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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Grocery Shopping with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Grocery Shopping with the Kids!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie grin from ear to ear as they take their little ones to the Berti Market on Sunday (March 20) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The couple brought all six of their kids – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne – out for a trip to pick up groceries!

Angie and the kids will reportedly be staying in New Orleans while Brad works on his latest film, Cogan’s Trade, in New Orleans.

All the kids are getting so big!! So happy to see the entire family out together.

FYI: Knox is wearing a Tom & Drew Boys sand linen suit. Vivienne is wearing a J. Crew sweater. Angelina is wearing Dolce & Gabbana Gold Edition aviator sunglasses.

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brad pitt angelina jolie kids grocery shopping 01
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  • Last Year in Venice

    #136 Jasmine- here are the Easter pics from Venice last year where they are all together. All 8 JPs were also photographed together in Japan in 2009 and in People in 2008. Unlike many other celebs, we don’t to see them everyday at the park, malibu mart, etc. so this is a REAL TREAT for all, even the spewing trolls!–201054

  • gracie

    Just look at the big grin on Brad’s face, that says it all. I am happy and I LOVE my family, haters you can all kiss my ass. Trolls, I hope you all get the message LOUD and CLEAR. Brad ain’t going anywhere.

  • theodore

    if i commit a crime that would make me a criminal for life.

    if I cheat, I am a cheater my whole life.
    our actions define who we are FOREVER.

  • laura

    its VERTI Marte not Berti…love that place!

  • Tommy Boy

    Good heavens! I didn’t know the circus was in town!

  • klArsloch

    Poor kids, only clowns for the Jolie-Pitt

  • Sandra

    Zahara has a very nice girl figure

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I love Viv. She is a girly girl. I like Z’s outfit.

  • tazzy


    There is nothing wrong with Angelina. She could pop out several more children if she so desires.I do wonder about your state on mind though.


    What’s wrong with the little boy?


    What we hear is you and your like SOUNDING miserable cause your idole has nothing but a big bootey nobody want, a bunch of degenerated fans who make her skin crawl and don’t even support her as much.
    What we hear is you imploding from inside because of jealousy and envy, because Jolie is a winner, even Courtney is a winner too as men actually appreciate her enough to cry publicly for her to take them back (while Mayer and all of Maniston’s exes could care less) as others are dating her more than a couple of weeks.
    What we hear is you trying to distract us from your own misery of having a LOSER as an idol who fail, fail and keep on faling like there is no tommorrow, despite that body she desperatly control to keep the natural fat in check where others like Jolie and Courtney TRIUMPH without even doing 10 % of what the mediocre bimbo is doing !
    Keep on diverting, we are not fooled…you are crying deep down inside and quite frankly you, your like and your idiotic idole deserve that pain you inflict to yourself.
    That’s how unbeleivably moronic you pathetic folks are. Dumb folks through and through actively perpertrating the dumb syndrom of their dumb idole ! No wonder real men do want to have anything to do we the likes of you, while others will use as a vulgar toilet paper. Ask Mayer and how he treated your idole.

  • tazzy

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:

    I don’t think she is too skinny at all. When the haters run out things to rag on they always go back to her weight. How lame.

  • Jen

    And YOUR actions have just defined you clearly Forever!
    You are a rabid infected mentally deranged HATER posting your hateful comments against people who have done nothing to you.
    Let YOUR own hateful judgement rests upon you.
    YOU are a HATER for Life and may you reap all the HATE that HATERS call to themselves by their HATEFUL actions.
    Thank you for letting us all know EXACTLY WHO and WHAT YOU ARE!

  • aeon

    theodore @ 03/20/2011 at 4:53 pm

    Oh really Teddy does that mean we can label you a hatemonger forever. In doing so that makes you a hatemonger. So let us lock you up and trow away the key because there is no such thing as redemption or change, or evolution. There is no hope for you. You are what people say you are forget your own instincts and capabilities. [..We might as well remove your existence and decrease the surplus population...] Abandoned all hope.LO, that is brilliant.

    (disclaimer [...] sarcasm , not to be taken seriously.

  • lilooo


  • aeon

    Jen @ 03/20/2011 at 5:04 pm

    You and I had the same thought. What a ridiculous comment for teddy to make? Unbelievable what people think?

  • beaten&beaten

    Haters, we all know what you all are made of. Dont get mad because you arent amusing. Get over it.

  • tazzy


    What did you expect to read on a fan site? Criticisms? Man, you are stupid.

