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Vanessa Hudgens: Bike Ride with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens: Bike Ride with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens flashes a smile while arriving at her house with actor Josh Hutcherson on Tuesday (March 15) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old Beastly star went for a ride on her Journey 2: The Mysterious Island co-star’s motorcycle with a pink helmet.

In case you missed it, check out Vanessa‘s Shape cover, where she talks about her fast food addiction, fit physique, and relationship with Zac Efron!

10+ pictures of Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson out for a motorcycle ride at

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186 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Bike Ride with Josh Hutcherson!”

  1. 1
    lauren Says:

    booty call?
    just kidding

  2. 2
    MllleF Says:

    Oh great, she’s almost wearing clothes…:)

  3. 3
    lauren Says:

    i guess that a set of nude photos are out right now? i guess she’s not phazed by it?
    im being sarcastic

  4. 4
    rew Says:

    sucker punch is coming out, she has to get talked about somehow

  5. 5
    kami Says:

    i didn’t think josh was old enough to drive. wait isn’t he like 17? i’d say he’s more of a buddy to her than a bf.

  6. 6
    April Says:

    Shut up *******. She’s just a beautiful and amazing gurl. You’re just jealous!

  7. 7
    HDR Says:

    she’s almost unrecognizable with clothes.

  8. 8
    Lilakoi Moon Says:

    This ho is SO fvckin’ that boy now…. I wonder if she can do something apart from….wait. WTF am I saying?! That’s Vanessa (no talent but being the pretty and oh-so-sweet girl in films and then gets caught nekkid in pics ha) Hudgens here. The only thing she has a big ass magnificent talent for is spreading her legs…. am I right or am I totally right!

  9. 9
    Lilakoi Moon Says:

    Oh God, I love hating on that girl. Such a pleasure…. sorry if her ass-kissers were offended by anything I said.

  10. 10
    BOJI Says:

    My, Josh has certainly grown up and Vanessa looks great and fit in her short shorts. Good clean fun riding a bike, way to go girl. I like how she maintains a close friendship with her co-stars be they Male or Female.

    The rest of you including Lauren, Jealous much?! Stop harping on something that happened at least 5 to 6 yrs ago when she was a minor. You Perverted Prudes, get over the pics.

  11. 11
    MKhay Says:

    i guess she’s not as distraught over the nasty nude photos being leaked again…

  12. 12
    sue Says:

    @Lilakoi Moon: She so cheated on poor Zac that is why he has been so depressed after NC he learned what she did. He can do so much better. She wanted an 18 year old ugly boy.

  13. 13
    lame Says:

    Wasn’t there a tweet about her being on the back of a motorcycle like a couple of weeks ago? Ok…forget I said it…it’s probably coincidence and will get blown out of proportion like everything else…..

  14. 14
    griffin Says:

    She always seems to be smiling and laughing around Josh so obviously he is good for her. I don’t think he is the average 18 year old, he has been in the business for a long time and is producing movies now so he is no doubt really mature for his age. A very talented guy.

  15. 15
    yets Says:

    i dont know why i like Josh.
    Vanessa is so Happy i love her.

  16. 16
    Maria Says:

    and I love not hating on her :) she’s great, its fine, its not like its gonna ruin her day. looks like a beauty with guy friends, hmmm those always get hated on. people and their dirty thoughts. haha. shame on yall

  17. 17
    lily Says:

    Yea girl….V is getting it in…go V!!. She likes them young, he is HOT!

  18. 18
    maria Says:

    @Lilakoi Moon: You’re an a$$. SInce when don’t teens make mistakes? And pay for it dearly, apologize, take it with class, not point fingers, and work her ass off to shut people like you up?? Stop being so damn self-righteous. Everyone makes mistakes growing up, but no one splashed yours across the internet. So just shut up already. And as far as her talents? This oh-so-sweet girl is a woman now, and was faithful for FIVE freakin’ years with the same guy. She does NOT sleep around, so seriously, you need to shut your pie hole.

    I am so sick of the idiots here who think they are damn perfect human beings. She never hurt ANYone. Ever. And seriously, so what???? Have you seen what’s on TV and the internet these days? Give me a break….like you’ve never seen it before.

    As far as Josh, I think it speaks volumes that her costars all come to be good friends, who adore, support, and love her. She is an amazing friend, is great fun, and is always upbeat about life. What’s not to love? It’s obvious he knew she needed her friends right now, and he’s there for her. Where the hell is her supposed “friend” Efron? Off at the next club, I’m sure. Who needs friends like that?

  19. 19
    Kaylanne Says:

    Cutee! they look like great friends and maybe something more, who knows. haha and for the people bringing up the photo scandal shes probably not phased cause they are from a longggggg time ago and its already hapened 3 times. she doesnt care anymore its old, shes enjoying lifee:)

  20. 20
    sue Says:

    No he is not hot his face is too big and flat..
    I am really disappointed with her because I was her fan but now thats over. I use to defend her to everyone but not anymore. I was going to see Sucker Punch but not anymore.

  21. 21
    lame Says:

    @griffin: I agree..he’s really talented and picks his projects well.

  22. 22
    Lei Says:

    i love Josh standing by her at this time.

  23. 23
    C Says:

    has she ever dated a fillipino guy? she always dates white guys, nothing wrong with that but i just wonder if she has ever dated someone of her own ethnicity.

  24. 24
    lily Says:

    Anyway so what if he is not as ‘hot’ as’s what’s inside that counts and that’s what she looks at. Let her have her fun

  25. 25
    juddy Says:

    Really she dosnt need a fan like you ^^

  26. 26
    BOJI Says:

    yep, I’d rather Vanessa hang out with intelligent, mature and talented guys than good looking players. Yay for Josh, a friend who knows how to make Vanessa smile and laugh.

  27. 27
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    Where vanessa ?

  28. 28
    Sean Says:

    Bet she’s loose as hell.

  29. 29
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:

    I see pic but without vanessa and daniel (harry potter)

  30. 30
    sue Says:

    @juddy: you are right she doesn”t deserve a fan like me. That is why i am not one anymore.

  31. 31
    D Says:

    *****. Taking nude photos is one thing, taking a legs-spread gynecologist view shot is another! No class, no morals. And then the nerve to say they were ‘leaked’ against her knowledge….lmao

  32. 32
    Haters Suck!(original) Says:

    I learned a new term from a from a friend of mine this weekend when I asked why he doesn’t use Twitter or facebook or any kind of social media. He said the problem with social medai and a problem that’s starting to affect society in general is and I may change this name, but that there are too many Internet warriors. Eveyone seems to be an expert on the Internet. They hide behind the saftey of their computer screens and talk crap like the cowards they are and they think that makes them brave and courageous but in the real word once you get them away from their computer all of a sudden they aren’t so brave but In reality there nothing but a bunch of pieces of $hit who can’t hack it in real life. I’m really starting to understand what he was talking about. You think talking crap makes up for the fact that your life sucks, it won’t. Talking crap behind your computer about someone doesn’t make you smart, brave, or anything. It just makes you a worthless, pathetic, piece of trash who isn’t worth anyones time.

  33. 33
    cf10 Says:

    cute couple:)

  34. 34
    sue Says:

    not really!!!!!!!!! NOT AS CUTE AS ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 35
    HateSucks Says:

    I KNEW it! She was seeing Josh while they were filming. The b i t c h SO cheated on Zac. Then she broke his heart when she broke up with him. What a ho she is.

