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Rachel Bilson: Magnum Ice Cream Commercial!

Rachel Bilson: Magnum Ice Cream Commercial!

Rachel Bilson gets ready to film a new commercial for Magnum ice cream on Tuesday (March 15) in Paris, France.

The 29-year-old actress wore a long robe with ballet shoes and a tiara while heading to the shoot, which was directed by designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Also spotted on location: model Baptiste Giabiconi, who Karl considers one of his muses!

Over the weekend, Rachel was spotted at LAX Airport to catch a flight to France.

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87 Responses to “Rachel Bilson: Magnum Ice Cream Commercial!”

  1. 1
    zaraaaa Says:

    hahah! at least she knows what kind of jobs she can book

  2. 2
    SammiSweetheat Says:

    omg CUTE! can’t wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3
    JC Says:

    This looks like this more who she really is career wise.

  4. 4
    li Says:

    next oscar nominee….lol

  5. 5
    yikes Says:

    She’s filming an add like Emma Watson! One for Lancome another for Magnum. Photographed by Karl and Testino. Both actresses doing commercials ::wink:: ::wink::.

  6. 6
    Gaby Says:

    Hey, work is work. She is probably still making more money with this one commercial than what you would make in a year.

  7. 7
    Gaby Says:

    Hey, work is work. She is probably still making more money with this one commercial than what you would make in a year.

  8. 8
    BEAN Says:

    It reminds me of the black swan….. stating the obvious probably lol.

  9. 9
    Tina Says:

    Karl Lagerfeld? Who’s that? (wink, wink)

  10. 10
    mayla Says:

    No honey I’M THE SWAN QUEEN

  11. 11
    oulala Says:

    blake lively’s charms really did sweeten up Karl huh. Hes even helping out losers like rachel now.

  12. 12
    cute girl Says:

    she’s very cute..

  13. 13
    Tina Says:

    I doubt the word “loser” is in Karl Lagerfeld’s vocabulary when he picks someone to direct.

  14. 14
    Maysbury Says:

    Seems Black Swan-inspired.

    Too be fair, it doesn’t seem like a bad gig for her. Karl Lagerfeld is directing and Oscar-winner Benicio del Toro previously did an advert for Magnum.

  15. 15
    dundees Says:

    okay so Magnum 5 senses icecream is one of my all time favorite commercials ever. I dont see the point in this unless its heartbreaking lol

  16. 16
    dundees Says:

    okay so Magnum 5 senses icecream is one of my all time favorite commercials ever. I dont see the point in this unless its heartbreaking lol

  17. 17
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Wow! She finally got a job!!! And how convenient that the paps are on hand to photograph it!!!

  18. 18
    Black Swan Wantabe Says:

    This is such an obvious ripoff. Karl Langerfeld couldn’t get the Oscar Winner Natalie Portman, who is also pregnant and so uninterested in doing ice cream commercials, also couldn’t get Mila Kunis. So what does he get? Low rent Bilson who even in the same clothes doesn’t look enough like NP to fool anyone.

    At least she’s doing work for which she’s suited, which is tv commercials. Stars try to get that work in Europe, where it isn’t seen as smarmy as it is in the US, where it’s called ‘cashing in on your celebrity.’ Bilson has no ability to act, her career is almost dead (the pilot she got doing **** of Dixie where she plays a doctor (!!!) is solely due to Josh Schwartz pulling strings. Also note her best friend and Josh’s wife (who owes her for life for introducing them) went with her on the shoot. This stinks to high heaven. The commercial will too. Sometimes these commercials are really awful and in the worst possible taste. That sounds like something Bilson would do.

