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Katie Holmes: 'Wicked' with Suri!

Katie Holmes: 'Wicked' with Suri!

Katie Holmes takes her adorable daughter Suri to see the hit Broadway musical, Wicked, on Wednesday (March 16) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actress and design partner Jeanne Yang just announced that they will be having two accessories collections – one tan, one white designed by Holmes & Yang exclusively for Barneys.

Earlier in the day, Katie left her apartment wearing a fun pair of Cindy Chao gold leaf earrings to do some shopping at Barneys.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Diamond Initial Necklace. Suri is wearing babyGAP‘s ruffle trench.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise leaving the theater…

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katie holmes wicked with suri cruise 01
katie holmes wicked with suri cruise 02
katie holmes wicked with suri cruise 03
katie holmes wicked with suri cruise 04
katie holmes wicked with suri cruise 05
katie holmes wicked with suri cruise 06
katie holmes wicked with suri cruise 07
katie holmes wicked with suri cruise 08
katie holmes wicked with suri cruise 09
katie holmes wicked with suri cruise 10

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  • hobie83

    Poor kiddo she really looks like she’s grumpy/does not want to be photographed in most of those pictures. Can’t blame her.

  • mary

    look, katie. it’s wonderful that suri is wearing a coat. it’s not buttoned up but whatever. however, that child of yours should be wearing warm tights. Suri should not be wearing open toed shoes either. it’s still cold in New York.

  • Jokergurl

    I just keep wondering how late do they keep this little girl up? At least get her some sunglasses for all those stupid, blinding flashbulbs. Here’s a newsflash, kids get CRANKY when they are tired.


    Phallic candy, heels, out until 1 a.m.!!! PERV BAIT!!! Someone needs to save that kid.

  • thighmegatampon

    that coat looks thin and that dress looks thin. why is katie always dressed more warmly than suri?

  • mickey

    Suri has to get used to the flashbulbs because that is one of the reasons she was created. Little Suri is a human public relations ploy. I love how Katie, in all her maternal brilliance, is pulling her sweater together because she is cold while her PR baby has no tights on and open-toed shoes. Genius. Where is child protective services when you need them?

  • Tom’s Career is OVER!!!

    Eastern countries are not amused with his 4 yer old’s nightclub lifestyle and XXX snacks. Will they ban his movies?

  • jk

    She is empath. Like Zahara. She can sense other people’s feelings. Here she is reflecting what papparazzis are thinking. She does that every time they start doing this, attacking, calling their names. No one gets used to being stalked.

  • Linda

    The kid is clearly…

  • Anybody home

    Oh Goodness I laughed so hard. Look at the expressions on this kids ‘ face.
    This is way too sad and yet so funny.
    We should not laugh but Kaite is constantly putting herself out there and this kid. A 5 yr. going see Wicked. Suir dressed for the the theater in her usually thin dresses,high heels, freezing cold weather, too much. Kaite is Britney Spears before she got on meds when she was making a spectacle of herself on her few times a day for Starbucks runs.
    Kaite should call Charlie Sheen. Winning , DUH!!!!
    kaite should join him on his tour. Suri will end up friends in 15 years with Bob and Max.
    Kaite has a mother and some sisters. Why don’t they start intervening.
    Kaite needs meds. The girl is clearly not right .
    That poor kid. Kaite has no friends. That poor kid has no friends other than mommy.
    What happened to her big friendship with Victoria Beckham and Jada Pinkett?
    Throw Vikki baby shower. Something a normal adult woman would do.
    BTW google Holmes & Yang.
    Their official site is nothing but a blue page with no clothes.
    How crazy is that.

  • An

    Average kid

  • Tammy

    I may not agree with what Suri is wearing on a cold night in NY, but I honestly appreciate the fact that they let Suri be her own person. I’ve heard Katie say that Suri dresses herself everyday. So if that’s what she wants to wear, more power to her. Kids are resilient in cold weather. I love the fact that Tom and Katie don’t feel like she has to be dressed to the tee everyday. Look at that, red dress, pink headband and purple shoes – probably designer duds even. Love it!

  • Tammy

    I may not agree with what Suri is wearing on a cold night in NY, but I honestly appreciate the fact that they let Suri be her own person. I’ve heard Katie say that Suri dresses herself everyday. So if that’s what she wants to wear, more power to her. Kids are resilient in cold weather. I love the fact that Tom and Katie don’t feel like she has to be dressed to the tee everyday. Look at that, red dress, pink headband and purple shoes – probably designer duds even. Love it!

