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Chris Brown: Justin Bieber Reminds Me of Me

Chris Brown: Justin Bieber Reminds Me of Me

Chris Brown arrives at the Manhattan hotel wearing a shirt with the words Army VS Army on Friday (March 18) in New York City.

The 21-year-old R&B singer is in the middle of promoting his latest album F.A.M.E.

Chris teams up with Justin Bieber in one of the tracks “Next To You”. During a recent radio interview, the artist shared about his connection with Justin.

“He reminds me a lot of me when I was younger,” Chris said. “I kind of try and be the big brother and make him go the right way and have a great time.”

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  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    I hate this man he like vapid and go back in home

  • hell no

    oh hell no run justin run, this dude should not be a big brother to anyone

  • http://kaa Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Whats this scum garbage pic

  • http://kaa Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • blah

    lol I hate Justin, but he’ll never be that stupid like you Chris… Your career is OVER… Go away…

  • blitzen

    “I kind of try and be the big brother and make him go the right way and have a great time.”-that’s a bad idea chris

  • ina

    “Go the right way”?? Like NOT go beating up on women then, Chris?

  • Reem.M

    plzz Chris Beat Her Down don’t try to make JUSTIN BIEBER like u . Do u want him to beat his girlfriend ? Just go away from him and don’t be his “BIG BROTHER”

  • laura

    @ Sligo.. & Kaz… Everybody knows that you are the same person.

  • Cocoa

    there are some entertainers that really just need to stop talking altogether (chris brown, gisele bundchen, leann rhimes…). just be good at what you do and keep your mouth shut!

    the more he says, the more people dislike him. his career is not necessarily over. but he’s got it in his head that he’s some deep philosophical guy. he just needs to sing and that’s it. sheesh.

  • Kerri

    Seriously chris brown i am not a fan of justin bieber but he isn’t a no good woman beater like you are. I don’t think anyone should take advice from someone who is a abuser. Why can’t chris stop talking and just sing. Has he got foot in mouth syndrome?

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Lol im not same person kaz lol

  • Is this a joke?! He cannot be serious! Does he recognize the irony of his statements??

  • Leona

    WOW these ppl commenting here..oh dear you must be living in hate environment …..

  • hehe*

    @Leona: I agree with you one hundred percent. They always turn what he says & makes it into something totally different.

    && all you haters need to shut up. That’s all you do is complain. He’s been doing all he could for a long time. GET OVER YOURSELVES. He’s human. He’ll do things he isn’t proud of. Shouldn’t we be encouraging good behavior instead of saying ‘he’ll always be a women beater. He’s this he’s that’ Is that really what you want? You guys want him to go around & hit people & do drugs & be a bad person which is why you’re so upset that he’s doing right for himself. If you don’t like him you don’t have to like him but don’t bring him down when he’s trying to be good. Geez, you people need help.

  • ozzie

    isn’t this the psycho the beat the crap out of his girlfriend like a year ago or so and got away with a slap on the wrist??? very poor judgement on justin’s managers to let justin do a project with this guy. it shows that justin’s people are just using justin to make money and care very little for his safety

  • Sweetness

    This guy is the poster dude for douchbag and yet Justin’s handler are ok him teaming up with him? Chris Brown should only be allowed to pick up Bieber’s garbage.

  • Annie

    @ Sligo Lambert – I find it very hard to believe that you and Kaz are not the same person. Your great command over the English language and knack for relevance *snicker* really gives it away.

  • loser

    this guy is the biggest douche on the planet.

  • LEB

    Chris is saying that he gives him advice so that he doesn’t make the same mistakes he made which is what a mentor or friend does. Not necessary what to do when you get into a fight with your girlfriend but also being famous at age 16 which is very young. What better person than someone who has experienced the good, bad and ugly. Continue to learn and grow Chris and ignore the hate. These people where never fans in the first place!

  • Whostands

    @Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute:
    Hate is ugly. You are going to make some singer you don’t know make you ugly?

    He’s a one time offender who committed a crime as a teen and the victim forgives him and wishes him well so it’s foolish of you who has no connection to them to harbor ill feelings when they don’t for you or each other.




  • HUH?

    “He reminds me of me when I was younger” EARTH TO CHRIS BROWN, YOU’RE ONLY 21… He’s says this has if he 40 years old or something

  • HUH?

    @HUH?: as*

  • C

    eww he wants to be white

  • badgirl

    Ok so Chris Brown says that Justin Beiber reminds him of himself when he was younger….lets just hope he dosn’t become a woman beating homophobe

  • Marieme

    “Make him go the right way…” Hah! As IF!

    Does this fool even know how ignorant he sounds? He needs to STFU until he’s well into his 30′s! Immature as shole!

  • laura

    i love the people thats commenting on this post all they have against breezy is what happen 2 years ago and guess WHAT no one cares Get the F**k over it…. CHRIS BROW IS THE MAN Haters fall back!!!!! F.A.M.E. is out March 22!!! Pow

  • phoenix

    whats keeping his hat on? velcro? my hat would slick just fall off like that..

  • Love Ya

    Sexy Man!!!!

  • Patricia


  • Tomahawk

    he beats women and a zebra don’t change his stripes ,,,, lil punk

  • SB

    Let the guy live sheesh haha he’s just sayin what he wants to say, pretty sure he’s referring to the music when he says he wants him to have fun. But anyways, I love what I’ve been hearing from Breezy lately, and I’m pumped for F.A.M.E. to drop! Already preordered my copy, check it out!

  • as

    In 20 years people will remember Justin Bieber – not him.

  • fush

    @blah: not true chris has a whole lot of fans out there. the fact is he is extremely talented. Justin used to sing Chris’s songs on youtube before he was a huge star. “as for the critics, I don’t condone what has happened in the past but since I’m only listening to Chris Brown for his music and not for the skeletons in his closet I’d recommend giving F.A.M.E. a listen. call it a comeback.”

  • wity

    i love chris but why? why would he die his freakin hair blonde??!! imean is he that obbssed with justin! uhg! :P

  • aunny

    iz cuteee<3

  • SYD

    yall are the most hateful people in the world, it was 2 to 3 years ago get a life and get over it. he trying to live his life, if Rihanna can get over it why cant you? i mean you just jealous that even though he can make a mistake people still love him, he got money. everything you want dont be mad at him because you cant get it like he can. and Just is smart and so is Chris they know whats wrong and right, stop being so controlling like you somebodies momma and be a fan!