  • Jen

    I have to agree with you Passing Through. Brad is one HOT, HOT, Man.
    He is gorgeous, a pleasure to look at and looks like he is over the moon.
    He is grinning from ear to ear with sheer JOY and happiness to have his family surrounding him. He is meant to be a DAD. God bless beautiful Angelina for giving him his heart’s desire. May they have as many more kiddies as their hearts’ desire because their children are too beautiful for words….just like beautiful mama Angelina.
    God’s many, many blessings cover this awesome family.

  • luvangie4ever

    Most beautiful family ever! Angie looking gorgeous as always and glad to see all the kids healthy and happy. They’re growing up so fast. Love how Zahara is such a big sis holding her little bro’s hand, while adorable Shiloh wants to hang with the boys. lol Really nice that they can roam carefree in New Orleans.

  • tazzy


    The kids look perfectly happy to me. Time to get your eye sight checked. You are not seeing well.

  • aeon

    klArsloch @ 03/20/2011 at 4:55 pm

    You know they have a new medical procedure for infected people like you. Actually two, one is cataract laser eyes surgery and if that doesn’t work, I recommend a lobotomy Clearly, somethng is wrong with you..

    Free diagnosis No charge. Dr. A.

  • gracie

    aeon, I like your post #133, that troll ‘B’ could have been a shop lifter or still is and now feels she has the right to judge. It’s always the sinners who cast the first stones. Anuston fans are hypocrites. They commit the worst crimes, wishing death on babies and toddlers and they think that’s okay. Angie never harmed anyone or wished death on others.

  • Courtney

    OMG what a beautiful family!!! I can’t believe how Viv & Shiloh look identical! So cute! You can tell they are such a happy family! <3 the JPs :)

  • Jenny Shimizu

    Brad happy look on his face. Hmm what should I think about to look happy, I know, how about that visit to Maiden Voyage the other night, yeah that’s it, now I have the photo op look alright.

  • Courtney

    P.S. Can Ang look any more beautiful just going to the store? Brad is a lucky man! He got his wish for a beautiful family :)

  • tazzy

    @Tommy Boy:

    And here comes the biggest clown of all.

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    Just a very Beautiful family, so good to see them again as it has been too long.

  • Orchid

    80 sprite @ 03/20/2011 at 3:29 pm +9

    Orchid-I thumbed it down because it was already hidden by the time I clicked on to read the comments. I automatically thumb down all that are hidden, I never open to read them.
    We all do what we want. It is easier, and saves time, to just follow and I did that when Jared first gave us the thumbs, but soon after that I changed my mind when I decided to read a hidden post and disagreed with all the red thumbs!
    I noticed that sometimes posters don’t recognize sarcasm, or it could be a case of misinterpretation.
    Automatically thumbing down all posts that are hidden means you’ve let others decide for you! I’d rather NOT thumb a post at all. I like to decide for myself!
    Look at pooh’s post. I totally agree with her. I’m glad I didn’t just follow and thumbed her down.
    Of course when I know a troll’s name, then yes, it’s easy to just thumb the post down and not waste time on an idiot.

  • Supernova

    Nice pics, thanks for sharing :)

  • no logic

    theodore @ 03/20/2011 at 4:53 pm — u were once a crybaby so based on ur logic u must still be one. u wet ur bed when u were young so once a bedwetter, always a bedwetter. and who r u calling a criminal/cheater anyway? ur daddy? take ur issues to a therapist. celebrity blogs won’t “heal” u.

  • Passing Through

    # 26 Ellie @ 03/20/2011 at 1:42 pm
    Vivienne looks just like Shiloh don’t ya think?! So cute!! :)
    They do look alike…but not as much as Shiloh and Knox. I got this picture at Shiloh and Knox have the same jawline, the same lip shape, their hair falls the same way…and Knox is even throw some shade at Shiloh’s back in this pic. These kids are killin’ me!
    BTW – I’m LMAO because all the kids are wearing sneakers except Miss V. Homegirl is workin’ the glittery shoes to the max. Plus, she’s got a stanglehold on that bottle she’s carrying. I pity the fool who tried to take away her apple juice to open it for her…