  19. 19
    fandango Says:

    I figured this had to be the only reason she was in Paris it wasn’t for FW which trying to be some failed fashionista doesn’t attend the right functions. NOW she is doing a commercial figures and said would be the only other reason to be there. AND GEE Black Swan want to be I know she wants to be NP but she is not any kind of ballerina. If it wasn’t for the makeup department she would still look like an unmade bed,

  20. 20
    Tina Says:

    @Black Swan Wantabe:

    Yeah, because who would ever dream of wanting to work with Karl Lagerfeld. (eye roll)
    But you go ahead and make up all the excuses you have to to make you feel better about Rachel doing something like this.
    Really, I understand that you have to keep putting her down because you wouldn’t dare admit she’s got a good gig here because that would mean you were…..wrong, wrong, wrong.

    I thought the Black Swan had black feathers. Rachel has white feathers in her tiara. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what kind of ballerina she is playing.

  21. 21
    LOLZ Says:

    Karl Lagerfeld directs commercials? For real??? Wow…I know he’s got a good eye, just look at his photography and his clothing, but this seems so beneath him and his abilities. that must be some really good ice cream! I do think it’s sad that it’s a Black Swan rip off too.

    Rachel looks really really tired and glum….unhappy. She’s not who I would have thought would be in this type of commercial, but hey, work is work when you don’t have much going on, right? I would have imagined a younger actress doing an ice cream commercial

  22. 22
    Candice Says:


    Ummm, it’s an ice cream commercial. Stop acting like she got a gig like Blake Lively and is the modeling Chanel Handbags just because it’s being directed by Karl. That’s probably the closest she’ll ever get to being in any type of campaign for him.

  23. 23
    Haha Says:

    At least Bilson didn’t hype up her commercial on twitter like Emma Watson did. Actresses getting contracts to film commercials aren’t really noteworthy or should be hyped up like that. What happened to the olden days when A-list celebrity would secretly release commercials in Japan and are all hush about it over in the states? I guess they have to book any job they can find because they are not booking any substantial roles to speak of!

  24. 24
    That's cool Says:

    Benicio Del Toro did something like this last year I think it was. But he probably did it for the money. He isn’t exactly as hot he used to be. Which is a shame, because he’s actually talented. Eva Longoria was also a spokesperson. I hope people don’t get all hotiy toity because Karl Lagerfeld is directing. She’s still selling ice cream, not the brand he designs for.

  25. 25
    What? Says:


    Emma is the new global spokesperson for Lancome, a major beauty brand. If I was Emma, I’d hype it too. That’s a pretty sweet gig and very much noteworthy.

  26. 26
    MadAboutTheBoy Says:

    You just know Kate Bosworth wanted this role… however it required her to eat and that’s just not on. Cue post by JJ on Bosho in 5,4,3,2,1……..

  27. 27
    Tina Says:


    Blah, blah, blah
    If it makes you feel good. Whatever. LOL

  28. 28
    fandango Says:

    Emma Watson is a very young adult who is in college so her hyping this on a twitter would be something she might do or anyone her age. As for Bilson it might be the only media pressing besides JJ she knows how to do. This Karl director must not have picked his actors for the commercial and it’s not some A grade film to be so impressed about she must have had Josh get her this just to sell her TV pilot down the line..Which still wont help when you can’t act.

    Natalie Portman was both White and Black Swan if you saw the movie at all. In Bilson’s world she can dream in one hand for an Oscar and crap in the other and see what fills up first bc she won’t get one in her future commercial or anything else.

  29. 29
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    not necessary about her

  30. 30
    Interesting Says:

    She’s selling ice cream bars? But it’s totally different because Karl Lagerfeld is directing. OK. If that makes some people feel better about her selling the equivalent of Haagen Dazs. I guess Jamie Lee Curtis’s Activa commercials would be much less embarrassing too if Alexander Wang directed them.

  31. 31
    Webbie Says:


    Magnum Ice cream is more than likely who picked her and they’re probably giving her a lot of cash for it. She may be selling ice cream, but she probably got a crapload of money to do it. So, who can blame the woman? She probably also did it because Karl was hired and maybe she wanted to work with him. Like someone said, this is the closest she’ll ever get to scoring a campaign like Keira, Blake and Nicole Kidman. So, I’d do it to if I was her.

