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Vanessa Hudgens: 'Learned So Much' Filming 'Sucker Punch'

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Learned So Much' Filming 'Sucker Punch'

Vanessa Hudgens stops by a gas station before heading over to The Lot studios on Thursday (March 17) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress recently expressed how much she enjoyed filming her latest movie, Sucker Punch.

“What actress wouldn’t want to do it? “It’s not me trying to push aside everything else that people know me as. It’s just that this is an incredible project that I wanted to be a part of,” Vanessa said. “It’s been a ride. I’ve learned so much from this film. It’s been really cool.”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Current/Elliott jeans, a Wildfox ‘#9 Love’ baggy boy tank, and Elizabeth and James “Park” sunglasses.

Sucker Punch is set to hit theaters on Friday (March 25)!

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  • http://j carlota f.

    love her style:)

  • ({o}) kodak moment

    i learned how to strech out my ({o}) like a pro *click*

  • lors

    she has natural beauty! love her style <3

  • rhonda

    she learned how to make a proper porn video!

  • rememba

    she very pretty

  • Jen

    i likelike like her fashion :)

  • Randy Addison

    This girl is such a pretty face and will stay a pretty face in Hollywood. She doesn’t smoke, she barely goes to the bars and rather go to the beach to relax.

  • ohhh

    she looks so good with josh…hope all the crazy fans of that douche zac would leave vanessa alone

  • Vanessa

    Umm going to the beach means more exposure to aging UV rays. Avoiding the sun is one of the age defying habits one could readily practice. Also may explain why there are a lot of young looking Asian people. Dark skin people also have young looking skin because of the high melanin content in their skin, which blocks UV rays from damaging their age renewing cells.

    I see flared jeans on Vanessa. I hope it won’t return so soon, I was just getting into skinny jeans for once!

  • Dede

    Vanessa looks great in everything.

  • Vivian

    she looks so cute! i love her outfit! adorable!

  • kate

    so cute! she looks grear!

  • kate


  • ohhh

    ha ha ha ha…i’m kinda ecstatic of the end of zanessa. zac is a poser and a douche. i like josh better for vanessa.
    i nominate zac for the next celebrity rehab.

  • http://itsme_14 FILIPINA

    she’s really adorable and pretty

  • Kerri

    Ohhh: What is your problem? zac isn’t a douche so stop saying that. I don’t know why you think josh is better for vanessa. I have nothing against him but he is only 18 and i think they are just friends. Everybody stop bashing zac we don’t know the whole story with him and vanessa.

  • hahah


  • BOJI

    Our gal is out and about. I’m already looking forward to her next project and I hope it is soon. Whatever happens from now I can only see her star getting brighter. She is a lovely person and one celebrity I really root for. She deserves recognition for being just the person she is.

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    In hand this food?

  • new movies

    I can not wait to see Sucker Punch in cinema.

  • Fauve

    I think Sucker Punch meant a lot to Vanessa for many reasons it not only showed a whole new side of her that we all knew she was capable of showing but Zack really gave her a chance and saw her potential and talent, and not just HSM. She grew confidence and strength by training with the Navy Seals, and she felt Girl Power by playing with such an awesome cast like Emily, Jena, Carla, Abbie, Jon, and so on they were all an equally good cast. Zack has a style you will never forget he forged it with 300. And it will also show her diversity I can see why this person who has it out for her is jealous she will farther then that person in career. It is pathetic how someone has to do this before a life changing movie but it only shows how strong she is and good hearted. I really admire her staying true to herself no matter what the pressures of Hollywood and media are. It bothers me that people like Enews, Perez, Hollywood Life, Celebuzz etc smile in her face and stab her in the back and keep showing items that are illegal or lie on her. I would never interview with them again if I were her. Jared has been mostly impartial I think he has tried when it’s hard he wants to make money to to be impartial and stay away from that. She has not had it easy and people who keep doing this to her and hurting her family are inhuman. I really admire her strength and endurance not many people can handle what she has time and time again. We love and support Vanessa and always will and her family to.