  36. 36
    Amber Says:

    If it were the other way around – Zac riding a motorcycle with his female co-star and taking her inside his house -, Everyone would freak out screaming “CHEATER!!” or “PUBLICITY STUNT”.
    However, since it’s Vanessa “Can’t do no wrong” Hudgens, everyone is like, “It’s not a PR, and they’re just friends. If they’re indeed dating, they are cute!! Don’t care if she was already seeing him when she was still with Zac.” Right??

  37. 37
    sue Says:

    @HateSucks: I agree I tried to defend her but she just proved me wrong. POOR ZAC IS SUFFERING AND SHE IS SMILING AND HAVING A GREAT TIME SO WHO REALLY LOVED WHO!!!!!!!!

  38. 38
    Bradley Bobst Says:


  39. 39
    Shy girl Says:

    @Maysbury, I think your refaring that word to yourself and your mum, your really a f.cking ass ,@Lilakoi Moon your nut need to see a doctor maybe you need to be luck up to asylum.

  40. 40
    Vanfan Says:

    @Shy girl:
    Maybe you need to learn how to spell and how to write correctly.

  41. 41
    Shy girl Says:

    @sueI agree with Juddy ,she really don’t need a fan like you your really immature you can’t understand so go somewhere else post.

  42. 42
    sue Says:

    If this was Zac on the motorcycle with anoither girl everyone would be calling him a cheater and saying how awful he is. But Vanessa is getting off a motorcylce with the guy she did the last movie with just before she broke up with Zac which make me believe she cheated on him with Josh but thats alright and we will give her a pass. Talk about unfair. Zac looks and acts hurt whlie she smiles and have a good time.

  43. 43
    BrittanySnowFan Says:


  44. 44
    BrittanySnowFan Says:

    @Lilakoi Moon:
    lol you are so dumb!

  45. 45
    LMAO Says:

    @sue: Yeah, he’s really suffering, seriously. Leering at girls, drunk 3-4 nights a week, having lunches with blondes and PYT’s, posing on the beach for paps, running around with his gay group with matching bracelets and who nickname themselves ninjas in their late twenties like little kids??? Oh, man, we should all suffer like that. LMAO

  46. 46
    BrittanySnowFan Says:

    Zac drugie Efron?
    yup, that guy’s a douchebag

  47. 47
    BrittanySnowFan Says:


  48. 48
    BrittanySnowFan Says:

    zac is a douchebag…

  49. 49
    BrittanySnowFan Says:


  50. 50
    sue Says:

    I felt the same way you do about Zac. I was angry with him and a part of me still is angry because he is acting like a douchebag. But for her to be with the guy she was in the last movie she with right before she brokeup with Zac is just suspicious to me. If this was Zac all of you would be calling him a cheater and know that was why they broke up and you know it but since you are her fans you will give her a pass. I was happy the way she behaved with this break up until now.

  51. 51
    AMELIE Says:

    love you vanessa

  52. 52
    AMELIE Says:

    lol heters

  53. 53
    Fauve Says:

    Okay Pot calling Kettle Black people… Zac has been seen hanging out with how many girls????? But god forbid if you see Vanessa hanging out with her buddy? Don’t you all remember that picture of ZAC VANESSA AND JOSH? You attack her and her mother? BULLIES ALL OF YOU WHO ARE PUTTING HER DOWN!!!!! You guys should be ashamed of yourselves all of you who keep living in a fantasy world. You forget how she was hurt after the break up in December? The pictures of her looking like she cried? Then happy when he stopped by? He has been seen drinking and partying with people. She is just going to a show. For your information people about the pictures:

    Hudgen’s lawyer, Christopher Wong, tells TMZ, “Vanessa is deeply upset and angered that these old photos, which were taken years ago, continue to resurface. It is particularly disturbing that whoever got a hold of these private photos seem to be intent on illegally leaking them out over a long period of time.”

    Wong goes on: “We are actively working with law enforcement to determine who is responsible and to hold them accountable for their actions.”

    Stop retweeting these pictures or you could be on the chopping block.

  54. 54
    ano22 Says:

    josh at 18 is way better than that douchbag/puppet 23 zac!

  55. 55
    jkjkjkjk Says:


  56. 56
    VULVESSA Says:


  57. 57
    Honestly Says:

    but the thing is we don’t know Jack about what went on, it’s been months and we know nothing and more then likley that is how it’s going to stay. I mean if what you’re saying is true would zac have taken Vanessa to Eden night club, would he have gone to NC and remeber he was scheduled to be at a film festival that weekend but instead went to NC if what you say is true why would he go visit her, it just doesn’t add up. Nothing about this adds up and that is how I think both z&v want it.

  58. 58
    Honestly Says:

    This is what happens when you have a private relationship like zac and Vanessa had. This is why reps need to confirm things why zac and vanessa’s never did I got no clue. If you ask me both management teams have handled this poorly. If you don’t talk about your relationship in this business then people make stuff up and start assuming things. Over the past couple of months Ill admit things have been confusing. Everything from the thanksgiving kiss, the break up news in December, the sighting all over la, Eden nightclub, more LA sightings, NC, the Teresa thing, Vanessas interviews, now the Josh thing. It seems to be one big cluster mix. After all that how in the world can anyone claim they know what happend, I’m confused just writing it. The fact is fans need to come to grips with the fact that we may never know what happend, and like I said I think that’s how both zac and vanessa want it.

  59. 59
    tinker Says:

    @sue: No, the cheater comment for Zac was for screwballing Teresa behind his gf and her bf’s back. Not anything to do with straddling a bike with a chick wrapping him like a sausage.

  60. 60
    Ashley Says:

    They broke up 5 months ago she’s free to do whatever she wants

  61. 61
    Emily Says:

    She is very pretty and her new movie will be awesome

  62. 62
    Fauve Says:

    @VULVESSA: She was underage in those pictures you might want to consider what the law things about things like that, and show compassion the girl was violated and robbed of her privacy. Vanessa Hudgens is a very good person and a sweetheart we all make mistakes it’s called growing up. Having met her I can say she is a classy woman, and good. What you said is not only degrading but not even mature of you get a grip!

  63. 63
    emilie Says:

    this makes me happy

  64. 64
    ano22 Says:

    i loved zac and vanessa together…i watched HSM at least 60 times…they look so good together and would have wanted them ending up together…but things change…and people change…vanessa has become mature and upbeat about life,,,,while zac became the opposite of troy bolton…now he likes to “be”…he hangs out with jocks who fool around like kellan lutz….he hops in and out of bars like leo dicaprio…and being photographed drunk with different girls like ryan philippe…all because he wants to be the next big star…so sad…why doesn’t he go back to “playing the cello or bake creme brulee”,,,so sad.

  65. 65
    tina Says:

    I love the way Zac’s little fanatics come to his rescue. He started hanging in bars in NO with Kellan Lutz. Rumors were flying about him and his co star having “long talks and separate lunches” then. Did everyone forget while Vanessa spent Christmas with her family he was with Rumor Willis? He came back she was happy to see him let his sorry a ss back in. He went to NC to play with her emotions once again. Came back and got caught with Teresa Palmer. He slunk back but this time it was over for her. She spent Valentines day with Brittany. She has ZERO to do with him acting like a fool with his friends, getting drunk and picking up random chicks. He not sad he wants people to forget what he’s doing and of course you will.
    Now if she want to spend sometime with a friend who is cheering her up, when she needs all her friends, I say more power to her. Glad she’s fighting back would it be something if it came out Zac had something to do with them being leaked? I hope in the future he will continue to give her space, so she can live her life.
    And if you tweet or download those picture I hope you get caught.
    Child p orn is a federal offense.

