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Orlando Bloom: Boss Orange Photo Call in Madrid!

Orlando Bloom: Boss Orange Photo Call in Madrid!

Orlando Bloom is all smiles as he attends a photo call to launch the new Boss Orange men’s fragrance at El Corte Ingles on Wednesday (March 16) in Madrid, Spain.

The 34-year-old English actor has been the face of Boss Orange since July of last year.

On Monday, Orly was spotted chatting with a friend on Melrose Boulevard before doing some shopping for home furnishings at Decorative Carpets.

25+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom at a photo call for Boss Orange

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orlando bloom boss orange photo call 01
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 02
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 03
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 04
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 05
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 06
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 07
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 08
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 09
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 10
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 11
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 12
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 13
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 14
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 15
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 16
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 17
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 18
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 19
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 20
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 21
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 22
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 23
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 24
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 25
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 26
orlando bloom boss orange photo call 27

Credit: Sean Thorton; Photos: WENN
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  • BEAN

    He is ageing incredibly well.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    He look very Old

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Crap :<

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    I never like him

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Is he in the center selling parfume?

  • candycane

    eww I hate short guys. Can’t believe girls out there find this shorty girly looking guy hot.

  • @6

    Since when is being just shy of 5’11″ short?
    Broad shoulders, square jaw, and athletic physique is girly?
    You’ve been hanging around the wrong bars.
    But yes, a LOT of women find this gorgeous specimen of a MAN extremely HOT!
    This girl, included.

  • Sighs4l

    Lord, I love that smile!

  • Eva

    looks gay and midget and too skinny

  • sara

    So handsome!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    @2,3,4,5 Will you please learn some freaking English?

  • candycane


    First of all Orlando is nowhere near 5’11″ as you can tell from his photos..celebs height is always exaggerated. And second, even if he was that height, that is too short for a guy. Maybe you are short and think he is tall, but in the world of normally proportined people, he is short.

  • jenjen


    thats because they have low standards

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Hes not short and not long,
    but he have face like short guy

  • Mike

    I can’t believe how low Orlando has fallen. So low that he is hawking perfume because no one will give him a job in films anymore. He only has himself to blame, though. What is the saying about associating with dogs and ending up with fleas? There is no bigger dog than the bitch he is supposedly married to and her money-grubbing mongrel family back in OZ.

  • @candycane

    As you can tell from his photos? LOL
    He’s 179.5 cm tall, he was measured barefoot for Waxwork. So going to the world of normally proportioned people, we can say he’s slightly shorter than average for a German or a Swede male, taller than average for a British or American male.

  • @Mike

    Sure, because when a director is about to hire someone for a role, the first thing they check is who they’re married to.
    BTW what world do you live in? Because in the one I live in, dozens of A-list celebrities advertise perfumes and other products, you should tell them they’re lowering themselves.

  • @12

    Well, according to Madame Toussouds (sp?), he is just shy of 5’11″.
    And since they are known for their exacting measurements taken of the celebs themselves, I’ll take their word for it over some moron trying to judge height from a photo with no reference points.

  • kaz sligo


  • @17

    Oh no.
    Delphi Mike’s rules only apply to Orlando.
    Not to Johnny Depp, or Brad Pitt , or George Clooney, or Natalie Portman, or Keira Knightley, or Nicole Kidman, or to ANY OTHER ACTOR!
    That’s the old delphi double standard working, there.

  • John

    he’s the most busy and good looking man in the world.

  • @delphi mike

    The Good Doctor
    Main Street
    Sympathy for Delicious
    The Three Musketeers
    All in the can.
    The Laureate and The Hobbit coming up.
    Yeah, too bad no one wants him in their films.
    In fact, they want him so bad for The Hobbit, that they are creating a story for a character that was never even mentioned in the book.
    Poor Orlando my a$$

  • YAY!

    He is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Lawrence

    I think he’s cuter now then when he was younger. :)

  • Anon

    At Jen Jen 6 f and above is tall. Guys under 6 feet are considered short. Get that friggin backhoe out of your arse.

  • @25

    He’s above average height, so technically, that makes him tall.
    But even if he isn’t your definition of tall, he isn’t short by a long shot.
    Besides, he is so gorgeous, who really cares how tall he is?

  • @25

    Then the 80% of the male population are midgets

  • @Mike

    Getting paid millions to rep products is “low”.
    The only thig “low” here is your level of common sense.
    But we all know that you are ‘kerrazy’, anyway.