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    I dont like they

  • Liz

    I love Katie’s sweater, her earings, her style etc… but that poor kid looks cold! These pics were taken at night in NY for God’s sake! At least give her some socks and a sweater!

  • headache

    suri hasnt been dressing properly for cold winter weather for years. i wonder why they never learn!!

  • annie

    I think Suri is real character, I realy do.
    I would like to see her in warmer clothes too, but she doesn’t look cold, she never has, and she looks like a little kid who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want. I reckon she’s a very active child…..she’s always running.
    Liking Katie’s style, glad her hair is longer- looks great.
    Holmes & Y ang have gone in partnership with Italian handbag firm Valexra, and created a hand bag. Out in July.

  • Sheri

    I feel sorry for this child … open-toed sandals in the winter in NYC?? Katie seems to have no parenting sense whatsoever. Suri seems to be such an odd little duck … and no wonder!

  • GPS

    Robots don´t know how to dress. They also don´t know how to raise kids.

  • Thai

    Hey, Just Jared, why havent u posted that? Or is it too inappropriate?

  • ()()()()

    I think the kid is autistic, she probably can’t bare to be dressed fully….

  • Annie

    Now there’s the face of a kid who’s never heard no if ever I saw one. It’s only a matter of time before she’s throwing stuff at strangers and spitting at people.

  • marta

    who’s more important here Katie or suri? cause this child not mother is on each picture. It’s so crazy and pathetic that media makes Suri more famous than her parents though they are the only reason she is known all over the world. Her father is a hollywood superstar not her!

  • Mel

    Wow, what a procotious looking little child. That kid is probably going to turn into the next drug-addled pseudo-celebrity in no time, just wait.

  • Annie

    @ Thai – just saw the pen1s candies. Now I’m no prude and I think that if little kids ask about the ‘facts’ they should be told…but buying genital-shaped lollies for your 4 year old seems just plain WEIRD. Not to mention that Suri is up past midnight and eating sugar past midnight.

  • john

    this small girl never play with other kids in her age … she looks strange adult female..

  • Big Mama

    It’s easy Katie. Mother tells the child, “You wear this, or you stay home.”

  • Carina

    Allowing your child to dress in summer clothes when it is winter and freezing is not letting them have their individuality as some have deludedly posted. It is neglectful, lazy parenting. Being a parent means making the hard choices. If you are cold enough to wear a coat and do it up and cover your legs and feet, do the same for your child. Also, I do not blame the paparazzi at all for photographing her. A child out until all hours and constantly paraded around by her celebrity parents is going to get her picture taken. Who is to blame for that? Her parents. They could give her a more private, normal life if they wanted to but that does not suit their purpose. What that purpose is, I have no idea, but it is certainly not in the best interest of that child. Honestly, it is like Katie Holmes is going through life in a fog with no idea what she is doing.

  • Annie

    Some people are defending the peEne candy by saying that Suri just grabbed the box off the shelf. Well if that’s true I find that more disturbing than if Katie had bought them for Suri. The only place I’ve ever seen that kind of thing sold is either in sex shops or highly child inappropriate gag shops. Who drags a 4 yo around those sorts of places?

  • Taylor

    Wicked??? Are you kidding me? I saw this show a couple of years ago and really??? Taking a four year old? What the heck? Katie…get some friends to hang out with if you want to go out at night. Don’t take your daughter, who most didn’t have a clue what this play is about. So awfully strange.

  • ck

    Bet Tom is making them stay in NYC till radiation cloud passes West Coast. Xenu commands them.

  • Stella

    Re the candies – my guess would be that Suri has been asking some sticky questions about what boys have ‘down there’ so Katie bought her those candies. This just seems lame and somehow inappropriate imo, even though there is nothing intrinsically bad or dirty about any human body part. Those gummies were made as a laugh for adults, and people are going to see those pictures and make nasty jokes.

  • Suri Jackson

    Well…the hours that Suri is keeping…making the Broadway rounds ’til all hours of the night, definitely negates the claims by Romeo and a few others that Suri has a normal life of a 5 year old and is most likely home schooled. The poor kid has to be sleeping all day to come down from her sugar high and prepare for the next night’s round of shows and sweets.
    Katie is SICK SICK SICK!!!!! Tom is simply a has-been, desperate to reclaim a moment of attention and glory.
    What a mess of a “family”.

