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Kate Bosworth: Byron & Tracey Salon Visit!

Kate Bosworth: Byron & Tracey Salon Visit!

Kate Bosworth battles the wind as she leaves the Byron & Tracey salon on Saturday (March 19) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

During her visit, the 28-year-old actress caught up on reading “Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Kate who currently graces Nylon magazine‘s March 2011 issue, was then seen shopping for a present at Tom’s Toys and left with a freshly wrapped gift.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth out in Beverly Hills…

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kate bosworth byron tracey salon visit 01
kate bosworth byron tracey salon visit 02
kate bosworth byron tracey salon visit 03
kate bosworth byron tracey salon visit 04
kate bosworth byron tracey salon visit 05
kate bosworth byron tracey salon visit 06
kate bosworth byron tracey salon visit 07
kate bosworth byron tracey salon visit 08
kate bosworth byron tracey salon visit 09
kate bosworth byron tracey salon visit 10

Photos: Flynet
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  • patsyvanhouten

    I like her a million times more now that I’ve seen she’s reading The Master and Margarita-one of the greatest books ever written.

  • Cha-Ching

    The new check cleared didn’t it JJ?

  • Ugh!

    What a great way to wake up on a sunday morning- thanks JJ, now I feel sick! why does she have to take books to the salon all the time- won’t anybody there talk to her?

  • nicole

    Hahahahaha!! This is really a comedy show!! I have figured it out now!

  • annie

    @Ugh!: How else will people see that she has a brain?!?!?! I mean cmon!

  • nicole

    This girl will NEVER be an Amanda Seyfried!! Not in a million years!! Not in her wildest dreams!! Askars had her and SHE decided to go with Dominic which is his biggest lost in life. Major downgrade to go with Bosworth! She is not even the poor man’s Seyfried. She is nothing and acts low class with every man in htown. And now she is claiming she wants to do a musical(probably Glee). Hey Kate, I see that your Gwyneth Paltrow obsession has not gone away. You want flim her career, her man, her life, her fashion icon status and now her singing career. Never. Will. Happen. Already faded. Must burn to see Orlando with his beautiful wife and child, Gwyneth still married and career re-blooming, and then to hear her bf wanted Amanda Seyfried but went back to Bosworth when he couldn’t hold it down. She needs to disappear for a long azz time.

  • http://amazen Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Ohhh boring not good

  • http://amazen Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I said Not good

  • http://amazen Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Hey Jared complet post dont stop

  • http://amazen Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Jj dont need scum like her .jennifer Aniston,sieena miller ,blak levley and ……….


    How does she manage to look so bad after leaving a salon? So she’s now reading a book that Skars said was one of his favorites. Like she want to be a psychologist because his mother is one. She’s so empty and devoid of any real value.

    Btw, does anyone else notice that it seems like she’s lost more weight? Her matchstick legs are painful to look at. Trouble in paradise? Dare we hope that her smugging days are done?

    For once her outfit is actually nice except for those nasty boots.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Back in 2002/2006 I am not saying I was a fan of hers but I lied her she I even managed to get through Beyond the Sea LOL now it is sad to see what had became of her her life and carer is in the toilet sad she looks 42 by the way and I always go WTF at her cloths how and where did all go so terribly wrong?

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^____^ cute

    Vapid lol

  • http://amazen Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    And i forget to say dont want crap reese withrson and racel bilson

  • Tanter

    Look at her legs :O They look like twigs. Yikes! Kate, have a burger and don’t trow it up afterwards. Oh, and maybe you should keep the bleaching to a rest too – your hair looks so frail.

  • Dieter

    Hottest woman alive and incredibly talrented actress !!!

  • essence

    @patsyvanhouten: Is she reading it? I hope so but carrying a book isn’t a guarantee someone actually reads it. Actors are photographed all the time and know what they’re spotted with will end up referenced in the mags.

  • H.

    chicken-legged ho.

