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Katie Holmes: Gold Leaf Earrings!

Katie Holmes: Gold Leaf Earrings!

Katie Holmes leaves her apartment and heads to Barneys on Wednesday (March 16) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actress wore a fun pair of gold leaf earrings from Cindy Chao, the only living jeweler at the Smithsonian Institute!

Yesterday, Katie and her design partner, Jeanne Yang, previewed their fall collection for their fashion line, Holmes & Yang, at Barneys New York!

Last night, Katie went out to eat at Serendipity with her cutie pie daugther, Suri.

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katie holmes cardigan leaf earrings 01
katie holmes cardigan leaf earrings 02
katie holmes cardigan leaf earrings 03
katie holmes cardigan leaf earrings 04
katie holmes cardigan leaf earrings 05
katie holmes cardigan leaf earrings 06
katie holmes cardigan leaf earrings 07
katie holmes cardigan leaf earrings 08

Credit: Dario Alequin; Photos: INFdaily
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  • it’s Robo-Bride

    Here Katie proves she can look good. After last night’s monstrosity of a skirt and top–what a contrast. Wow. I’m speechless still from viewing that other outfit.

  • Eresyn

    She’s looking good here ;)

  • Bijou

    Check out TMZ this thing is letting her child eat Penis shapes Gummi Candies.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    What happen her nose?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    She live with devil in home

  • uh oh

    she’s pissed b/c of this pic

  • ?

    why don’t they show Suri eating penis sweeties well after midnight?–Suri-Cruise-picks-inappropriate-sweeties.html

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Always out

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    If im always here good not boring

  • Lori

    Shame on Katie, there has to be a point when she tells that child NO.

  • Liz

    She looks very classy.

  • ck

    Looks pretty good here. No smiles today. Probably got the feedback from her clothing line preview yesterday…..

  • dani

    Check out TMZ or DListed for Suri holding a box of gummie pen-ises. She is studying the box and Katie is showing her usual smirk. I’m sorry, I’m pretty liberal when it comes to raising kids (not as liberal as TomKat), but gummie pen-ises…NOT appropriate for a soon to be FIVE year old. What is this woman thinking? Apparently she doesn’t think.

  • Audrey

    Love her outfit! Katie looks very chic!

  • Bad Parenting

    Katie bought Suri Gummy Penis candy. Yes Katie, we think you are on drugs.

  • Tink

    After seeing the pics of Suri with her gummi pen-ises, I now think it could be possible for Tommy Boy to be her father, they both love the peen.

  • DCFS

    I hope DCFS takes suri away from them, this is horrible

  • From the MailOnline

    Katie Holmes won’t be winning any prizes for her questionable parenting techniques.

    Not only was she out with daughter Suri, four, until well after midnight, but her precocious toddler was later snapped clutching a box of very inappropriate sweeties.

    Suri was seen closely examining a box of ‘Pe-nis Gummies’ sweets as she and mother Katie, 32, paused to talk to friends before leaving ‘dessert only’ restaurant Serendipity 3.

    The box features cartoon like drawings of male genitalia, and unsurprisingly Suri seemed somewhat captivated by the brightly coloured packaging which contained penis-shaped jelly sweets.

    Katie seemed as oblivious to adult candy as she was to the late hour.

    The phallic shaped sweets were quite clearly an inappropriate choice for the four-year-old.

    A spokesperson for the restaurant told MailOnline: ‘The Pe-nis Gummies sweets were purchased by the group from the gift shop at the front of the restaurant.’

    It is not clear if they were a gift or a takeaway treat for little Suri.

    But it’s not just her choice of sugary snack that will raise eyebrows.

    Katie and her daughter didn’t leave the restaurant until after midnight – well past most four-year-olds bed time.

    And the long night certainly seemed to take its toll on the little girl as she was looking extremely tired as the mother and daughter pair left the Serendipity eatery.

    As she made her way into the restaurant Suri was seen carrying her own full sized brown handbag in a bid to look like a grown up.

    Later as the pair decided to call it a night Katie carried her little girl in a bundle and Suri appeared ready for bed with her blanket.

    As usual, budding fashionista Suri was looked adorable in a cute bright red embellished dress with a pale pink fur coat and matching sheepskin boots.

  • Unemployed

    No acting to do



    I read the article and although pictures don’t lie, the Mail is a tabloid rag and oftentimes, the articles don’t even show the name of the writer – instead they put “Daily Mail Reporter”. This seems to happen a lot with articles that are particularly bad.