  • Tomahawk

    people who are jealous will always try to destroy others who are successful , it’s so sad but a reality that has been going on since the beginning of time I’m sure….

    now on the other hand i saw Vanessa 2 years ago at the teen awards and all these young kids were calling her name to come over to sign autographs, most of the other teen celebs did walk over including miley cyrus, Vanessa was with Zac and he wanted to walk over but Vanessa was not interested at all to just walk over to these kids and sign a few autographs, kind of not cool ….

  • e

    Apperently the hacker have hacked into over 100 e-mail accounts of stars, sports-stars and politicans so I’m not suprise that FBI is involved and it also says on TMZ that they know who the leader is and once the ctach him or her that person will get to spend quite some time in jail.

    “As for Vanessa Hudgens, our sources say the hackers may have obtained the pictures through a friend who betrayed the actress.”

    From TMZ, if that’s true then this thing must make this feel even worst for her, and must hurt to be betrayed like that by someone who was once a friend. though hopefully if they catch the hacker group it will come out who this was as well. This person also deserves to be puniched for this and I hope that he or she will get what’s coming to them for trying to hurt Vanessa like that, I can’t say how proud I am of Vanessas strenght though all this.

  • sweet

    dear little girls in the zanessa thread at the zefron forum ,

    today i stumbled into your delusional moronic world and i have to say that you are all ( the zac fans and the supposedly vanessa fans) are a bunch of crazy shit stirring idiots . i hope that vanessa loses you all as fans because she deserves people who believe in her full stop not girls who hold conditions on who she is and who she maybe with . i thank god she is not with that douche efron coz who wants an unfaithful boyfriend- i know for a fact he cheated- a guy who hangs out with fame hungry
    f-listers who must thank twitter everyday for giving them some kind of audience, just check out the and look for one of zacs clubbing buddy mark sailing from glee featured on there with two gross hags and now picture this when you hear about him and zac hitting a club together with rest of zacs poser pussies ninja boys coz they are all friends- not pretty huh.
    so if u think vanessa is the person you are implying her to be i ask you other then the fact she is now single what is the problem hanging out friends including josh, she has been through hell this week and if she feels secure amongst friends who support her it dosent matter how many times they hang out or where they are she deserves to move on coz im pretty sure your pretty(fake) BOY has a long time ago.

    from someone with a brain

  • Kimmy

    typical american girl

  • yets

    I know vanessa is Fine..a lot of people Love her.

  • Sienna

    Why is it that nude pictures of her get release or “leaked” just before any of her movies hit the theater?? huh?? is it just me o does any1 smell promotion???

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ SIENNA, WANT DUMB COMMENT, this could ruin her career, Vanessa has to fight for everything she has got in life, plus t read on TMZ, that it could be a friend, or two, who were jealous of her plus the know the ring leader alot of celebrities, sports,and polticans at lease 50 or more, go there and read this, and if there
    were her two friends we be really surprize who the are, i read who they are, Vanessa will really be hurt, thats why somepeople who you think are your friends aren’t. jealous poisonens the heart

  • magda tenÅ¡ek

    really adorable and beautifull
    and i dont know why is everybody is sayng that she is dating josh
    to be honest im not a big fan of him but if she ll be happy fine
    butttt ….. i dont think thet she is dating anybody now cuz she sais that she just wants to have fun wither family and friends soooo
    love ya v

  • saywhaat


    Your the dumb one. it seems to me that your fallacies is your way to defend the indefensible typical Vanessa posse. Don’t Blame Sienna she’s telling the truth THIS IS THE THIRD TIME YOUR C@NT OF AN IDOL RELEASE HER NUDIE JUST IN TIME WITH AN UPCOMING MOVIE SHE IS GONNA RELEASE. ITS NOT OUR FAULT THAT SHE HAS THOSE YOU SHOULD BLAME YOUR TALENTLESS HACK FOR DOING THOSE. IF SHE CAN’T DO THE TIME DON’T DO THE CRIME.