  66. 66
    DM Says:

    I read everyone’s comment here and there are some that I agree and some I wouldn’t agree. But one thing that I would say is that we should all not be backstabbing or hating each other whether you are Zac Fans or Vanessa Fans. It seems that there are alot of “What If’s” and other questions regarding their relationship. No one will really know what’s going on with their relationship other than Zac and Vanessa themselves.

    We all will probably not get all the right answers to everyone’s questions on their relationship. Only Zac and Vanessa will be able to answer those questions on where there relationship will lead to. I just wish everyone will open their minds when they are seen with other people. We ourselves don’t know what’s going on with what the media are saying about them. We should both give them a shadow of the doubt. Most media turns stories to exaggeration. They like to twist stories to get attention especially if they are considered the hottest couple in Hollywood that everyone followed like Zac and Vanessa.

    Remember it took almost 2 yrs before everyone knew that they were dating each other while on HSM. Everytime they were asked the question all they said was that “They are really good friends”, just like what Vanessa is now saying. And then they got caught either in Hawaii or Turks and Caicos (couldn’t remember which one) when they were photographed and they couldn’t keep it a secret anymore when it got out from the media. i dont’ think that we would all know that they were dating if those pictures where not taken. That is how private they are on their personal relationship. They keep their private lives private as they’ve always told the media and during interviews.

    Let us just see where the relationship will end up for both Zac and Vanessa. Shouldn’t matter what everyone wants, the only ppl that will be able to decide on the direction of where their relationship will lead to will be Zac and Vanessa. They can be good friends or maybe back together in the long run. But all this cat fighting and hatred against Zac and Vanessa Fans really will not go anywhere.

    Let’s just keep their memories that we had of them for 5 long years as a couple. Right now they seem happy and having fun hanging out with their family and friends. They were always together those 5 yrs that they probably never had time with their family and friends. I think right now we should just go with the flow. Whatever happens to both of them, we should support them as individuals and as a couple that we all loved. I’m been a Zanessa Fan ever since the HSM, but where ever their relationship end up (friends or as a couple), I will be there for both of them cheering them on their individual careers.

  67. 67
    Annette Says:

    Of course ZF was spotted with girls but it was once only with Phoebe. Others were only rumors, there weren’t any photos.
    What the hell is going with them?
    Josh is TOO young…

  68. 68
    florence Says:

    @maria: More than likely, since they’ve both been back in LA. there’s not been 1 sighting of them togrther, so obvioulsy the friendship is also over too, so if she has found a friend in Josh then good for her.

    Leave Zac to go off to the beach and pose for photo’s with that stupid grin on his face and showing off his chest as usual, my god he does’nt half think he is god’s gift to women, and the muscles eww, he’s gone to big on top and it look’s stupid. So I’m glad that they are no longer in each other’s life. And apparently his people told him he has to stay in his house for 5 days as to aviod questions about the photo’s, but you know what they’re not together now and he obvioulsy does’nt care what is wrote about Vanessa so I don’t see why he has to stop in his house. He never defended her with the first lot of photo’s and they were together then so he’s hardly gonna defend her now and be a friend to her. At least her other co-star’s and true friends are sticking by her and that’s all she will need along with family to keep her head held high and get on with her life, which she is doing good for her.

    And agree Lily so what if he’s not seen as ‘ hot’ like Zac was but look where that got her dating him nothing but hate from some of his fan’s and being labelled as Zac’s gf and nothing else. Whoever she ends up may not be a big hot shot like he thinks he is but as you say it’s what’s inside that counts not how good looking your other half is, that’s just shallow.

    Be a good think when efron goes off and films his next moveie that is filled with sex and drugs scenes and his getting his kit off at every opportunity, that’s the only films he’s into now.

  69. 69
    kikay Says:

    cougar is getting younger and younger these days,1st selina’s sex education w/ little justine.then this ho to this boy,they can’t just leave this boys alone.let them find the ****** on their own!why must your ***** they need to see first!now they’ll think all ***** look like oyster!

  70. 70
    Hmm Says:

    **rolls eyes** this girl is SO DESPERATE to get Zac back. I see right through her schemes.

    She is so clearly just being photographed with this guy to make Zac “jealous”. God she is so pathetic she is trying everything she can to get him back. Honey, he doesn’t want you. Bad enough he already wasted several years of his youth with one girl, now hes going to be having fun with multiple women. Get over it leech

  71. 71
    saywhaat Says:

    I tried to have an open mind about her and give her the benefit of the doubt but she proves once again that she’s beyond any redeeming qualities. Fool me once with your porno pic shame on you. fool me twice with another porn pic shame on me. fool me trice with a third one YOUR JUST A HO.
    How many nude pictures should she immortalized her beauty for. I think any sane readers and viewers will agree that her latest where she spread her ***** for everyone to see is tasteless and vulgar.
    No wonder Zac Efron dump her sorry ass. He already got the milk and why will he need the cow.

  72. 72
    ano22 Says:

    @saywhaat: you’re the ho

  73. 73
    ano22 Says:

    @saywhaat: i bet you’re fat like a hippo

  74. 74
    ano22 Says:

    @saywhaat: i bet you want to be in playboy but all u got in your chest is pus.

  75. 75
    ano22 Says:

    @saywhaat: go take zac with you, go away…

  76. 76
    Mina Says:

    Jared where are you? Please revome all coments that include the word ****, ***** or any other nast words.
    Seriously Dude calling a girls mom ****? What the hell?

  77. 77
    Kerri Says:

    Omg vanessa no. I love that she is happy but why with josh he is 18. I really hope they are just friends. I have nothing against the guy but he has to realize that she is on the rebound.

  78. 78
    Annie Says:

    Oh look, she’s babysitting, how pathetic.

  79. 79
    Annie Says:

    Tina, none of that stuff about Zac was true, he was not with Rumer nor his co-star in TLO. He is a decent guy, a normal one, having a blast with his friends. Vanessa on the other hand is a desperate ho who needs to cling to anyone to not be alone, Josh is a baby, she is clearly desperate for anyone to pay attention to her. So sad and pathetic.

    She also needs to realise that her ass and legs are way to fat to wear those shorts. Her arms too are huge. Yuck.

  80. 80
    Abby Says:

    For me personally, I’m just sick of the way BOTH of them are acting. BOTH are fuel to the fire IMO.

  81. 81
    Rose Says:

    @Annie: Look at your self first,she so cute her leg is so beautiful and she is not looking for any attention ,Josh in her friend why?you dont have guy friend ?? She is friendly to any of her costar,she become there friend bcus of her good attitude,not like you silly girl,and maybe you are pathetic …ha…ha….and ugly…YUCKKKKK!!!!!!!

  82. 82
    Abby Says:

    I think at this point both Z&v want to keep people guessing so that people never REALLY find out the truth. All these things they are doing, breaking up, seeing eachother, making out with eachother in a club, then the TP thing, now this with Josh and the rumors of V & Josh. It all leads me to believe they want to keep people on their toes so that they don’t know what is going on until Z&V figure out what they want (wether that is to be together or not).

  83. 83
    natalie-1994 Says:

    @maria: you’re an AS$
    s*ut hudgens thanks god zac broke up with you i’m not a fan of zac but he’s soooooo much better than you-.-
    and yea btw i’m sure that’s her new F**K TOY

  84. 84
    adriana-lima Says:

    @Annie: LOL SOOO TURE

  85. 85
    Tomahawk Says:

    This guy Josh is an IDIOT , he took her on a motorcycle ride and let her wear SHORTS ? how dumb and/or inconsiderate can you get

  86. 86
    kikay Says:

    i wouldn’ sit my ass so close to that woman’s *****,you don’ know what the heck shes got from spreading those fat legs of hers!!ewww.

