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Rachel Zoe: 6 Inch Heels at 38 Weeks Pregnant!

Rachel Zoe: 6 Inch Heels at 38 Weeks Pregnant!

Rachel Zoe goes out to breakfast with her husband, Rodger Berman, at Jack & Jill’s on Monday (March 14) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 39-year-old celebrity stylist is expecting her her first child – a son – in two weeks!

“Who said one can’t rock 6 inch high leopard booties by @Brian_Atwood at 38 weeks pregnant!!!” Rachel tweeted.

Late last week, Rachel met up with fellow expectant mama Jessica Alba at the Who What Wear book dinner party in West Hollywood.

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rachel zoe baby bump leopard print booties 01
rachel zoe baby bump leopard print booties 02
rachel zoe baby bump leopard print booties 03
rachel zoe baby bump leopard print booties 04
rachel zoe baby bump leopard print booties 05
rachel zoe baby bump leopard print booties 06
rachel zoe baby bump leopard print booties 07

Credit: The Media Circuit; Photos: INFdaily
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  • candycane

    I hate when people use weeks when a woman is so far into pregnancy. can’t you just say 7 or 8 months??? or whatever it comes out to. If you can make a month out of weeks, use it.

  • Whatever

    These pictures are like a bad joke that would read better with the following headline: “What do you get when a gay guy gets a 48 year old woman pregnant?”

  • naomi

    is she dumb?

  • Courtney

    Rachel isn’t 48 she’s 39 and 38 weeks is 9 months as a normal healthy pregnancy is between 38-42 weeks gestation for a single baby and 36-40 for twins. having a child at 39 isn’t a new phenomenon at all Audrey Hepburn had her youngest son at 41 and that was in 1970. in hollywood wearing heals while pregnant is also nothing new though Rachel shouldn’t be because her pregnancy is considered high risk because of age and previous history though there are instances where wearing heals while pregnant can’t be avoided by real celebs which Ms Zoe isn’t. example under a ball gown at the oscars like Meryl Streep in 1983 or a film premiere like Joanne Woodward at the LA premiere of The Hustler September 25th 1961 just two days before her & Paul’s middle daughter Melissa was born. quit giving the likes of Rachel Zoe coverage she only dresses B-list and lower celebs for a living and isn’t actually one herself not like Amy Redford who was born famous as the youngest daughter of award winning actor/director/philanthropist Robert October 22nd 1970.

  • mia

    i can’t stand her..

  • Carla

    Should be interesting to see what and who their kid ends up looking like as both are not attractive at all. But the kid will have good fashion to distract from that I guess LOL!!

  • mizcheryl

    That is not cute or smart.

  • Wtf!?

    I really hope that she doesn’t turn out to be one of those workaholic mothers who never make time for her kid(s). She just seems like that type. Life isn’t 100% about work. And I think its sad that it takes a pregnancy in order for her to look somewhat healthy. Her legs are not sticks and her chest isn’t as concave.

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    How’s want they?

  • Bubbaness

    For those who don’t know weeks- 40 is term so at 38 weeks, she’s 8-1/2 months.

    You wouldn’t catch my ass in 6″ heels that far into pregnancy but if that’s important to her… *shrug*

  • sandra

    Jared, is your fact-checker on vacation? This piece of work is not 39, are you kidding me?

  • Hm


  • mena

    @WTF, you need to get your eyes checked. That chest is as bony as a starving chicken.

  • rhonda


    she is such a slave to fashion she would risk her baby.

  • mabel

    What is wrong with her lips? It looks like someone punched her in the mouth.

  • mabel

    “Went out to breakfast” LOL

    Rachel: “I’ll have a black coffee and some dry toast. I don’t normally eat breakfast, but I’ll make an exception because of the baby”

  • susiequ

    She looks way older than her age..but her baby bump went from zero to HUGE in a moment.

    But the thing I don’t get is why is her chest still so bony. Most pregnant women develop breast and they gain weight in the chest area.. Her chest is a bit scary.

    I don’t think she is pregnant at all sorry but there you go..

    regarding her husband.. don’t know anything about him being gay.

  • whatever

    She shouldn’t be so proud, those shoes are awful!

  • E

    She is not 38 Zoe has been ranting on her new Bravo show, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” that she’s so anal (and annoying?) because she’s a triple Virgo. In astrology terms, that means she was born in the sign of Virgo, her rising sign is a Virgo, and her moon sign is a Virgo.
    If you look it up you will see that isn’t possible if Zoe is 37 and was born on Sept. 1, 1971, as she claims. In fact, says our pro, she’d actually be five to 10 years older than that if she were indeed a Triple-V.

    Why lie about your age it’s so stupid I rather be 47 and looking good for my age then be 37 and look like I’m 10 years older.

  • Amen

    @E, Amen to that! 1971 my a$$. Wrong decade, by a long shot. Why does she lie — she should be proud to be born in the pychedelic ’60′s, I am.

  • rhonda


    it is quite odd now that you mention it, that her belly would be that big and tata’s are still flat as pancakes. I don’t know this, but I suspect, some of these Hollywood women are fake bumping to cover up use of surrogates.

  • boston61

    Born in 71. She is 39 if that is true.

  • Courtney

    not all women over a certain age have to use a surrogate and people in hollywood have always lied about their age not all mothers to be gain weight in their breasts. some people just don’t photograph well and others do their entire lives having to wear a fake belly in a movie like Madeline Sheerwood does in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof is one thing but to fake a pregnancy in real life is stupid. having children at or around her age or over 40 is nothing new Jeanne Crain had her 7th child at 40 in 1965 or Sophia Loren had her youngest son Edoardo at 38 in January 1973 how much a pregnant woman shows one dad to the next depends on how her baby or babies are laying in the womb on that particular day

  • Ruth

    @Boston 61 — If you choose to believe she was born in 1971, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. Are you interested?

  • Fake

    Rachel is absolutely 48 not 38..she’s been lying about her age for years now…she brags about being a the give-a-way as to how old he is..
    In Hollywood the folks who work in the biz are very suspicious of her pregnancy….we all think it’s a series of pillows…would make sense as to why she is still boy all over except the belly.
    With her Anorexia, there is no way she could carry full term let alone even get pregnant with full help. Another example would be Guiliana Ransic. (say that name fast a few times and you’ll chuckle)

  • Emily

    She is really pretty. I love her style

  • tina

    you can rock those shoes but you’re still an idiot. seriously.

  • malia

    Is not that that you CAN’T wear 6 inch high heels while very pregnant, is that you SHOULDN’T. Irresponsibility in the name of vanity.

  • SHIT


  • Brooke

    I find it hypocritical that she says on her shows she likes pregnant women to flatter their belly and show it off but in every pic of her she is wearing black and trying to cover her belly. She looks skeletal and I hope that baby is healthy, she posted a pic of her drinking champagne too on facebook and I don’t think she is taking her pregnancy seriously at all! She has some serious body weight issues : /

  • Not 38

    @Courtney: Rachel was born in 1962 not 1971.

  • Agy

    I feel so sorry for this child… She can’t take care of herself, for god’s sake she looks 50, malnourished and sick! Then during her show she proved constantly to neglect her husband showing no interest in his life or personality. How will she take care of a child if only thing she shows to care about are designer clothes and bags?