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Adrianne Palicki: 'Wonder Woman' First Look!

Adrianne Palicki: 'Wonder Woman' First Look!

Check out the first look of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman!

The 27-year-old Friday Night Lights actress will play the famous superheroine in NBC’s upcoming reboot of the classic 1970s series.

Adrianne was first announced to play Wonder Woman in the new series back in February.

The upcoming pilot also stars Austin Power‘s Elizabeth Hurley and Saw‘s Cary Elwes.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Wonder Woman’s new look – HOT or NOT?

Bigger promo pic inside…

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adrianne palicki wonder woman first look 01

Credit: Lubin; Photos: NBC
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  • http://deleted F.A.M.E

    NOT ! sorry but wonder woman should not have a face like that

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Not hot eh eh eh eh

  • lindsey

    that cleavage is a joke. sexist hollywood.

  • http://deleted F.A.M.E

    true fact : the person who created wonder woman is the same person
    who created the lie detector :)

  • mike

    Eh, she’s pretty, but she doesn’t do anything for me. Good for her though if she got that role.

  • bigdoseofstfu


  • hiiii

    her fake boobs are so obvious..I never understood why girls do them, they always look fake. Why couldn’t they find someone more natural looking? Monica Bellucci, now that’s one hot natural woman, but she’s too good for that tv show anyway.

  • Dubya Bush

    WHAT. THE. LIVING. HELL? She looks a mess.

  • zak

    Hmm let’s see..a wonder woman with a fat face, no hips, and fake no thank you. My girlfriend is 10x hotter.

  • NO!

    This picture proves my original thought on the casting, she is not super hot Out of this world mega beauty enough to play Wonder Woman. What kind of face is that? Like Bionic Woman, this will go NOWHERE. Terrible casting. She is NO Linda Carter!

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^____^ cute

    She like fat woman

  • emily

    no way this will be more than a pilot!

  • siennagold

    Wonder Woman is Linda Carter. Classic.

  • MllleF

    Oh Boy…not vulgar at all all those boobs exposed like a porn actress…

    The first Wonder Woman was waaaay more classy and beautiful….don’t try to do and do again the same movies an tv shows….

    Try someone : think to have original ideas.

  • taylor

    That looks like a cheap Halloween costume.

  • Hans

    Hmm looks like a Halloween costume…




  • MllleF

    I was saying to myself, I know her from somewhere…this is it ! Rummer Willis ! lol



  • nbcsuxor.

    looks like the producer’s wife is letting nbc borrow her halloween costume.

  • Turkish

    Huge fail. Recast her WOW ugly WW.

  • cggas

    Adrianne is a pretty girl but this picture is horrid! It doesn’t even look like her!

  • Blueberry

    LOL)) You must be keeding

  • JJ

    Nothing against Adrianne Palicki who I loved mainly because of her stint on the show Supernatural on the CW but she does not look good in black hair and that costume is an insult to the classic Wonder Woman. The boots and Tiara are all wrong and don’t get me started on the pants.

  • HexTina

    Give us Wonder Woman or dont even bother doing this show…. I want pumpum shorts with stars on them… red boots…. a tall hot chick.

  • carrienae

    Heels? Cleavage? Gosh… where are we… the 1950′s???? How can one fight with boobs puffing out and wearing high heels? Looks ridiculous to me.

  • allspice

    Um nope!!! NOT!!!!

  • Kevin

    I have been a fan my whole life and I like this. A lot of people won’t like this because they don’t like change. But I am gonna give it a chance. The suit doesn’t worry me but David E Kelly writing this does. He better knock this out of the park!

  • Sela

    Why didn’t they just go all the way and make that costume neon glow in the dark. Bright much?

  • Lyla Says

    It doesn’t work. This show will be canceled so fast.

  • OK

    That costume looks so cheap, especially the gold plastic bits. 70s WW had metallic gold that was rich looking.

    Also, there’s no way she can run in that costume w/out her boobs falling out on first jog. Ridiculous.

  • Ray

    That is not the Wonder Woman outfit, cancel it now.

  • HexTina

    @carrienae and All you feminist need to gtfo this comment section…

    You do know who WonderWoman is right? Cleavage, heels, skin… has always been apart of WonderWoman. Pick up a comicbook!

    The real problem is the costume looks like it was designed by Leg Avenue

  • mickey

    That is just epic FAIL! Adrianne is really pretty (as a blonde), but that hair color and bad make up are doing her NO favors. The costume is just ridiculous. It looks like an afterthought they picked up in the discount bin at Party City. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Hot mess seems appropriate here.

  • ladys

    Sorry to say this, but she just looks AWKWARD. Like a little girl dressed up in costume, not an Amazon warrior.

    Tacky costume or no, Lynda Carter friggin OWNED her Wonder Woman costume.

  • jeffsd

    A mousey chick in tight leather pants. I can get that any night at the local dive bar. I want a superhero.

  • Ryan Sheera

    Erica Durance is gorgeous, tall, great legs and amaizing bobs, but WW has Blue eyes and Erica is the perfect Lois Lane, so i don´t see her has Diana, but she really look good in that outfit and the outfits isn´t that bad,

  • Jane

    Beautiful girl, but boy will this show fail! It worked in the past, different times, now? I dont think so!

  • Red Mask

    It has the worst choice of material. She also doesn’t look Amazonian enough.

  • Jokergurl

    Not the best casting choice, she doesn’t have those cheekbones, she’s not muscled enough, she just looks skinny.

  • NextGlobalCrisiscom

    Hehe! I quite like it, but I’m not sure how long this show will last.

  • Real Wonder Woman

    Awful… NO NO NO!
    It is an insult to Wonder Woman.

  • *

    pretty but she doesn’t even come close to Linda Carter.

  • shaun

    looks cheap and tacky.
    like a porn stars costume

  • Taylor

    wait this is AWEFUL. seriously the face and the costume (and the boob job) are a complete joke.

  • Lash

    The boobs are not fake… Honestly, if you’d ever seen fake boobs you’d know. They’re using a push-up effect similar to the common push-up bra, which pushes boobs up and in and gives it that shape that you see here. A lot of people are saying “sexist Hollywood” this and that, but the costume here is actually quite modest, comparing to the classic look and even Linda Carter Wonder Woman portrayal. As for her face, I think I will not pass any judgment until I see the pilot. She’s pretty but the makeup job isn’t perfect.
    At least this outfit gets rid of the atrocious booty shorts and ridiculously immodest cleavage of the Linda Hamilton era…

  • hollywood


  • Sheigh

    Too ridiculous and ugly for my eyes, and I can’t stop laughing about.
    Seriously this spandex costume is 2011 ? And the storyline too ?

  • hoitytoittoity

    Yikes, major downgrade from Linda Carter. And the hair! The horror of the hair looks like bedhair! Not classy superhero Wonder Woman hair!
    And change the color of the lipstick please. She looks like going to a Halloween costume party. Or maybe came from one?
    What’s the storyplot now? Don’t tell me collegiate girl turned into a ‘flailing’ woman?