m stunned at how fat she is.



    I like what you said,

    “I don’t have the best body in the world….but I do have confidence.”

    & that’s all that matters! :)

  • Cora

    No one should have to look perfect just to go down to the beach and enjoy themselves.

  • SeeC

    that is awful, just awful.
    she must have not sold her soul yet

  • Nick

    chick has a BARREL body and stick arms and legs, just not attractive at all.

  • Not Working Out Properly

    It looks like she is only working out her arms and legs. If she worked out her mid section she would look okay, also if she probs changed her outfit to something more flattering

  • Pamela

    @Trina: OMG that’s SOOOOO fckng true!!!!! poor girl (besides she has John Travolta’s face)

  • dianiss

    Bikini babe?!?!?!?!…..maybe bikini granny…excuse me but she looks awful..i think my great grandma still has that kind of swim suit….:D

  • LPG

    EEWWW. She looks alot older than 24. She must be blind. I dont watch TV or read magazines to look at fatties. Kesha sucks

  • Nasi

    I am all in favor of women’s self confidence and one wearing what they want, however, this bathing suit is just NOT figure flattering AT ALL. It’s not that the suit is a ‘granny’ bikini as I’ve saw coined on other sites, it’s her body shape. She is literally shaped like a rectangle-a mattress-a cereal box, a fridge! One report called her figure “curvy” but I soo beg to differ. There is NOTHING curvaceous about a woman whose waist is as wide as her broad shoulders. Her hips are not full and rounded, and her azz is totally FLAT! I don’t think the public expects perfection from celebs, but such a miscarriage of swimwear selection is something you would expect from a 60 year old, not a twenty-something pop star!

  • Daniella

    Alot of you are just plain horrible!! who are you to judge?? i bet half of you dont even have a beach body or NO WHERE NEAR IT so why dont you guys stop critisizing…GOOD heavens!! we are all made differently and sadly the media has us used to aneroxics….and thats sexy?? no thats unhealthy..kesha is curvy and beautiful!!! maybe not the best swimsuit choice but dont call her FAT or other HORRIBLE things you guys mentioned on here…..kcool bye

  • Mondo

    Time to buy a bicycle and put some curvature on that booty and legs.

  • carzy

    dang she does not have the right bodshe looks like 40 year old granyyy with bkini on i swer i wloud wear a one pice if i were her

  • Seymour Brighton

    My girlfriend has a similar body, and she’s awesome. I think anyone who got with Kesha would be lucky. If I was available I’d take her over any stick-figure out there…. I can’t stand those girls, and they’re too pointy in bed! Go Kesha, you look like a woman.

  • Paris

    The swimsuit is the smallest problem here. I like her, but, her body is just a mess, although i like her legs…

  • Lara

    Who actually cares?
    She made her money as a singer, not a model.
    Think about it. Even the so called ‘perfect’ women you see on magazines. Even they’ve been digitally altered.
    Those women aren’t real. They’re more digital creations and very rarely represent what they actually look like, and they represent a very small amount of the population.
    Some people are meant to be skinny, some fat, some chubby.

    Maybe she doesn’t have the greatest figure and that probably is an unflattering bikini, but I honestly admire her for not caring about being photographed, regardless of whether she is comfortable in her own skin or not.

    Instead of degrading her with our comments, all women should look up to her for having courage, whether or not she knew she would be criticized for it.

    End statement, she doesn’t have the ‘perfect’ body. NO ONE does. They digitally alter EVERYONE. Admire her for her courage.
    I’m sure most of the people posting have a body similar to hers.
    And for those who don’t, get off of your high horse and realise that YOU CANNOT ALTER BODY SHAPE.

  • meg

    @Jason: a thin girl can become fat! if she doesnt take care of herself she is not naturally thin like other people are.

  • meg

    @Jason: a thin girl can become fat! if she doesnt take care of herself she is not naturally thin like other people are.

  • meg

    @Jason: a thin girl can become fat! if she doesnt take care of herself she is not naturally thin like other people are.

  • blue13

    she has no ass. no boobs. no curves. O_o & i used to think she was gorgeous… BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

  • Edemilson Lima
  • Mateo

    She had not been photo shopped her videos at all. At this time she had just gained a little weight and she picked the wrong bikini to put on and it was unflattering on her body. Even if this was 3 years ago, she didn’t look bad. It was just a terrible suit. A couple days after these pics on March 23 2011 she put on a different bikini on the same beach and she looked GREAT. And now she looks amazing and skinny. She’s always been healthy. This was just a horrible suit. And now she’s in Rehab for an eating disorder. I personally think she looks great now and there are pics of her on the beach in 2012 in Australia and she looks great as well. She just has an ‘Apple body’ but she’s beautiful