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Robert Pattinson: New 'Water for Elephants' Clip!

Robert Pattinson: New 'Water for Elephants' Clip!

Check out this new clip from Robert Pattinson‘s new film with Reese Witherspoon, Water for Elephants!

The 24-year-old British actor showed the video on MTV First: Robert Pattinson on Friday (March 18).

During the interview, Rob chatted about a variety of topics, including his favorite karaoke song, whether or not he likes Glee, his hair, and filming love scenes. He also joked about only working with “hot girls” in his movies!

Head on over to to see Robert‘s interview.

FYI: Water for Elephants hits theaters April 22!

New Water For Elephants Clip
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  • karen

    Can’t wait to see this movie! The book was great. Rob’s acting looks good actually.

  • whizzer

    This will be his next BOMB movie – trust.

  • km

    i love it

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    What funny

  • Gabby

    He’s so unattractive and talentless. Why is he relevant again?

  • julie

    Pattinson = WORST actor of our generation !!!!

  • LK

    ALL I see is brooding and more brooding.

  • smagen

    he phased out a while ago ………..Next

  • BB

    Robert Pattinson is not only handsome, he can act good as well…This movie may show his acting talent, the same as in “Remember Me”…

  • emily

    can’t wait for this film!

  • Annie

    Ewwww, busted up teeth/gums.

  • KIM

    Using animals for entertainment sucks – he is an idiot to star in a film that exploits animals.

  • Sweetness

    Finally people are waking up from this delusional fog that Holltwood was trying to convince the masses this guy was the next Brando….Depp and DiCaprio … He’s not! Send him off to the world of actor who had their 15 minutes and focus on real actors with range!

  • Linda

    OK – I have had enough – their is a thing called history – this book was researched thoroughly – and depicts a part of our historyt – and history can be both good and bad, but when we learn from it – it’s a good thing. Thai was not mistreated – nor was any other animal. Many years these kind of circuses were very much part of the American Landscape – and Sara Gruen depicts reality. We have learned since then – don’t any of you kids read anymore. As for Mr. Pattinson – give this guy a break – to me it sounds as if you are all envious of his fame and fortune. I predict he will be a big star – because he has the one thing that most of them don’t today – a certain charisma, star quality – that one must possess to make it in this business. He’s still very young, and I for one, am sick and tired of hearing all you people run others down. Paul Newman starred in some really bad movies and was told he couldn’t act – so did Greg Peck and Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood and many others. You have to take on challenging roles to learn the craft. He deserves a chance, just like you would want a chance at anything you are attempting to achieve. I was raised in a much different era – and I can say that I believe you are not getting very good educations, you don’t respect history and many of you offer up opinions without objectivity.

  • Linda

    Sorry got carried away and wrote their when I meant “there”

  • Seee

    Robert is gorgeous. His American accent is really good. He’ll be the only break out British star in all these franchise films (Harry Potter, Twilight, Spider Man). Even though he is British, the American media loves writing about him, even though they are supposed to support their own talent. Not even Andrew Garfield will be able to break into the American market. Being snubbed by the Oscars for one thing.

  • brite

    I can only assume that a lot of these people who comment are young kids who dont know any better. Although it doesnt make me confident about societies future. Wishing bad things on people just isnt healthy. Judging people as awful in a movie when you havent even seen it, is immature and prejudice. Writing people off as flash in the pans when they are really only beginning to test the waters out there is far too premature. Although the same things were said of Depp and Leo 15-20 years ago so I guess Robs in good company!!

  • fine

    Really looking forward to this movie. The book was amazing and the movie looks like its going to do it justice.Rob looks great too.

  • jacque

    he’s not very talented, is he? i mean, shaking his head and using the same bad accent/voice he uses for edward isn’t acting. and since when he showed he can act in remember me? i watched it b/c i wanted to see if he deserved all the success but i didn’t really see any acting skills [and the movie was panned by critics].

  • map

    Such a talented and down to earth guy.Wish there were more people like him in the World.

  • stace

    So excited to see this. I unlike other people here, wont judge it until I see it.

  • coco


    Dead right!!

    And who was Johnny Depp at the age of 24???? Tom Hanson in “21 Jump Street”, a police series, people!!!

    And don`t get me even started on Leo…

    Seriously, some people need to grow up and get a life.

    Go, Robert!!!!!!!!!

  • zuka

    I cant wait for this movie, i’m sure everyone is great.

  • Amalie

    I can’t wait for this movie!

  • boston61

    I like real teeth but I think the American movie business should hire AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Working it

    Remember Me was well received by critics, actually. What the heck are you talking about? It was nominated for numerous awards and Rob won numerous acting awards for his role in an indie movie, which is HUGE. Rob can act, he just has a tough time portraying Edward because the character is insanely difficult to portray – inextricable beauty, quickness, finesse, wise; the budget doesn’t help his portrayal either. Wonky make up, costume, script, special effects. Filming is also rushed so not conductive for good acting. Indie movies like these will really give Rob a chance to show his range and carry the movie without pressure.

  • what

    lol @ anyone trying to compare him to leo dicaprio. At the age of 19, leo already had an oscar nomination and by rpattz’s current age, he had starred in the highest grossing film of all time.

    there is nothing remarkable about pattinson’s acting or looks. Girls like him because he is “edward”.

  • judd

    Love him! Not just Edward! People just dont give some people a chance these days…its weird. I hope people give all of you a fair go in life before insisting you are awful! Treat people how you’d like to be treated for a change.

