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Rachel Bilson Lugs Her Luggage

Rachel Bilson Lugs Her Luggage

Rachel Bilson pushes her huge cart of luggage around to get to her limo as she arrives at LAX on Thursday (March 17).

The 29-year-old actress is currently preparing for her upcoming TV movie, Hart of Dixie, a comedic drama pilot produced by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. Rachel plays “Zoe, a young New York City doctor who inherits a medical practice in a small Southern town inhabited by an eclectic group of characters,” according to TV Line.

Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights, The Good Wife) has just joined the cast of Hart of Dixie.

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  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Better police take this girl in jail

  • S

    Check this one:

  • S

    Upps, try this one

  • grace t

    I”m wondering why a huge star like her doesn’t have an assistant, porter and security team with her.

  • rayden

    of course, she has,JJ just doesn’t show pics of them.

  • sloane

    A Doctor QUACK… QUACK… QUACK…!!!

  • Kristin

    It took her a about a week to film a commercial OMG most do it in a day. Now this is a medical comedy it would have to be with RB in it. No serious medical drama would use her. Josh must have changed it to comedy once he heard her say the medical terminology.

  • CJ

    She went to Paris on Saturday, the comercial was filmed on Tuesday in all the articles written on it, including the one here on JJ, not over an entire week. Just because she was there several days, does not mean she was filming the comercial every single day! And you make fun of Rachel, when thinking something like this?

  • raydenTARD

    Whoa look at that – lookin all so smiley – must have been due to her new sets of “freebies”!
    So obvious that you’re being “sarcastic”…

  • devaney

    I’ve read some comments that the plot looks like a rip-off from the Gilmore Girls & Everwood… if that is; they should get the services of Alexis Bledel or Emily Van Camp. Basing on their talent, personality & demeanor; both could easily look & act like a “real” doctor. Just too bad that they might be busy or don’t have much connections.

  • Kristin

    You have NO idea when this actually started to film it was said she left on a friday JJ had the day incorrect. I doubt the director wanted to wait several days before filming time is money even on a commercial. JJ only got one of the days of filming (sure it was one of the only days the paparazzis were allowed to take shots after her agent called them out) good chance she was on the set on Monday as well and possibly finished on Wednesday. She wasn’t sent there on the companies dime to party or sight see I think her BFF did that while she had to shoot this commercial. If she was some top A actress it would have been done in one day as they would have other work to get back to. She seems to have time according to you to run around Paris when she should be getting ready to work on this comedy pilot.

  • Annie

    She’s still trying to act? Crap. I was hoping she’d given that up to sell teacups or something. Doesn’t she realize her ‘acting’ makes people want to bang their heads against the wall?

  • Annie

    BTW – whatever happened to her movie with Kate Bosworth and Heidi Montag? My Best Friend’s Baby or some crap? Probably it was too bad even to make it onto DVD, the whole lot probably ended up in the editing room dustbin.

  • screwed

    When this little fool would go away again huh?!

  • Paula

    She filmed a series of commercials while in Paris. Three to be exact and all with different themes. In one she is an art student, another a prima ballerina and another an actress/model in a contentious scene with a photographer (Baptiste).

    Magnum is launching the $10 million dollar national campaign with Rachel to introduce the ice cream in the US.

  • rayden

    Her time is coming now, just wait and see, you haters….

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! I think it took her longer to film this commercial than it did to film her scenes in that movie with Bosworth. She should stick to these commercials – look at the Old Spice Guy. Maybe Rachel can be the Ice Cream Girl in some 3rd World Country!

  • Paula

    Rachel did three different 90 second commercials with Karl Lagerfeld for Magnum to be aired during the Tribeca Film Fest.

  • Jax

    Big freakin’ deal. They’re the only ones who will see them, everyone DVR’s everything now, strictly to get away from stupidity like that. I can only imagine how totally awful those ads are going to be.