  • lucy2

    TMZ has a “TMZ staff” policy. No-one gets individual credit for a story (photographers fall under different contracts)…he’s a lawyer!!! :-)

  • siennagold

    I thought it was Kate Beckinsale in these photos.

  • arnold

    Ha and JJ talks about ear rings!


  • Suri Jackson

    The image on TMZ of Suri reading the box of Gummy Pe*ises is tragic and sooo funny at the same moment. Is this Katie’s way of having the Birds and Bess talk with Suri? Once they get home, Suri can get on her iPad and research the topic further.
    Katie definitely never fails to surprise us with her horrendous parenting.

  • Suri Jackson


  • Simply disturbing

    I saw that on
    Simply disturbing. These are sort of gag gifts candies one would have at a bridal bacherlerette party.
    Total lack of sound judgement from Katie again. No common sense. Something is not normal.
    No one can say this is normal,appropriate behavior for a 5yr. old and that Kaite Crazy is making child right choices in ANY areas of Suir’s weird life..

  • From the MailOnline


    I agree with what you say about the Mail. However, I think they got two facts right. It was midnight. And she had a box of gummie pen-ises.

  • Grandma of Four

    The candy issue is definitely a head shaker. HOWEVER…this little trip took place sometime around MIDNIGHT! On, it clearly states they left shortly befor 1 AM! This is so astounding, I cannot even wrap my head around it! Am I missing something? Is Suri a just about 5 year old CHILD???? Words are escaping me completely! So SAD! :-(

  • miapocca

    what happened t her nose??

    she had a nose job right after the fake honeymoon …its probably turn MJ on her. ahaha LOL

    The weave upkeep is impressive considering how sloppy she is. There must be a personal stylist somewhere in the hotel ,e ven so she just doesnt have style..ahahha

  • Simply disturbing

    Grandma of Four, you just said something very telling. So this trip took place about 1:00AM, so that tells us, Suir the surly child has no routine. Regular sleep patterns,routine, schedule is of utmost impt. in young children.
    Suri must follow that rock star schedule; sleep all day, party all night,LOL!
    What little kid can stay up until 1:00AM.
    even holidays , family parties, and weekends , they still start slowing up and shutting down after a point and this is after having perhapsa long day nap in order to be up, not cranky for afamily wedding, etc.
    School days, where Suri should be,are absolutely 7:30,8:00 bedtimes or 8:30 the latest bedtime.

    NOTHING is normal in any area of this child’s life:
    cupcakes and coffee as her main diet,
    candy too
    late night hours,
    attending adult plays,
    inappropriate dress for the weather,
    too short dresses,
    using a pacy/binky/nooney,
    hair never combed/brushed and oiled/gelled down,
    being carried around,
    keeping a twin size like blanket with her,
    buying toys and toys and toys(always at a toy store),
    no preschool,
    maybe still wearing diapers(lest she kept diapers on long after she should have like by 3 years),
    no other little kids to paly with,
    eating a boxed of gummi candy in shapes of a p e n i s
    always being put in harms’ way of constant flashing clicking photographers
    this is the short list.

  • mailey

    i really like this outfit. love her earrings!

  • Lillianne

    Does anyone find it tragic that this poor little kid has been robbed of her “child”hood? No routine, no other children in sight. And seriously, Katie didn’t buy the P-nis candy but apparently she allowed someone else to buy it for the child. I’ve always been Katie’s biggest supporter, but I’m all over that now.

  • Julie2

    It’s funny that People Mag came up with the article about Suri’s midnight snacks after the Daily Mail publishing the inappropriate snacks – trying to cover up. It looks like damaged control.

    Hopefully someone who cares about this child will put to stop to those late night outings that is not good for any child at all.

    I know Scientologists treat kids as adults but as a parent use your brain.

  • it’s Robo-Bride

    Oh my. Faded Youth blog has pics from tonight (3/16) of Katie taking Suri to Wicked. Katie is carrying a bag/purse that is big enough to be a weekend suitcase. Too tight jeans. Nice sweater. And Suri is wearing a red dress with the most awful pink shoes. I am sure Jared will be posting these soon.
    Katie is back to be a non-fashionista.

