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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Grocery Shopping with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Grocery Shopping with the Kids!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie grin from ear to ear as they take their little ones to the Berti Market on Sunday (March 20) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The couple brought all six of their kids – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne – out for a trip to pick up groceries!

Angie and the kids will reportedly be staying in New Orleans while Brad works on his latest film, Cogan’s Trade, in New Orleans.

All the kids are getting so big!! So happy to see the entire family out together.

FYI: Knox is wearing a Tom & Drew Boys sand linen suit. Vivienne is wearing a J. Crew sweater. Angelina is wearing Dolce & Gabbana Gold Edition aviator sunglasses.

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609 Responses to “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Grocery Shopping with the Kids!”

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  1. 126
    clothes weird Says:


    Nice clothes??? Wear???? They always look like they are in Hand me downs! Ever see Angie in a normal outfit out with the kids? NO. She looks like she’s going to the office in 1965, except for the flip flops. It’s god hot there now, poor knox must be so hot. And shiloh? Good Lord!!!!!!!

  2. 127
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    I don’t think Angie is too thin at all. I think the trolls are too fat. Why are they so concern that Angie is thin. So Angie is not the yoga and pilates obsess woman like MANiston does. The woman can carry both a 5 & 6 year old at the same. I woud love to see MANiston do that. Oh wait – MANiston doesn’t have any kids.

  3. 128
    Izx Says:

    Aware-Jennifer never could be pregnat-she so old and terrible. A

  4. 129
    gracie Says:

    Wow! the twins are so big. What a gorgeous picture of the family. Brad looks so happy to see his family. I only just logged off and boom! new pics of the family, no wonder trolls live here 24/7. Haha. Sarcasm trolls, don’t want you beeches hanging around here and bothering us.

  5. 130
    tazzy Says:


    You are still harping on something that happened a hundred years ago? Move on, no one here gives a shiit.

  6. 131
    Jokergurl Says:

    Such a lovely family, and two of the coolest people in Hollywood, I love that they’re just dressed casual, they’re not showing off because they could certainly parade around like some celebs do and flaunt their money. They’re humble about it, they’re not showy with their kids either. CLASSY COUPLE. Brad and Angelina’s actions towards people, charities, in their work, and of course with their children speak louder than any interview can; they are genuine and that to me is what makes them cool. Have fun Jolie Pitts :)

  7. 132
    aeon Says:

    B @ 03/20/2011 at 4:03 pm

    Seriously B you are going to go there “she has a horrible past.” what about your past? what you think you are immune? Did G-d give you a past into heaven when the time comes? Are people not allowed to evolve, grow and learn from their past? What was so terrible about it anyway? She was a young woman full of passion and strong emotions about life and others. She was young and experimenting/ What the hell is wrong with that? She was learning and changing. She has changed and “what didn’t destroy her made her stronger and a better person.” So what is wrong with that? Grow up. Clearly you are not her fan and don’t like Ang. What troubles me at time why the need to post on her fan sites why you don’t like her? No one asked you why? No one cares about whether you like her or not? But still you trolls feel the need to come here and lecture us about not liking her and the reason why? As if we JP fans care whether you like her or not. Seriously, I am glad you don’t like because who needs a fan like you. I really wouldn’t want to be associated with someone like you in anyway if you were a fan.

    go away troll….

  8. 133
    Jenny Shimizu Says:

    You just know Brad was smokin the good stuff before he put on the worst outfit he owns and greazed up his hair to go out on the Angelina required, obligatory photo op/pimping ouf of the kids jaunt. It’s like saying to her ef u ******! I am starting to like him. Other than that, even I have to say the kids are looking better than yesterday, although what’s with Knox wearing a three sizes to big church suit while all the others are wearing Tshirt and jeans? Angelina look like she had work done, but does not look younger and who wears flip flops with business skirt and sweater from Chico’s while strolling N.O.? If they were normal though, I would not like them, so cannot hate.

  9. 134
    Trick Or Treat! Says:

    Dlisted has better pictures, more showing Shiloh too. Gee, I know Brad is doing a roll, but he’s not fliming here, his hair looks SO greasy!
    Dlisted has some funny comments, about their clothing attire, and the board is right.