  • saywhaat

    Another question. Why does Vanessa still has those photos of hers in her possession. She had been “victimized” by the fallout before why did she not have it deleted the second time she’s exposed. I don’t buy the idea that her former friends keep them to hurt her because they themselves has got something to loose with those pictures. SHE’S NOT REALLY BRIGHT IS SHE? MY SUGGESTION TO HER. GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND IF SHE REALLY WANT TO BE AN ACTRESS GET SOME ACTING LESSONS. SHE SHOULD KNOW THAT HER ANDROGYNOUS BODY CAN ONLY TAKE HER ….THIS FAR. OR IF THIS IS THE PATH THAT SHE WANTS TO GO AT LEAST GET SOME SURGERY AND DO IT THE RIGHT WAY I HEARD HUGH AND LARRY ARE ALWAYS HIRING.

  • myself

    Classless people and kids love Vanessa Hudgens. She’s so mean.

  • tina

    I love the way people post as if they know her personally. What crime did she do, the ones who posted private pictures on the internet did the crime and guess what …THEY WILL BE DOING THE TIME. FBI WOULDN’T BE INVOLVED IN A PR STUNT.

  • http://google BARBARA


  • BOJI

    Get your facts before you go spouting off your mouths and condemning Vanessa. The PICs were taken when she was a minor and I believe they were in the possession of a “friend” who sold them to the “Hacker”( a syndicate who hacked into celebrities’ and sport star’s accounts to get their hands on risque photos. They were in a batch and were timely released so as to make the biggest payback ie when they were in demand. Who buys them but the Tabloids, sleazy mags and websites. She was a MINOR get it and those of you who leer at those pics are advocates of CHILD P O R N O G R A P H Y, male or female. So get this into your narrow minded heads. SHAME ON YOU! If you indeed saw those pics then, you are no better than the lecherous perverts.

  • BOJI

    Just Jared, you should ban Minors from posting slanderous comments on Websites such as this. They don’t know what they are talking about.

  • maria

    @BOJI: Thank you, Boji. Was just about to say the same thing.
    @saywhaat: Sorry, but you’re pathetic. You don’t seem to understand that those photos were taken a long time ago and were a MISTAKE, but were PRIVATE, and not meant for anyone to see. Vanessa admits that. The entire batch of pictures were leaked to a hacker by someone who betrayed her, and that is the crime. BOTH the person who gave the pictures AND the hacker will be nailed by the FBI. Taking the pictures was NOT a crime; invading someone’s privacy and leaking the photos IS a crime.

    And please, you CAN’t be dumba$$ enough to believe anyone with a career so public would actually want pics like that to be out there. Are you nuts?? How would anyone think this is a good career move? If you think that, then you’re a moron. This girl has had to overcome this one lapse in judgement THREE times YES, she made the mistake…….she’s paid the price over and over and over again for it. ANd you self-righteous, unforgiving, un-Christian losers need to realize this is a wonderful, caring, loving, GOOD human being who does NOT deserve this hate. She hurt NO ONE but herself. Some of you need to get over yourselves.

  • Vanfan

    Why are you americans so upset about these photos of hers? They are just pictures of a n a k e d body. Everyone has one. It’s not like we haven’t seen one before. And while some are big, some are small, some are pretty, some not so much — they are still all basically the same. It is just silly to be so victorian about nudity.

  • JewishPrincess

    Maria said: “ANd you self-righteous, unforgiving, un-Christian losers need to realize this is a wonderful, caring, loving, GOOD human being”

    I really take offense to your remarks. There are people here who are defending her who may not be Christians. Are you an anti-semite?

