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Joe Jonas Covers 'Details' April 2011 Issue

Joe Jonas Covers 'Details' April 2011 Issue

Joe Jonas takes the cover of Details‘ April 2011 issue. Looking hot!

Here’s what the 21-year-old entertainer had to share with the mag:

On living on his own in L.A.: “[My place] is like my mini New York. I got my gym a few blocks away. I like to watch all the crazy characters in the neighborhood.”

On branching outside the Jonas Brothers: “I’m growing up, the fans are growing up. I’ve gone through a lot of stuff in my life so far. There are stories I haven’t really been able to tell. When you’re writing with three people, you wind up with a sound that might be – not average – but, you know, expected.”

On getting his heart broken two years ago: “I won’t say her name. But I was in a relationship, and we tried to work things out, and she, you know – I was really upset because she, she broke up with me.”

On his relationship with Ashley Greene: “[It] feels good. I think what works about it is she really puts my feelings first. She understands my busy schedule. She’ll fly out to my shows – she’s been to places in South America that I can’t even pronounce.”

For more of Joe‘s interview, check out!

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Photos: Norman Jean Roy/Details
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  • francie

    looks good

  • Reba

    The comment about his house in L.A. is laughable. Does he hear himself talking? Also, the girl he is referring to is probably Camilla Belle.

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Not good and vapid

  • self absorbed much?

    “I think what works about it is she really puts my feelings first. ”

    I see, so as long as it’s all about him, it works. Nice attitude.

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Try me in magazin im better than this

  • hann

    Is this guy Palestinian? Lebanese? Egyptian? Syrian? Jordanian?

  • yaaasssss

    @hann: and if he was? do you have a problem with arabs?

  • fritzen

    Poor Joe, he thinks that he could be the next big thing or he would still be popular after he went solo from his bros. – but then Justin Beiber came along…

  • Violet

    Um, he just called his brothers’ music average and expected. Did I miss the point when this guy turned into a big egomaniacal douche? And he is not as attractive as his thinks he is. Next.

  • Kerri

    @Violet: He is so full of himself. I can’t believe i used to like him. I guess we all grow up and realize who people really are. Why is ashley greene with him anyway? she can do better. Didn’t she used to date chace crawford?

  • http://orkut honey

    JOE LOOKS HAWT……..hater just GTFO…

  • Kimmy

    everyone knows he’s gay

  • hann

    @yaaasssss: No, I never INSINUATED that I have a problem with Arabs. What the FCK are you talking about????

    Why would I have a problem with Arabs? asking if someone is an Arab makes me have BAD feelings about them? He really does look like an Arab so I’m surprised that term has never been associated with him or his brothers.

    go pick a fight somewhere else

  • Lauren

    U haters need to stop being so mean to Joe

  • Kerri

    @lauren: Everyone can have an opinion. I am just saying that after what he did to Taylor swift and Demi lovato. He just seems like a player thats all. I am sure he isn’t such a bad person but when it comes to relationships he just seems so full of himself.

  • yaaasssss

    @hann: i;m sorry boo. I just assumed you were being rude or somewhat racist. I’m glad I was wrong :)

  • Jamilia

    what can i say ” beaut” he looks really good and is doing well just wish he didnt go out with Ashley Greene but cant wait for his album to come out i am anxoius to here the sound he has come up with,it;s good Joe and Nick are solo becasue they have different styles and different fan bases xx Joe The older Jonas Fans 17- 21 and Nick 13- 17 o9r what ever but he looks so damn HOT

  • Kana

    He’s so hot, but looks so gay in those photos.

  • anna

    The relationship is good because his girlfriend puts HIS feelings first? What a douchebag.

  • Melissa

    @hann: Uh no he’s white. He’s really become quite handsome I think. Yummy.

  • blah

    for some people that wrote in here (called fans or haters) that complain with everything and claim he is gay and douchbag is the reason why Joe is talking about like that in the interview…..he is so tired of the bs that some you created so…dont complain if you dont like him why are you here….

  • Bubbaness

    So he’s a self-centered douche and his girlfriend is a needy follower.

  • blah

    @Bubbaness: douchbag? lol well Bieber is worst so….

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …Do the Jonas Brothers still make music? …Ayo, shout out to Just Bieber for ending the JoBro’s. Bieber pulled a straight jack-move on the JoBro’s fans, and he did it in no time.
    …At least this Brother was smart enough to date Ashley Greene so he can ride on her Twilight fame since his music one was dying.

