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George Clooney Suits Up for 'The Ides of March'

George Clooney Suits Up for 'The Ides of March'

George Clooney heads to the set of his latest movie, The Ides of March, on Thursday (March 17) in Ann Arbor, Mich.

The 49-year-old actor is both starring in and directing the film! George also co-wrote the screenplay, which is based on the play Farragut North by Beau Willimon.

Also starring are Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Evan Rachel Wood.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney arriving on the set of The Ides of March

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george clooney suit ides of march 01
george clooney suit ides of march 02
george clooney suit ides of march 03
george clooney suit ides of march 04
george clooney suit ides of march 05
george clooney suit ides of march 06
george clooney suit ides of march 07
george clooney suit ides of march 08
george clooney suit ides of march 09
george clooney suit ides of march 10
george clooney suit ides of march 11
george clooney suit ides of march 12

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Siobhán

    Handsome devil!
    He’s got my vote, that’s for sure!


    The Story of a Successful Businessman and the Truth About His Entire Life….

  • Saph

    George looks great. Good to see the recent Voici article about him and Elisabettas relationship being fake hasn’t bothered him. It did bring up some good points like the fact she hasn’t shown up on set even though she left San Remo to run into his arms several weeks ago. Looks like it is over but the pitbull as she is called doesn’t want the press to know. I can’t believe that no one else has noticed they haven’t been together for nearly 2 months no sightings of her with him at all except a possible one day together a couple of weeks ago. Is no one going to have the balls to call this “relationship” out? I guess everyone is enjoying her butt and complete failure at everything she does, San Remo was a washout to say the least but it did give some very funny moments, pity she was trying to be serious though. George is looking great and unlike his girl feels no need to hide!

  • silverscreen

    @Saph: “she left San Remo to run into his arms several weeks ago.”
    That didn’t happen. She flew straight to L.A. George hasn’t let her near him since their last photo op, which was in early December. The “relationship” was fake from the beginning.

  • silverscreen

    @silverscreen: That is to say, she flew straight to L.A. when George was in Cincinnati. I guess she thought he was going to take her to the Oscars or got some such coke-induced hallucination in her head.

  • silverscreen

    George looks very handsome and happy. It’s great to see him looking like himself again. I hope he’s having a great Saint Patrick’s Day!


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  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Throw away this gay spiled

  • Lucy

    He looks great and better than he was a couple of months ago!!!
    Talking about his girlfriend, didn’t she have a dinner with GC and his parents in Kentucky couple weeks ago?

    @Saph: The French article has been commented in italian blogs a lot and people seem to agree with it… I am glad he is focused at work.

  • silverscreen

    @Lucy: “Talking about his girlfriend, didn’t she have a dinner with GC and his parents in Kentucky couple weeks ago?”
    No. Canalis has never been his girlfriend, and she was not in Kentucky or Ohio. This was thoroughly debunked on IMDB.

  • Lucy

    @silverscreen: but there was a girl who apparently works in the restaraunt that posted a blurry photo… sorry but the PR theory that people were talking about in the past just makes me confused

  • JustMe

    Everyone keeps telling me I look like a younger George Clooney. Now, I see it!

  • silverscreen

    @Lucy: No, the photo was taken by someone outside of the restaurant, and Canalis is not in it.


    New JOB ..

  • http://JustJared Aqua

    This is the best he’s looked in a very long time and I like him so much better with a clean shave and short hair.

  • Lucy

    @Who doesn’t?!

  • http://JustJared Aqua

    @ Lucy # 11 I agree with you, I saw four people in that picture,and even though it was blurry you could make out well enough that it was E. sitting across from Nick Clooney.

  • los

    Sorry to contradict all these stupid assumptione about the relationship with Elisabeth, but she was on set photos have appared to have escaped to see how many, but l am not suprised you usually see what’you do not want to see the reality’but she was in Miami university Ohio…. I’m sorry for you loss of time


    I could feel the trembling of their voices, their words of honey, a terrible bondage that bound them to what is called love, a word too soft because we do not want to give it its true face bestiality and animality
    .ohhh Miami

  • Oh Puhleaz!!!