  • meggyoh

    It freaks me out a lil’ bit that he played her son in Vanity Fair and they’re lovers in this one.

  • Sally

    Hollywood is very incestuous because there are only so many actors they can cast for the same roles. Anyways, Rob’s role in Vanity Fair was cut out of the theatrical release so, yeah.

    Incidentally, there is a huge huge huge practice where older actors are paired with much younger actresses as love interests. It’s nice that the tables are turned for Rob and Reese. Really, you shouldn’t complain at all.

  • George

    Leo is really an anomaly.

    Rob is compared to Leo because they are both heartthrobs in an American beloved franchise/film. Both starred in a romantic and highly successful film that reached the corners of the world. There really hasn’t been such a mainstream romance film since Titanic. Likewise, the world hasn’t been such a heartthrob since Leo in Titanic.

  • lianna

    He’s so ugly. And he’s really not talented. His face never even moves when he ‘acts’. Why does this guy keep on getting parts? He’s not leading man material. I can’t wait til Twilight’s over and we’ll never have to see him ruin another movie.

  • mary

    This guy is going to be around for a long time if he wants to be. Looking forward to seeing how he progresses and continues to grow as an artist. I wish him nothing but the best. I wish good things for good people.

  • steph


    You sound so foolish. For one, the critics panned the movie of RM, as they should of bc as a Rob and Em fan it really wasnt that great, but the acting wasn’t the reason. Critics agree the acting wasn’t horrible, the story, the editing, and script were.

    2) since when does Edward sound like he’s from NY? Because Pattinson is very much speaking miles away from his Edward accent, so your just obviously unable to be unbiased and objective and making erroneous statements which deters one from actually hearing what you are saying.

  • Oh No

    Man, I hate to say it…..really, I do…
    But that clip was bad…
    Maybe the rest is better?
    i feel a cringe coming on. Please don’t be a terrible movie like I sene it will be…PLEASE…………..

  • toto

    Love the new clip.Looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

  • jacqueline

    You know what? I didn’t watch Remember Me and hate The Twilight Saga. I don’t think the books are good, neither are the films, but Robert seems REALLY nice and, I don’t know, I heard Christoph Waltz said great things about him and everyone seems to like the guy so WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE JUST GIVE HIM A CHANCE? He’s just beginning and I hope he has a lot of opportunities to show he deserves the success and awards he receives. I must admit I’m not impressed based on what i’ve seen of this movie so far but I’ll wait and watch it when it comes out. Seriously, he’s seems to be getting some good roles, he can’t be as terrible as some of you are saying he is, not to mention his looks, they may not please everyone but I think he’s handsome!

  • jacqueline

    Sorry if there are some spelling mistakes :D just hope you understand the message

  • Sam

    I agree with #35
    Clip is not impressive. It looks very maufactured. I don’t have a good feeling about these two together. Not real or natural.

  • hot

    Love the clip. Looks touching and real, just like the relationship in the book.

  • Julluf

    LOL all these haters saying the same stupid s#it as always, too bad this movie won’t flop and looks decent. Can’t wait for everyone’s misery when this movie comes out.

  • HUH?

    You think that people should give him a chance?
    Didn’t he have a chance in Remember Me?
    Didn’t he have a chance with the Twilight franchise?
    How many chances should one actor get?
    He has proved that outside of Edward, he is not a box office draw.
    He has also proved that he has no range as an actor.
    Hopefully, after Twilight is over and done, we will never have to see his sappy expressions ever again on the big screen.
    I can’t wait until the day that he fades into obscurity.
    Two days after the last Twilight premiere.
    This movie is going to bomb. Just like the last movies from Rob and Reese.
    Big time.

  • remote

    If you dont want to see his expressions people then dont look because I’m pretty sure they are going to be around for a long time in many movies. I love it!

  • Jen

    The clip looks soapy and melodramatic. Too bad cos I like Reese. Looks like her and Waltz will be the only good things in this. When will Pattinson star in a decent movie? Cos he keeps on picking all these duds, and the Twi-hards won’t stick around forever, they’ll move onto someone else, and he really doesn’t have the talent to attract a new fanbase at this stage.

  • mela

    Rob will do just fine. He has a lot of great supporters and I’m sure as the years go on he will continue to adapt and gain more support. Bright future in store for Mr Pattz. Good for him, he deserves it.

  • Lizzy23

    he’s gorgeous and seems like a great guy. but he can’t act :(

  • no

    Except for the twi-hards, no one wants to see him in films.
    Poor box office takes for non-Edward roles proves that.
    Teenie boppers like him now, but they are historically fickle.
    They will move on from Rob, just as they have moved on from every other young male idol.
    And Rob CAN’T pick up the much needed support from adults. Most adults are so sick of seeing his ugly mug EVERYWHERE, there is no way that they will pay money to see his movies.
    His career will be over, when Twilight is over.

  • actually

    Most of Robs fans are actually 20-45 year old women. Teenie boppers are into Rupert Grint, Justin Beiber, Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Not his demographic at all.

  • kelly

    lord i did not want to post on this site. its the same hate for every celeb that jj reports on, but if you don’t like him then don’t go see the movie. making negative and downright hateful comments is pathetic.

  • @48

    You’re delusional.
    His fans are teenaged girls.
    There may be a few twi-moms, but the vast majority of his fans are in their teens.
    Adult moviegoers, the demographic that he needs to sustain a post-twilight career, are either sick of him, or apathetic.
    He is not a box office star.
    His movies have proved that.