  32. 32
    @21 Says:

    @ I would have imagined a younger actress doing an ice cream commercial
    Well she’s a RET@RD anyway!

  33. 33
    You're kidding right? Says:


    Kate has numerous movies coming out, has more work than her boyfriend and she has been the face of Calvin Klein and on numerous fashion magazine covers including Vogue and Italian Vogue. She was just in last month’s Elle Magazine with the designer of Theory. Don’t compare her with Rachel. I doubt Kate is dying to sell ice cream that has the same name as a popular condom here in the states. Kate doesn’t need to sell ice cream bars and doesn’t need for her bff to hand her tv shows. Stop hating on Kate just because you’re angry she’s with Alexander.

  34. 34
    Deena Says:

    Why does she look like someone peed in her cornflakes? She’s working with King Karl. I’ve seen her look happier shopping for shoes. Even Emma managed to look pleasant at her shoot.

  35. 35
    Sheila Says:

    Deena, Emma is endorsing Lancome. Rachel is selling ice cream. I wouldn’t smile even if it was Karl Lagerfeld either. Although, if she’s getting a lot of money like some are saying, I’d smile till it freaking hurt.

  36. 36
    Lake Says:

    Even though it’s just an ice cream commercial, it will be the WORST commercial ever shot. All she’ll be able to do is giggle, bat her eyes and make this face:

  37. 37
    periwinkle Says:

    All Bratchel got was an ice-cream commercial after attending those fashion events since forever… and still NOT a multi-million endorsement deal (i.e. B. Lively (Chanel) E. Watson (Lancome), M. Fox (Armani), E. R. Wood (Gucci),
    It just reminds me of her stint for “just” a store retailer of sunglasses instead of being hired by one of the high-end brands makers of glasses & shades
    Oh well by just knowing what she looks like & what she is in HW – make really no wonder for those “small time gigs”.

  38. 38
    periwinkle Says:

    But it really all boils down to “connections” again…
    Just look at the likes of Rumer Willis who got Badgely Mischka – a real-deal fashion/face endorser of the brand.
    So RW’s connections looks more influential (huh?!) compared to the very soon to be a 30 yr. old Bratchel’s “small-time” connections for just getting her an ice-cream commercial – geewhiz!

  39. 39
    fandango Says:


    I haven’t seen her really be at a fashion week in over 2 years the most she did now is show up in London at the last possible moment to some dinner BIG DEAL..As for Ice Cream it’s only Ice Cream I don’t care if Steven Spielberg directed this the woman still can’t act w/o cue cards and 20 re-shoots, she might be in Paris for a week for some 1 min commercial. I rather see the kid who was selling Toyota’s dressed as Vader then this cheap trick chic any day of the week.

  40. 40
    juniper Says:

    Remember when her on & off bff/fiancée’s early days of their showmance, and he scored a perfume ad from Lacoste… the oc-smurf sees to it that she’ll always be attached to his hip from its photoshoots down to it promo gigs in France.
    And now where’s the bff?! Even if she just bagged an tweeny-diddle-dumm ice cream commercial LMAO!
    Well so much for that “getting back on” thingy – duh?!

  41. 41
    Nicole Says:

    Lol @ im the swan queen, that made me laugh

  42. 42
    Tina Says:

    @That’s cool:

    No, I think you’re right. No one should get hoity toity because it’s Karl Lagerfeld and yet it’s still not something she should be ashamed of or put down for doing either.

  43. 43
    jasmine Says:

    She looks like Natalie Portman here.