  • @26

    “Guys under 6 feet are considered short”
    By who?
    Basketball players?
    That’s just ridiculous.

  • wow!

    He looks great!

  • k

    he lost all his hotness.

  • @25

    What’s Jen Jen?

    He’s taller than about 70% of men in the UK, which I wouldn’t say really qualifies as “tall” but certainly isn’t “short”.

    To those who say he looks like a midget – isn’t that because he’s sitting in an oversized chair and holding an oversized bottle of Hugo Boss?


    I like the guy and wish him well with his life but I simply don’t understand why he’s on here all the time. He doesn’t need to do this crap like his famewh*re ex Bosho. His career is fine and people like him.

    Btw, congrats to him and his wife Miranda on the baby but personally I think exposing newborns too so early to people and their nasty germs unnecessarily is not a good idea.

  • @33

    He’s on here a lot because people are interested in him, and enjoy commenting on his life and career.
    Comments = threads.
    And the baby was two months old when they went to Paris. Plenty old enough to be out in public. Especially with Mama’s antibodies coursing through his system thanks to breast feeding.



    I was referring to the outings prior to that Paris trip. I remember as a new mother I never took my son anywhere but to the pediatrician before he was 4/5 months old. Only very close family and friends had access to him. First baby and all, I assumed everyone has Ebola. Better to err on the side of caution with a newborn. I understand they may have had to travel but having my 2 month old in environment, such as a plane, rife with recycled air and any pathogens would have made me panic.

    Regarding people liking Orly, still a fan and think he’s cute…however having looked at the amounts of posts of him doing nothing in obvious pap set ups make me think of Bosho. Red carpet and events are one thing but the sheer volume of him doing nothing in obscure places is ridiculous. Absence makes the hard grow fonder.

  • Jokergurl

    Still handsome I wish he would do some more movies, yes he played a wimp in Troy but in Kingdom of Heaven he was great. He was good in Haven too with Zoe Saldana it just wound up being a stupid movie.

  • lack of stile

    I like him but I don’t like his outfit. When he doesn’t care at all for clothing in everyday life it is ok, but when he is promoting something and specially perfume he must be dress with stile. He is terribly dressed in those photos- colors are not matching, stile is not matching, and shoes are bad. I wonder why Boss didn’t provide him with some classy elegant outfit for this occasion.

  • I wonder

    Viggo is living in Madrid with his girlfriend. I wonder did Orlando had enough time to meet Viggo.

  • @37

    He’s probably dressed head to toe in Boss, so this must be exactly how they want him to look.
    He looks laid back and casual.
    Just like the fragrance advertising.

  • @35

    Sheer volume?
    Except for Paris, we’ve only seen him in pap pics ten times since the first of the year.
    Ten times in three months can hardly be called a flood of pap shots when you are talking about a celeb of Orlando’s popularity.
    Exaggerating a bit, aren’t you?

  • @35

    Well, not every new parent is a paranoid as you were..
    Projecting your fears onto another parent just to judge them is not fair.
    It’s irrational.
    There is nothing wrong with taking your new baby out in public.
    It’s not like they were letting unwashed homeless people handle his pacifier or anything.
    If you weren’t comfortable doing it, fine. But that was your decision, no one else’s.

  • @38

    I hope so!
    I loved all of the Fellowship bro-mances, but I liked theirs the best.
    I would have loved to have some new pics of them together.

  • @36

    I like Haven, I’ve watched it several times and I didn’t think it was stupid. Why do you think it was stupid?

  • coco

    He’s cute!

  • I wonder

    Me too. I like LOTR. This trilogy is still in my personal top ten movies ever.

  • lack of stile

    @lack of stile:

    In the promotional campaign he is all in black. In black T shirt, very relaxed and sexy. I don’t believe that Boss –well known for its simple elegancy, dressed him like this. It doesn’t look Boss at all.

  • @35

    I’d like to know why are pics of him talking to someone in a car is an “obvious pap set up”. I don’t see what interest could any celebrity have for having that published.

  • @47

    Please note:
    Never try to apply logic to any statements from delphites.
    Your computer might commit suicide.

  • @46

    He’s wearing clothes by Hugo Boss.
    Their logo is visible on his left, jacket sleeve.
    They dressed him in the style that they wanted.
    He looks gorgeous!

  • @46

    He looks, cool, comfortable and relaxed.
    Just like the image that they are projecting for their new cologne.
    Since he is wearing their clothes, doesn’t it stand to reason that this is EXACTLY how they wanted him to appear?
    He looks gorgeous.