  • it’s Robo-Bride

    Let me amend my last post. The child is back in heels. Horrendous heels. Toeless purple things with pink mesh or something. I think Suri has taken a fashion misstep.

  • annie

    @ robo bride
    Must say you disappoint me Robobride, never been to the site you mentioned, so gave it a go. You went on about Katies clothes, Suri’s clothes, BUT, you forgot to say anything about the LOLLIE SAGA.
    I believe the story goes like this…….while waiting to be seated Suri walked around and fell upon these lollies, so she picked them up and took them to her mother…..her mother did not buy them…..E! NEWS.
    As usual big exaggerated story about nothing.
    As for the midnight treat—-Suri seems very close to Katie, she’s with her everywhere, her mother was out for the evening….say for argument sake Suri waited for her mother to come home, there is a pic of Suri carrying around her mothers Max Mara bag.
    She wasn’t sleeping so they went out again.
    My god, shock horror, shock horror about everything Suri.
    So all those hundreds of articles about Suri’s mother buying her penis gums, are they all going to follow up, with what really happened . Big NO!!

  • Romeo

    No one bought the candy for anyone, #32.

    There’s no damage, #33.

  • it’s Robo-Bride


    My only issue with the lollie-pen-ises is the fact that Katie let her keep them and look at them. This is an almost five year old child. There is every possibility that she has seen either her dad or brother without clothes on–simply because as a child she probably runs from room to room without knocking on the door–so she very possibly knows what one is. Look at her studying the box! If it had been me–I would have gently taken the box immediately from her and said–”honey, these sweets are much better” and given her something else to look at.

    You always say Katie is shy and doesn’t like the publicity, but she seems to go out of her way to attract the attention of the media. For instance she would have received far less attention if she’d brought the child to the matinee of Wicked rather than the evening performance. If she would firmly tell her she is too young to wear heels (and almost every podiatrist will tell you heels even at the height Suri is wearing–worn at this age is not good–bones/muscles/tendons are still developing). I don’t get it. If she is so against all the paps, why does she constantly parade this child out? Suri has a Nanny and Katie has friends in NYC–what–the child can’t stay with the nanny for an evening?

    And since you are a Katie fanatic–what the heck is with her teeth? Sometimes they are so yellow and crooked and others they are white and straight. Is she like Charlie Sheen–has a veneer type applicance?

  • annie

    @ robobride
    there are times in your posts, when you come across as a very knowledgable, intelligent , educated,and articulate, person….but your so obvious dislike for all things Katie, sometimes makes you come across as the total opposite.
    A child doesn’t know what she’s picking up , to her they are colourful lollies so she goes and shows it to her mother. Her mother didn’t buy them for her….so how do you know that Katie didn’t say to Suri exactly what you would have said.
    I don’t see a lot of sites saying that Katie didn’t buy those gums, but they are quick to say she did.
    if Suri was a relatives child, friends or neighbours, you and everyone here wouldn’t go on about her the way you do…’s only because her parents are Tom and Katie. You would all say ”she’s the cutest little girl” even if she occasionally wore tiny heels, it wouldn’t be a big deal.
    please don’t tell me that you are the poster who keeps on saying her teeth are brown or yellow or match the colour of her coat all the time.
    I think DC would have fixed her teeth if there was anything to fix a long time ago.
    That’s what I mean, your reasoning is sometimes cloudy when it comes to things Katie.
    Yes i think she is a little public shy, it’s not her fault the paps are camped wherever she goes or stand outside shop windows taking pics. I think she’s quite private, or at least as private as you can be in a fishbowl.
    It’s ok….really….we’ll just keep on agreeing to disagree, because i can’t imagine we’ll ever see eye to eye on Katie Holmes.