  44. 44
    sterling Says:

    Oooh Midge(t)’s probably wishing that Karl Lagerfeld would also entertains her just like the way he did (along w/ the Chanel peeps) to Blake Lively when she went to Paris aside from giving her an endorsement deal; hosted a honorary & private dinner, went shopping w/ C. Louboutin & an all-out promos for her said endorsement… but then, is she “popular, hotter, taller” than even the likes of the phony face of Blake Lively?!
    Midge(t)’s ice cream commercial just says it all out – LOL
    C.D.: “Quite honestly, I’m confused as to who Rachel Bilson is……

  45. 45
    devaney Says:

    She got MONKEY ears; should be kept hidden just like her non-existent acting talent
    P.S. for those referring this to Black Swan rip off; Natalie P. turned an indie to be the most well received & awarded film of the year (not too mentioned of her bagging the best actress award from “all” of the prestigious award giving bodies)… just dunno how much of just a minute or so of an ice cream ad would even make a bit difference?!?!

  46. 46
    JUST SAYING,,,,,,, Says:

    cant wait to see what lexy hate’s bilson

    has to say about this,

    omg slummig it as per say,

    does anyone really think if she did not need the work or money
    she would be doing this? i think not

    biggest laugh evah!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  47. 47
    The Truth Says:

    @juniper: Its her ex and it was done in california not in france.Get it right next time. Its not a movie so why take pictures are doing a commerical?She’s still jealous are natalie i see. She could have some other commerical than that one. She’s not going win an award for doing it.

  48. 48
    anna Says:

    Magnum Ice Cream Commercial?? What’s sadder – that this is the only job she can get or that Karl Largerfeld would do this for the $$$$$$

  49. 49
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    OK I don’t know how some of you are comparing a Emma Watson and Kate Winslet – talented actresses promoting a WORLDWIDE COSMETIC brand like Lancome to an out of work actress who calls herself a fashionista and has been reduced to pitching ice cream sold overseas for money???

  50. 50
    comrade Says:

    I believe that Emma Watson is also shooting her ads in Paris at the moment. But how “ironically amusing” that the “only” 20 yr. old Emma is filming ads for Lancome (as its latest face/endorser); a high-end & popular make-up brand while the “already” 30-ish Lil’ Moe is just on for some ice cream bar ads… just along w/ KL’s fave model, Baptiste (as JJ stated). Most likely considered that it won’t be a “solo” stint for her; as she wished!
    A real-no-brainer on “whom” HW & the fashion world is taking seriously between E. Watson &/or this Lil’ Moe…

  51. 51
    Claire Says:

    Emma at least acts her age and is a young fresh face, not some almost 30 year old, with a mentality of a 15 yr old. Why bother with Ice Cream sold only over in foreign countries is she hoping to score bigger with international markets then in US? I don’t think she has even the commercial talent to sell condoms to a street hooker.

  52. 52
    Claire Says:

    Emma at least acts her age and is a young fresh face, not some almost 30 year old, with a mentality of a 15 yr old. Why bother with Ice Cream sold only over in foreign countries is she hoping to score bigger with international markets then in US? I don’t think she has even the commercial talent to sell condoms to a street hooker.

  53. 53
    Claire Says:

    Emma at least acts her age and is a young fresh face, not some almost 30 year old, with a mentality of a 15 yr old. Why bother with Ice Cream sold only over in foreign countries is she hoping to score bigger with international markets then in US? I don’t think she has even the commercial talent to sell condoms to a street hooker.

  54. 54
    Claire Says:

    sorry for multiple post computer had a meltdown.

  55. 55
    iamBW-BWisme Says:

    she is so so sooooooooooooooo adorable! I love her!! The tiara and the ballerina shoes look so good on her! I cant wait to see this campaign xoxo

  56. 56
    padme Says:

    This stint definitely confirms that Rachel has always been a Natalie wannabe. It’s so obvious that Rachel is jealous of Nat’s beauty, talent, brains, and success. Give it up, Rachel, you’ll never beat Natalie b/c you’re sooo damn good at being a pathetic fame wh@re!!!

  57. 57


  58. 58
    michelle Says:

    shes gorgeous beautiful face, love her.

  59. 59
    vikki Says:

    When I first saw Bilson, I thought – this base Portman. Nothing wrong with that if it does not emphasize. And if you do not know who her ex/on-again. And so . . .Who is not enough rich, beautiful and famous for Portman, contact Bilson! She, unlike Nat, do not know what a woman’s pride and intelligence.

