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Katie Holmes: Holmes & Yang Hits Beverly Hills!

Katie Holmes: Holmes & Yang Hits Beverly Hills!

Katie Holmes and design partner Jeanne Yang are all smiles at the preview event for their Holmes & Yang Fall 2011 collection at Barneys New York on Saturday (March 19) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Her step-son Connor rocked a Lacoste top, danced at the DJ booth, and spun a few of his own beats. Victoria Beckham‘s oldest son Brooklyn stopped by to show support for Katie. Jeanne‘s husband Scott and their twin girls also came out to support!

Earlier in the evening, Katie also recently revealed her tips for making a home on the road.

“Bring lots of crayons, glue, good paper and you can turn any room into a very warm, familial place,” she told WWD. “My mom grew up making curtains and pillows and everything, and it made our home very warm, so I like to do things like that with my daughter. My husband got me a sewing machine for my birthday.”

Also pictured: Bag Snob founder Tina Craig, Bag Snob writer Liza Powel O’Brien, and Heather McQuarrie.

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Credit: John Shearer; Photos: Getty
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  • Halli

    Holmes and Yang clothing is ridiculosuly overpriced crap. Cheapest thing in their collection is $345!

  • jamie

    love the jacket.
    like the top.
    but not with those jeans.

  • anom

    she actually looks decent

  • DANI

    I’m sorry, but this has to be one of the most uninspired, boring, overpriced collections around. That fuschia/black net dress is hideous. The bag is ugly and pricey. There are other brands out there that are cheaper, as well made and as bland. Pendleton. Austin Reed (which has a line of pizazz as well as the bland), Town and Country (former Fields brand), Talbots.
    Katie’s outfit is awful as is Yang’s. Neither js a good ambassador for the line. Fortunately for Katie, she is backed by the Cruise millions and Cruise name. If she wasn’t Mrs. Tom Cruise, this line would have died before it got off the design table.

  • From

    The oversize shoulder bag will come in white and navy blue or white and black, and will be available in July. Star style comes at a price: The bag will be available exclusively at Barneys for $3,950.

  • lindsey

    hahaha, she looks high in the listed photo! i would never buy clothing from “a designer” who cant dress themselves! kinda like rachel zoe; who would higher a stylist who dresses like a hobo?

  • —-

    umm where’s Beckham’s son? i don’t see him in any pics. katie’s hair looks great.

  • mia

    It must be nice to have a rich husband. she’s not even that beautiful. he could have done way better.

  • katarina

    Hey Annie,

    Are you going to buy one of those bags you’re advertising? Are you a working mother, because if you are, Katie made the bag just for you. Wonder if Katie offers financing.

  • Lu Lu

    How pompous and out of touch with reality. This boring, bland, Valentine’s Day-color-inspired line is a rediculously overpriced lot, which only a select few who are also boring, bland, and pompous will ever afford to buy.


    Katie Holmes can’t act, can’t sing, can’t dress her kid or her self and now she sure in the hell can’t design clothes!

  • Ali

    isn’t the bag a Valextra bag? Looks like it. They have always been extremely overpriced. Agree that Katie should have worn different pants. Jeans are just too casual.

  • Jokergurl

    Tom Cruise has his own private plane and she wants for nothing, do you expect her to know that most people can’t afford her line? No, she can do whatever she wants, she doesn’t even need to act anymore. She wants for nothing (financially speaking). The line looks like something for Target, not that there’s anything wrong with Target (great deals) but at Barney’s in New York? I think it’s a stretch, overpriced and GENERIC looking is right. Not great.

  • Erica

    I find it strange that 12 year old Brooklyn Beckham went to Katie preview event by herself without Victoia or David that does not sound like something a 12 year old boy would do and I never seen any photo of him at his mom’s show but were supposed to believe he went to Katie’s and Jared didn’t get any pictures.

  • Sue

    It looks like over price boring vanilla clothes but if that what the other scientologist what to pay and buy then more power to them they can keep it in their crazy family. If I had the money I would not waist it on this crap give me Chanel, Givenchy and Alexander Wang the list goes on any day.

  • lulu

    it’s so nice she has a good relationship with tom’s kids. both connor and isabella were there. those twin girls are so cute.

  • http://kaa Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    She need devil in real life

  • annie

    Don’t know what the problem is, if you have a lot of money you will buy the clothes and the bags, there are a lot of people out there who are loaded.
    The clothes seem to be selling. There are a lot of designer clothes out there, that are expensive and over rated. Please don’t tell me that a lot of you havn’t seen big name fashion shows , where some of the outfits want to make you puke.
    At least these are quite wearable, and some of the clothes look like they can be worn by different age groups, depending how you want to go with them– that’s a good thing.
    I can’t afford them that’s for sure , but a line that I can is Ann Taylor, hadn’t even heard of her before Katie did the ads, looked her up on the internet and I really like her tops and dresses.
    Every actress and their dog has a perfume line , and a lot have clothes lines. What’s the big deal..?

  • Koko

    I like the line, its very classy. I can afford to buy there every now and then, but not on a regular basis. Katie seems so sweet and nice.

