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Renee Zellweger & Bradley Cooper Split

Renee Zellweger & Bradley Cooper Split

Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger have ended their relationship after being together less than two years, according to Us Weekly.

Bradley, 36, and Zellweger, 41, first met on the set of Case 39 but didn’t get together until 2009.

PHOTOS: Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper checking on home renovations

Renee was recently named as the new face for Tommy Hilfiger’s charity campaign. Bradley currently stars in the new thriller Limitless hitting theaters today.

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  • Marieme


  • Tom


  • Marieme

    I had just seen this on another blog and didn’t believe it. It makes me so sad if true. I thought (hoped) they had found the real thing together. I blame Bradley! Heard him on Howard Stern recently and he’s totally into his career. He also emphatically denied an engagement which made my radar go up. Very sad.

  • sillyme

    wow. i was just saying last week how he looked so good with Abie Cornish…hmm…

  • Al

    Another fake Hollywood romance. I find it funny this is announced today.. the day his movie opens.

  • http://j carlota f.

    finally! he is too hot for her, she looks like a grandma

  • eliza

    Sorry to hear this. I thought they were headed to the altar.

  • lalla

    good news!!

  • XYZ

    FYI, BRADLEY COOPER is into ORLANDO BLOOM. Just another fake hetero romance indeed, as a poster above said.

  • lilooo

    aaawww so sad….NOOOT! Thanks for beaking up with granma Zellers lol but please find someone who has her talent in acting, no wannabes as you look like you deserve more.
    And for those saying he’s only focused on his carreer wel DUUUH he hasn’t done anything memorable apart from HANGO as an actor, who’s 36, who’s talented i think he’s totally RIGHT to focused on it!!!

  • Laura Hutolla

    am not surprised in the slightest, she is a weirdo!!!!!!!

  • marisa

    NOOO! i loved them together, ugh!

  • busted

    I don’t think Renee wants to get married and have children.. he however may. He is at that age when men start thinking about it seriously. Plus loosing a parent makes you realize that life is short and if you want that family you need to get on it so you are not an old dad..

    Sad.. she seems like a cool person. He needs someone a bit younger if he wants a family.. I always thought Renee would be great with George Clooney.

    just a thought.

  • 10


  • Justice

    I liked them together. I swear if rumours of that other lady are true, I’ll boycott all his films in the future.

  • fed up

    She served her purpose – getting him the exposure he needed in Hollywood – now it’s time to move on. Happens all the time.

  • Renee


  • Sun

    I thought he was gay?

  • Hi

    Hello ,Abie Cornish

  • nayah82

    Is she going to spend the rest of her life alone? This woman has no luck with men. They always leaving her, very sad !

  • patty243

    Brad could be dating scarlett or jessica biel next, just wait and see. Renee wants a family. He isn’t marriage material he wants to play the field like clooney.

  • Sweetness

    Sad… Really Hollywood relationships rarely last. Is it the fame that goes to their heads… These actors have no sense of loyalty and commitment.

  • billie

    YEAH H@LL YEAH , OMG FINALLY , you don’t know how much im happy for him , renee is sweet but he deserve better * cough jessica biel cough * XD

  • http://jao Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Good for they :)

  • Rajita

    It’s just a RUMOR nothing been confirmed yet this story came from In Touch weekly not the most reliable sources

  • Dawn

    @Al: ‘

    But….But…But…I thought only Jennifer Aniston does that and Bradley was above that kind of crap? That’s why he agreed not to go out with her? Funny how when people say crap like that it comes back to bite them in the ass.


    Mission Accomplished! Use another celebrity to jump start your career. That is how the Hollywood machine works. Manufactured relationships to get press for your client and their film.

  • Cat

    Soooooo sad!

  • Tommy Boy

    So the duck and the gay boy have broken up…….guess the fakeromance really didn’t serve any purpose now did it. I wish Bradley would just come out for cryin out loud. So now Renee and Jennifer Aniston are still up for grabs….along with Cameron Diaz and Sheryl Crow. Gee, when is Renee going to have kids? Aniston is always being asked this what about Renee?

  • Henriette

    He’s gay. She’s gay. Just come out and be happy – show the young people of the world that it’s fabulous to be who you are: gay, bi, straight… whatever!

  • Tommy Boy

    [quote] I always thought Renee would be great with George Clooney.[/quote]

    What? Another gay man? Sheesh, Clooney and Bradley Cooper for all we know are probably lovers! Renee is becoming Hollywood’s most famour beard.

  • Lalalove

    Well, it couldn’t have lasted. ‘Cause he’s mine!!!

  • siennagold

    That’s so sad! Renee is having bad luck with men.

  • Oye Vey

    They both wanted to see other guys ;p



  • snowballs

    The net is chocoblock with stories about Bradley Cooper being gay. There is massive amounts about it…..more then any other star…ever. He’s now a gay icon, but he’s actually bisexual! There’s a difference. Renee couldn’t cope when he fessed up about being bisexual. He’d led her to believe, up until now that he was straight. He used her, to climb the Hollywood ladder. This has hurt her a lot. The next person he’s with is the next to be used…a well known female star no doubt. Time will tell!

  • anonymous

    it seems to appear that it might of Been Jessica that made them split not Justin with all his cheating rumor

    like the reports said in Star mag

  • http://rhihunt rhiannon

    im possibly his biggest fan so im very happy even though im upset that it didnt work out for them! dont worry brads, youve got me hahaha

  • Lol

    Sorry Renee haters but bradley Cooper isn’t that great looking either. ..with his shirt on anyway.

  • bb

    She looks like she’s sucking on a lemon and he looks like a rat. Both are gross.

  • heavensent

    There’s nada going on with Biel and Cooper. All this is a pr attempt to publicize his new movie. Anyone who wants to know what’s really going on with Biel should turn their attention to Shreveport, La. It’s right out in the open but not being reported by anyone but real people on facebook and Twitter.

  • natster

    Man i believe this one
    actually, this is another one that Future Celebrity Gossip wrote about ages ago, but they also said that they were engaged.
    Who knows, maybe they were, you would never know with these two they never said they were going out in the first place.
    I reckon his Dad dying would have made it hard for them too.
    Oh well, another one bites the dust

  • Maddie

    Awh! I liked them together. I love Renee… she’s so down to earth and hilarious, not to mention stunning. Though, I did always wonder if he was just in the relationship for more exposure to hollywood. He’s doing pretty well for himself at the moment… so if that was a reason. I’d say it worked. Ah well. Hope she finds herself someone to love, who loves her back just as much, if not more.

  • Sonny

    Fame went to Bradley’s head. He’s rude to fans and the media. Who does he think he is? Until a couple of years ago he was a nobody! Renee shouldn’t have got him all that publicity…he’s like a stuckup brat.

  • mama watchful eye

    Oowww He’s got tickets on himself, becareful young ladies.

  • Brittney

    okay, this isn’t a rumor, this is TRUE, obviously Bradley finally realized that Renee is a witch and IS NOT good enough for him, he deserves so much better!

  • DT

    he’s a hottie!

  • jude

    Renee’s balls are lovely

  • Jacob34


  • Gail

    I Love Renee, and so sad they broke up. I hoped she had found happiness. She gives of herself too much, and then the man has nothing left to do for her. I had better hopes for Bradley, but another jerk…missing the boat. He was married before. He doesn’t want a family, and she gave him the time she had left.
    What a moron. I hope she finds a real man, and he will be lonely, afraid to show any passion. Hmmm. Maybe he is gay! …………