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Katie Holmes: Serendipity with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Serendipity with Suri!

Katie Holmes heads to Serendipity with her adorable daughter Suri on Tuesday (March 15) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actress paired a Nina Ricci top with a The Row tank and a Lanvin skirt for her night out on the town.

Earlier in the day, Katie and her design partner Jeanne Yang attended a preview event for their Holmes & Yang line at Barneys New York.

Pre-sales for the line’s Fall 2011 collection went really well!

Katie, wearing her favorite Max Mara trench coat and Holmes & Yang pants, grabbed lunch at Serafina and also made a stop at Teuscher Chocolates.

The night before, Katie rocked a pair of leather pants while leaving the Bowery Hotel.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes out and about in NYC…

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katie holmes serendipity suri 01
katie holmes serendipity suri 02
katie holmes serendipity suri 03
katie holmes serendipity suri 04
katie holmes serendipity suri 05
katie holmes serendipity suri 06
katie holmes serendipity suri 07
katie holmes serendipity suri 08
katie holmes serendipity suri 09
katie holmes serendipity suri 10
katie holmes serendipity suri 11
katie holmes serendipity suri 12
katie holmes serendipity suri 13

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  • Pixie

    Suri dressed her?

  • The Truth

    Is she auditioning for the new season of Sister Wives?

  • rhonda

    that looks ridiculous!

  • Sophia


    I think Suri wasn’t available so she dressed herself tonight.

  • headache

    LOL! she probably played disney princesses w/ suri before leaving the house.

  • headache

    LOL. she probably played disney princesses with suri before leaving the house.


    When will it end?

    Ms. Homes is dressed like a cheap Jersey princess on her way to her first communion.

    Her ungroomed 5 year old daughter, out again LONG after a child’s bedtime, is bare legged in 40 degrees in NYC , shod in dirty apres ski boots, a dress from when she was 2 years old, then wrapped in a full size twin bed blanket?

    ODD beyond words

  • Chanel

    Hardly anyone in hollyweird knows fashion or how to dress anymore. Here you have a woman who dresses like a 5 year old and the 5 year old dressing like a grown up.

    Another example is a beautiful woman with a blonde beautiful little girl. The woman wears nothing but black clothes and black shoes, perpetual funeral garb, whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall and her little girl dresses like a little boy who is trying desperately to hide being a girl.

    Coco, we need you.


    Katie looks amazing in kamiseta ads:

  • Desperate and Awkward


  • Justin

    KATIE IS USED TO BE SO LIKABLE WAY BACK THE DAWSON’S CREEK DAYS! *sigh* poor joey potter. wish to see her in normal clothes and I hope she’ll fix her hair.
    she has great sense of style but now its sad

  • thighmegatampon

    When you look at pictures like these, it’s mind boggling why she would herself style savvy enough to be a “codesigner” for a clothing line…

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Oops wrong room sorry guys

  • Anna

    She looks like a hung-over Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

  • Seraphina

    that suri kid has a really scary look on her face, in the photo holding onto the blanket/katie. God I zoomed in and she really looks angry, well why wouldnt she if her crazy mama drags her about days and nights non stop, like a little puppet.

  • Annie

    Whoa, Suri looks PISSED OFF. I’m just waiting for this kid’s wild, out of control rebellious brat phase to begin. And Katie looks just like this creepy, cuckoo old lady who lives near me – she dresses in op-shop clothes and pretends to be a little girl and is into all sorts of new age trances, ouija boards and sh1t. I miss Katie’s casual look from pre-tom.

  • sweet

    Tim Gunn, I have no idea when it will ned. Crazy sad and even we are getting bewildered posting. AGAIN.
    Channel, cute ref there about Jolie with poor Shiloh. I caught it. Yeah, I agree there too with you.
    Annie and Searphina, you would think empty head Katie or her people would see Suri is clearly in distress, miserable, annoyed, bewildered, angry, about having pappazzi snapflash, snapflash,clickclickclick, pictures at her.
    Have you all seen when the Oscar winners pose with their Oscars for press pics and it is clickclick,clickclick, bright flashese and that rapid clicking sounds every second like popping sounds. That is what that poor kid is going through.
    Can Kate leave her at home ? Really.

  • Nadine

    Day after day suri looks so cute, Love u suri ^^

  • Diana

    Nice. I think suri is the most precious little girl on earth,

  • Luna

    Hi suri I’m ur big fan, I admire ur fashion style, ur face so adorable, beautiful blend of tom n kate..tq

  • Gladys

    That looks beautiful

  • Vera ^_^

    Love her

  • Yessifa

    Gorgeous little lady, Tomkat very lucky have a daughter like suri. Almost 5years old I think suri will be busy for school too..chayoo suri u have to be a smart girl.