  • q

    I don’t believe Brooklyn was there. his parents aren’t even friends with those psychos anymore.

  • AEP

    She looks higher than a kite!!!! Maybe its from all that glue…

  • Sasha

    Its so sweet that Connor DJed in the show to support her!! I Her close friend Heather was also there. Wagood luck Katie!!

  • cv

    We women have not come very far when we still use our husbands’ names & money to buy our careers. How can a woman with no design background, no experience, and clearly not even a feel for style have her own label? And I agree that the clothes look cheap and poorly made. The model is also poorly styled.

    And please, stand up straight, Ms. Holmes.

  • Jane

    Of course Brooklyn was there, he didn’t arrive alone, but with Connor.

    Probably friends, and of course the Beckhams are still friends with them, they just socialize in private, i have seen photos of them four leaving the restaurant on Friday, but only Becks was shot because VB went with the Cruises in their darken out limo!

  • SHIT

    @mia: Huuuum totally not ! Katie is a true beauty , liek Sophia Bush or Angelina Jolie , she’s fresh , not like others shallow celebs , and why people always forget that she also have money –’ ! She not Bill Gates but heeey she might have 30 M !

  • Frozoid

    Katie’s wearing those wide legged pants to cover her nasty looking calves.

  • JH

    Love the Chanel jacket Katie wore with jeans. It’s a great look for someone as youthful and gorgeous as Katie. The line looks incredibly vibrant and beautiful. Well played Katie Holmes, well played.

  • Limo

    Clothes look like what you can get at Zara for the fraction of the price.

  • She is so stoned!!!

    God lord, wish I had a little of what she has! She can’t even stand up straight., what a piece of shit.

  • Marina

    I am no “hater” of this woman, but there is just something so “off” about the way Katie Holmes looks now.Her posture has changed in a negative way. She looks dazed, out of it, exhausted and strung out. It makes me feel sad for her, like she is under a huge amount of stress and that being the wife of Tom Cruise isn’t as great as she dreamed it would be when she was a kid. She is the third one after all.

  • Julie2

    She chose this kind of life, so there’s no one to blame but her. She is not an intelligent individual so that makes it a lot harder.
    Anybody who had heard and watched her being interviewed can easily see that she is not intelligent at all. Look at words she used, the manners she answered those questions, how she prioritized her life, what’s important and so on.
    Why she is trying to be in this business where she does not have a clue how to dress right is mind boggling but hey money speaks. I’m sure people knows that they can get more out of their money and there are a lot of smarter functional choices.

  • @ JANE

    “i have seen photos of them four leaving the restaurant on Friday, but only Becks was shot because VB went with the Cruises in their darken out limo!”

    LIAR. Cruise was in Vancouver on Friday working on MI4. I saw him. I worked on the film which didn’t wrap till late Saturday night. He then attended a party for the film and left Vancouver today on his private plane. I really HATE LIARS.

    The line is just average with way above average prices. If I’m going to spend 3 grand on a dress, it’s sure as heck not going to be one designed by Katie Holmes! The entire line is neither trendsetting nor interesting. Neither is the 1 bag they designed.

    The one and only reason Holmes is in the public eye is because of Tom Cruise and his money. I’ve met her a number of times and she’s not nice. She’s a royal bit*h to everyone around her with the exception of the “stars”. She orders Suri’s nannies around really aggressively and speaks to them as if they’re garbage. Same with one of PA’s that worked with Tom. Everyone onset wanted to slap her. Don’t know who she thinks she is. She not much of an actress nor is she much of a designer. Tom is not much better. Was nice to me but was pretty nasty to others and very standoffish to anyone but those he needed. If he wasn’t working, he wasn’t there and when he got there, it was as if God himself had arrived. Frankly, many of us who worked on the film were laughing at him.

  • LA Lady

    I checked out the Holmes + Yang show yesterday at Barney’s. Mostly out of curiosity and additionally as an excuse to go shopping. The clothing are of good quality and they’re well made, but the design is nothing special or interesting. I’m fortunate enough to be able to enjoy wearing designer clothing but I prefer signature pieces that are interesting and unfortunately, nothing about this line meets that criteria. Katie herself is just like the line. Not that interesting. She seemed to not know very much about structure or how the line was created. Jeanne Yang did all the talking in that regard. Katie simply kept reiterating how “exciting” and “amazing” the line is. I was left wondering (along with my friends who came along) just how much Katie participated in the design of the line. Personally, I think this is Jeanne Yang’s line with Katie added for “name” value. She’s Tom’s wife…..might as well make that work for her until he dumps her for wife number 4. Finally, Connor Cruise DJ’ed the event and I must say, he’s absolutely adorable! What a handsome young man!! Bella Cruise was there as well. She was very quiet and seemed out of place and uncomfortable. I was introduced and she was very well mannered and sweet though. Lovely girl.

