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LeAnn Rimes: I'm Healthy, Not Too Skinny

LeAnn Rimes: I'm Healthy, Not Too Skinny

LeAnn Rimes and fiance Eddie Cibrian arrive at LAX on Saturday (March 19) in Los Angeles.

The couple flew in from Chicago where Eddie had been filming the NBC pilot Playboy.

Earlier this week, LeAnn blasted reports and addressed critics who said she was getting too thin.

“Maybe it’s time for a nude pic so peeps can see how I look nowhere near what these stupid pics are trying to make me look like, LOL #joke,” the 28-year-old country star tweeted.

“I don’t care about the dumb articles,” she said in another tweet. “I know how healthy I am. Maybe those people should start taking care of themselves…inside and out.”

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  • http://kaa Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I dont know she skinny or not

  • http://kaa Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Oh Not good

  • LP

    Yeah you’re healthy but you’re going to HELL, homewrecker!

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    U wrong u not healthy go go in u home eat alot food

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    She crazy look at u body not healthy

  • DANI

    Is she in denial?

  • Karih

    Healthy? Are you kidding us ugly skinny girl with fake boobs full of silicone?

  • lisali

    Um yeah, you aren’t the one that will judge her. According to the bible,when you hate you’ve committed murder…

  • nayah82

    Okay bone collector!!

  • sunseeker

    And maybe you should start taking care of yourself… inside and out and get some character class and morals.

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Maybe she think her boobs ok

  • Mia

    I feel kind of sad for Leann, because she wants to be happy.
    She acts as if she is, but we all know she is insecure. She is getting very skinny.
    She should stop the twittering to everyone talking good about their relationship, because when you’re trying to prove something it almost look like it’s just not working at all.
    Leann, go take care of yourself and your man. Don’t read the magazines and soon they won’t talk about you either.
    Don’t be insecure or think you have to look like his ex because he fell in love with you for you. So be yourself and if it’s not working with your man let him go. People will be shocked but you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

  • !

    She is nasty inside and out.

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    She think her boobs healthy not her body

  • !

    One of these days JJ will have to announce their break up with that big split down the middle of their picture.

  • Mia

    @!: I think you’re right about that one, he won’t be with her for too long. Sad that men tear up women like this. We can see

  • Courtney

    shut the hell up people she’s of a naturally slender frame and about average height 5’5″ which is between 117-130lbs and women in the entertainment industry are held to a higher standard anyway so lay off of leann. married couples fall in and out of love all the time even when theirs not a mistress involved. even one of the most beloved widows in hollywood started as a mistress yet she got a pass because it was hushed up by the studios back then

  • Bellis

    @Courtney: blablabla
    She never was this skinny, look up her old pictures.
    You are in denail, just like her ;)

    falling in and out of love has nothing to do with her being skinny. She can love who she wants but damn, she is too thin admit it already

  • lol

    Funny she looked happier and healthier with her ex husband!

  • S.Michelle

    She is a slanted eye slut. I can’t stand her. He is a self-centered loser.

  • hjm

    @LP: I am in no way a fan of hers but um last time i checked “judging” is greatly frowned upon by God too.

  • Carey

    These two are so HYSTERICAL.
    There are much bigger “celebs” than they are who don’t always wears hats or sunglasses at the airport.

    They live in their own deluded Lalaland.

    Did Leann get outed for being Witchy33 on Twitter yet?? Did she??

  • LP

    Chill out people! So effing serious. She’s going to MY hell alright! Yeah she can love who she wants but she needs to learn to respect other people’s relationships. That goes for Eddie too.. he should respect his OWN relationship. People who say “YOU shouldn’t judge” are the most GUILTY of judging the MOST!

  • Lela

    If she doesn’t want people up in her business she needs to stop broadcasting her life to the world. Stop twittering and maybe you’ll get the privacy you claim you want.

  • char

    cannot wait until she is exposed for her horrid secret twitter accts she made to bash the MOTHER of the kids she says she loves

  • LOLz

    I may not like her but a couple of months ago her body looked healthy. Skinny can be healthy but she lost a lot of weight and now actually looks underweight. She was never big so the wight loss does look dramatic and its noticeable so she needs to stop acting like ppl cant see it!

  • M

    too insecure if you’re asking me.. everything from her twitter to her weight and her relationship

  • Jess

    going from what she was, which was lovely and healthy, to what she is now, is NOT good. doesn’t she realise that? why has she lost so much weight? for attention, is what i’m thinking. she’s obviously lost it for a reason, coz it was very quick, and it’s just not healthy. if she doesn’t want to hear about it anymore, how about going back to healthy?

  • jamie

    all girls with eating disorders deny it, duh.

  • Speak Now

    Wow, maybe people should focus on their own lives. Just saying.

  • mia

    There is no way this hookup will last. You can’t build happiness on someone else’s sorrow.
    She is truly pathetic.

