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Kate Gosselin: Pre-Birthday Bash at STK!

Kate Gosselin: Pre-Birthday Bash at STK!

Kate Gosselin flashes a smile while leaving STK on Friday (March 18) in New York City.

The reality mom of eight celebrated her 36th birthday at the restaurant. Kate‘s actual birthday is March 28 – happy early b-day, Kate!!

Kate‘s show, Kate Plus 8, will be returning with new episodes on April 4, EW reports.

In the show’s second season, Kate takes her kids to Australia, where they ring in the New Year, hit the beach, and also make a trip to the zoo.

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  • Music2daSoul

    Woe Kate looks good. Go Girl!

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    Birthday? I wanna give her banana

  • Speak Now

    She doesn’t look good, whom are you trying to fool?

    She isn’t relevant any longer.

    Sligo, go away PLEASE.

  • Nottafan

    fakest smile ever

  • rhonda

    ok, you look good, now go take care of your kids!

  • http://com Kaz

    Happy B-day with oil

  • http://com Kaz

    Drinking Oil is good for old and disabled

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh God. Did she have to hire people to pretend to be her friends to attend this dinner? Or is it her and her bodyguard? Who would want to be friends with this woman??

  • Annie

    This woman needs to get a real job and concentrate on supporting her zillion kids rather than trying to be a celeb.

    Sligo – I’d like to hit you in the head with a banana you Irish spambot.

  • AW

    Why do they ahve to keep traveling? The show is so boring now, I can watch a travel show. I want to see how they LIVE, how she feeds, plays, does laundry, schedules her appointments, cleans, etc. Who cares about a family traveling?

  • puuke!

    Who did TLC pay to show up?

  • Gene

    No one can deny this gal looks good….give her credit for getting in such good shape after 8 kids!

    And hell, yes, I’ll watch the show. The kids are interesting and she is way too hot not to watch!

  • Kerri


  • Katie

    She looks like a hooker. If she lives in PA why does she have to go to NY for her bday? Oh thats right she has NO friends. So going to a more crowded place will make her paid employees and her married lover blend in more. She looks a whole lot older then 36. She looks like she is 56.

  • Karma

    Instead of traveling all over the place she needs to stay home and get these kids in therapy. Help them get over what a horrible so called mother they have. She needs to stop being such a narcissist and worry about her kids getting kicked out of school.

  • DANI


    Go Annie. I’d like to second the banana bit.

  • Suki

    She is a beauty

  • Tullie

    She is much better looking than her kids.

  • Lookin good here

    She’s sure better looking than that scumball ex of hers. Why does everybody put the blame on her? He’s never been a responsible father.

  • KingofTown

    Her kids are ALL ugly but she is cute.

    Genes are amazing!

  • Janey

    She looks great…and the mean “girls” who are jealous that she looks great are here, right on schedule, saying that she doesn’t look good at all. LOL People who are secure in themselves are all laughing at you, mean “girls.” And let’s not even mention MEN, who will either look at you like you’re crazy if you say Kate doesn’t look good, or humor you because that’s what you do to crazy people. You humor them. “There, there, crazy mean “girl.” Kate doesn’t look great. She looks awful, but you, YOU ARE SO PRETTY,” is what they tell the crazy mean “girl.” And then they go see if they can save that picture of Kate, for future “use.”


  • A MOM

    How come Kate is all “dolled-up” and her best friend is wearing jeans? Sounds like Kate is trying to drum up business !! Kate’s lover(Steve) out of the pictures; its been said that Kate will keep her relationship private. Maybe Steve spoke up! What’s Steve going to do for a job live off Kate some more……….Both are “silly” and Gina should come forward!

  • Lucia

    Is that show still on? I thought it was canceled. Is there anyone left who watches? Also, why is she not wearing a coat. It is cold in NY city right now. People in winter coats etc. She must have been freezing her butt off.

  • laurie

    she looks fabulous, but knows it.

  • Sheri

    Isn’t her 15 minutes of fame up yet?! WHEN is she going away??? This woman is mean as a snake and rarely shows any affection to her children. She also looks 10 years older than her years. There is something very evil-looking about her … like we shouldn’t look directly in her eyes!! Go away, Kate … we are all sick of you!!!

  • OMG

    @Janey: Isn’t school break over yet???

  • cpmomm


  • m

    any other person would look away from the paps… not fame whore Kate…
    look at me everyone i’m a star lol puke puke

  • m

    any other person would look away from the paps… not fame whore Kate…
    look at me everyone i’m a star lol puke puke

  • Jokergurl

    NARCISSISTIC, OPPORTUNISTIC witch who rides her broom, and horrid excuse for a mother, FLY AWAY!

  • jasmine

    She has the ugliest, fake-est smile.

  • http://none Hannahlightfoot

    Fake hair, teeth, boobs, tummy tuck. SHe is all about herself and her vanity but yet cannot get a man. Who spends their Birthday alone no man?
    Had to flaunt in NYC as the show is coming back soon with new episodes.Boring boring. Bragged in previous years about her born again Christian fake and now walks around looking like a hooker with idols such as Lady Gaga and drooling over Michael Hall of “Dexter” Nice Kate, take your kids back to Church. Hypocrite of the decade.

  • notin but crazy here

    LOLLOL LOL all dressed up and nowhere to go……………Obvious she just wants her FRIEND ( is she REALLY a friend?? …she looks like shes trying to hide the fact shes with Kate) to see a pap take her pic….that makes her feel IMPORTANT……..LOL LOL LOL Hope you enjoyed your Birthday MEAT Kate….thats the only MEAT your gonna be having for years………….except maybe a few DRUNK BUSINESSMAN……who might mistake you for the hired entertainment…….

  • Deb

    She is celebrating her birthday.. SHUT UP!

  • Turd Ferguson

    Fakest EVERYTHING ever. Fake boobs, fake teeth, fake tan, fake nails, fake tummy, fake lashes, fake smile – FAKE CELEB.

  • summer

    And the point of her doing this was what??? Since her b-day in on Monday

  • Kukuu

    This girl is a real Beauty!!