  • S

    It is not stupid, it`s all about finance and business.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Doesn’t say much for the Tribeca film fest that they are running ice cream ads that knock off Black Swan…maybe if it was an SNL skit it would work…

  • Tina

    Maybe they are knocking off Swan Lake or prima ballerinas. She also plays a model in one short film and an art student in another in the film series.

  • Seriously?


    Did she just land the cover of Vogue, beat out other talented actresses for a coveted role in a movie or land a beauty/fashion campaign like her peers are doing? No? So, all she did was become a celebrity ambassador for an ice cream brand who are rolling out the red carpet for a flashy Karl Lagerfeld launch of their brand at a major film fest. AND has a pilot on the CW that her friend gave to her and her fans are acting like it’s the second coming? Oh OK. Her time IS coming, you’re right. Watch out talented actresses of Hollywood. Rachel Bilson is on your tail and is going to take your jobs and your beauty endorsements because she did ice cream commercials with Karl Lagerfeld.

  • Lake

    @23 – ROFL, you said it.

  • Kiki

    I’m not surprised he’s directing ice cream commercials, lol. Coco Chanel is probably rolling over in her grave. And ice cream commercials are still ice cream commercials. It doesn’t matter if they roll out a red carpet and have a premiere or not. She’s nothing but the first celebrity endorser for the US brand of this ice cream. Eva Longoria did the same exact thing in Europe, only difference is this time it’s flashier. People need to stop acting all “In your face!” like they were doing in her last thread about this whole thing like she just landed the lead role in The Hunger Game franchise or something.

  • Bridget


    So she has ice cream commercials premiering at the Tribeca Film Fest while other actors have actual movies premiering? That’s great? lol irl. I’m glad her fans are all excited about it and have something to be excited about. But you do realize that she didn’t work with Scorsese or Joe Wright……right? She just shot some commercials with Karl Lagerfeld selling a dairy product. I don’t mean to sound like a jerk like the other people. But, it is what it is no matter what bells and whistles are put on it.

  • @Kiki


    Yes flashier and a nice opportunity for her.

    In your face? You mean like all the haters have been for months and months in people’s faces. Go eat some ice cream. Maybe you’ll feel better.

  • Kiki


    No thank you. I’ll just go put on some Lancome mascara and spritz on some Armani Code which Megan Fox is endorsing. And I feel just fine, I just gave my opinion which was way less bitchy than others. Are you mad because I called you out?

  • @Kiki


    Are you mad because people are all “in your face”? LOL

  • AL

    Rachel wants to be a celebrity. So in that sense, she is succeeding and this is indeed a nice opportunity for someone like her. She got to work with Karl and she probably thought that was the greatest thing considering she practically shouts from the rooftops about how much she loves Chanel. She’ll never get a Chanel campaign. But this is probably the closest thing to it for her. Rachel will never be a respected actress. Rachel is nothing but a pop culture icon for being Summer Roberts. She was never able to capitalize on that because she’s a weak actress. I think she no longer has delusions about being anywhere near the same casting circle as NP(She’s overrated IMO, but she works hard) Mila, Anne, Keira or Michelle Williams. She doesn’t intend to and never intended to work that hard to get there. She could probably care less about premiering ice cream commercials while other actors premiere their work. She got a lot money for doing what she’s doing, she got to work alongside Karl Lagerfeld and her face is going to be in ads. Fame.

  • Ugh


    Ignore it. There’s no reasoning with people who think that this is the equivalent of a major movie deal. She’ll still be on the CW and will still be the name on the bottom of everyone’s casting list. But like someone said, that’s probably what she wants because she’s more concerned with being a celebrity rather than an actress. So maybe we should stop making fun of her and say “Yay Rachel” because this is all she’s good for and she’s succeeding at it.

