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Emma Watson: Leathered For Lancome

Emma Watson: Leathered For Lancome

Emma Watson rocks a leather jacket as she continues to shoot her Lancome beauty campaign on Wednesday (March 16) in Paris, France.

Between takes, the 20-year-old Harry Potter actress swapped her black high heels and slipped into comfortable white sneakers.

Emma, who was recently named Lancome’s newest ‘ambassadress’, has been in town shooting all week.

According to Just Jared Jr, Emma will be specifically promoting the new Trésor Midnight Rose fragrance.

FYI: Emma is wearing a pair of J Brand “901″ denim leggings in Olympia.

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emma watson leathered lancome 02
emma watson leathered lancome 03
emma watson leathered lancome 04
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  • i think she is cute as a button

  • Cheery

    Hey Jared, Emma Watson isn’t JJ jr material. She’s a talented actress with a legitimate career. Why don’t you put that Jonas brother and Twilight chick’s breakup on JJ jr. instead?

  • RebeccaS

    i thought she was a teenage boy!

  • Gabby

    She looks so tired! I love this outfit. She looks great in jeans!

    Jared needs to post the pictures of her kissing that hot French actor, Cyril that appears in the Lancome ads with her.

    Those pictures are SMOKING hot. They have great chemistry.

  • From Paris with Love

    I think she is one of those girls who look much better in everyday clothes, jeans, snickers/flat shoes, preppy style… than all glamed up, in gowns and high heels.

  • Lisa


  • Frozoid

    She dropped out of college for doing this shallow stuff? Shame on her.

  • Gabby


    No she took a break, because she’s got like 3 fashion projects she’s working on. She’s about to start filming Perks of Being a Wallflower in May. She starts promotion for DH Part two in late June/early July. And she starts promotion for My Week With Marilyn in August.

    And there’s a good chance she has some unannounced projects in the works. She’s too busy to focus all her attention school. It was a smart decision. She’ll go back, because education is important to her.

  • Right

    Filming commercials and filming some indie movie shouldn’t warrant dropping out of uni. What happened to only filming indie movies during summer breaks? What happened to the four month break being plenty of time to film indie roles? Promoting Harry Potter should only take a week. She accomplished that last semester and filmed the Weinstein movie at the same time and just before her final exams. She was able to fit Harry Potter into her uni schedule for her first year. The last Harry Potter is coming out in July, when uni for her will be done in early May and finals done in mid-May. To be almost done with Harry Potter and fighting to be able to attend uni then in the end at the last leg dropping out of uni is really a waste of effort and cost the Harry Potter production lots of money to work around her schedule.

  • lg

    Nothing special about her at all. Pretty boring really.

  • Celia


    She didn’t drop out. She’s going back in 2 semesters.
    But anyways, I’m watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC family right now and they just showed new footage from DH Part Two and OMG!!!! This movie will be epic!! Also, Sorcerer’s Stone is on and Emma is ADORABLE!!!! I can’t believe how little they all were.

  • kes

    She was a lucky kid playing a snotty character and has continued to play the same character the same way for years. Dont get why so much praise is warranted.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Very averag girl :/

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I hate girl like her

  • Gabby

    @Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!:

    Why you hate someone you don’t know? LAME!
    Grow up, please. Grow up and get a life.

  • joane

    She’s a pretty girl: average pretty really. Kudos to her that some fashion honcho wants to use her celebrity and good fortune in landing the HP gig to sell products and pay her big bucks.

    She’s gotta have really good self esteem to withstand all the jealousy and envy about her snagging such a sweet deal, considering imho that’s she’s not an exceptional beauty in the conventional sense.

    Lots of luck to her!

  • Stephanie

    Right, because you know the reasons why she took a semester off of school. I’m sure.

  • Mozzy

    Yeah, she pretty much said it on her twitter: because she wants to finish promoting Harry Potter and has ‘projects’ coming up. It takes a while for big ‘projects’ to finalize and they get leaked well in advance. We know she has an indie movie and Lancome coming up/happening. She probably took time off to attend the BAFTA’s and associate herself with the Harry Potter franchise one last time. God knows if she’ll ever win a Bafta for anything of her own doing.

  • Sarah

    Proud of K-Stew for winning a Bafta of her own.

  • Wes

    Kristen Stewart wins the Rising Star Bafta because ALL THE STUPID TWILIGHT FANS VOTING FOR HER! u_U

    Emma it’s a really better actress than her :)

  • Sam

    But Kristen was nominated by the Bafta nominating committee, highly influential people who work in the British film industry, not by Twilight fans. Her win shows she is a box office draw and liked by the mainstream public. But her nomination shows she is a critic’s favorite and have acting talent as seen through the eyes of people who make movies for a living and seen their fair share of talented actors and wannabe actors. What you see on the big screen is the finished product after hundreds of takes, camera tricks, and editing. What the cast and crew see can’t be disguised. They know the tricks and watch films with a critical eye.