  60. 60
    Fandango Says:

    I wouldn’t be too hyped of this Karl dude first off he is a designer not a director and I don’t think there is much one can do in an Ice Cream commercial with looking like some knock off Natalie Portman wannabe.

    @ Vicki

    RB so called other (be it on or off) if he wants what someone else now has he more or less didn’t know what he wanted back then and now tries to replace her with this. I can see the reason for all the sarcastic comments they are getting.

  61. 61
    SammiSweetheat Says:

    LOL ~ Omg, I can’t believe you trolls think just because she has to dress like a ballerina for the commercial she’s trying to be natalie. She’s not the one who picks what the outfits/ story line for the commercial is. Get over yourselves. Rachel is so unbelieveably GORGEOUS. So happy for Rach! Can’t wait for her new show!!!!!!!!

  62. 62
    vikki Says:

    Ballerina in a bathrobe? How do you take? Not about the clothes we are talking about.
    they are getting?

  63. 63
    NOT surprising Says:

    Not surprising that Hayden let this miss NO talent around. All he has around him as close family members are gold diggers and use him for his cash at the expense of his own career.
    It’s now well known that his older brother and his younger are just parasites. They live off his Star Wars earnings (ride expensive cars and doing barely nothing).
    Hayden has tried to involve his brother as a Producer in every single project he is doing. The result speaks for itself : a big failure.
    Instead of focusing on his career as an actor and trying to work with wonderful actors who could help him to be better in a way, he is hanging with Rachel Bilson, the pap w.ore jobless aging actress.
    Loving his family is a thing but ruining of you potential just to give a job to your bro is another.
    If his bro loves hayden as much, he would step back and let him meet the right persons.

    Rachel was approved by every member of his family. She made no good to him. She stole his light.

    Rachel can sell ice creams now and gives coupons to Hayden ( eating his mediocrity away) and getting fatter (like a pig will certainly help him).
    It’s so much better than working out and focusing on his career.

    Natalie has been in the business at an early age, almost 20 years as a working actress. She deserved her Oscar.
    Hayden is a looser.

    Bison can only sell ice cream, Tampax. Good for her.

  64. 64
    fandango Says:

    @ Vikkir

    Really so answer me this WHERE is he Now he is never ever really around her unless he is in LA. And needs a fix same with her she only travels to Canada when she needs the press attention I don’t doubt it will be off again. I find both of them lie constantly especially HC he barely ever tells the truth. Believe what you like that’s on you don’t expect everyone to follow your opinion. I think all they have is convent or some kind of open relationship w/o a commitment.

  65. 65
    vikki Says:

    Ghostly everything in this world
    This moment is only the distance between the past and the future,
    This moment is called the life!

  66. 66
    Fandango Says:

    So Vikki your saying he is a ghost?? So what has he learned not much if both are repeating the same mistakes over and over again. The only thing here that changes is the date, day and year.

  67. 67
    S Gurl Says:

    Pathetic. I would be mortified to engage in a blatant copy-cat stunt, commercial, whatever… (Blackswan)

    Natalie as the eyes and the bone structure and this one does not.

  68. 68
    carrie Says:

    rachel is so much more gorgeous and a very cool stylish girl, natalie portman is scrawny and ugly looking and a bore! and she has no style at all unless you like a 90 year old womans clothes! GO RACHEL!!

  69. 69
    @68 Says:

    Who really needs (just) syle (totally fleeting, shallow & ret@rded) when Natalie’s already rich, educated, popular, award winning & working actress, got a “real” relationship, got a “real” megabucks fashion endorsements and can take a long break from HW w/o worrying much that her HW radar is going to fall off.
    So it sucks to be Natalie right?! LOL

  70. 70
    @69 Says:

    Totally agree with you there also add that Natalie doesn’t have to beg for roles she gets, she has top directors asking for her by name nor does she go to her BFF’s husband to land her work. Lets do the math here a woman who runs to her BFF’s husband on a regular basis begging for work, Or someone who can actually act, doesn’t need assistance in getting roles and also has her own production company. She isn’t copycat designing or doing the Martha Stewart housewares line which she again copied from Lenox bird pattern. Who will be irrelevant in a few years it won’t be NP that is for damn sure.