  • Orchid

    81 Kiki @ 03/20/2011 at 3:29 pm -25
    Then why are you here?

  • Jen

    Must comment on the beautiful baby boy Knox. He is simply gorgeous. What a beautiful baby boy. And as Angie says, his little personality is so much like Brad’s. Daddy and son seem to be having a very nice conversation as Brad is carrying his baby boy. I think Knox and Shi look like identical twins. Knox also seems to have a bit of a curl to his hair. He looks so much like his daddy to me. But of course Angelina is very much present in his look as well.
    Vivienne is absolutely gorgeous as well. She seems to be very particular about her cute little appearance. The twins and Shi all look the same to me. All beautiful. Shi is such an independent beautiful little spirit, so much like Angie with a touch of Brad’s personality as well.
    Maddox is so calm and big brotherly. What a pleasant personality he seems to have. Pax is a ball of energy and so loveable.
    He is a perfect match for Maddox’s calmness. And Little Lady Zee is growing into a real beauty. If she is not tall enough to be a model, she looks like she will be a dancer, she has those slender dancer’s legs.
    Angelina is stunning. I don’t know if anyone else sees her beautiful breasts as fuller and rounder than ever. She has gained weight and one cannot help but wonder if it has anything to do with pregnancy. Brad said he wanted one more and knowing Angelina is over the moon about Brad and whatever Brad wants is fine with her nothing would surprise me.
    This is the most beautiful family in Hollywood and I wish them the very best. I am so glad they are all together and hope Angelina can rest and enjoy some time with her children and Brad exclusively while they reside in New Orleans. I am so happy they are able to walk the streets on such a beautiful day without disturbance. Love how the people of New Orleans allows them the space to be themselves and to walk about and enjoy themselves while there. No wonder they both love it there.
    This is a beautiful, happy, loved up family and that is there for all eyes to see. Anyone seeing anything different is looking thru eyes that cannot see what is right there before them and is delusional because of hate.
    Love this family. God bless them all.

  • Orchid

    84 patty243 @ 03/20/2011 at 3:30 pm
    Still here? LOL You can’t stay away. It tells us all about you!

  • aeon

    gracie @ 03/20/2011 at 5:19 pm

    Thanks Gracie. I haven’t been here for a while but I used to one of the regulars when JJ first started out. I mostly lurk and post occassionally.

    I think trolls are funny and sad individuals. Their comments are more a reflection of who they are and what they stand for than about the person they are commenting on. I always felt that people who are the most insecure about themselves are the worst. If you ask any of the great comedians about where they get their humor from they usually reference themselves, and how they think people see them. Their humor is a way to alleviate their own pain and insecurities.

    Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. There are those that are just plain evil with no soul.

  • gracie

    Thanks BDJ for the update on The Tourist. That’s good news. You do a fantastic job and we appreciate your contributions and all your hard work a lot.

  • Keira

    And here comes the pictures of lonely, puffy faced Jen in a bikini at some tropical resort in 3…2…1…


    @Jen: you are weird


    i’m tellin’ ya
    that kid ain’t right

  • French girl

    wow it’s good to see them together !! now haters don’t repeat over and over that viv and know don’t here lol !

    i see others pictures where shi and zee seem to be singing ! it’s too adorable. (sorry for my english)

  • beaten&beaten

    @TWIN BOY: She has a nice heart. You are weird.

  • tazzy

    @Jenny Shimizu: This is a pro Brad and Angelina fan site where the majority of the posts are positive. What part of that don’t you get? For you to show up here and whine about fan posts just proves what a psychotic freak you really all.

  • Jenny Shimizu


    The only difference between trolls snarking about Brangelina and loons running down JA and many other celebs is that many of us have a sense of humor and most of you do not. Other than that, same. You should go back to lurking.

  • addicted

    Jared, you are the source for me to see pictures of our family! Thank you! Haven’t seen these anywhere else! Hi to African Girl after many years of not posting

  • busted

    @French girl:

    YOUR english is perfect.. much better then the haters that grew up speaking it.. LOL

    Well PT I will agree. Brad Pitt is freaking HOT..

    and loving the melt down of the fools. Can’t stand a happy family out on a Sunday stroll. So precious.

    Brad looks like the cat that ate the bird.. Friday and Saturday must have been a big reacquainted time for kiddies and Daddy and Mommy and Daddy too.

    well we got our NOLA pics and this was such a great surprise.


  • aeon

    FU Jenny Shashumi…..that was a joke. Did you get i?

    Of course we have a sense a humor that is why we rag on the hag. Did you also notice most of us don’t go the hag thread or site? Did you also notice that most of us don’t rag on small kids? This isn’t your blog so don’t tell me to go back to lurking. I post when I want to.

  • anon

    @Jenny Shimizu:

    Sorry ducky, cynicism is your calling card; not humour.

  • beaten&beaten

    @Jenny Shimizu: Your sense of humour is scary apart from empty. You are like a laugh box. You are a bunch of clowns.


    THE TOURIST weekend sales figures
    Domestic: $67,631,157 (last figure from two weeks ago)
    + Foreign: $201,900,000 (estimates from TGR)
    = Worldwide: $269,531,157
    “In its third Japan round at 220 screens, Sony’s The Tourist squeaked out $1.4 million, a 3% boost from the prior weekend’s action. Overseas cume for the Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie vehicle stands at $201.9 million, of which $12.2 million originates from Japan.” (from THR)