  • it’s Robo-Bride


    First I’m not the poster that goes on about her teeth. I’ve just noticed that her teeth are sometimes shiny white and straight and other times crooked.
    Secondly, in some ways Katie seems shy and to dislike the paps, but it boggles my mind that anyone and I do mean anyone would subject a child to the constant presence of the paps. This cannot be healthy on any level.
    And no I don’t think she is autistic. Probably she suffers from sensory integration dysfunction as children with this are often bothered by lights (pap flashes), noise (pap yells), certain clothing issues-tags, constricting things around the waist, and often don’t like to wear coats etc. All of which Suri manifests. Some kids grow out of it, some do not. For many kids it is no big deal and for some it renders them incapable of being “normal.” Personally I think if she does have it, it is probably not a big deal, but with Scientology they won’t recognize it or make it easier for her most likely to deal with things.
    And I don’t care for Katie. Never watched Dawson’s Creek–five minutes of these self-absorbed characters was enough for me. Have seen some of her movies and to be honest I think she is just a so-so actress. What bothers me most is her inane, vapid, comments on everything. I understand she is very intelligent, but to hear her talk she sounds like a bimbo most of the time. Since she is criticized anyhow, why not at least put your intelligence out there. It bothers me that she threw her religion (which seemed important to her based on what I read) for Scientology so quickly. Like no thought except I’m madly in love was put into it. I understand from friends in Toledo (who are not in the know, but hear gossip), that she just dropped all her old friends there as well as friends she made as an actress for Tom and the Xenu bunch. I don’t know who, if anyone, but her, is guiding her career choices, but she has made some really poor ones. The Romantics was a horrible movie. I loved Big Chill and a few others in that genre of old friends–but the Romantics was not good and her acting was dreadful. If she continues to make choices like this, even with her money and status she will become poison and directors and producers aren’t going to hire her.
    And I’ve never been able to stand Tom Cruise. Ever. Has nothing to do with Scientology. I just get negative vibes from him and have from the beginning before I knew how into this very harmful cult he was/is.
    And lastly regarding Suri. I don’t usually comment on her because she is child. But she seems very spoiled and used to getting her own way. I just think once and awhile for her health Katie should (or Tom) put their foot down and say no to the heels for outside wear, no to the pacifier, no to things that could impact her health long term (teeth, feet etc). Katie has said that she likes to sleep late and is home schooled. So if Katie wants to take her out for late plays and midnight snacks–fine, but she should expect criticism since the majority of parents don’t do this and feel it is unhealthy. I just question why KH feels the need to parade her around to adult plays, adult shopping sprees, etc. knowing she’ll be photographed and criticized. Can you imagine this child on a computer googling herself when she is 13? Not gonna be pretty.
    But when the day is done Annie, this is a gossip blog. None of us know what goes on behind closed doors. It is entertainment whether the comments are true, hurtful, positive or whatever.
    I always appreciate your defense of her as you seem to know the facts and state them unlike Mr. Romeo who just criticizes and calls people dumb, morons, etc and never puts himself out there to explain, give a link or fact. You make me think and I like that.

  • annie

    @ robobride
    The thing with me is, having been a Katie fan since The Ice Storm, which was before DC anyway, I have come across so many Katie interviews, I m not into sources said this, or friends said this type of articles, because as far as I ‘m concerned there are no sources and real friends wouldn’t blab to the media anyway.
    I always liked her honesty, liked her closeness to her family and the fact that she wasn’t in the least bit show offy, and always thought that she was very nice looking, and you know what……for some reason I liked her hook up with Tom, and although Chris Klien was def cute and they were together for a quite a while….I never thought ”what a shame ” type thing, when it ended.
    The thing about Suri, I think , is that she’s being raised in the way that Katie was– and this is only by what Katie’s mother said about Katie in an interview many years ago–for Dawsons Creek.
    Mrs Holmes said that she had 4 children before Katie, so she knew what it was all about, but Katie was apparently a very wilful little girl, and she really didn’t know how to deal with her–so she raised her on a book ” how to bring up a wilful child”. Katie used to dress herself, and her mother said that she was sure people used to look at her and say that she wasn’t cared for. In one of Katies last interviews she said Suri was indepenent and wilful, so maybe she’s using the same strategies as her mother did with her……the difference being that Suri is in the public eye and her every action , no matter how childlike and innocent is documented and twisted to sell mags, and get lots of click for the blogs .
    Katie seems very close to her mother, and seems to admire how her mother brought them up, and how she did this and that , she talks a lot about her mum. Katie was brought up in a very very nice house, (seen pics) I doubt the family was short on money.
    I went through DC….got married , had 2 kids, and I”m still a Katie fan, but I try to be an honest Katie fan, if I don’t like something I will say so, which has gotten me in a bit of trouble on occasion.
    Maybe that’s why I look at things a bit differently. I read that in her her interviews for Holmes&Yang, there were to be no Suri questions.
    I really think , that if people asked intelligent questions, she would respond in the same way, but some questions are silly, so the answers come out – just like the question.

  • Ciplijs

    she is adorable!