  • Bev

    Nude pic of Leann Rimes?! Vomit, vomit!

  • Debra

    Keep denying Leann…..

    if you could ask anyone who has an eating disorder if they are too skinny, they will deny it even if you can count every bone in their body….just part of the illness

    too bad her so called friends enable her like they do….

  • Kam

    Bone skinny and ugly!

  • Chicago,Ill

    You can be a little underweight and still be healthy.
    It is like you can be still be a little overweight, but still healthy.
    Not everybody is a perfect weight for their height,age,gender.

    LeAnn is way too thin. Look at pics of her before and after Eddie. She looked very nice,cute,when she was with her ex.
    Check out her old vidoes.She was always a small girl, but now you see breast bones in her low cut gown pictures between those silicone jelly bags of boobs.I believe she does eat because she tweets she is cooking or paps get pics of her going out to eat. Thing is,as she has said over and over,she excericises like a maniac.

    I used to be a fan of hers. I feel sory for her.To lose so much weight and excericse like crazy to keep Eddie. To get jelly bags in her chest to keep Eddie. To constantly tweet and talk about Eddie ininterviews to keep Eddie. To have to go to Chicago to babysit Eddie to keep Eddie. Well, he went on location to Canada to make a movie with her and look what happened.You really have to feel sorry for her.
    Hun, Eddie ain’t no prize. She got the booby prize in Eddie.

  • gwen

    The famewhores are at it again?

    They pose for the paps like it’s going out of style.LR and EC are the new QUEEN and KING of ridiculously staged photo-ops.

    Yes WEWE, NO ONE would ever believe that EC is cheating on you and that this is the reason for your sudden weight loss if you walk through LAX holding hands. Didn’t EC also walk through LAX holding BG hand?

    And then WEWE just can’t understand why no one likes her.

    She keeps staging these photo-ops and then getting mad when the public won’t fawn over them.

  • gwen

    @Speak Now:

    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Didn’t you make the same comment on your twitter account, you know the post where you boo hoo because the media is being oh so hateful and mean because they commented on your drastic weight loss instead of fawning over how you look like a happy and glowing soon to be bride ?

    If you are so interested in people focusing on their lives, why are you coming here and posting?

    So how many women did Eddie sleep with while he was in Chi-town?

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1) “I have read through all the smart ass remarks posted about people you you do not even know. ”

    You don’t know Brandi or any of us, yet you make smart comments about her and us under mutiple twitter names.

    2)”Do/can you dislike someone that much?”

    Well you tell us, you use mutiple twitter names to stalk and harass many people, so why is that?

    3)” You are a jealous bunch who resents anybody’s elses happiness.”

    So is that why you open up all those twitter accounts to stalk and harass other people because you are bitter who resents anybody’s happiness because your life with Eddie is miserable?

    4)” LeAnn looks great – she is thinner than she was, somethin probably most of us could be and it would be an improvement. ”

    That is a lie. You look sick. Stop surrounding yourself with yes people who are too involved with your money to even care about you.

    5)”Why don’t you leave them alone.”

    Perhaps you should leave BG, BG kids, and the public alone. You were the one who tipped off the paps, so deal with the consequences of it. Why won’t you just lay low?

    6)” don’t know what their love life is like or will be in the future and neither do you.”

    Leann the photos and your tweets don’t lie. We know what your love life is like because you are always tweeting, have to babysit EC while he is working, are morphing yourself into EC ex-wife, and losing weight because you are depressed over EC infidelity.

    7)” I believe that most of you are jealous bullies . ”

    This coming from the same person who opens several different twitter accounts to stalk and harass BG and anyone who supports her?

    8)”To me, they are the “love story” of this time. ”

    Eddie and your bank account? If that was true, the tweets wouldn’t be necessary and you would allow EC to go to work without fear he is going to jump in bed with someone else in your absence.

    9)”They have stayed together through some of the hardest times imaginable. ”

    And your point? Didn’t EC stay with his wife when you were stalking him? So staying together means nothing. EC stays because he has no other choice. Without you he has no money or job. And you stay because you don’t want people to tell you I told you so.

    10)”They were accused of ignoring his kids and then it was said that LeAnn was doing too much for his kids. ”

    Leann the fact that you are twitter 24/7 even while the kids are with you says that you ignore them. Why would EC buy a ring for you when he didn’t even pay his child support?

    11)”Everything they do, think or say is wrong.”

    So you are upset because the public won’t encourage your bad behavior. You know that everyone knows that you are tipping off the paps, so why keep doing it? Why keep tweeting about those kids when you know that their mother doesn’t want you to do that?

    12)”How many of your relationships could stand up under what this one has?”

    WEWE, you are losing weight like crazy because EC is cheating on you, so your relationship isn’t withstanding anything.