    You people are FULL OF IT!!! George is with her for the second because he likes dumb women. Lol

    He has someone he wants but is not with because she does not allow him to control her. Canalis, Larson, and so forth do.

    When he gets tired of her, or the one he wants let’s him think he is getting his way, he tosses. People be smarter than your shoe size. Lol

    George loves to play and manipulate, and he does it well. He is more than likely laughing. If I did not know it better, I would say George has posted on here more than once. DOOFUS!

    Love my you know what. Lol

    It is all about control with this dude, and frugal as h**ell! That is why his women of late look so cheap. Lol He does not want to dole out real money on real nice call girls.

    Tsk..tsk..tsk.. I thought you guys were smarter than this. Lol

  • Oh Puhleaz!!!


  • silverscreen

    @los: Total b.s. George hasn’t let her get near him since early December, when they did their last photo op. The publicity agreement ended in December.

  • silverscreen

    @Aqua: Total b.s. That photo could be of Bigfoot dining with the Loch Ness Monster for all anyone could tell. I know for a fact that Canalis has not been in Kentucky.

  • Lucy

    @silverscreen: I am really confused. But since you are certain of it I will say no more… But… who’s the brunetter in the picture then..Marisa Tomei?

    @Aqua: I guess the only thing I know is that I am not dating him, (I am not an actress/model/waitress and I am too smart, no fame hungry and independent). Seriously, I have no chance! :) phew!!!! who wants to date someone who drinks the bong water?
    What a really care is that he keeps entertaining me since I pay 10 dollars to see his movies, which made me contributed to his millionare status. So…The ides of march better be a good one…

  • silverscreen

    @Lucy: Which picture are you referring to? There is one of a brunette co-ed on the Miami University campus, that a few idiots claimed was Canalis but wasn’t. Is that the one you mean? You really need to start reading on IMDB if you want to keep up.

  • Wild Angel

    Winky, I thought you were on top of this! Now everyone knows Bigfoot had a blurry dinner with George and Nick. How did that get leaked?

    Been meaning to ask…Winky, did you get Ely’s invite to George’s big surprise party?

    Oh. Well … yours is probably still in the mail. :D

  • GoldenPhoenix

    Cheese! All this stuff*. If he’s really a free man, it will show in future free time*.

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    @Wild Angel- Go. Sit in your corner and mind your manners. Winky is not available… He is getting neutered.

    Now run along and go fluff your feathers. Toodles!

  • silverscreen

    @GoldenPhoenix: It’s already shown. A few Canalis shills are still pushing the b.s. though.

  • Winky

    @Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney: Do not try to pass the desirable for reality. Your castrator has not grown up yet! Continue to dream on.

  • Winky

    @Wild Angel: Oh Jaaa! This is a question of ratings. Canalshit adds percent to the ratings. Of course we could shut her mouth or strangle, in the end you have got horticultural sundry ;-) However she must close the full circle of her shame, she paid for photoshop eventually. Ratings ours, she pays. Grey PR. It is clear that it is zero pleasure for George, but he must hold on for a while because the work is work :-)
    Yes, indeed It is so unexpected to receive invitation to the party which you actually plan&develop yourself :-D Because as far as I know George does not plan to go there, however hard I’ve tried to persuade him, alas.. so I think, colleague, there will be just you and me. Really George can be enticed by only one, I already thought of what we’ll do… Birthday Bash in direct sense After party. So we take a Big Bus, painted into red (btw photos above are a promo for party). From the both sides of bus we write slogans such as “George you are our President!” “George you are God of Sex!”, rear of bus “Just Having Sex”… Inside, the bus is completely full with delicious food and drinks. The bus drives along the whole city, we dressed in wicked costumes, run out of the bus… a lot of colorful balloons fly high into the sky… we feed people and pour them champagne…. About our locations we warn press in advance.
    It is actually kinda crude version, maybe you have got some ideas too? :-)

  • silverscreen

    You dweebs need to give up your lame schtick. The horse script is over. It’s been over for more than three months. Done. Finished. It’s pining for the fjords.

