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Kate Gosselin: FAO Schwarz Stop

Kate Gosselin: FAO Schwarz Stop

Kate Gosselin leaves FAO Schwarz with a large bag on Saturday (March 19) in New York City.

The 35-year-old reality star shopped at the famous toy story with a gal pal and her bodyguard Steve Neild.

The night before, Kate celebrated her birthday early with dinner at STK. Kate‘s actual b-day is March 28!

Late last month, sources dispelled rumors that Kate and her ex, Jon Gosselin, might be getting back together.

“There is absolutely no chance of a reconciliation. They remain civil for the sake of the kids, but that’s it. It’s frustrating for Kate that people keep making up stories. They have both moved on,” a source told People.

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  • Tami

    This woman has let fame go to her head SO BADLY. Does she even see her kids anymore?Or does she just dump them with nannies so she can go “shopping” and do all these “events” now?What a joke!

  • rande

    Jared, SHE is the large bag!!!! Please keep this media wh**re off your site.

  • JC

    Nice to see her having a little break while Jon has the kids this weekend.

  • Barbara

    why does this woman need a bodyguard?

  • Pat

    Is the woman with her a chaperon provided by TLC to mitigate rumors of hanky panky with the bodyguard?

  • naomi

    @Tami: She needs to make money to take care of her kids, and going to those events is how she makes money d***a**!

  • mike

    Stop posting this toxic horrible mother, she’d rather whore herself out for fame than to be a mother to her kids

  • Y

    @naomi: Yeah, being a prositute or a stripper is also a way to make money for your kids..doesn’t mean it’s right…

  • Mari

    Why does the head of security for TLC and former President Clinton’s bodyguard get paid big bucks to handle Kate Gosselin and her friend on a simple outing in New York City? I don’t get it, do you? This must cost TLC lots and lots of money that could go to charity organizations. How come Buddy, Cake Boss, does not have this kind of entourage when his ratings are higher?

  • khate syndrome

    Steve has aged 10 years in 1

  • Kathy K.

    I understand Steve Neild, the bodyguard, is paid through other services.

  • jane

    Mean nasty Republican b*tch.

  • DANI

    What a show off. Notice everyone else in the background etc has on coats, but not Kate! Gotta get her picture taken wearing something she considers hot.

  • http://kaa Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    What is that ? Crap

  • Gene

    Oh all you jealous bitties! Give it a rest…Jon has the kids this weekend. She’s obviously buying something for the kids while doing promotional work for her show.

    She’s been with her kids non-stop for the last several months! Is she never allowed to leave the house, even when Jon has the kids! You folks are ridiculous!

    Leave the woman alone and let her live her life! She’s not out hitting the bars or doing cocaine. She’s just a working mom doing the best she can with 8 mouths to feed!

  • http://kaa Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Werid average old 0_o

  • Kathy K.

    @Gene: And emotionally abusing 8 children by having them on tabloid/reality TV for 7 years!

  • Linda

    She has all the charm of an oozing scab.

  • rhonda

    I thought we got rid of her finally, but I see she’s back!

  • mary

    gee, where’s her kids? Dear God plz make her go away…. Hey Kate …no one cares about you…

  • Lea

    LOL — just a working mom. Not sure I agree that filming your family in fake situations for a “reality” show is considered work. More like exploitation. Not surprised Kate in back in the news. Her “reality” show is coming back with new episodes — gotta crank up the publicity machine again.

  • anymouse

    obviously a lot of you care, other wise you wouldn’t be here. taking the time to read her story, thinking about what you read, taking the time to type out a response………yeah…….you care about reading what this Lady is up to, ROFLMAO!!!!!! are you all with your children 24/7? she is doing the best she can do, as a single Mother with eight Children. we all loved the show and watched it. this is the life they know, and it works. all your ranting and put downs won’t change that fact. just because jon isn’t in the new show, doesn’t mean it has to end? or, would you rather see them on welfare? at your expense?

  • http://none Hannahlightfoot

    Here she is again, Miss Born Again Christian Kate and her worldly lifestyle. She is only smiling big when she leaves the brats at home.

  • http://none Hannahlightfoot

    What a phony. She lives in my County and everyone here hates her guts.

  • KK

    @hannah I live here too. You are right, she’s a major b*tch to everyone she comes across here. Jon all the way, he’s the one that is down to earth, personable, and that the kids actually enjoy being around. Its true, no matter how TLC twists the facts and manipulates the TV show to show otherwise, us locals know the truth…we see it!

  • mea

    pretty woman!everbody needs spare time to relax,why not?

  • Judy


    Don’t be absurd…no one in that family will ever be on welfare. Thanks to filming/making those kids work all their lives, she is worth millions.

  • Steve&Katesellpics

    Hey Kate-where’d you get that shiner on your left eye? Too much wine or too much botox?

  • Judy

    Just to be fair, I LOATHE Kate Gosselin, but I do think she’s gorgeous.

  • tc

    The reason people post about her is that people are sick of people using their kids as meal tickets,and want to try to stop it. So many people have large families and they work to support them not go on TV and say please pay me because I have all these kids to feed,and by the way I knew this could happen when I went to see if I could have more kids.Its time to let all these people who keep putting her out there,that the hard working decent people who work each day with out the feel sorry for me, cry on TV.HAVE HAD IT WITH PEOPLE LIKE HER AND OTHERS LIKE HER WHO WANT A FREE RIDE IN LIFE.The people like her are the ones who support her and the world has too many people like her as it is.So tell TLC and the rest to find real stories about real stars not human train wrecks.