  87. 87
    tina Says:

    @Annie: you can say that again!

  88. 88
    rufairy Says:

    She is an ugly *****…in one of the pics she is spreading her v.a.g with her fingers…anyone that says this is a normal thing is as stupid as she…If that would be Miley Cirus”s v.a.g shot you all would be crucifying her

  89. 89

    Crucifying a girl for seeing a legal guy after a break-up? Boy – talk about hypocrisy. It’s okay to take nudies of yourself, but not okay to date another guy – your logic is wanting. It’s perfectly acceptable for two legally aged people to date, even after a break-up, so effin get over it.
    The nude shots are where my issues with her begin…and end. She and date are over – she should date other people.

  90. 90
    kikay Says:

    she doesn’ have respect at all to her own mother ,doing all that nastiness just to gain fame ,its just disgusting!i feel sorry for the mother,all that money is not worth all the humiliation shes gonna get behind her back when her co- filipino people are whispering behind her!some people will do anything for money!

  91. 91
    Kerri Says:

    @kikay: Vanessa does have respect for her mother. She said her role model is her mother in the shape magazine. Her mother knows she made a mistake and still will stand by her and support her. That is what mothers do. Everybody get over your problems with vanessa she is a sweet, nice person. She doesn’t deserve the hate. We all do stuff when we were younger that we regret when we are older. It is important to learn from your mistakes and move on and be a better person.

  92. 92
    im not a hypocrite Says:

    Why are they people judging others without knowing them. her pics were old. shes single and free to do whatever she wants. we support her career not her options to date. i think they’re really cute friends. why involve her mom and disrepect….all of u should be ashamed her mom has nothing to do with her choosing her friends…so what if shes dating age doesnt matter. theres nothing nasty with 2 friends hanging out im sure al of u have younger friends. if zac does the same u would probably kiss his dirty feet..yea dirty, hes a good actor that guy has 2 faces….was goo to her for a little bit but soon u’ll know his other side. give her a break shes not clubbing or drinking just hanging out with a friend……haters get a life!

  93. 93
    Vanessais4zac Says:

    PLEASE STOP putting lame and mean comments to her. You don’t know what Vanessa has been through her entire life for you to say that. You might see her smiling all the time but that doesn’t mean she’s not hurt.
    Put yourself in Vanessa’s shoes, if it’s hurting you then it’s probably hurting her as well.
    STOP it or otherwise keep it to yourself!!!

  94. 94
    peggy Says:


    You sound so stupid. She’s not the one drinking, and clubbing every night in Hollywood with a bunch of hanger on wannabes you’re boy wins that one

    Further she not the one who needs attention she’s got one movie out and 2 movies coming out , is on Shape, was on Letterman, is going to be on Conan and Ellen and has 2 premieres this month.

    So you sound like an embecile and I’m not surprised you don’t have any male friends you obviously don’t have any friends

    He’s a co-star and a friend.

  95. 95
    peggy Says:


    Sucker Piunch is generating huge buzz already and with 3 talks shows this month and a cover she doesn’t need to get talked about. She’s always talked about even at fashion week.

    Get a grip.

  96. 96
    sweet Says:

    ive never read so much self rightious **** in my life from morons who probably will never have to deal with anything like this and not because
    your to good and prudish to take photos of yourself but if you ever do no one will care its okay to hide behind a screen and critazise a girl who not only apologized before and learnt her lesson but now because someone has so much hatred towards her has to deal with it again . these are just another group of photos from the same batch as before and she is still underage i for one do not care now nor did i care then what she dose privately ,what is wrong is social media who have no heart or conscience
    and are quick to judge and crucify when it was no business of theirs to look in the first place.
    so nessa dont apologize it should be the people who looked when they shouldnt have

  97. 97
    Thetis Says:


    It is best to understand what you are talking about before you make a comment that makes you look like ignorant.

    Zac is the one who was accused of making out and dry humping T. Palmer a week after being with VAnessa in N.C.. Yes, a whole week! And there are photos of he and V nice and cuddly in Hawaii with Josh right there.

    It is Zac who has had rumors of other woen follow him everywhere for years all over te world and there are plenty of handsome talented young actors that doesn’t happy too so I really think where there is smoke there’s fire.

    Isn’t it interesting that in 5 years no such rumors ever followed Vanessa until recently and all of a sudden after the whole Teresa Palmer thing blew up huge in Zac’s face. Coincidence? I think not more like the work of a PR team.

    Vanessa went for a bike ride with a guy who says she’s like a big sister and after telling the interviews at Beastly premiere she was dating no one. Notice she and Josh are not kissing or inappropriately touching in any way in fact they are not touching at all.

    It seems he’s a friend.

    So maybe the next time you pontificate or throw atones you should check to see you aim in the rigt direction.

  98. 98
    Lissi Says:

    We will see, I have a feeling we will get more blurbs and sightings today of V and Josh, about how they acted and what they did. I think he is a friend now, but maybe it will be more? All those things are something we don’t know. I think it would be for Zac and V too soon to date again, but I wouldn’t be mad at both of them. Now looking back, I am not mad at him for the TP thing, since with the things I’m knowing know from V’s interviews, he seemed to have been single and free. I just can’t get the tweets, blurb and sightings from january into the context bc ZV obviously acted like a couple in love back then, but it doesn’t matter anymore. And if it isn’t Josh dating her, it could be somebody else in a month, so please let them be.

  99. 99
    meryam Says:

    the peoples who wright thous rude comments are so nasty shame on you

  100. 100
    Janniah Says:

    is she still dating Zac Efron? Just asking… :)

  101. 101
    lauren Says:

    apparently josh and zac are on the same basketball team ?

    uh awkward.

  102. 102
    kablamo Says:

    You know he’s tugged off to the thought of her hundreds of times by now.

  103. 103
    Lissi Says:

    Yeah for the E league, if it’s true. And that speaks againnst the rumor that V and Josh are more then friends, at least for me, bc that would be akward no matter what.

  104. 104
    Kerri Says:

    @lauren: Really. josh should talk to him and say that vanessa needs all the support. I am not sure that is going to happen because i think he has a little crush on vanessa. I know she doesn’t feel the same way. He is like a brother and a friend to her.

  105. 105
    fanpopgirl Says:

    Haters are so lame seriously if they have problems why are they even bothered wasting there precious time writing crap about her honestly HATERS GET A LIFE.Btw sucker punch will be awesome vanessa will rock it along with her costars<3

  106. 106
    yets Says:

    i think Vanessa is Single for 3 months People.

  107. 107
    adriana-lima Says:

    ***** -.-
    f**K this***

  108. 108
    Jenny Says:

    I want ZANESSA plz!!!!

  109. 109
    Jill Says:

    I don’t see the big deal about her. She’s so ordinary, average looking at best.

  110. 110
    Tata Says:

    people are so jealous!!! they stole her private photos and now they post them in internet before her big days/premiers!!! get life, people!!!

  111. 111
    DM Says:


    I heard that too. That they both will be playing in the same E League Basketball Team.

    Yeah, I think that would really be awkward to both Zac and Josh. My opinion is that Vanessa and Josh are just friends going out for a motocycle ride. I know that age doesn’t matter to some people, but don’t think that Vanessa would go out with someone that young. I’m sure she knows better. I could be wrong in the long run, but I guess we all will just have to see, if the two are more than friends.

