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Amanda Seyfried & Ryan Phillippe: Peace Run

Amanda Seyfried & Ryan Phillippe: Peace Run

Ryan Phillippe flashes a peace sign as he walks his dog around his neighborhood on Wednesday (March 16) in Los Angeles.

While the 36-year-old actor walked with his furry friend, Ryan‘s girlfriend Amanda Seyfried was out for a jog just around the block.

Both Ryan and Amanda looked to be in high spirits as they both enjoyed the California sun.

Earlier this week, it was rumored that Ryan may be expecting a baby with ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp.

FYI: Amanda is wearing a “Kate” tank by Market.

10+ pictures inside of Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe strolling around the block…

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amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 01
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 02
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 03
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 04
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 05
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 06
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 07
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 08
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 09
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 10
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 11
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 12
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 13
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe peace run 14

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  • Jessica

    I give them credit for sticking together. I think they make a great couple.

  • ano22

    which one is the dog in the picture?

  • marsha

    DILF! Someone had to say it.

  • ano22

    he was actually trying to flash “number three” for baby number 3 but is to douche and dumb to count.

  • boston61

    Expecting a baby with his ex. How sweet. This scum should be shunned for society for acting like such animals. Him and his fertile ex. Didn’t her mother ever teach her about the birth control.? Freaking trash. I’m happy Reese is rid of this degenerate.

  • love u amanda

    run away from him, amanda! u deserve so much better. at her age there’s almost no limit to the number of better guys out there.
    ryan comes with way too much baggage. i don’t care how much he looves dogs (a quality she loves), many guys do!

  • Shan

    I’d be so pissed if people were taking photos of my nugga-nuggas bouncing while I jogged.

  • love

    since when did having a kid with your girlfriend make you a dog? some people are way too into the lives of others.

  • k


    Lol, like Reese is a saint? You do know Reese was 7 months pregnant when she and Ryan got married right? Pregnancy “out-of-wedlock” happens, get over it. At least he’s a committed, hands-on, financially stable dad, more than a lot of babies born to unmarried and married mothers alike get.

  • ano22

    let’s do some history love (d/t your ignorance): ryan cheated on his gf then alexis on her own birthday, alexis is the girl he cheated with while still with abbie, and abbie was the girl that he cheated with while still married to reese. if that’s not a dog you do the math.

  • Mean Girl

    Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Duh!

  • ella

    amanda what are you doing with this as****???????? its not enought that he is a womanizer and his ex is pregnat
    run girl you can do better

  • 65

    the chick has minge tattooed on her foot. she is not an innocent little baby.

  • Pattycake

    @boston61: Yes, anyone having sex is just too awful for words! And having a baby, when one can just get rid of it? Shameful. Welcome to the 1950′s.

  • ano22

    and k: everyone makes mistakes but when you do the same you are not just dumb…you become like, as boston61 says, more like an animal.

  • RebeccaS

    a wife beater tank? really, ryan?

  • ano22

    amandumb siegfried!

  • ano22

    amandaumb seyfried

  • ano22

    amanda sidefried

  • mike

    Lol at the girls sticking together

  • The Truth

    JJ why try to make this look good and its not Ryan cheated on Amanda with his ex and everyone knows this. He already admitted that he would take care are the child. Why is he trying to deny it now? Ryan just got caught this time that’s all.Amanda need to dump him right now.Anybody that break -up with me then come back is crazy. e should have Amanda that he was still invovled with his ex and thye was still seeing his ex. t shouldn’t have cameout tha way;its good that pictures wasn’t taken are them together.JJ you know ryan got his ex -girlfriend preganat This is not good for ryan to be smiling right. He just like his ex -wife Rese who cheat on jake. Both are the are alike. Hope Amanda leaves him soon.

  • Russ

    @The Truth: The woman is in her second trimester. Ryan and Amanda have just begun their relationship.

  • ano22

    reese didn’t cheat on jake…tsk tsk..she got involved with jim after.

  • commonsense

    @k: Do you know why he’s financially stable? Because of Reese’s money!

  • julie

    i like Ryan, stay out of his business, you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. geeze.

  • twelve

    @commonsense: seriously? im not a fan of the guy but he makes good money.

  • rememba

    @julie: silly fans like you, who condone these “entitled” hollywood stars like ryan, just don’t get it.

  • hollywood

    Amanda wake up dating d-bags and doing crap movies won’t further your career

  • Lawrence

    Ryan = major DILF!.

  • kikay

    one of this day Amanda is gonna wake up w/ her racks already down on her stomach from fooling around w/ this midgety douchebag.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^cute


  • sam

    he is going to be doing some damage control photo ops soon.. i predict some type of charity thing. but i honestly hope the kids don’t get dragged into this in a negative way.

  • Just a fact

    Amanda gets fat very easily. She needs live on a diet and work out a lot.

  • check the past

    Ryan will handle this girl playing him for his wallet the best way and probably love and support his child much better then most men. I give him a ton of credit. He’s been down this road before and demonstrated what a decent person he is.

  • http://kjlfjlkd Fela

    For those who don’t like Amanda and Ryan be together don’t worry I just found out that they have ended their relationship.

  • Kiley

    Alexis is not operating like someone who wants the best for her child she is acting like someone who wants fame, money and power. To come out with the story the week a new movie is coming out shows that she is making a money grab. That alone should tell you who to “side” with.

  • offtheproperty

    Ryan is scum.

  • offtheproperty

    @Jessica: What are you going to give them credit for when they break-up? (It’s been what 2-3 months? ha.)

  • offtheproperty

    Ryan should end it all now or eventually after he has damaged some more people’s lives.

  • k

    @commonsense: What are you talking about? As a fan of both Ryan AND Reese, I know he did not ask for ANY spousal support or anything of that sort. He makes his own money. Read for yourself here:,,20039433,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

    They split everything 50/50, which is required by California law. It also makes sense given that they were together before either of them was really worth much, and he was more successful than her when they wed. They also bought the house together, and he let her keep it.

    Basically, don’t spout off about things you know nothing about.

  • InTheIndustry

    All this is to say really is Reese is no saint either.
    She DID cheat on Jake with this ugly looking dude from CAA. She needs to be with a man that will hand over his nuts and kiss the ground she walks on and this guy will do it. He is nothing nice either but she will see that in time.
    Ryan someday will figure out things but he HAS ALWAYS did the right thing especially when it comes to his kids.
    Its too bad that he will always be known as the CHEATER between him and Reese. But there is ALWAYS 2 to make a relationship work or not. I dont feel Ryan should continue to be blamed for the marriage ending. Again Reese wasnt a saint like she pretends to be!