  • Hahaha

    Emma isn’t an actress at all. She is known as a model (Burberry, Lancome, People Tree, Alberta Ferreri) and as Hermione Granger.

  • Hahaha

    Not to mention a clothes horse……..hahaha

  • noname

    so pretty.i like that you post about her stuff!(:

  • kikay

    E mma is ktew wanna be! period.

  • kikay

    emma is another kstew wanna be,see the hair,the bithface! enuff said!

  • kikay

    emma is kstew wanna be ,see the hair,the bitchface! enuff said.

  • Latte

    Why is Emma on JJ Jr when that twit Willow Smith is here? Someone’s getting paid, huh, Jared?

    OH, and Emma is a better actress than Kristen Stewart. I know Twihards wish that wasn’t true, but it is. Deal with it. KStew can’t act. She should treasure that Bafta award because all she has in her future are a bunch of Razzies. Ha.

  • Lisa

    Emma is a GREAT ACTRESS

  • Lais

    OMG!!!SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!*___*

  • my my

    @kikay: Sorry, Kstew is Ew.

  • pro

    Okay firstly let me say I like both Emma and Kristen for different reasons. But the people who say that the only reason Kristen won a Bafta is because of the twi fans, well thats just not true. She has won over many critics and industry people in her career. Emma has not really done anything but harry potter so you could say then that if she was to win any award its only because of the harry fans. If you tarnish one with that sort of thinking then you also tarnish the other. I dont know how anyone can praise Emma and condemn Kristen for the same situation. It doesnt make any sense at all. Also they kind of look alike too. Fascinating.

  • Shek

    Kristen is all substance and Emma is all style. Their comparable looks is where the similarity ends.

  • Danielle

    Guys, she didn’t drop out of university, she’s taking a break. she’s going back. lots of uni students take breaks and then come back and continue their studies, including myself. you should be applauding her for even going to university in the first place, you don’t see many sucessful actors doing that.

  • Frid

    does anybody know who makes the leather jacket she’s wearing? Love it and have been looking for a similar skinny jacket like this….

  • Leah

    @Right: “Promoting Harry Potter should only take a week.” Wow, clearly you have no idea what the promotional monster behind Harry Potter is. Promos take months. They go all over the world, doing talk show interviews, magazine interviews, photoshoots etc etc and then when it actually opens they attend many premieres all over the world. Add on top of that, the re-filming they had to do for some HP scenes, how would you expect her to balance that while doing her best at a university degree? You also said “She was able to fit Harry Potter into her uni schedule for her first year.” Yes, and it was such a struggle that she decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to do it again. Not to mention she probably has MORE HP work at the moment than during her first year, because of all the promotional stuff as Warner Bros ramps up the publicity surrounding the premiere of the last HP movie. Even regular students who aren’t celebrities with all these obligations decide to take time off their studies, do you criticise them so much? Seriously, be realistic.

  • Leah

    @pro: “Emma has not really done anything but harry potter” In that case, how do you explain “The Tale of Despereaux”, “My Week with Marilyn”, “Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “Ballet Shoes”? Not to mention, she has done EIGHT Harry Potter movies, ALL of which have been phenomenally successful, and she averages much better performance reviews than KStew.

    I realise KStew has done movies other than Twilight too, but if you asked the average person in the street to list what movies she’s been in, they’d only be able to say Twilight. You know why someone can praise Emma and condemn KStew? Because Emma can act, and KStew can’t. Emma is friendly to her fans and appreciates her good fortune, while KStew scowls everywhere and gives her fans the finger and acts like she hates her life.

  • Lan

    @Leah: @Leah: If you asked the average person in the street what EW has been in, they’d likely only be able to name HP so I don’t see your point. I find KS’s acting questionable, but people do praise it, fans and critics alike and she was considered someone to watch before being cast for Twilight for her small role in Into the Wild. You’ve listed four movies that EW has been in, KS has at least ten more excluding Twilight. As for one being friendly to her fans and the other not. What are you talking about? The shots with KS flipping the bird were aimed at the paparazzi, when has it ever been reported that she did that to a fan. Her scowling faces are also generally in paparazzi shots and on the red carpet her face is neutral, sometimes pained and uncomfortable and she has said that she’s uncomfortable in those situations. The things I’ve seen online about fan interactions, videos and write ups, often have her stopping when she doesn’t have to (in example when she’s driving away from a location) to sign.

    Basically, I find the majority of your arguments ludicrous. They are both young and it’s much too early to make judgments on their careers as they barely begun.