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    @Winky- Grouchy are we? Gooood! Yeah you sound like you have been neutered. I do not have to dream dear. You have proven you nightmare……..

    So go sit in the corner and cool your jets. Sucks when you cannot control all huh?


    @Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney: How much do you cost, alewife!??
    REsssurraction!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEIIIhhaaaaaaaa

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    @Chase- YOU ARE THE UGLY ARSCHLOCH!!!!! Sticking your pecker is toxic waste dumps for vaginas. Lol

    My price is too high for your “frugal” a.s.s. You have no concept of a woman’s worth. That is why you settle for condiment orders. I am not caught, and the chase is closed for you. I take the above name just to pissssss off. The name has no significance or value otherwise.

    Get it, got it, GOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    @Factum- Yeah that is about the entourage’s speed. Birds of a feather flock together.

    @Winky and Wild Angel- That is utter bulls.h.I.t. That Canalis is work. George picks em skanky and ranky because they are easy lay for cheap pay. So take your barbs and chards and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

    All of you and George included has been sent out on a barge to the middle of the ocean, ready to sink. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  • Kinky News

    According to statistics, after the death of 30% of people go to heaven, 60% to hell, and 10% to the program – sat on a Rubik’s Cube and collected it.

  • Pandora’s Box O’Reilly Clooney

    Someone’s ego cannot handle some stern talk. WIMPS!
    @Kinky News- Well this is no shock there. Lol It is also no secret where a chunk of these egotistical turds will go. They have standing reservations. GOOD RIDDANCE!

    Thinking people have to put up with their f.u.c.k.e.d. up attitudes and personas. World could use less and less of these dik heads.

    Can’t the barge sink a little faster? They think they can look up some unintelligible foreign music videos and dribble a few intelligent words and they are f.u.c.k.I.n.g. Einstein.

    That is what butt kissers and overpaid buffoons in Hollywood gives you. Tsk…tsk..tsk GET OVER YOURSELVES DING DONGS!!!!

    I can be even more excessively crude with my comebacks. Some of us are tired of people who walk around with their head up their a.s.s. and that people have to adhere their lips to their behind while they are promoting their flatulence! Tsk..tsk..tsk

  • Lucy

    @silverscreen: the picture in the restaurant in KY

  • Wild Angel

    Memo to Winky: Save me a seat on the bus!
    (And free publicity? No such thing as a free lunch.)
    Keep working on the party games though. Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Spin the Bottle? And let’s get a pinata too. ASAP Sorry to dump this all on you but I’m too busy fluffing my feathers. :D

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  • Wild Angel

    That reminds me, Winky…we’ll want sparklers and a cake. A big fun cake! No bubblegum though! I hate when that gets in my feathers. Ahh…I love my job!

  • silverscreen

    @Lucy: The picture was taken from outside the restaurant, from through the window, and Canalis isn’t in it.

  • NOW
  • En Vogue

    I particularly like Clooney’s ensemble in these photos. May I commend the Costume Designer for great taste. Or was it his own selection? Navy with light blue shirt. And co-ordinated tie. Yep, the whole Devil in a Blue Suit theme is really working…

  • Vox Populi

    Well, however George chooses to celebrate his 50th birthday, I hope he paints the town red and really lives it up. Whether it be with his family or his friends, he deserves a great time and the public probably anticipates a great occasion.

  • NOW

    @En Vogue: Suit’s tonality is ideal – it is trend these days. I have also got a dress in such tonality. I am not sure about shirt’s color, I think that the shirt supposed to tone with suit or one tone lower. Though for a screen is better so because it looks contrast.