  • dieter loves bald girls

    @Dieter: Not unless you like balding girls with bird legs.

  • twin peaks

    I don’t think this outfit is that bad but those boots she wears all the time are nasty.

  • jj fans

    New weave?

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • burn it!

    Always the same boots.
    Your feet must stink.
    Burn those boots, Kate!

  • Wilson

    @jj fans: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • just say in

    isn’t Ossian skarsgard (alex’s baby brother b’day in April 26th or 27th I think he is 2

    maybe she is buying a gift for alex’s litle brother.

    I wouldn’t put it past her to buy her way in to the fam, like she already has!!! does she not know how to wrap up a present !

    not saying that is who the gift is for

    just sayin

  • just say in


    yes that is also one of alex’s favourite books he stated that in an interview sometime back! strange how she is reading it? and also on display to the paps?? just like the present she is holding??.



    @just say in:

    Just saying? Really? Why would she get a present for a kid in Sweden that most likely she’ll never see again? Skars will probably still be working.

    Maybe she bought herself a Bulimia Barbie complete with its own toilet.

  • Prop Dept….

    the book is a prop- she has a kindle, so why wouldn’t she download the book onto that? Prop book, prop clothes, prop jewelry, prop boyfriend, prop friends = PROP LIFE!

  • Whatever

    Here we go again, does she use these boots to tranquilize AS? That’s the trick ladies, he might agree to everything pleading, begging, sobbing to stop the olfactory harassment. Why didn’t the hairdresser dress the hair, is this a HW thing? And where is the kindle, too technical KB? Oh no, you had to show off AS’s book, no? Did she wear the ponytail so we all won’t miss the Tackymint earrings? Few photos, so many questions. JJ, why do you feel the need to moderate again?

  • wow another KB post on Jared

    Just like Jessica Biel, KB will be ditched in the near future. Stage 5 clingers can only last so long before guys start looking elsewhere. Plus, when exactly was KB deemed a fashion icon? I didn’t realize pairing a grungy shirt with your entire wardrobe was considered trendy, she always just comes off as a slob to me.

  • Eresyn

    *tries to ignore the fact she’s using those horrid old boots AGAIN*
    I don’t understand…she went to the salon? and wth did she do there? because her hair look crappy as usual!…and i have a theory about her carrying that book, she only brought it because it’s propably heavier than her, so she wouldn’t fly away cuz of the wind LOLOL…
    I like the dress but she’s kiling it with that jacket (and ofcourse those stinky boots)
    and PLEASE, if any of KB’s PR is reading this, please, feed her some real food!!!! slim is nice but skeletal is just WRONG :/

  • Whatever

    @just say in: Look at pic 7 and you’ll know who will receive this present… another message to the AS fandom! Oh dear, really KB?

  • uh-oh

    She was looking so much better before the end of the year, but now it looks like she is starving herself again.
    All of those pics of Orlando and baby Flynn must have sent her over the edge.
    She knows that he is now permanently beyond her reach.
    She sees him with his beautiful son, who he had with his gorgeous, successful wife, and Kate is starving herself to make her feel in control of her own life again.
    She needs help.

  • James Francos #1 fan!

    “battles the wind”

    She probably had to put horse shoes in her boots to keep from being flown away

  • Who?

    @Whatever: Whatever, I couldn’t tell. Who?

  • AnnmarieZ

    Robert Pattison’s new movie! Jennifer Lopez teams up with Lady GaGa!! and Kate Bosworth………. reads a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Small writing!

    @Whatever: I can’t read the writing on the card. Can you really see that? I also tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, silly of me, I know, and checked amazon to see if there is a kindle version of the book. There is.

  • Dieter

    I just had a wank on her ass and totally came !!!

  • Whatever

    The card says Lily…

  • Small writing!

    @Whatever: I looked at other pictures and that’s what I decided. I have no idea who Lily is, though.