    If I remember right, Zac and Josh were seen together with Vanessa in Hawaii in a boat when Zac visisted Vanessa on her movie set back in November. Didn’t Zac mention that he is friends with Josh?? don’t think that Josh would ruin his friendship with Zac.

  112. 112
    Danielle Says:

    She is having fun!!!!

  113. 113
    Miriam Says:

    I’m really disgusted at all of these comments regarding Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa Hudgens is a classy girl and she didn’t leak these photos. Vanessa Hudgens isa a clasys person. She doesn’t party and hang out at bars every night. She spends most of her time with her family and friends. You guys who are judiging her and slamming her and her mother are wrong. Gina Hudgens is a good mother and she is a sweet person. You guys who are slandering vanessa are wrong. There is ntohing that anyone could do to persuade me from being a fan of vanessa hudgens. Vanessa Hudgens is her own person and she is setting a good example for people. She has talent. And you guys need to get help. Stop slandering people. Vanessa Hudgens is a classy girl!

  114. 114
    sheila Says:

    @Amber: You’re very incorrect on this. There are just as many people out there who are willing to defend everything Zac is doing right now. Remember, he’s the guy who in interview after interview said he wasn’t into bar hopping etc. It seems like that’s all we’ve been hearing about him doing lately. And then him being seen out with all these different women, including Teresa Palmer. His fans defend all of these actions too. So, don’t worry there are plenty of people out there who have Zac’s back as there are people who have Vanessa’s. I would say the playing field is even.

  115. 115
    sheila Says:

    I am going to go out on a limb here (because I really don’t know for sure) and say that Vanessa and Josh are just good friends. We have to remember that people in this business don’t really strike up friendships the same way the rest of us do. Many of us meet friends at work, and for these two, work is a movie set. You can see that Vanessa has made friends with her HSM costars and her Sucker Punch costars (who were basically all female). What’s the harm in her striking a friendship up with another costar. I would think right now, having people around her who have her back and care about her well being is very important to her. And who doesn’t like a little male companionship from time to time? Josh is a safe guy for her to hang out with.

  116. 116
    first time and last time HERE Says:

    Nasty Little Beyotch. Oh and good timing for titty photos, since your movie beastly is doing crappy at the box office

  117. 117
    hateVanessa's fans Says:

    LOL $LUT:P

  118. 118
    Ish Says:

    You’re lame! Grow up!

  119. 119
    tina Says:

    And two incoherent statements from ignorant twits. You want to know what I think, Zac wanted to have his cake and eat it too. He wants Vanessa to be his girl who he gets to come home to after he parties with friends, gets drunk in bars, and feels up ( and probably more) other women. As usual he is hiding out letting his people do the dirty work for him. I not saying his people did release the pictures but look at the timing of all the releases. 1) just before they went into negotiations for HSM3 where she should have gotten more money and time on screen. 2) right before a movie that was aimed at tweens whose parents buy tickets.3) now when she is on top of everything. Fashion Week 7 top designers send her clothes and put her on the front row. New endorsement for Candies. Big spread in Instyle mag. Article. Movie opening at number 3 in BO. Critic who don’t like the movie like her acting. Appearances on Regis and Kelly, David Letterman and MTV. Getting ready to start promotions for one of the most anticipated movies of the year.
    WHY WOULD SHE NEED TO LEAK PHOTOS. She is obviously coming out on top of this break up AND SHE NEVER SAYS ANYTHING BAD ABOUT ZAC.
    Now that the police are involved I hope none of you are shocked when arrests are made.

  120. 120
    Butterfly Says:

    I am a fan of hers but I can understand if people think whatever of her when they see these pics.I thought some bad things too,especially about the girl-kissing pics because I hate fake-lesbians or fun-lesbians because they think boys find lesbians hot.and I hate if a girl does everything for her bf. besides, she is not that young in her pics. she is certainly above 16 and you should have enough brain at that age. but I am her ‘fan’ since hsm2 that was 2007 it’s not easy to hate someone so quickly but sometimes I really ask myself who she really is…
    ah,and to josh: I don’t think she’s dating him cause she said the relationship with zac didn’t work cause they didn’t have the time so it was quite unlogical if she had a new boy so quickly :P

  121. 121
    ozzie Says:

    vanessa post on here really bring out the crazies … she’s just a normal person trying to live as much as a normal life her career will let her.

    relationships in your teens and early twenties aren’t supposed to last forever … that is the time when you learn how to cope with adult situations and find out who you are compatible with and who you are not. As a country the USA really needs to teach basic psychology and human behavior at the early high school level because so many people are wandering around at young ages lost.

    the american dream of falling in love at a young age and getting married before your adult life has even began is shoved down our throats from when we are little and it is so unhealthy. We are evolved enough in 2011 to put our bibles away for good and learn how people work and how to interact with each other in a healthy fashion.

    to those of you criticizing vanessa’s choices you are not in any position to. She is just trying to live her life and we should let her. High School Musical is over and your should be moving on as she is.

  122. 122
    e Says:

    Who knows what’s going on but I think that they are just friends, Josh seems like a great guy though and I can just imagine him maybe just simply called her in the morning telling her to pack a bag and then they could get out of LA for a while and go for a drive and just let all the crap just wash a way for a while, if that’s the case I find it to be really sweet of him. And the two of them lookn great and I’m glad that they had fun, Vanessa looks happy and relaxed.

  123. 123
    tina Says:

    @Butterfly: Your not a fan of Vanessa’s your a fan of Zac’s. Those picture were taken at a sleep over before HSM they were probably playing truth or dare or some other game. Nothing is new except the fact that someone hates her enough to keep releasing these pictures. That the silliest thing I have heard you say (and you’ve said some whoppers) . Go back to kissing Zac’s ass and leave her alone.

  124. 124
    who cares Says:

    “noo the pictures are old” BLAH BLAH BLAH
    why can’t you admit that she’s a $lut??
    stop defending her we’re not stupid to believe that she’s not the one who leaked the pictures.-.-

  125. 125
    aguilera fan Says:


  126. 126
    aguilera fan Says:


  127. 127
    saywhaat Says:



  128. 128
    tina Says:

    At the end of the day we will see who comes out on top. Won’t we. Oh next week Vanessa’s got yet another movie coming out and Zac will be drinking himself into yet another stupor.

  129. 129
    tina Says:

    @who cares: No your stupid enough to believe an actress with endorsements and movies coming out would have to leak photos to promote them. Your a class A idiot.

  130. 130
    whatever Says:

    A Message to Hudgens:PUT YOUR COOKA AWAY GIRL!!I wouldn’t have such a problem with the ho if she would just own up to being a ho, take responsibility for her actions, and stop acting like she’s the sweet little humble pie chick when she’s a raging sex bunny!!! I mean…taking sexy nude pictures of yourself is one thing. But these new ones with the camera between her legs and her literally HOLDING OPEN her nasty man cage has taken it to the pornographic extremes! Yous a ho girl! Stop pretending like you’re not. Thank GOD Zac got away from that mess!No one should allow this girl to OWN a camera let alone even hold one.