    13)”We don’t know someone else’s life so leave them alone.”

    That’s a lie. We know your life because you are constantly tweeting and tipping off the paps.

    14)” I hope this relationship lasts a life time. ”

    Keep your bank account full and you won’t have anything to worry about.

    15)”Start early, y’all, and find somebody else to cut down.”

    Funny, since you use several different twitter accounts to stalk people.

    16)”What are you going to say after they are married?”

    If you keep staging the photo-ops and tweeting about your blessed life when you are married, you will still get slammed.

    17)” Have a little mercy on someone who isn’t bothering you. ”

    So in other words you want people to enable your bad behavior?

    That is not going to happen. As long as the photo-ops continue, you are going to get slammed.

    18)”None of us know the whole story behind this situation.”

    WEWE, yes we do. If you are tweeting 24/7, losing weight like crazy, and won’t let EC out of your sight, that says that EC is cheating on you.

    If you don’t want people in your business, then close twitter and stop tipping off the paps.

  • betty

    @Racy It is so called fans like you that keep Leann living in her delusional world. Whatever the reason for Leanns dramatic weight loss is making her look unhealthy. Whatever they have been through they brought on themselves. Leann is not happy she is the one always boasting about Eddie and their relationship.If she was that happy there would be no reason to boast. She has money but she does not boast about that. When you have it you have it. Its apparent there is no trust in their relationship on her part that in itself will keep her stressed . Marrying Eddie is not going to change things neither cared about commitment before. I knew Eddie did not like being jobless and also being tied to a clinging woman. If she can’t learn to trust him she will be one miserable woman.

  • Racy

    @gwen: Maybe you should read what just happened on T. It is known that some of the BB have been making comments and accusations about LeAnn that were not true. I guess it is up to her now what she does about it. They deserve whatever they get. You cannot bully people and try to demean them in the eyes of others – perhaps you should be paying attention to that. You know I am not LeAnn, but you continue to say that I am. I am honored to be called such a famous person, but I am sure she doesn’t approve of it one bit. Take your chances – maybe you will get a chance to be shown first hand that I am not LeAnn Rimes.

  • Ruth

    You don’t have to be a doctor to see the difference between photos taken 3 months ago and very recently. They show an enormous weight loss and something which certainly needs medical attention. Her comments are common to people who have eating disorders and cannot accept that anything is wrong.

    I don’t like her and abhor what she and her BF did to their spouses. It also seems that she is desperately following him around – “camping outside his shoot” being the actual words of a reporter. She is scared and she has good reason to be considering his track record with women. This could cause a lot of stress and weight loss.

    In any case she looks even more hideous and she needs medical help.

  • betty

    @Racy Leann does not do anything on her own she pays flunkies like Witchy33 and brandiwineville and others to stalk and harass Brandi I’ve seen the comments. If not why would they do it or who knows it might be Leann,Happy people don’t have time for this type of BS. But misery loves company.

  • Ick!

    Leann looks like an old woman now — whereas before she looked young healthy and all american athletic.
    NOW…she looks like she is hooked on COKECAINE. Habitual users lose weight just like this…….
    Leann…get help. If Eddie is cheating.. DROP HIM!

  • Ick!

    Wait…Leann creates secret Twitter accounts to harrass who?
    What the does she have all this time on her hands?
    What does Eddie say? Men leave insecure women….
    She better hope he doesnt get a really good gig, because then HE WILL LEAVE HER FOR SOME PLAYMATE. Mark my words. He is too Pretty and vain.

  • blair

    All the things she’s done are literally eating away at her, yuck.

  • Hoola Hoop

    ugly as hell = LR

  • csol

    @Courtney: EXACTLY!!! “it” was hushed by the studios back then! we all know it happens n that many hwood couples got together by cheating on their significant others! However, none of them, at least that i can tell, spend 24 friggin hrs a DAY trying to CONVINCE everyone on there how in love he is with her n how happy they are!! if u r spending tht much time on a social media site, u aren’t nurturing ur relationship or taking care of ur man, soooo jus sayin….SHE SHOULD TAKE A VACAY FROM TWITTER N STOP ENGAGING WITH HER “HATERS” ON THERE! ITS RIDICULOUS, IMO!

  • Wtf!?

    @csol: I agree! How does she spend so much time on twitter? If you look at her twitter it seems she posts things within minutes. It’s just so sad. The sooner she gets off, the better. And I do believe she has some sort of eating disorder. I used to admire her healthy body when it was thicker and healthier. Hell, if you asked anyone what they thought about her body they would say “Girl has got a beautiful body’. I’m just disappointed that she fell for the blonde anorexic California body trap.

  • Carey

    Watch Twitter CLOSELY Racy, your (Leann) about to be exposed for your twitter fake accounts. oh glory be!


  • !

    @Carey Best. News. Ever.