    What a horrible mess. And she looks stoned out of her mind!

    As far as the kid goes, scared and unhappy as always.

  • Liz

    Why is Katie.. sorry, “Kate”, dressed as Cinderella?

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Suri like tom with scary

  • Katie go home

    all this attention is b/c she’s now Tom cruises wacked out wife. She causes a media frenzy b/c shes putting on a show….a walking circus. Just like Britney…. she caused this mess… She wouldn’t be relevant otherwise, she way plain and boring.

  • Sheri

    All Katie needs is a long staff and a lamb and she would look like Little Bo Peep! Too, too weird …

  • From Paris with Love

    She looks like she’s going to a winter wedding. Pic #5 creeps me out.

  • Grandma of Four

    I continue to be amazed at the priorities of this mother! WHERE are little friends for Suri? WHY isn’t she in a pre-school program with structure? Ballet class? Music class? Does Suri ever get to go to parks and play with other little kids? I cannot think of a picture where Suri is with little gals her age doing little girl appropriate things! This little girl is being parented in the strangest manner! And, I am NOT going to even get into her attire on a cold night. Not worth it… one is reading who takes care of little Suri!

  • Wonder
  • Lavito

    Come on Katie, dressed like Little Bo Peep?!?! And you should never wear leather pants, no-no with those legs. Suri in pic #5 is the same frown, scowl face, what a brat. I didn’t know Serendipity sold cupcakes.

  • LOL
  • Fuzzy sweater

    Is this a legitimate outfit or a costume? I’m confused. It’s very 80s looking regardless.

  • K

    This woman is never with her husband.
    Why bother getting married if you can never be together?
    I just don’t get it.
    She must have signed a deal with the devil.
    I am a huge TC fan but this family is strange.
    Wearing that outfit in freezing cold NYC yesterday is nuts.
    I had my ski jacket and hat on yesterday. It was cold.
    Wearing that outfit to Serendipity is even crazier. The place is ultra casual and loaded with rats and FILTH for years now. Suri has nothing on!
    Bare legs !!! Always eating sweets every day.
    Strange parenting. They call the paps every day.

  • eliza

    Absolutely awful outfit – and you can tell from Katie’s expression that she thinks she looks stunning. Someone’s got to level with her and get her a stylist – soon.

  • Babs

    Did she actually pick that out to wear?
    Why are the people with her always holding on to her?

    These pictures are too weird. Is that planned?

  • Babs

    The skirt looks like it is a wrinkled mess too.

  • Tina

    those pictures were taken at midnight. How irresponsible….

  • me

    I’ve never commented on Katie, but dear god. Your daughter is NOT your friend! She drags that poor child around like they are BFFs-its inappropriate. I have a friend who brings her daughters to every adult function as well-its ridiculous. No babysitters for her precious beasts.

  • Mickey222

    You people crack me up with all your funny comments!!!!!

  • it’s Robo-Bride

    Holy Mother of God. I can’t believe what my eyes are seeing. This is truly bad. It looks like she has a cheap t-shirt paired with this monstrosity of a skirt–which is badly wrinkled due to the material. And she looks like she is wearing some horrible ferret on her shoulders that she got at a resale shop. And the matching blue eye shadow. Wow. A new low.

    Katie, last night on What Not to Wear–they had a nice segment on a woman who wore vintage pieces poorly. Get a copy. You need it.

  • Simply disturbing

    Simply disturbing on all fronts.
    Too many ways to explain which you all have listed.
    No one can say this is normal. Appropriate.
    Sound in judgement.

  • Simply disturbing

    Look up
    There is Suri and her mom, who is holding Suir,a 5yr.old,as usual.
    Suri is holding and eating a box of gummi candy.
    These are p e n i s shaped gummi candy…like ones from bride stag party.
    Simply disturbing. No one can say this behavior and life of this child is normal, appropriate,healthy or is being raised with sound judgement by the mother..

  • Disco Woman
  • Homeless Suri

    Suri is on the verg again of a HELLA tantrum!!

  • Homeless Suri
  • Lane

    is this how one dresses to take a lil girl to an ice cream parlor? really???? lmao!!!!

  • *.*

    Shopping as always. Conspicuous consumption to the max! Haven’t heard the Cruises helping the needy either.