  131. 131
    whatever Says:

    A Message to Hudgens:PUT YOUR COOKA AWAY GIRL!!I wouldn’t have such a problem with the ho if she would just own up to being a ho, take responsibility for her actions, and stop acting like she’s the sweet little humble pie chick when she’s a raging sex bunny!!! I mean…taking sexy nude pictures of yourself is one thing. But these new ones with the camera between her legs and her literally HOLDING OPEN her nasty man cage has taken it to the pornographic extremes! Yous a ho girl! Stop pretending like you’re not. Thank GOD Zac got away from that mess!No one should allow this girl to OWN a camera let alone even hold one.

  132. 132
    Allie Says:

    Think some of you need to look up a dictionary – a **** is someone who sleeps around, is promisicous – Vanessa has had one boyfriend in the last 5 years. Any girl in a long-term relationship can take naked pics – that doesn’t make her a **** – some might call it stupid, some might call it naive to think someone wouldn’t get hold of them. But it doesn’t maker her a ****.

    And she did take responsibility for her actions. She apologised (even though I think she shouldn’t have had to), she’s learned her lesson. But if someone has those pics, and are leaking a few at a time, there’s nothing she can do apart from find the person and sue them until they’ve learned their lesson. Someone obviously thinks they can get away with this from behind their screen. Maybe people will learn that anything you say or do on the internet is accountable and you will pay the price.

  133. 133
    peggy Says:

    E news (Hwoodpartygirl) reports V was at the concert last night with girlfriends and this is from Ken Baker tweet who was also at the concert

    @Apohe josh was there at concert. they didn’t look “together” to me..!/kenbakernow/stat…074025603309568

    They are friends – get over it

  134. 134
    TVD Says:

    @whatever: AMEN<3

  135. 135
    tina Says:

    The Zac brigade leave her alone, she left your little man alone. Who looks happier with the split?

  136. 136
    TVD Says:


  137. 137
    DM Says:

    March 16, 2011

    Just an FYI for everyone!!

    Watch Out, Josh Hutcherson…Vanessa Might Still Be Hooking Up With Zac! Exclusive!

    A source close to Vanessa tells us the former teen queen is NOT a lesbian at all…but there is a love triangle brewing between her and her two main men, Josh and Zac!

    The insider told us the drama isn’t with the 22-year-old starlet’s sexuality as much as it is between her and her two love interests, Josh Hutcherson, 18, and now-ex boyfriend Zac Efron, 23.

    “Her and Zac are on a break and might actually get back together,” our source said, before taking a beat and adding, ”They are still great friends and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they hooked up tonight and you saw them together tomorrow morning. That is the relationship they have right now.”

    When we asked if Vanessa’s leaked risqué pics were a desperate plea to get Zac’s attention, our source chuckled.

    “They are in no way trying to make each other jealous,” we were told. “Zac and Vanessa have a great friendship, and great love for each other.”

    Hear that, Zanessa fans? Don’t lose hope for our favorite Disney couple. They STILL have feelings for each other!

  138. 138
    let me be... Says:

    @whatever: lol TRUE
    she’s a real $lut

  139. 139
    pip Says:


  140. 140
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    Will you all just stop arguing. I’m getting sick of it now. Sorry, but she was bloody stupid to take those photos in the first place. And weren’t the first lot supposed to have been taken before she was with Zac? I don’t believe Zac is behind the pictures leeking out. And how comes it’s OK for her to be seen out with her friends all the time but not Zac?
    And for the last time Zac did not cheat with TP as they had already split by then, no matter what the Zanessa fans want to believe.

  141. 141
    nkenk Says:

    @first time and last time HERE: then why would “she release” them AFTER the movie came out? You’re stupid on so many levels

  142. 142
    LMAO Says:

    @who cares: @let me be…: @pip: @TVD: @whatever: @saywhaat: You self-righteous morons. Like teens never make mistakes. You are all a$$es. The pics out now are from the SAME group of photos, and YES, she made a mistake. She’ s ALREADY SAID SHE DID. She admitted it, lived with all you morons and your hate, and never pointed fingers at anyone for it. She TOOK it all. That took guts and a hell of a lot of courage. Some teenage girls have killed themselves over the humiliation that a mistake like this did to them. But let me say this……it is NOT a crime to take pics like this. NO, it’s not smart, but it’s NOT a crime. It IS a crime for whoever leaked them. But she NEVER hurt anyone, but HERSELF. So stop acitng like she killed someone, or committed some horrendous crime against you.
    And stop acting like most teens don’t do the same stupid stuff. When I worked in a middle school for 10 years, I saw SO many incidents of this stuff. MORE than you holy rollers would dare imagine. One indident was a threesome of girls going down on a guy, and the video of it went out to every kid in school. And these were considered VERY good, VERY nice girls from great families. Peer pressure makes kids do VERY dumb, VERY stupid stuff. Vanessa’s mistake is just a good example. But you idiots need to get off your high horses and realize she never meant for any of this to happen, and has lived with this mistake for years.

    It’s the ******** who keeps releasing these same pics who has committed a crime, who has hurt people, and needs to be caught and prosecuted. Vanessa’s already taken the blame, the hate, and the humiliation. You all just need to take your damn hate somewhere else.

  143. 143
    Krispy Kream Says:

    Maybe this young 18 year old dude has a heart and soul and is kind to Vanessa. Maybe if magazines ask him about his relationship with Vanessa he won’t say:
    “That might not be relevant by the time the magazine comes out.”
    “It’s serving me well right now.”
    “I rack my brain trying to figure out why I’m not out there dating.”
    And maybe he’ll open car doors for Vanessa and let her get in ahead of him and hold the door open and help her out of the car. Love and kindness go a long way in a relationship.

  144. 144
    say what? Says:

    @Krispy Kream:

    Yeah maybe- but its much more likely that any interview he would make about her would be taken out of context like you just did with Zac’s.

    After ““I rack my brain trying to figure out why I’m not out there dating”

    He said “but its not my heart” dont know why celebs give interviews because people do crap like you just did but I guess they have to in the biz

    Nothing suggests he was not kind to her and now they are over-by her words- good luck to the next guy with the intense scrutiny and made-up crap about him

  145. 145
    BOJI Says:

    I will speak in defence of Vanessa Hudgens. I have liked her from the beginning and nothing not even those very private pics taken in her youth of a most likely dare or just plain curiosity has changed my feelings towards her. I do believe that she would never have thought that those pics would have gotten into the wrong hands and be posted virally on the internet. No way was any of this her doing. It was a mistake she made and that was so long ago.
    So why are you posters condemning her as a s l u t . She does not deserve this. What has she done to you that makes her so vile and low down?
    I still very much believe that she is a beautiful person inside and out. As a matter of fact, my admiration for her has gone up a couple of notches having seen what she has gone through in the face of adversity and all the put downs. She has handled herself admirably and is one of most genuine persons in the entertainment industry. See for yourselves her rapport with her co-stars. Does that not make you wonder that there must be something to her that makes her so likeable.
    The posters who keep bringing her filipino origins and mind you she is also half caucasian are nothing but racists. Judge her as a person for what and who she is and not by a mistake made in her youth. If this were the case then all of us should be damned to hell as well.
    The person or persons who chose to release those pics at a time when things are going well for her is indeed calculative and vindictive all out to destroy her. Please do not let this person or persons succeed. In doing so you are only allowing yourself to be an adversary to the plot.
    I rest my case.