  • Whatever

    @Small writing!: That must be Björne’s & Lisa’s daughter. A lot of fans were wondering why there isn’t any pics with them recently and here you go and get a subtle message. The card obviously did not fit into that small purse.


    ***PR CORRECTION****
    Since we’ve all been wondering if Hole is still friends with Lisa we get her buying a child’s present complete with a card. The name “LILY”(Larson child) is written big enough for all to see on the card. So Lame. So what if Lisa hasn’t been seen with her since Esquire House…they’re still BFFs. There such good friends that Lisa nor Bjorne went to the Nylon Party.Whatever.

    *** NO ONE is following her but the PAYparazzi that she calls. People are following her to her friend’s house? The hair salon? How come they didn’t follow her to the Nylon party? Because she knew that Nylon had a photographer to chronicle the event. If she was really being followed by paps they would have caught her/them in the parking lot or entering the party. NO ONE CARES. The only time she’s probably not paying for pictures is when she goes to a known pap trap like the Japanese restaurant, Joan’s , The Village Idiot Chateau Marmont all all those pap traps she likes to go.



    This is beyond pathetic. No one tries this hard if everything is all good. This prideless scareho is an embarrassment to the rest of us.
    I want her voted out of the female tribe.

  • chelle

    I was just thinking …I have extremely fine thin hair myself (born with it) but even I am not stoopid enough to get my hair bleached as often as she does. I go 4-6 months between color. How is she not totally bald? Another thing …does anyone else find it amusing how a bunch of us were just speculating why no one has seen or heard from bosho and wham….she shows up! Like those freaking dang boots ..just won’t go away!!!

  • boston61

    28!!!! She must be at war with food. Is she on Bethenny’s diet ? I thought it was Jessica Tandy.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    She looks so horrible it makes me feel bad for her damn .

  • Blackcat99

    I love the photo from behind where the wind blows her dress up her non-existent BUTT.That’s SCARY!Almost as scary as those horrible legs and knees.Kate!please WEAR PANTS!

  • Skarsgard wannabe

    I’ve decided that while her clothing choices are not great, the biggest problem with them is her. She’s too skinny to make her clothes look good. EVERYTHING hangs off her like a loosely wrapped bathrobe or a muumuu. If she gained some weight and wore something besides ankle boots, some -not all- of her outfits wouldn’t be that bad. Also, feeling that all this try is going to equal a whole lot of nothing for Straw Dogs. First of all, the movie must’ve had problems for it’s release to get postponed so much. How many movies have been filmed & released in the meantime? Second, some of the actors have good name recognition but it is not an A-list cast which means…Third, in this economy, without a Brad Pitt headlining it, the plot of the movie is too serious for most people to waste their money to watch it. Maybe in better economic and more peaceful times it would fare better. But even Brad Pitt, George Clooney, etc. are having trouble putting butts in theater seats. People just aren’t spending the money. A movie that has a rape scene as the defining point will get the morbidly curious viewers, but an average family with kids…Even if it weren’t riddled with what must be problems due to it being pushed back again & again, it just won’t be a blockbuster. Thankfully for AS, he’s gone on to do Battleship which has a laughable premise but hey, it’s an alien battle with Taylor Kitsch. Teenagers will be there on date night and people with tween boys who love aliens and a good fight… Poor KB, she shoulda gotten Rihanna’s part!

  • LisaM

    She makes me so damn sick!!! She is barely making it by in HW. All she can depend on is the paparazzi taking her pictures after she had her roots done to seeing her do meaningless thing throughout the day and maybe, maybe going to dinner with her so-called boyfriend who looks like he rather be neutered than be around her. It’s so damn sad! And everyone knows this. And she knows this. Her self-entitlement and extreme pretensiousness makes people hate her even more.
    And her body is another thing. Does she actually think that walking around in her ugly clothing that hang off of her and that show off her disgusting anorexic legs look attractive? She is very delusional. She needs to disappear and fast!