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Vanessa Hudgens: Bike Ride with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens: Bike Ride with Josh Hutcherson!

Vanessa Hudgens flashes a smile while arriving at her house with actor Josh Hutcherson on Tuesday (March 15) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old Beastly star went for a ride on her Journey 2: The Mysterious Island co-star’s motorcycle with a pink helmet.

In case you missed it, check out Vanessa‘s Shape cover, where she talks about her fast food addiction, fit physique, and relationship with Zac Efron!

10+ pictures of Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson out for a motorcycle ride at

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apparently josh and zac are on the same basketball team ?

uh awkward.

You know he’s tugged off to the thought of her hundreds of times by now.

Yeah for the E league, if it’s true. And that speaks againnst the rumor that V and Josh are more then friends, at least for me, bc that would be akward no matter what.

@lauren: Really. josh should talk to him and say that vanessa needs all the support. I am not sure that is going to happen because i think he has a little crush on vanessa. I know she doesn’t feel the same way. He is like a brother and a friend to her.

Haters are so lame seriously if they have problems why are they even bothered wasting there precious time writing crap about her honestly HATERS GET A LIFE.Btw sucker punch will be awesome vanessa will rock it along with her costars<3

i think Vanessa is Single for 3 months People.

adriana-lima @ 03/16/2011 at 10:08 am

***** -.-
f**K this***

I want ZANESSA plz!!!!

I don’t see the big deal about her. She’s so ordinary, average looking at best.

people are so jealous!!! they stole her private photos and now they post them in internet before her big days/premiers!!! get life, people!!!


I heard that too. That they both will be playing in the same E League Basketball Team.

Yeah, I think that would really be awkward to both Zac and Josh. My opinion is that Vanessa and Josh are just friends going out for a motocycle ride. I know that age doesn’t matter to some people, but don’t think that Vanessa would go out with someone that young. I’m sure she knows better. I could be wrong in the long run, but I guess we all will just have to see, if the two are more than friends.

If I remember right, Zac and Josh were seen together with Vanessa in Hawaii in a boat when Zac visisted Vanessa on her movie set back in November. Didn’t Zac mention that he is friends with Josh?? don’t think that Josh would ruin his friendship with Zac.

She is having fun!!!!

I’m really disgusted at all of these comments regarding Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa Hudgens is a classy girl and she didn’t leak these photos. Vanessa Hudgens isa a clasys person. She doesn’t party and hang out at bars every night. She spends most of her time with her family and friends. You guys who are judiging her and slamming her and her mother are wrong. Gina Hudgens is a good mother and she is a sweet person. You guys who are slandering vanessa are wrong. There is ntohing that anyone could do to persuade me from being a fan of vanessa hudgens. Vanessa Hudgens is her own person and she is setting a good example for people. She has talent. And you guys need to get help. Stop slandering people. Vanessa Hudgens is a classy girl!

@Amber: You’re very incorrect on this. There are just as many people out there who are willing to defend everything Zac is doing right now. Remember, he’s the guy who in interview after interview said he wasn’t into bar hopping etc. It seems like that’s all we’ve been hearing about him doing lately. And then him being seen out with all these different women, including Teresa Palmer. His fans defend all of these actions too. So, don’t worry there are plenty of people out there who have Zac’s back as there are people who have Vanessa’s. I would say the playing field is even.

I am going to go out on a limb here (because I really don’t know for sure) and say that Vanessa and Josh are just good friends. We have to remember that people in this business don’t really strike up friendships the same way the rest of us do. Many of us meet friends at work, and for these two, work is a movie set. You can see that Vanessa has made friends with her HSM costars and her Sucker Punch costars (who were basically all female). What’s the harm in her striking a friendship up with another costar. I would think right now, having people around her who have her back and care about her well being is very important to her. And who doesn’t like a little male companionship from time to time? Josh is a safe guy for her to hang out with.

first time and last time HERE @ 03/16/2011 at 12:46 pm

Nasty Little Beyotch. Oh and good timing for titty photos, since your movie beastly is doing crappy at the box office

hateVanessa's fans @ 03/16/2011 at 12:50 pm


You’re lame! Grow up!

And two incoherent statements from ignorant twits. You want to know what I think, Zac wanted to have his cake and eat it too. He wants Vanessa to be his girl who he gets to come home to after he parties with friends, gets drunk in bars, and feels up ( and probably more) other women. As usual he is hiding out letting his people do the dirty work for him. I not saying his people did release the pictures but look at the timing of all the releases. 1) just before they went into negotiations for HSM3 where she should have gotten more money and time on screen. 2) right before a movie that was aimed at tweens whose parents buy tickets.3) now when she is on top of everything. Fashion Week 7 top designers send her clothes and put her on the front row. New endorsement for Candies. Big spread in Instyle mag. Article. Movie opening at number 3 in BO. Critic who don’t like the movie like her acting. Appearances on Regis and Kelly, David Letterman and MTV. Getting ready to start promotions for one of the most anticipated movies of the year.
WHY WOULD SHE NEED TO LEAK PHOTOS. She is obviously coming out on top of this break up AND SHE NEVER SAYS ANYTHING BAD ABOUT ZAC.
Now that the police are involved I hope none of you are shocked when arrests are made.

Butterfly @ 03/16/2011 at 1:35 pm

I am a fan of hers but I can understand if people think whatever of her when they see these pics.I thought some bad things too,especially about the girl-kissing pics because I hate fake-lesbians or fun-lesbians because they think boys find lesbians hot.and I hate if a girl does everything for her bf. besides, she is not that young in her pics. she is certainly above 16 and you should have enough brain at that age. but I am her ‘fan’ since hsm2 that was 2007 it’s not easy to hate someone so quickly but sometimes I really ask myself who she really is…
ah,and to josh: I don’t think she’s dating him cause she said the relationship with zac didn’t work cause they didn’t have the time so it was quite unlogical if she had a new boy so quickly :P

vanessa post on here really bring out the crazies … she’s just a normal person trying to live as much as a normal life her career will let her.

relationships in your teens and early twenties aren’t supposed to last forever … that is the time when you learn how to cope with adult situations and find out who you are compatible with and who you are not. As a country the USA really needs to teach basic psychology and human behavior at the early high school level because so many people are wandering around at young ages lost.

the american dream of falling in love at a young age and getting married before your adult life has even began is shoved down our throats from when we are little and it is so unhealthy. We are evolved enough in 2011 to put our bibles away for good and learn how people work and how to interact with each other in a healthy fashion.

to those of you criticizing vanessa’s choices you are not in any position to. She is just trying to live her life and we should let her. High School Musical is over and your should be moving on as she is.

Who knows what’s going on but I think that they are just friends, Josh seems like a great guy though and I can just imagine him maybe just simply called her in the morning telling her to pack a bag and then they could get out of LA for a while and go for a drive and just let all the crap just wash a way for a while, if that’s the case I find it to be really sweet of him. And the two of them lookn great and I’m glad that they had fun, Vanessa looks happy and relaxed.

@Butterfly: Your not a fan of Vanessa’s your a fan of Zac’s. Those picture were taken at a sleep over before HSM they were probably playing truth or dare or some other game. Nothing is new except the fact that someone hates her enough to keep releasing these pictures. That the silliest thing I have heard you say (and you’ve said some whoppers) . Go back to kissing Zac’s ass and leave her alone.

who cares @ 03/16/2011 at 2:17 pm

“noo the pictures are old” BLAH BLAH BLAH
why can’t you admit that she’s a $lut??
stop defending her we’re not stupid to believe that she’s not the one who leaked the pictures.-.-

aguilera fan @ 03/16/2011 at 2:20 pm


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