    In the other sites pictures, Shiloh looks like a real boy now. What the hell!!! And she looks hot in the heat there, well, no wonder!
    Get her in some cute flip flops and shorts and a cute top, this is over the top now, where does that end? That would be the day a 4 yr old would tell parents what she’s wearing! But this has been going on since birth, in her very 1st pic wearing a boys Skull Tee. Oh, maybe the infant then said “I want to dress like a boy”. Shame too, she would be adorable under all the heavy boy clothes!

  10. 135
    jasmine Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen them ALL together like this. Very cute!

  11. 136
    aeon Says:

    Who let the dlisted asylums out of their cells?

  12. 137
    aeon Says:

    Jenny Schuummmiiiess,
    It has been over for years now Angie is not interested anymore. Angie has moved on. She is not leaving Brad for you. It is time to give it up already. Ok hone.

  13. 138
    Candi Says:

    to all the maniston lovers-
    not everyone believes in gender-socialization.
    some people believe in letting their kids find their own way- and not forcing them into wearing/playing with the typical boy/girl things (that society defined for us).
    educate yourself- and maybe you will be less judgmental!
    it’s called “gender-socialization”.
    ignorant fools.

  14. 139
    sara Says:

    Where do all these commenters come from when you post about Jolie/Pitt? A fansite? LOL. I’ve never seen so many “positive” (or should I say “fawning”) comments on this site.

  15. 140
    Alice Says:

    One big happy family. Love Jolie Pitts

  16. 141
    Caribbean Says:

    @Trick Or Treat!:
    I did not realize that the term “Blinded by Hate” was a literal term…….

  17. 142
    this Says:

    so so many veins poppin
    granny is gettin older

  18. 143
    denise Says:

    I personally don’t think that these children are hurting for anything. If they don’t go to public school they aren’t different from other kids who are home schooled with private teachers. They are probably farther advanced than kids who are their age. Maybe the jet lagging is a bit much but they don’t seem to mind it. I wish I could see the world and experience that life. They do have nannies. they don’t seem to hide them when they are filming at different locations. Angie has commented on no help at night but they come during the day. I think she was reffering to when they are in LA and neither of them are working. So what if they do it’s their money and I think they do need help with that many kids. If I had the money I would get a little help too she is a working mom. Give her a break.
    As far as her past what does that have to do with her now. She seems to be a great parent and I do see that those children love her. Just by the few pics I have seen they tend to favor her over their father. Not saying he isn’t a great dad before haters start. But as all kids they love their mom. So get a life!!

  19. 144
    gracie Says:

    clothes weird @ 03/20/2011 at 4:20 pm

    Are you stupid or what, they are grocery shopping not on fashion parade. I think you are on the wrong thread.

  20. 145
    Trolls in Pain Says:

    Oh, the trolls hate a happy family…what sad, pathetic lives they must lead. Trolls also ignore facts- Shiloh wore dresses for years- there MANY, MANY, MANY pictures of Shiloh in dresses. Once she started picking her own clothes, she preferred pants, like lots of girls. Viv is wearing Z’s dress fr people mag twin shoot & Knox is wearing Pax’s beige suit- I love that they do hand-me-downs!!

  21. 146
    klArsloch Says:

    No one sees this??
    The children do not look happy.

    What a show! Brad is looking forward – great PR … Well done Brad!
    And when comes the premiere of the film, there is a new child (adopted or biological – will look like)

  22. 147
    klArsloch Says:

    No one sees this??
    The children do not look happy.

    What a show! Brad is looking forward – great PR … Well done Brad!
    And when comes the premiere of the film, there is a new child (adopted or biological – will look like)

  23. 148
    klArsloch Says:

    1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … Bodyguards and so many hidden Bodyguards … WOW, what a show, THANKS!

  24. 149
    Sci Says:

    Angelina looks stunning. A simple place pencil skirt and a pull-over knit top….CLASSY.

  25. 150
    Jen Says:

    Post # 2
    I am reposting your post. It should not have been thumbed down.
    “finally!!!! beautiful pics! the kids are getting so big!”
    I think we fans will be more careful in the future to read the post to see if it sould be thumbed down or not.
    With so many trolls on board using fans’ names and posting such hateful comments it is easy to make a mistake.
    I hope you will continue to post your positive comments.

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