  • SpareUsAllFromTake

    Just Jared do you actually pay for these shots of TAke?

    Sorry, but I’m gonna have to ban you from my celeb lists. I can’t support anyone that supports a child abuser.

  • mary e


    To keep her warm during those cold Pa nights. Why else???

  • Sharon

    You are so right TC! This child abuser needs to go away! TLC is the lowest scumballs for shows like Kate’s and Toddlers and Hoarders. The general public sees all these shows for what they are, TRASH. Kate is the most hated person on TV and TLC laughs all the way to the bank and so does she, all off the backs of little children.

  • Lillee

    I live in Romania and I am looking at John &Kate +8. I think is hard to have 8 kids, ahe need to do something to rise them. Good luck Kate. May God be with u and ur familly.

  • Janey

    Why would Jared ever keep Kate off this site when putting her on the site gets a much bigger response than someone like Orlando Bloom get or Sandy Bullock gets?

    Oh, and to the person who says “Jon all the way.” He’s personable, friendly? Aw, that’s nice. Now, try being married to a man like Jon, who wants no responsibility and is clueless about bills and responsibility – see how you like it. But, it’s okay if he doesn’t like responsibility and being a grown up. What’s important is that he’s down to earth, personable. LOL That’s the number one thing to look for in a father, isn’t it? Having a fun parent is much more important for a kid than having a parent who can take care of you. Luckily the Gosselin kids have both. A fun parent who doesn’t have to be responsible for anything, and a responsible parent who takes care of their needs.

  • KC

    It is my understanding TLC is attempting to redeem their credibility and her reputation by transitioning the theme of Kate Plus 8 to the “Gosselin’s give back.” New shows will feature her and the children “volunteering” at food shelters, etc. as a way of “giving back.” Of course she will continue to be PAID by TLC to film these episodes so it doesn’t make any sense to call this volunteering or giving back. TLC and Kate Gosselin are stooping to an even more disgusting low by not only continuning to exploit the children but now the needy as well!!!

  • JustJulie

    Those skinny jeans are really ugly and don’t look good on anyone let alone Kate Gosselin. She should try being a mother instead of trying so hard to be hip.

  • Chaz

    It is insane to me that this woman has any fame at all.

    And what reasonable man would marry this harpie? I grant she’s attractive but you would have to LIVE with her. Duh.

  • Crackheadgabby

    What a whiney bunch of old biddies. While your sitting here posting hate, where are your children. What are they looking at on the internet or TV? Do you really know or are you too wrapped up in hating Kate that you dont have a clue. If you dislike her so much, stop reading articles about her and watching her show. Jared is a fan of Kates so his website is always going to have Kate info on it. Give it up, get a life and stop worrying about Kate Gosselin.

  • Taryn

    They look like two skanks that have been around the block many many times. And Steve’s wife Gina better open her eyes when it comes to Kate and her Husband.

  • Moira

    Wow, Kate looks beautiful and happy. Glad to see she is taking a little time for herself.

  • haooybiddie

    All the sheeple worship a woman that is full of herself and exploits her children for money, Why? Because all these woman have low standards, Is there no better role model fir you or your children. SAD!

  • Steve&Katesellpics

    KC Do you think TLC will show footage of Kate at the Food Bank and then at STK in the same episode? Probably. And the stupid Kate lovers won’t get the hypocrisy of it all, will they?

  • KC

    Steve&Katesellpics – Unfortunately at this point I have come to expect this type of hypocrisy from both TLC and Kate Gosselin. You are absolutely right, most of the viewers won’t be able to see through it!!

  • steve

    @Pat: I saw on another site he is there just out of camera range.

  • steve

    I love how she complains on every talk show about the “mean people” paparazzi yet she is smiling and creaming every time they take her nasty picture. What a sad sad troll you are Kate

  • jake

    she’s so hot – would totally do her

  • jake

    she’s so hot – would totally do her

  • Yuk

    @jake: Is that you Kate?

  • Jensmanipulations/hate

    If you had a narcissist for a parent, you lived in a world governed by whim enforced without mercy.

    Narcissists have normal, even superior, intellectual development while remaining emotionally and morally immature. Dealing with them can give you the sense of trying to have a reasonable discussion with a very clever six-year-old — this is an age when normal children are grandiose and exhibitionistic, when they are very resistant to taking the blame for their own misbehavior, when they understand what the rules are (e.g., that lying, cheating, and stealing are prohibited) but are still trying to wriggle out of accepting those rules for themselves. This is the year, by the way, when children were traditionally thought to reach the age of reason and when first communions (and first confessions) were made.

    Having a narcissist for a mother is a lot like living under the supervision of a six-year-old. Narcissists are always pretending, and with a narcissistic mother it’s a lot like, “Let’s play house. I’ll pretend to be the mother and you pretend to be the baby,” though, as the baby, you’ll be expected to act like a doll (keep smiling, no matter what) and you’ll be treated like a doll — as an inanimate object, as a toy to be manipulated, dressed and undressed, walked around and have words put in your mouth; something that can be broken but not hurt, something that will be dropped and forgotten when when something more interesting comes along. With narcissists, there’s also usually a fair element of “playing doctor,” as well — of childish sexual curiosity that may find expression in “seductive” behavior towards the child, such as inappropriate touching of the genitals, or it can also come out as “hypochondriacal” worries about the child’s health and/or being most interested and attentive when the child is ill (thus teaching the child that the way to get Mother’s kind attention is to get sick). Having a sick child can also be a way for the narcissistic mother to get the sympathetic attention of authority figures, such as doctors and teachers….