  • claire

    You don’t get attention by being insignificant even the lower or newcomers still get work they are not getting jobs from friends husbands unless like RB are no talents who need the work. Eventually those connections will dry up and she won’t even get the fashion enforcements she needs. Karl isn’t any big director I think this is his first directing segment designing and directing are way two different things. I don’t doubt she wormed her way into this commerical and who is to say she is getting a boat load of money she isn’t the top of the industries list. Good chance they paid her peanuts because she isn’t a name recognition.

  • raydenTARD

    @ Her time is coming now, just wait and see, you haters….
    I cant really wait to see her licking those ice cream brand then y’all t@rds would consider it as an Oscar potential LMAO

  • Pepto

    Oh that will do wonders for her saddlebags, lol. I wonder how many times she stuck her finger down her throat this week?

  • sterling

    @ 33
    Since Karl Lagerfeld is attached to Chanel; (but would not dare to attached the brand on Rachel Midge(t) Bilson’s self claimed precious name) so maybe a Chanel’s “keychain” would be somehow worth it LOL
    C.D.: “Quite honestly, I’m confused as to who Rachel Bilson is…
    N.K.: “She’s not well-known enough …

  • Jax

    Thanks for posting that Sterling. That ugly little mutt has no business being on that “list.” She’s nobody, and I love that they didn’t know who she is, lol.

  • @sterling


    Stale article alert. That article is over a year old.

  • claire

    Truly tell me what would a fashion designer know about directing an Ice Cream commercial sounds to me like such a stupid idea to have some, s dude that sells Chanel should say designs for them to direct some commercial that is unreal.


    Old maybe but still very true even now what has this woman tried to market that is oh some memorial that she is winning a Chloe award for lets list the few things she did try to sell that didn’t pan out, First was DNKY No commercial thank god, then she did sunless tanner another NO GO she was never on the billboards for that one, she then did sunglass hut as some consultant pleassseee that lasted what once or twice then she never really pursued it again, then dishes another no commerical so people would run to Macy’s for something they have NO idea she was selling because most people have no clue who the F*ck she is. So why buy some over priced dishware when they can buy a name brand patter for the same price. Again she isn’t winning any popularity contests doing very little to nothing.

  • love that coat!


  • lexy hates bilson

    I’ve been saying for months is Rachel will finally admit she’s no actress and just wants to be a media wh0ring famous for nothing dead beat then she needs to hire a new team. She needs to get Kris Jenner or Papa Joe Simpson on the line so she can make a few bucks. She doesn’t have the Kardashian looks or personality so she’ll never be Kim but I’m sure Kris or Papa Joe can get her some gigs!

  • Katsume.


    Oh you can give your opinion, of course!
    But do not you find stupid to comment on EVERY photos of a girl that you hate just to laugh at her and at her fans? Hm yeah, it is stupid.
    You do not have anything else to do?

  • sidony

    When Douchel’s desperate attempts for whatever fame like fakeshion line, sunglasses “store” endorser (but not a signatured brand huh!), random dinnerwares, & movie career were all “tanked to the max” – a real no brainer that said article is very much “retroactive”

  • S

    We have magnum ice cream here in Germany, it is really very delicious. I bet americans would love it too. I think Karl Lagerfeld by this way is entroducing his favorite Baptiste to american audience likewise.

  • vikki

    And I’m still intrigued. I would like to see. After all, Ballerina and ice cream are the same disparate concepts as Bilson and the Swan. I said last time that Bilson base Portman. Take it back. It is a poor quality parody of Portman.

  • verity

    So as of the latest news goes like this…
    A “20 yr old Jennifer Lawrence” just bagged the latest most coveted lead role for Hunger Games while the “30 yr old R. Bilson” just scores 1 minute ice cream commercial – whoa who’s really ageing sensibly well & really going far in HW here huh?!

  • claire

    excuse me Katsume but are you not making your place known as well be it this name or another to prove your own point with options. So before you go all condescending your following her more so then even the those that do not like her. To point out what that she is some celebrity that deserves what to be adored good luck selling that idea.

  • the truth

    has hayden dump her again?

  • nutellatella

    ouuuv again?! her second name is empty person!