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Ashley Greene & Jared Followill: St. Patrick's Day Drinks!

Ashley Greene & Jared Followill: St. Patrick's Day Drinks!

Ashley Greene steps out with Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill after spending some time at a bar with her dad Joe on Thursday (March 17) in New York City.

The 24-year-old Twilight actress rocked a pair of green skinny jeans in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Earlier today, It was announced that Ashley and Joe Jonas decided to split a couple weeks ago.

10+ pictures inside of Ashley Greene and Jared Followill leaving a bar…

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ashley greene st patricks day with jared followill 02
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ashley greene st patricks day with jared followill 04
ashley greene st patricks day with jared followill 05
ashley greene st patricks day with jared followill 06
ashley greene st patricks day with jared followill 07
ashley greene st patricks day with jared followill 08
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63 Responses to “Ashley Greene & Jared Followill: St. Patrick's Day Drinks!”

  1. 1
    Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!! Says:


  2. 2
    Celia Says:

    She moved on fast.
    All the same people date each other. It’s like a circle.
    When one’s done…someone else jumps on board and it just rotates.

  3. 3
    JC Says:

    KOL credibility yet again takes another hit.

  4. 4
    emily Says:

    woo hoo!!! gooooooo Ashley!!!! Now this is a great guy to date! Super hot, gorgeous&someone you can actually have sex with!

  5. 5
    Yousef Says:

    One word: Rebound

  6. 6
    i n f a m o u s l y c o o l Says:

    …That didn’t take long.

  7. 7
    cf10 Says:

    i always said ashley is a sk*ank

  8. 8
    mckenzie Says:

    how awkward her ex boyfriend and her dad share the same name WOW

  9. 9
    Lime Says:

    Her contract with Joe is over so now she can be herself- a *****

  10. 10
    Lola Says:

    Once a *****, always a *****.

  11. 11
    shego Says:

    she had a thing with him a while ago.. and by thing i meant they slept with eachother

  12. 12
    yaaasssss Says:

    I was almost gonna call her a ***** for having another guy so quick but the poor thing hasn’t really had a boyfriend in a long time. cuz u know the only thing her and joe did in bed was paint each others toe nails lol

  13. 13
    yaaasssss Says:

    fyi the ***** word was w.h.o.r.e. damn censorship!

  14. 14
    Allie Says:

    Aww shucks, Miley! You’ve been working on getting into Jared’s pants forever and Ashley beat you to the punch.

  15. 15
    S@n Says:

    Well , the line went fast or spinning in circles ! LOL

  16. 16
    Dubya Bush Says:

    @Allie: IKR, I honestly feel bad for her but if he wanted her he would have made a move long ago!

  17. 17
    ㅁㅁ Says:

    such a s.l.u.t

  18. 18
    C Says:

    I’ll bet money on that Jared ends up marrying Alisa and that he’s just playing the field right now, i’m sure he’ll settle down with alisa when he’s ready, he’s still too young to get married but he did propose to her once and i’m sure he will do it again.

  19. 19
    ely Says:

    wow…and i thought joe moved on fast! this girl is just insane!!

  20. 20
    Joanna Says:

    dammmn girl moves fast!

  21. 21
    Joanna Says:

    dammmn girl moves fast!

  22. 22
    mia Says:

    I can’t believe it. She moves FAST. It was announced today that she broke up with Joe and now she is seen with another guy. She is just a social climber. She wants to be with the guy that has the best status. Joe must feel like s h i t because the details interview was yesterday.

    I don’t think Jared is serious with her because if he really wanted her he would have had her over a year ago before she started dating Joe.

  23. 23
    sara Says:

    we shouldn’t be surprised. Most Hollywood relationships are set-ups, usually to help protect a gay man from rumors. Fact is most men in Hollywood are gay. Few celebrities are actually in a real marriage and real relationship, but most (especially these short lived ones) are fake, they are business contracts.

  24. 24
    mia Says:

    @Dubya Bush:
    I totally agree with you. If he wanted her he would have made a move over a year ago when they first met.

  25. 25
    Laila Says:

    I miss him and Alisa, she was so awesome.

  26. 26
    mia Says:

    She moves FAST. It was just TODAY announce that she and joe ar over and today she has someone new.

    I feel bad for Joe because the article on Details came out yesterday and he was saying such great things. He was so in love and high hopes for that relationship.

    She is just a social climber. Going from guy to guy that has the best social profile. If he wanted her he would have gotten in 2009 when they met.

  27. 27
    she's Says:

    such a desperate wannabe.

  28. 28
    mia Says:

    I was seeing her file history here in justjared and she has been linked with over 5 guys since she started filming twilight. what a *********

  29. 29
    Thays Says:

    Well Miley is just a KOL fan like all of you, so she obviously likes him but…. duh. And pleasee Jared deserves way better! Back off Trashley!

  30. 30
    Ali Says:

    The only straight guy in hollywood is Ryan Phillipe, it seems.