  • KC

    What’s next???? Suri will demand the keys to the car and her mother will hand them over to her and let her drive!!! This child needs limits and boundaries. No parent is perfect but there is just no excuse for dressing her inappropriately for the weather conditions, allowing her to stay up late, and the sugary diet!!!

  • Why?

    Suri’s outfit…speechless.
    Suri’s only friend….last picture, the nanny. Why is she even there? can’t Katie handle her kid alone? Check out the large box carried by the nanny. The contents: Suri’s bottle, pacifier, numerous snacks of junk food, toys, and the huge blanket. CHECK!

  • connie

    Suri looking happy, with the nanny (only friend). When was the last time we saw Suri with a smile when she’s with Katie?

  • Midnight

    Reported on PEOPLE

    “There was a lot of ice cream,” a source says of the visit, which found the mother-daughter duo dropping in with friends right before the restaurant closed at midnight. “Suri definitely loves ice cream, and she usually orders a hot fudge sundae.”


    Just before 1 a.m., the group snuck out a side door to escape from the paparazzi waiting outside.

  • just me

    Dear Katie,
    I believe you have a chance to raise the awareness of autism. Something the Travolta’s choose not to do. I too criticized you til I became aware of the symptoms. It is not just a child who may be delayed with speech. They can have issues with falling asleep, staying asleep. They can have issues with eating. Maybe she eats sweets because that is all she eat. They have sensory issues with clothes, so the no coats, tights, appropriate shoes. They have issues with loud noises, so she covers her ears. And they often like to play alone, don’t get along well with others. They will run or walk off, if not kept right with you or restrained. Lastly the tantrums, that are legendary, that would have most people give in because the child can’t comprehend anything else but what they think they want. I believe you have it rough, I choose not to criticize you because I think I get it.

  • boston61

    It’s because these celebs let their precious little DNA bundles dress themselves. AKA. They are shitty parents.

  • Alice

    Katie – it’s simple. Just tell the kid that she ain’t going anywhere until she’s dressed appropriately for the weather and her hair is brushed. She’s only 4 for goodness sake how hard can it be? She needs a thicker coat, some stockings/leggings and some proper shoes with that outfit. And male part shaped candy? I bet Katie thought that was cute/amusing. This woman must have the maturity of a frat boy. Clue up Katie, now pervs the world over are looking at those pictures; it’s not cute or funny.

  • anonymous

    Autistic children don’t like to be bundled up and are very insensitive to freezing temp.noise, light and sudden movement just saying.

  • jim

    It’s clear that this child has anger management issues.

  • anonymous

    Don’t believe Suri is autistic because most of the time she is in her mother’s arms,autistic kids don’t like to be touched.

  • jim

    It is clear this child has anger management issues!

  • jim

    It is clear this child has anger management issues!

  • Anybody home

    @just me:
    True and annonymous is true.,
    Ok,I shouldnotlaugh.

    BTW, these are some traits. The spectrum is long.
    Suri might be mild, but yeah she is autistic.

  • Alice

    #41 – nah, I’m pretty sure Suri isn’t autistic. She interacts with the photogs way too much for that, sometimes even doing model poses and dance moves for them. Plus it seems she loves to be carried. If Katie were to make her put on Winter clothes, *of course* Suri would throw a big tantrum at first, but she’d soon catch on. In fact knowing how much of a little princess she is I’m sure Suri would soon love all the cute winter latest fashions. It just bugs me that Katie is too silly to stand up to a 4 year old.

  • anon

    It’s official. Suri has ugly brat face. It’s surprising, maybe not, that she looks just like Tommy when she makes her ugly brat face.

    I see we’re back on heels and panty shot dresses. Suri is Paris Hilton in the making. Fire your nanny Katie and begin the slut/brat indoctrination now by hiring Paris as your nanny. She will throw in her latest boyfriend to take care of Tommy. Maybe then you can be free.

    It’s a shame that Suri is turning out the way she is. Tommy’s older kids are not weird like this. I can only blame the mom. Katie loves playing house but it’s obvious she is an unfit mother.

  • Vie

    The kid looks about 20 already..I never see her laughing or playing with another kid her age. ???????