  71. 71
    ATLQueen Says:

    You know what I thought was so ironic? The fact that you called Rachel a wannabe Natalie yet your screen name is WHAT? Padme. My point exactly.

    Rachel isn’t as big as Natalie. That is a given. Why are you even comparing the two? You have absolutely no idea what this commercial might turn out to be. A Blak Swan ice cream commercial?? Have any of you actually seen that d@mn movie?? You can’t use it to sell ice cream. You just can’t. Then you’re forgetting something. She’s gotta network. She’s like second to bottom of the barrel. Networking is what everyone does when they are looking for work. I can tell you’re young as hell. If you were older you would actually know that.

    And get a real username. @number makes you look scary, uncreative and like you’re trying to hide something. At least the posters that talk to and agree with themselves change their name. You just….. Not worth it.

  72. 72
    Lake Says:

    I think the key here is that this girl, *30 year old woman “girl”* steals designs and calls them her own, whether fashion, home design, whatever.. She has no talent, she’s never had an original thought in her life, she follows trends instead of creating them, everyone else’s “inspirations” and “favorites” are automatically her own as well, she’s pathetic. The times when the most comments about her “original and innovative and creative style sense” occur are when she goes out in jeans or cut offs and a plain white T. Really? Seriously? No one ever thought of that before? OMG, people who worship at this troll’s altar are absolute losers. Now she’s reduced to hawking ice cream. Very apropos IMO. She’s a loser in every definition of the word.

  73. 73
    austine Says:

    Yah I could see that… Natalie aged 30ish is collecting all her acting trophies and still counting… while the oc-twink also aged 30ish, is licking an ice cream bar – harharhar!!!

  74. 74
    fandango Says:

    @ Atiqueen

    Where did you come up with that everyone who is looking for work does TV get real. Most do commercials to start out with or modeling tv tends to be a waiting game once they have some recognition. In this girls case (bc she is no real woman) she uses connections to get work. Yes many have seen Black swan I haven’t heard bad reviews on that movie but I can say I never really hear good reviews on RB’s stuff when it comes to acting. This commercial sure has hell looks like a Ballet piece and Black Swan is what ppl will associate this with, Can’t change what this woman is and that is a social zero tv show or no show she still is not a big sell in HW.

  75. 75
    gilmorie Says:

    I bet that even the NON-actress Bilson would love to be cast on that “damn” movie calledf the Black Swan (but only in her craziest & wildest dream). Just look at what it did to Mila Kunis, “then” a TV supporting starlet… “now” a promising actress and on a B-lister category already becoz of that “damn” movie…

  76. 76
    claire Says:

    Big difference between Mila Kunis and Bilpileofshit is that Mila has talent the other doesn’t.

  77. 77
    Suzz Says:

    If they show this commercial in Europe it will be a delight just because of Baptiste! (if he is really in it) ;)

  78. 78
    Tina Says:

    LOL it’s fun watching people around here and even making up things about Rachel because they can’t stand that she is working.

    1. Anyone claiming that the Edie Rose dinnerware is a copy of the Lenox Chirp pattern is blind and showing their ignorance or just hoping people will take their word for it. All anyone has to do is look at both to know the difference.

    2. Anyone ever hear of Swan Lake. Swan Lake is not Black Swan. It’s a ballet that is over 100 years old. So what if they use the ballet in a commercial. Swan Lake productions all over have probably benefited from the movie using the ballet as it’s setting.

    3. I love Natalie and Rachel both. Why compare them at all. They are both good people to me and each at different places in their careers. So what. Each of them have fans and people who like to watch their movies and tv shows. Both have something to offer in spite of anyone’s pettiness here.