  31. 31
    Alison Says:

    Joe didn’t put out…..
    Why is this girl famous? Gold digger? Never heard her before maybe I’ve been living under a rock tho

  32. 32
    Inlumine707 Says:

    OMG!!! Those green pants/leggings or whatever are awful. She’s a pretty girl but she can’t dress. I think this is a PR move and Jared needs something cheap, fast and easy to clean up and clear out in the morning.

  33. 33
    dud Says:

    s h i t, this girl really gets around, doesn’t she?

  34. 34
    gene Says:

    That Michael jackson nose scares me

  35. 35
    boyso Says:

    this IS much better than jonas of the brothers:) go Ash!

  36. 36
    Dinarina Says:

    She’s gotta do something to keep her name in the media. Joe Jonas needs another famewh0re to sell his solo CD. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus are free. It is a revolving door. I don’t understand why the least famous people in Twilight act like they’re the biggest stars. They call the paparazzi and have dinner with them just to get their picture taken. Real famous people avoid those things.

  37. 37
    caren Says:

    UPGRADE….and the only reason they admitted they broke up was cause she was probably ready to go public with someone new—they’ve been broken up for over a month apparently.

  38. 38
    this Says:

    the fact that she’s seen with him one day after the split announcement proves that the PR contract is over.
    so now she is legally free to date others!

  39. 39
    jalicelover Says:

    god, some people are annoying. So there’s no possibility that they are friends? They’r just hanging together, that means nothing.

  40. 40
    neenz Says:

    pace yourself, girl!

  41. 41
    Jime Says:

    he’s really hot! and ashley is so desperate for celebrity status.
    Jared ..miley? ashley? please nooo…get a new one, or alissa

  42. 42
    crystal Says:

    @emily: she just better watch out she might catch a std he sleeps with a different girl every week

  43. 43
    Sia Says:

    oh shut the hell up ! Joe is the ***** and it’s about time she got rid of that Jonas sister with no talent ! GO ASHLEY !

  44. 44
    Toodles Says:

    1) joe loses. he “moved fast” to after breaking up with demi for her…taste of his own medicine

    2)what is the appeal with ashley? besides twilight, what does she do? she’s so boring.

    3) jared is a CATCH. whether she moved fast or not, he is a CATCH. LOOK AT HIM.

  45. 45
    Toodles Says:


    agreed…ashley just, i don’t know. she tries too hard. but she has zero personality. watching an interview of her is like watching grass grow.

  46. 46
    ANDREA Says:

    mamaamia.. IS THIS GUY FOR REAL?HOLLY SMOKE!HE IS ADONIS,ZEUS,HERCULE ALL IN ONE!and this woman is in heat or what i don’t even know that much about her but Damn she gets around.she choses the easiest way.sleeping with talented famous people.horrible degrading dirty attitude.NO RESPECT.WELL HE IS RAVISHING.HOT MEN!

  47. 47
    Harun Says:

    ithink so

  48. 48
    Ashley is awesome Says:

    Some people are so silly – just coz someone’s seen out with another person DOESN’T mean they’re dating! Geez you people are pathetic calling her names like that too

  49. 49
    Ava. Says:

    he’s hot, but damn he’s skinny,

  50. 50
    noname Says:

    Jared is such a sexy boy..

  51. 51
    Amanda Says:

    last time I checked getting drinks with someone isn’t a *****, you all are idiots

  52. 52
    Katie Mullagan Says:

    What is with her? Seriously. Jared you can do better.

  53. 53
    Lynn Says:

    Go Ashley! I like her with Jared better.

  54. 54
    mememe Says:


  55. 55
    lm Says:

    It wasn’t like I didn’t expect it, I said from the very beginning that she’s a huge sl*t. I mean look at her.

  56. 56
    kikay Says:

    this ho can’t dress for ****,even if her life depended on it!really jared this ho the the best you can tap?you downgrade big time!

  57. 57
    linda Says:

    Hardly surprising, Trashley can’t be five minutes without a man. Of course, considering her lack of acting talent, I suppose being papped with any number of guys is really her only claim to fame anyway, not to mention her only real way of trying to keep herself relevant.

  58. 58
    Stardust Says:

    Jared Followill is very handsome i don’t blame her.i couldn’t resist that guy for 5 minutes.i think she may love him but didn’t he bang her and then left her to the chickens before she said something on Chelsea Lately about him seeing her fake breasts…and she sleep with the guy that produces Family Guy..mmmm she is a easy catch but that’s the way it goes in Hollywood

  59. 59
    Mike Says:

    Didn’t he bang Miranda Kerr last year?

  60. 60
    amber Says:

    wow talk about ****, she sure moves on quick, that’s disgusting. have some self respect woman!

  61. 61
    Ava Says:

    Her nose makes me feel sick. It was not always that pointy. His hair is too perfect. I love him forever, but I liked him more when KOL weren’t all huge, and were more scruffy. THAT was hot. He loves himself too much now, which is a shame.

  62. 62
    adele Says:

    I wouldn’t have the curage to date a man that beautiful.Troubles!

  63. 63
    dzonijs Says:

    damn! she is gorgeous!

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