  • to #32

    @@ JANE: LYING, & posting multiple under different nicks are what the few remaining Katie fans are reduced to if they want to make it appear as if she is “successful” or “popular” or just simply not a total failure.
    There are some neurotic people in this world and those last 4-5 admirers Katie sure are fully delusionals hanging on for dear life.

  • moe


  • Bijou

    @ LA Lady….Does Katie act as drugged as she looks?

  • Sarah

    I was at the event in NYC. I have to say that it was pretty empty. There was almost no one! Katie looked sad and was sitting on a chair drinking a Cappuccino. Yang was trying to “sell” the collection and was doing most of the work. I agree with most of the people’s opinion. The collection is over priced. I understand that it is made in the USA (mainly Manhattan and Brooklyn). Yet, both of the designers are not qualified and there clothing line is not that grate either. I like Katie, but I have to say that Yang woman is terrible. She was looking very bad at me and at my friend. She was unpolite and rude. She is not a good stylist. I am from Italy and I understand a lot about fashion and its background growing up in Milano. Yang is giving Katie the wrong advices and makes her look not as good as she actually can.

    KATIE fire your stylist! You deserve better!

  • dani

    @@ JANE:

    I have friends who work in the industry and they have said exactly what you have said about Holmes and Cruise. Katie is a diva and only nice to the other actors (especially the ones with a famous name)–she treats staff and crew like they are her servants. Heard Tom is very insecure and expects everyone to worship at his feet. And yes, the crew laughs at him.
    The funny thing is my friend says many of the crew have worked with Kidman who has a rep of being hard to work with, icy, and a diva–and they all said she is shy, caring, and very approachable after she warms up to you. They think part of the reason she is getting a bad rep is scientologists spreading the rumors, gossip and pretending to be in the know to certain gossip columnists.
    Who knows. At the end of the day everyone goes home and gets a paycheck. Unfortunately crew and staff get far less than some of these prima donas.

  • Kate

    I actually think Katie is looking better than she has. As for the clothes, They really need to stop trying to pass them off as “every woman” wear when they price it in the thousands.

  • annie

    Although Katie looks nice here, i think her best look and promotion for Holmes&Yang was in Dallas and Chicago. T he cute blouse tucked in her jeans and that very nice dress worn with the boots, was a good sell. I’m not liking the blouse like she has it here.
    I think it was Womens Wear Daily who asked her if she was going to do a promotion for her clothes like she did for Ann Taylor—-she said no——had to keep a bit of mystery, she said….that’s where I don’t agree, and that’s where I say she has a shyness or maybe it’s not enough confidence. Any other actress would have jumped to promote her line ,a bit more publicly.

    You all say that she gets jobs because of Tom, but it doesn’t mean a thing if she doesn’t photograph well, or the clothes don’t look good on her, or she doesn’t look good in the shampoo add. She joined up with Valectra to create a bag…this is a respected label which has been around a long time, they don’t want a botched up bag, just because she is Tom’s wife(again)
    Heidi K was the face for Ann Taylor before Katie, don’ you think they could have gotten any actress to do the campaign, if she’s as bad as you all make her out to be.
    Maybe there is a side to Katie that the public doesn’t see, and only the people she comes into contact with see it, and like it. (a lot by the looks of things.)
    I don’t know if she’s a royal bitch or rude with staff, because I ‘m not privvy to inside imfo like some of you are. I have heard people say nice things about her….like Dianne Wiest, said she a giving person, 10 year old Bailey Madison who says she is very loving, and spends time at her house doing arty things with Katie and Suri. Is someone paying this kid to say that along with everyone else, because that’s what you are saying.
    I defend her because what is happening in her life, just doesn’t match the way you people make it out to be.
    Like I said on heaps of occasions, and I realise it’s a gossip blog I have no problem with peoples opinions, as long as they make a little bit of sense, occasionally.

  • sandy

    Where did she get the idea to become a designer? Oh wait she’s friends with Victoria Beckham. At least Victoria’s dress are gorgeous, sold out and worn by popular celebs plus she has great sense of style and a “fashion icon”. Katie on the other hand is know for her fashion disasters. She doesn’t even know what looks works for her and now she has a line? Her 4 year old daughter is more qualified to be a designer than her. Did somebody already actually both her line.

  • haha

    Cant wait till Victoria’s little girl gets hear… move out Suri.

  • haha

    btw Suri is no fashion phenomenon…just dressed up in frilly pricey dresses with $ shoes… now that she’s older, it’s clear she wants to wear what she wants like nightgowns and princess shoes. Thats just a regular little girl. She’s got pretty eyes but am I the only one that thinks she’s just a normal skinny little 5 yr old w/ long mousy brown hair. What gives? I DONT get her appeal. People are nuts.

  • jess

    @ #37 Its not really surprising. I think her Dawson’s Creek fans have moved on and forget about her. Sadly she’d be irrelevant today if she hadn’t marry Tom and become the mother of Suri.

  • limos nyc

    She is so pretty, what a shame she married Dumb Cruise!

  • Karen

    Is she wearing a Chanel jacket?

  • pink balloon

    How can she stand up straight when she is always lugging around 5 year old Suri !!!!????