  • susan

    Joe is so hot! he is madure and not a kid. he is mature and not a kid.
    I love Joe
    Jashley is over now. I’m so happy, because ashley is a bad woman

  • Jeb Hunter

    David Cassidy ended Bobby Sherman….Leif Garrett ended David Cassidy…..Rick Springfield ended Leif Garrett……….fast forward……….Bieber ended the Jonas Bros……….and in next 12-18 months some embarrassingly talentless nitwit will end Bieber………and the tide rolls on.

    The Jonas Bros and Miley Cyrus can no longer sell tickets which is their major source of revenue.

    Nick Jonas was placed in Les Mis last summer to sell tickets to teens for the summer doldrums in the theater……….he was thoroughly embarrassed and so far out of his depth onstage with brilliant singers that he badly embarrassed Cameron Mackintosh.

    Nice kids for sure but very little talent well marketed to tweens through Disney………heard that before? Read the names at the start of this post.

  • British Latin American

    The most talented and beautiful of the Jonas Brothers.

  • British Latin American

    @Melissa: Joe is has a lot of southern italian and black irish ancestry. A lot of people from the middle east are considered white. Not hating, just saying.

  • Aidualc

    With the lighting and photoshop used on the photos he almost looks good.
    Also he sounds full of himself.

  • Lu

    god, i want he now

  • J. Ryan Roberts


    I believe he’s a large part Italian which you can definitely tell when his hair is longer.

    also in most relationships there is a star – it’s a fact of life and human relations – i see it every single day at my school. the only difference here is that it’s on the national stage but it doesn’t mean that he’s any worse then people you see everyday. he doesn’t seem like he’s a bad guy, a little self absorbed but still decent.

  • British Latin American

    And people, you have to keep in mind that the editors and journalists may have had a hand in what was printed in the article.

  • ozzie

    sweet guy … needs to come out of the closet … he’d be happier … he always looks so sad all the time.

  • Frida

    lol, why does he sound so upset that SHE broke up with HIM? it happens, bro….get over it.

  • commonsense

    The fact that I think he looks good in these photos tells me how much airbrushing they did!

  • anthony

    I didn’t care for him one way or the other, never heard the music since I am too old to be a Disney CH fan.. I only knew him as the guy who pissed off Taylor Swift, then somehow got lucky with gorgeous Camilla Bell and then gets Ashley Greene!!! Didn’t get it… and now I really don’t the guy sounds full of himself. He loves how a gorgeous actress with a life of her own just puts his feelings first…He things he is gods gift or he is a damn girl .

  • Reg

    WOW he has grown into a sexy man !!

  • KeniValder

    @hann: he is He is of Irish, Cherokee, Italian, and German descent.

  • http://www. yas

    what a bimbo lmfao

  • Tasha

    So he’s a self-centered prick and Ashley Greene is a needy door-mat.

  • Alex Cheney

    Wish there were more photos of him in the leather jacket. He’s hot!

  • pup

    No wonder Demi Lovato went all nuclear.Because he was still not over Camilla Belle.



  • British Latin American

    @KeniValder: The Cherokee is somewhat dubious. A lot of people say they have those bloodlines out of political correctness or because they have dark European roots.

  • Leah

    Im a huge Jonas fan and ok.. i can admite Joe is a little womanizer! But hey! Nobody’s perfect! He’s just a guy living his dream, he make mistakes as anyone else… why are people always judging him or his brothers? Or just looking foward to the negative part? Why doesn’t people admite they DO have talent? Or you guys forgot that they SING, WRITE, ACT, PLAY INSTRUMENTS… I know everybody has their thoughts.. and it’s ok! But that doesn’t mean that just because you guys don’t like him have to say bunch of bad things of him or that “he is gay”! I mean.. get a life!
    He’s older and more mature :) And he is a really good guy.. good feelings, good intentions… Im sure his music will be great! Apart.. he does look hotter than ever.. don’t you think? ;)

  • ~m~

    I was upset because she broke up with me? finally you know what it feels like to be dumped!
    he seems to have this thing about being the one to do the dumping, don’t quite know why but he needs to know what it feels like to be on the recieving end of it…

  • marian

    Girls why all those bitchy comments??? you don’t know him so stop it.
    Watchin this cover i see a really hot guy who wants to do his thing.