  146. 146
    Fauve Says:

    In life we all make mistakes whether it is lying to your parents, friends, lover, stealing a pack of gum, cheating on a test, or entrusting someone with your body, and having that trust violated. I am sure if she could have saw what the future would have brought she never would have. She loved the person who she shared the pics with… I know i been there I been her, but I was not famous (well not yet at least, and if I do become famous I will know what to say, because I learned a lot, and hope no one makes the mistakes me and Vanessa made). Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand. Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. The ones who are hating her are either A) Mad because they never got to date Zac Efron and act like she stole their man, and he’s not your man… never was. or B) Because their fantasy romance Zanessa is broken up. That was a joint decision. Long before she was even on the motorcycle with Josh he was seen with many girls, and you all were hating on him. Wishy washy people. They are both single they can do what they want. Having been humiliated by a leak in my High School seven years ago, you more then learn your lesson. The way you all judge people… just wondering when did you learn to walk on water? God complex much? She is doing very well without your support and a lot of us enjoy her, so go spread your hate to more better subjects like terrorism, famine, or war. I always felt that the great high privilege, relief and comfort of friendship was that one had to explain nothing.

  147. 147
    zanessa army Says:

    @sue: zanessa will always be in our hearts ill never give up hope but until they work things out im glad they are both happy

  148. 148
    BARBARA Says:

    @BOJI, i love want you said, and she a beautiful soul, I feel so sorry for her and her family, they have been so hurtful to her wonderful family and her friends, thank god she has them, but she has alot of real fans, like us who love her, the eyes are the window of your soul. and she has a beautiful soul, these people who are doing this have not onlt hurt Vanessa, they hurt all the people and crew people, Zach Syder,very one that worked so hard on the picture, they hurt also, but they love Vanessa,and they support her, i hope they will catch who ever has been doing this, to be put in jail for life, this person is selfish, jealous,and heartless, know matter they will get theres, i ‘ve read on the internet, they are closing on wed sites , some are close down, they will sooner or later get this person.this ugly person, put her in jail for life. I Hope Zac has called her, because alot of people are crtizing him for not supporting his good friend. i hope he has called her, the old Zac would have, he always supported his friends. God Bless Vanessa Anne Hudgensand her family and friends

  149. 149
    BOJI Says:

    Barbara, indeed, I know in my deepest heart Vanessa has a good soul and she has been exemplary of that. Just because she has been see with Josh a couple of times doesn’t mean that they are an item. Even if they are, she has my blessings. What is age difference, nowadays? It is the maturity level of the persons involved that matters. So far all I can see is that they seem to be buddies, nothing tells me otherwise.
    I respect Zac and am not pointing fingers here like some. That I do know that Zac still cares alot for Vanessa and vice versa.
    As to this perpetrator who calculatively slowly released the pics during a period of time where he/she thinks would hurt Vanessa the most. Well, let us not help him/her/them achieve their goal. We know that Karma can be a b i t c h. The person or persons will his/her/their judgement day. I feel but pity for them. Vanessa, bless her has not chosen to reveal who that they are, I’m sure she does know them. My heart really goes out to her and her family. You know she will come out all the stronger for all this. I have faith that she will overcome this with the help of fans.

  150. 150
    yets Says:

    @ Boji thanks for that.
    i love evrything you said.
    im will support her and pray for her always.
    i love her.God Bless her and her Family.

  151. 151
    kodak moment ({o}) Says:

    strech out your ({o}) *click* perfect!!!

  152. 152
    lei Says:

    Boji is right Vanessa can overcome this in our help .
    so pls support her and pray for her and for her Family

  153. 153
    HateSucks Says:

    I am SO bummed. I can’t find a link to these photos, at least not to ALL of them, like the one where she spreads her legs. If anyone has a link, please post it for me.

  154. 154
    LMAO Says:

    @kodak moment ({o}): @HateSucks: Go back to the hole you crawled out from…….

  155. 155
    maria Says:

    You can see what Josh and ALL of her costars see in her…’s a quote from Josh:
    “Vanessa is amazing,” Hutcherson (most known for playing Annette Bening and Julianne Moore’s son in The Kids Are All Right) told me in January about working with the Sucker Punch starlet. “She’s so sweet. When you think of a young actress in Hollywood a lot of stuff comes to your mind but she blows that all away. She’s so nice, so down to earth and so silly. She’s amazing. Just amazing.”

  156. 156
    BOJI Says:

    Maria, bless you! You are so right. Vanessa is one of the kindest, sweetest, considerate, friendliest and most endearing celebrity I know. All who have met her including celebrities themselves have nothing but nice and lovely things to say about Vanessa.

  157. 157
    Hanna Says:

    I loooooooove vanessa, and the way she is, SO ADORABLE! and the way she grew up so mature, and now she try to be happy by her own, and she doesn’t care about what the haters say, so c’mon shut up she still being famous anyway, still pretty being anyway and a lot of guys that want to be with her, sooooo ZAC WHO? :-) Well, he deserves happiness for sure, and i believe that he will find it, i don’t with someone else… and stop the issue of their relationship, IT’S PAST get over it please, each are making their life. And now i want to say that josh is super hot, and not to see them dating with her LIKE FRIENDS some times, means something, and have you seen desesperate housewifes,? he looks like tom scavo :) JUST SAYIN’ i know that no one cares lmfao just occurred to me, yeeeeeei!

  158. 158
    Hanna Says:

    sorry i mean i don’t know with someone else, he will find someone that can make him happy :)

  159. 159
    florence Says:

    @Hanna: Zac has found someone ne to make him happy his ninja boys. There is a video on youtube of him and them messing around in a car park with Zac on a skateboard and one of them jumping over him, and I can tell you that Zac is full of smiles and laughing, so the split has not bothered him at all, and it would seem that he’s not such a good friend of Vanessa’s as he’s beenm no wear near her to see how she is doing, so what that Josh has at least he’s being a friend to her more than can be said for efron.

    All he cares about now is drinking, clubbing, groping other women and hanging out with his ‘ boys’ acting like their 12yrs old.

    You can guaranetee though when he does have the guts to resurface again the scowl will be back and the ‘ oh please feel sorry for me’ face. Hell no he’s out and about enjoying himself and I’m glad that V is to, and he’s no where in sight or near her so good for her.

  160. 160
    florence Says:

    @Hanna: Zac has found someone ne to make him happy his ninja boys. There is a video on youtube of him and them messing around in a car park with Zac on a skateboard and one of them jumping over him, and I can tell you that Zac is full of smiles and laughing, so the split has not bothered him at all, and it would seem that he’s not such a good friend of Vanessa’s as he’s beenm no wear near her to see how she is doing, so what that Josh has at least he’s being a friend to her more than can be said for efron.

    All he cares about now is drinking, clubbing, groping other women and hanging out with his ‘ boys’ acting like their 12yrs old.

    You can guaranetee though when he does have the guts to resurface again the scowl will be back and the ‘ oh please feel sorry for me’ face. Hell no he’s out and about enjoying himself and I’m glad that V is to, and he’s no where in sight or near her so good for her.

  161. 161
    kyle Says:

    If they want to be friendly with other people or want to date other people, let them be. No need to bash Vanessa or Zac about it. They are mature enough to know what they want and who they want to be with, let us trust their judgment and be sensible enough to accept their choices. If in the end, they still end up together, then good for them and good for Zanessa fans like me and you. However, if they don’t – then let’s also move-on but continue to support them individually.

  162. 162
    mhay Says:

    I love Vanessa Hudgens!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. 163
    jane Says:

    josh was spotted leaving vanessa’s house in the morning of the 16th.

    it’s very possible he spent the night at her house:
    1. his bike is positioned differently than when he and vanessa arrived at her place in the afternoon
    2. stella tweeted that she had so much fun riding a ducati last night, which is the type of bike josh rides
    3. josh was wearing a watch when he and vanessa arrived and he leaves w/o a watch on.

