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Rachel Bilson: Magnum Ice Cream Commercial!

Rachel Bilson: Magnum Ice Cream Commercial!

Rachel Bilson gets ready to film a new commercial for Magnum ice cream on Tuesday (March 15) in Paris, France.

The 29-year-old actress wore a long robe with ballet shoes and a tiara while heading to the shoot, which was directed by designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Also spotted on location: model Baptiste Giabiconi, who Karl considers one of his muses!

Over the weekend, Rachel was spotted at LAX Airport to catch a flight to France.

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87 Responses to “Rachel Bilson: Magnum Ice Cream Commercial!”

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  1. 76
    claire Says:

    Big difference between Mila Kunis and Bilpileofshit is that Mila has talent the other doesn’t.

  2. 77
    Suzz Says:

    If they show this commercial in Europe it will be a delight just because of Baptiste! (if he is really in it) ;)

  3. 78
    Tina Says:

    LOL it’s fun watching people around here and even making up things about Rachel because they can’t stand that she is working.

    1. Anyone claiming that the Edie Rose dinnerware is a copy of the Lenox Chirp pattern is blind and showing their ignorance or just hoping people will take their word for it. All anyone has to do is look at both to know the difference.

    2. Anyone ever hear of Swan Lake. Swan Lake is not Black Swan. It’s a ballet that is over 100 years old. So what if they use the ballet in a commercial. Swan Lake productions all over have probably benefited from the movie using the ballet as it’s setting.

    3. I love Natalie and Rachel both. Why compare them at all. They are both good people to me and each at different places in their careers. So what. Each of them have fans and people who like to watch their movies and tv shows. Both have something to offer in spite of anyone’s pettiness here.

  4. 79
    amy Says:

    @ Tina

    What a great description you have given of Natalie and Rachel, I like both of them, as well! It makes me laugh when I read the ridiculous comparisons of the two of them, they are two different people at different places, as you said. I agree with the rest of your comments, as well. There are many similar china patterns made by different dinnerware companies. And there is no reason people can’t like both Natalie and Rachel!

  5. 80
    @78 Says:

    If you ever saw Black Swan and guessing you didn’t Swan Lake is the premiss for he movie hence the name Black Swan. Do you really believe that if Black Swan wasn’t as popular nor NP that this idea would have even been used. If you think yes then I have beach front property to sell you in the Arctic. As for the designer ideas this woman used her own closet of clothing took it to DNKY and had them design something from those ideas change one thing and this is considered your own. Did the idea come from her NO, did she draw out the design and patterns NO. I could see a picture of the Mona Lisa take the body of her and place on it a different head now the picture is mine b/c I changed on thing in it. This does not by any means make it my artistic talent that was used in creating it.

    She will never be Martha Stewart for home design and there are too many Foodnetwork superstars that are marketing their own dinnerware and cookware line. People rather buy from them before some knock off actress wannabe who uses dress up Barbie website to get her ideas from.

  6. 81
    comrade Says:

    Why talking about that so called dinnerwares?! It “bombs” just like her fauxshion line (coz if not where’s the follow-up?!) – already on sale just after a week or 2 it was released on the market.
    So yeah this Lil’ Moe could continue to offer something as much as she wants to; but the public is/are blind, deaf & numb about them by “default”.
    P. S. I see that Emma Watson still working her ads in Paris, now running into a week. .Unlike some tart who’s only good “regularly” at just either a “3 mins TV guesting, a week or less of movie filming and now, a 1 day job deal”.LOOOOOOL

  7. 82
    Tina Says:


    Premise or setting (as I said). Of course they might be using Swan Lake because of the success of the movie Black Swan. I didn’t say differently but still the ballet is not the movie.

    Rachel talked about the DKNY project before it ever was released. She said she was going to use what was in her closet. She wasn’t hiding anything or trying to deceive. Many department store collections are based on runway designs and made more affordable. If there was any infringement, then someone in the legal department let her down.

  8. 83
    padme Says:

    @71 ATLQueen -
    Sorry to disappoint you, Your Highness ATLQueen, but my birthname is Padme. My beloved late mother is of Persian descent and she named me after her favorite flower, a lotus…which happens to be called “Padme” in Persia. So no, I’m not a Natalie wannabe like desperate Rachel. :)

  9. 84
    Rift Says:


  10. 85
    Surogats Says:


  11. 86
    Bobblehead Gary Says:

    I thought the one where she was running on top of people’s cars to get to a Magnum Ice Cream truck was sweet. What’s this new one? A take on The Black Swan? She’s all Portmanned up!

  12. 87
    Frank Says:

    Some of the comments here stating that actresses who do commercials aren’t talented or can’t find any better parts are just plain stupid. If I was an actress between movies and someone offered me thousands of dollars for a 60 second commercial, you’re damn right I’d do it. Even a Tom Cruise would probably do a commercial for the right money. In fact, many A-list stars do of course do commercials for various causes they believe in – but I guess that’s okay, right, as long as it’s not a just for profit commercial…?

    And what about sports stars? They don’t make enough money already? Hmm, what could possibly motivate them to do so many commercials? I guess they’re not really good athletes if they’re sinking so low as to do commercials. Pop stars too – they must only do them when no one is offering them another record deal.

    Get real, people.

    Rachel Bilson, by the way, judging from the few roles I’ve seen her in is a perfectly capable actress, as well as being a real beauty with a fantastic little body on her. There’s a lot of good actors out there who just haven’t had the fortune of getting a role that males a big name for themselves. Just because you don’t happen to be one of the relative handful of actors making ten of million a film doesn’t mean you’re not a good actor.

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