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Hunter Parrish: 'Hunger Games' Star?

Hunter Parrish: 'Hunger Games' Star?

Hunter Parrish is in talks with producers to play the role of Peeta Mellark in the upcoming Hunger Games film!

The 23-year-old Weeds actor told E! that he’s met with producers and that he’d be “grateful” to get to play Peeta on the big screen.

“Regardless of whether I’m a part of the film or not, I feel honored to just sort of be thought of,” Hunter said, adding, “I read the books all last year.”

As for potential co-stars, Hunter said he’d love to work with Jennifer Lawrence, who’s rumored to have nabbed the part of protagonist Katniss Everdeen.

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  • ye

    He is pretty hot :)

  • griffin

    I would prefer him to Alex. He looks perfect.

  • ashley

    i really hope not. he looks too old. amongst other things.

  • Flor

    I love Hinter for Peeta but Still not sur e about Jennifer as Katniss so until The first trailer comes out And I can see her in character I’m not seeing this.

  • Kristina

    YESSS!! He’s been my Peeta all along! <3

  • ziggie

    hope its not this guy !!!

  • jarm

    Yes!..Jennifer Lawrence and Hunter Parrish will look fantastic together, great chemistry!.

  • blondie

    Please! Hunter for Peeta would be perfect! He’s been my Peeta since i started reading the books! I’m still not crazy about Jennifer as Katniss but she’s a terrific actress though!

  • electric blue

    YES PLEASE!!!!!

  • http://n/a grace


  • Joanna

    uhhh NO!

  • griffin

    People should watch Winters Bone on DVD to see why Jennifer is a good match for Katniss. She played a really tough and also vulnerable part, she did an amazing job.

  • Courtney

    He is the perfect Peeta!

  • Sierra

    I really hope Huner is chosen for this part! He’s a fabulous actor and I’m sure he’d give the role the spark it has. :)

  • Max

    OMG this is the best news all week =)

  • Karla

    As long as it’s not Alex or Josh Im open about it. Hunter is cute but i want Jeremy Sumpter. I think jennifer is not good for the role, i prefer haille more. And why hasnt there been news for the role of Gale?

  • Sarrie

    cute but a shorty

  • sci fic fans

    too old to play 16 years old Peeta, and also too short to match with Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Tess


    I totally was imagining him as Peeta when I read the books!


  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Why 19 for average people???

  • M

    I guess hunter is ok, i would like it to be alex pettyfer but still..
    But jennifer is way too sexy to play katniss in my opinion. I mean, in the book she’s supposed to be pretty but not sexy, that’s what they all kept telling her!! If you read the books, you know what I’m talking about

  • kmb

    Please, no. He’s weird looking and too old and thin to play Peeta. I can’t be the only one who thinks he’s a bad choice!

  • Lucy

    he’s not too old!!!
    who do you want? justin bieber??????

  • Lucy

    he’s not too old!!!
    who do you want? justin bieber??????

  • cc

    I would be very disappointed if he gets the role of Peeta. Alex Pettyfer is a much better match.

  • Dim

    He would be a really good Peeta and he seems very into the books, so I am even more excited for the movie!

  • jenn


  • Gabby

    I hope they pick him. He’d be great at Peeta and he can act.
    Still not sure about Jennifer Lawrence though.

  • hannah

    OH myh gosh. Oh my gosh.

  • Carla

    I dont want him OR alex pettyfer.

  • Marianne

    He would be ok, but I do think he is too old. Even if they rush the production so that they can have 1 movie out every year, he will be 27 by the last movie. And thats if they go the route. I can understand why they might not want to hire a teenager, but I think then they should at least be picking someone in the 18-20 range. But we’ll see.

  • Abby

    @Marianne: I agree. Its not just about how the person looks NOW, its also about how they are going to look years down the road. Their going to have to look like a teenager years from now.

  • Cheska

    i’ve been waiting for an article like this for a long time. Hunter must be Peeta!

  • noname

    I can’t wait for this movie!!dying to see who will play Gale..I want Avan Jogia to be.

  • Chelsea

    Ok so he’s not my #1 choice (that’d be “The Reader’s” David Kross) but I won’t be up in arms if Hunter is cast. He’s practically heaven-sent compared to Alex Pettyfer.

  • Elyse

    OMG he has been my choice for Peeta from the beginning. He’s not only an amazing actor, he is such a kind soul in real life just like the character of Peeta. He was born to play this role. Sign him up!

  • fckyouifyouclickit

    HE’S PEETA. Alex is JACE Wayland. Got it?
    He’s too old? hey jennifer is 20, and the other guy that considered for the role is max iron whos also around his 20.

    I hope lionsgate wont disappoint me for the second time

  • Cilla

    YEEEEEEEEESSSSS !!! Might be him !! He’s my Peeta !! Cute, handsome and a new face.

  • Dim


    I know right? Alex is just too uncharismatic whilst Hunter is just…I’m so speechless right now. If they do NOT pick Hunter, I will start a riot and hold a petition!

  • Kelsey

    OMG, I seriously want him to play Peeta! He’d be perfect. And to all the nay-sayers, well Hunter is 23 have you taken a look at Alex Pettyfer. I mean, I know Alex is younger, but he looks older than Hunter. And Hunter has charisma. The perfect kind of charisma that he needs to play Peeta!

    And as for Jennifer Lawrence, she is perfect to play Katniss. Watch Winter’s Bone if you don’t believe me.

  • Radi

    I am laughing at people saying Hunter is too old… I mean HAVE YOU SEEN HOW OLD ARE THE ACTORS WHO PLAY ON GLEE. And they are supposed to be 16… If anything Hunter looks young enough!

    He’s always been my Peeta, and as I don’t like Jennifer at all the only way I’m gonna watch the movie is if they choose him.

  • IjnNah
  • haley

    He’s perfect for Peeta! and for the people saying Alex, I’m sorry, but he isn’t a very good actor and is dedicating himself to another series. Which, by the way, isn’t the Mortal Instruments. -_-
    Alex had two chances to wow American audiences this year and both movies were flops. I have read I Am Number Four and Beastly, and both movies are terrible! His American accent definitely needs some improvement, as well.
    And I do love Alex. I was a fan of his back when Stormbreaker came out. I love his British work, just not American.
    He’s also lost my respect for turning down Mortal Instruments in such a rude way.

  • mikemosier

    God you are so HOTTTTT!!!!!