  164. 164
    hahah Says:

    *****-.- stop kissing her as$ for once

  165. 165
    hahah Says:

    hudgens fans can’t handle the fact that she’s a ****

  166. 166
    BOJI Says:

    Why are you so quick to jump to conclusions and who said he spent the night at Vanessa’s house. Even if he did, what does it mean? He spent the night at her house, so what? It doesn’t mean he slept with her, we don’t know that. Can’t a guy crash over at a friend’s place, most likely Stella was there too and does that make a threesome then? Perception is in the eyes of the beholder. Such narrow-mindedness is just boggling. Just because a guy friend sleeps over does not mean there is hanky panky and besides where is the proof that he did indeed sleep over. You were there issit? Lurking and stalking the house, 24/7?

  167. 167
    bella Says:

    @hahah: Shut up

  168. 168
    hahah Says:

    @bella: sorry i can’t but you can

  169. 169
    meryam Says:

    jane but vanessa and josh were spotted together 14 march he can’t wear the same clothes in two days i think thos photos were taken 14 march

  170. 170
    mhay Says:

    i think its march its a same day because that night they went to a Concert.

  171. 171
    Lady Says:

    @barbara you know zac call vanessa.look they both got a tattoo.and the are still wear think on there arm.they know that the story was come out.they still love each.i belive with all my heart that they will be together again i say befor somethink now right. with all this.i think make she did say all the think that was print. you know how people put think in the story. i could be wrong but i think zac was there at the she talk to the report.was this in dec.and look they are not date other would think would be date by now.n vanessa. but they not. they go out with friendstill think they are on a break./ hi karn how think go on with your mom and dad.

  172. 172
    Merlin's Mum Says:

    Hope all the accusers have looked at the artical on TMZ. The FBI said that up to 50 celebs are believed to have been hacked. V is just one of them. That means that I doubt that it’s Zac or his PR’S then.

  173. 173
    cosmos Says:

    The lack of humanity from some of you sadly does not suprise me in todays world. Its so quick to judge a woman based on decisions she personally makes. Yes, I say personally because the only person that it affects is the individual themselves – NOT YOU! Open your EYES and realize that PRIVACY is PRIVACY and we all start to loose some of it the minute we post on sites like this. I cannot WAIT for the day when the press annouces who is responsible for this malicious behavioir and sadly I don’t believe it is one person. Then maybe your humanity may come back though with some of you I question whether you have some at all.

    In regards to Josh, OH MY GOD send out the alert! She went for a bike ride with a co-worker/friend. Good lord! You would think she committed some horrible crime rather than enjoying some time with someone she is close to and just escaping for a bit. She has an amazing personality (yes, I’ve met her) and she’s someone you want to be around. Hence, why you always here about how amazing she is from everyone she works with. She isn’t a diva. She doesn’t show up late to set and not know her lines. She works hard and is respectable to everyone. Why do you think she is close to I don;t know her HSM co-stars, Gaelan, Aly and everyone in Bandslam, Neil, Mary Kate, Alex and Daniel have raved about her while working with her on Beastly. Umm and then there is Zach and the Sucker Punch ladies. Jena went to Beastly premiere and she was just with Emily the other night at the Laker game. Not to mention Brittany and the concert she went to the other night was in support of one of her other best friends Laura New. Stop the JUDGEMENT and if YOU DON’T care for her MOVE THE HELL ON. Because honestly she has millions of fans who love her for WHO she IS. Yes, she may not have a gazillion fans like some, but the group she has are truly heart felt and ones that will be with her throughout her career not like some of the fical fans of others. Regarding Mr Efron – can we move on. He’s not with her right now. No one knows the future so let them both live their lives the way they want to. I’m not going to judge Zac it’s his life and personally not the biggest fan but I’m not going to shoot darts back and forth and waste my time. Neither should you.

  174. 174
    cosmos Says:

    Yep, she met with the FBI yesterday. All I have to say is THANK GOD they are finally going to get this group of truly SICK people. The fact that they do this for a thrill makes me want to vomit. And I hope for those of you who keep commenting about them realize that you are in the same group and find that humanity I was talking about.

  175. 175
    say what? Says:

    @Merlin’s Mum:

    Yes- this is a good thing for a lot of people apparently, I wish she had got them involved sooner.

    Some of Vanessa’s destructive fans wild accusations blaming Zac and his “team: for everything short of the earthquake was really getting quite out of hand, coupled with the fake made up vicious stories some of their active imaginations posted on this site I really really hope that people can leave these kids alone to live in peace without this continual attacking nonsense that has gotten popular

  176. 176
    Lyla Says:

    You have no idea how Zac feels about the break up. Just because he’s out there with his buddies doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care or that he wasn’t hurt. He could be laughing and having fun as a cover up, trying to hide his true feelings. Or, he could just be ready to move on, just as Vanessa is doing. She’s been all smiles lately also. Why is it okay for her, but not for Zac?

    You also do not know if he has checked on her to see how she is doing. Do you have access to their cell phones? Maybe she told him not to come around, or maybe they decided that together. There are all sorts of scenarios, and you have absolutely no idea what has gone on between them. To just randomly come to the conclusion that you did is ridiculous. You are no better than the people saying bad things about Vanessa. You should not make statements concernong things that you know nothing about. Whatever happened is their private business. We are not entitled to know anything more than what they choose to share with us, and historically, that has been very little, which is as it should be.

  177. 177
    BARBARA Says:

    JANE, Those pictures were taken the same day, she went to Kim K. party were one of her best friend Sara. new, who has a band, witch Vanessa, and Brittany, and several other friends were in the VIP, room, Josh was there, enjoyed the band, Ken Baker, from E, said they were not together, she left at 9:30,and she was alone in her car, when she left.

  178. 178
    fabp Says:

    i like…he’s a cutie – and so what if vanessa’s been nude or posing sexy – u gotta if ur hollywood. i feel sorry for the prudes in this world or maybe the haters are just FAT ;D

  179. 179
    BOJI Says:

    The matter concerned is in the hands of the FBI. All sites with the links and those of you who have it stored in your comp. are commiting a criminal offence for perpetuating this. 1) those were pics of a minor 2) infringement of a privacy act 3) Stealing/hacking into someone’s private account. Take Note, legal action can and will be taken against you.

  180. 180
    sorry but Says:

    Keep on dreamin if that makes you feel better. As if the thousands of guys who jerk off to her porrn photos in the States and around the world were going to go to jail or even get scolded by the police LMAO

  181. 181
    tina Says:

    @sorry but: It’s called child porn and yes you a-hole there is a federal law against it. I hope they trace some of it to your computer.

  182. 182
    yets Says:

    @sorry but: yes even you and your dirty mine…

  183. 183
    yets Says:

    @sorry but; i hope you trace by the FBI.

  184. 184
    leia Says:


    Stop worrying so much about other people’s lives and how two adults behave. It’s freaking bizarre and so annoyingly self righteous. who the hell are you to say how they should act?? YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THEM.

  185. 185
    bethi14 Says:

    sorry BUT…….I have to side with zac. she broke his heart!! i think he went to see her in hawaii and saw v and josh more than friends. she broke his heart and he broke up with her. they tried to work things out few times like eden club and nc but he prob couldnt forgive her cheating on him with josh or she chose to be with josh…..explains his sad face and hiding out and drinking to drown his sorrows. hope shes happy with the new kid cuz hes way too young ick….my heart with zac!

  186. 186
    amelia25 Says:

    Go Nessa!

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