  • BOJI

    JewishPrincess, take no offense. Maria was referring to the Haters and un-christian behaviour of some of the posters. Nothing at all to do with fans who support Vanessa, I can assure you of that. Christianity teaches compassion, forgiveness and humility and I know most other religions teach the same values. I know for a fact Vanessa has fans from all ages, Races, Creed and classes(blue and white collar) and housewives included.
    Again, I repeat, Maria had no intention of offending non-christians. Do not take this literally. She meant no harm and I can vouch for her.

  • hoitytoittoity

    @saywhaat: Girl, can’t you even remotely understand a tiny bit of what the TMZ story about this hacker ring?
    A friend might have been the source of all the photos from the past years and until now. If somehow Vanessa treasured this friend as a real close one, she could have given that said friend access to most of her personal things, heck maybe even treated her as part of her family, like a sister, but sad to say, she had been betrayed by this friend.

  • maria

    @BOJI: Thanks Boji…..that’s exactly right. I meant NOOOO offense. I was referring to the BEHAVIOR of being unforgiving and vicious, which people often refer to as being “un-Christian-like”. That’s all. So sorry if I offended anyone!!!! I’m just so tired of people who feel they are so perfect and never make mistakes, especially as teens. Teens make terrible choices sometimes, because of peer pressure, being impulsive, and not always knowing the end results of their actions. It’s a very tough time to live through, and those who can not be understanding toward someone who made a mistake are poor excuses for human beings. Shame on them. I daresay, we all made mistakes in our lives; thank goodness we haven’t been hated on for ours.

  • ohhh

    i totally agree maria but i don’t like what zac has become now. most would agree that he’s become so un-Troy Bolton now. he’s a loser and been hanging out with losers like mark salling.

  • maria

    @JewishPrincess: Also, I was referring to the people who are hating on her, NOT those defending her. Did not mean to offend anyone…….just describing the comments of the people who choose to hate on others.

  • maria

    @ohhh: I wasn’t talking about Zac, though. That’s a whole other story. I used to admire how he lived his life, how mature he was, and how he stayed out of the seediness of Hollywood. I really can’t say that now. But they’re adults, and can make their own choices. We aren’t going to agree with all those choices, and in his case, I find them disappointing. Whatever. Not trying to start anything. It’s just how I feel.

  • JewishPrincess

    You should include all of the people hating on Zac. To be fair, they are blowing everything out of proportion and embelishing the reports. They say he’s at a club every night, when in fact, he’s been out just a few times. They say he’s getting drunk every night, when in fact, he may have had a couple of alcoholic drinks. They say he’s screwing a different woman every night, when in fact, there is no proof that he has even screwed one. They call him awful names.

    So, let’s treat all of the haters as they should be treated. The truth is, we do not know what happened between Z and V, and we should not be placing blame on either one.

  • Vanfan

    I completely agree. We will probably never know their personal business. That’s how it should be. It’s their business, not ours. All these people are posting like they were there with them and like they know exactly what happened. Not one person that is posting knows Zac or Vanessa, so they have no right to make statements about their personal lives.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Jewish princess, I agree with want you said, all these are rumors, and believe me, about 98% are false.

  • zac-is-wack

    maria, vanfan and barbara: i don’t want to douse your hopes with cold water but zac is an a$$. that rumor with theresa is so true accdg to paps who talked to the waiters. and someone i know told me that hes been hitting up with every chick when he’s at bars like a loose cannon. mark salling influence and other douche and losers that now he calls friends.

  • kyle


    Really? And who are these paps who talked to the waiters, do you know them personally? Or did you just read the RUMOR somewhere else and made a decision that what they were saying is true? You know someone who claimed that he’s been hitting up with every chick in the bars? Really now. You are like one of the posters who claimed that she owns a restaurant and heard Zac’s scheme. If Zac is an a.s.s that you claimed to be, how come Vanessa described him as a sweet, wonderful boyfriend for the last 5 years? Are you therefore saying that Vanessa is such a wimp because she stayed with him all these years? I don’t think so.