  79. 79
    amy Says:

    @ Tina

    What a great description you have given of Natalie and Rachel, I like both of them, as well! It makes me laugh when I read the ridiculous comparisons of the two of them, they are two different people at different places, as you said. I agree with the rest of your comments, as well. There are many similar china patterns made by different dinnerware companies. And there is no reason people can’t like both Natalie and Rachel!

  80. 80
    @78 Says:

    If you ever saw Black Swan and guessing you didn’t Swan Lake is the premiss for he movie hence the name Black Swan. Do you really believe that if Black Swan wasn’t as popular nor NP that this idea would have even been used. If you think yes then I have beach front property to sell you in the Arctic. As for the designer ideas this woman used her own closet of clothing took it to DNKY and had them design something from those ideas change one thing and this is considered your own. Did the idea come from her NO, did she draw out the design and patterns NO. I could see a picture of the Mona Lisa take the body of her and place on it a different head now the picture is mine b/c I changed on thing in it. This does not by any means make it my artistic talent that was used in creating it.

    She will never be Martha Stewart for home design and there are too many Foodnetwork superstars that are marketing their own dinnerware and cookware line. People rather buy from them before some knock off actress wannabe who uses dress up Barbie website to get her ideas from.

  81. 81
    comrade Says:

    Why talking about that so called dinnerwares?! It “bombs” just like her fauxshion line (coz if not where’s the follow-up?!) – already on sale just after a week or 2 it was released on the market.
    So yeah this Lil’ Moe could continue to offer something as much as she wants to; but the public is/are blind, deaf & numb about them by “default”.
    P. S. I see that Emma Watson still working her ads in Paris, now running into a week. .Unlike some tart who’s only good “regularly” at just either a “3 mins TV guesting, a week or less of movie filming and now, a 1 day job deal”.LOOOOOOL

  82. 82
    Tina Says:


    Premise or setting (as I said). Of course they might be using Swan Lake because of the success of the movie Black Swan. I didn’t say differently but still the ballet is not the movie.

    Rachel talked about the DKNY project before it ever was released. She said she was going to use what was in her closet. She wasn’t hiding anything or trying to deceive. Many department store collections are based on runway designs and made more affordable. If there was any infringement, then someone in the legal department let her down.

  83. 83
    padme Says:

    @71 ATLQueen -
    Sorry to disappoint you, Your Highness ATLQueen, but my birthname is Padme. My beloved late mother is of Persian descent and she named me after her favorite flower, a lotus…which happens to be called “Padme” in Persia. So no, I’m not a Natalie wannabe like desperate Rachel. :)

  84. 84
    Rift Says:


  85. 85
    Surogats Says:


  86. 86
    Bobblehead Gary Says:

    I thought the one where she was running on top of people’s cars to get to a Magnum Ice Cream truck was sweet. What’s this new one? A take on The Black Swan? She’s all Portmanned up!

  87. 87
    Frank Says:

    Some of the comments here stating that actresses who do commercials aren’t talented or can’t find any better parts are just plain stupid. If I was an actress between movies and someone offered me thousands of dollars for a 60 second commercial, you’re damn right I’d do it. Even a Tom Cruise would probably do a commercial for the right money. In fact, many A-list stars do of course do commercials for various causes they believe in – but I guess that’s okay, right, as long as it’s not a just for profit commercial…?

    And what about sports stars? They don’t make enough money already? Hmm, what could possibly motivate them to do so many commercials? I guess they’re not really good athletes if they’re sinking so low as to do commercials. Pop stars too – they must only do them when no one is offering them another record deal.

    Get real, people.

    Rachel Bilson, by the way, judging from the few roles I’ve seen her in is a perfectly capable actress, as well as being a real beauty with a fantastic little body on her. There’s a lot of good actors out there who just haven’t had the fortune of getting a role that males a big name for themselves. Just because you don’t happen to be one of the relative handful of actors making ten of million a film doesn’t mean you’re not a good actor.

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