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Alexander Skarsgard: Excited for Pink Spandex Scene

Alexander Skarsgard: Excited for Pink Spandex Scene

Alexander Skarsgard heads to Equinox for a workout on Sunday (March 20) in West Hollywood.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor wore head to toe Nike for his gym visit.

Alex recently shared that he’s aware of – and almost ready for – the scene from the True Blood books where his character, Eric, wears pink spandex for Sookie.

“[The fans] talk a lot about a shower scene,” he told E! “Eric and Sookie in the shower, and also a scene where he’s in pink spandex. Those are very common – both those questions…I’m very excited about well, both, but definitely about the spandex. I hope that will come soon…I might want to go the gym before the spandex session.”

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  • mileycyrusfan

    who is he ?

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    Police here why? Uumm coz some celeb bad

  • Lori

    I love him!!! I just do… that is all there is to say….pink spandex, naked, whatever I just love him!

  • Jane

    Hahah cant wait for the ne season, WHAT a man!

  • Nikki

    i never thought that somebody could look good ALL of the time. then along came Alex.

  • Bikini Kill

    Unf! I swear this dude is just amazing!


    He looks nice.

  • Doreen

    Um Jared, he said he would like to see that scene, that he hopes it will happen, not that it would be in the season. That spandex scene would be awesome though. Getting to see that butt encased in skin tight material never hurt anyone. LOL! He looks good. His legs are pretty muscular in these pics. He must be doing a lot of leg work recently because they were pretty thin before.

  • Spandex Scene

    It would have been great in Season 2 where it belonged but not now. I’d just be happy with The Gracious Plenty in the shower.

  • back in black

    Alex looks great in black- “beige” definitely isn’t his color!

  • He looks great!

    It’s amazing how healthy he looks, and how important sports and physical fitness seem to be to him….it’s too bad his girlfriend doesn’t share the same values.

  • Michelle

    Alexander Skarsgard is SO gay. Trust. He thinks he’s bi-sexual….but he is sooooo gay. I know you woman are going to have a melt down, but it is the truth.

  • Hot mess!

    Still love you Alexander <3 <3 <3 IDGAF what the poop ladies and moyerists say. You’re the best ;D

  • @ p00psingerfan

    @mileycyrusfan: @mileycyrusfan:

    Shouldn’t you be on JJ’s junior page, lil poopsingerfan ;D

  • @ Michelle


    You wish “michelle” lol.

  • Huh?

    i have a gay bestie who i asked about askars… “does your gaydar ping at all for that guy?” he said “no, not at all”… he can pick out just about any guy that’ll even consider bending that way. so for now i’m sticking with he’s straight.

  • @ Michelle

    And that’s supposed to upset me? Trust, I’d rather he smoke a pole than be linked to the beige hag who just happens to have the body of a prepubescent boy.

  • Whatever

    Looking good, gym and car pics on one day. Let the week continue like this! So what, if he’s gay then he is. I’d rather see him with a male than with Beige. Nuff said!

  • lootzie

    Where are the pictures of the car. All I can find is the Equinox pics

  • Whatever

    @lootzie: Here you are, enjoy! :)

  • Nikki


    search for him.

  • Kiki


    Can’t you read, sweety?

  • @Michelle

    He’s not gay, he’s Swedish. You know – in Sweden being gay is not a big deal. He’d be out of the closet if he was gay. And there’d be rumours too – it’s a small country and he’s been famous all his life. There are no gay rumours from Sweden. Because he’s not gay. The only place Alex is gay is in Ted Casablanca’s fantasies.

  • Nora

    He was at Lykke Li’s BDay party last night without the ugly stick. Maybe she wasn’t invited.

  • Doreen


    Where’d you hear that? Thank god he went somewhere without her. You’d think she’d have tried to get in on that since she went to the concert with him. She probably didn’t even know who Lykke Li was, and just tagged along to the concert.

  • Deluge

    He’s beautiful. She’s beautiful.

  • Nora


    I saw it on Quincy Jones III”s twitter. He was at the party and mentions Alex but doesn’t mention her.

  • Lacy


    “He’s beautiful. She’s atrocious.”


  • Doreen


    Hmmm, that doesn’t necessarily mean she wasn’t there. QJ III put it on his Twitter about the concert, but didn’t mention KB, just Alex and we all know she was there in her bag lady outfit and geriatric Dr. Scholl shoes. It would be nice if he did get there without her though, he needs to decling as much as possible.

  • Elle

    Holy god, he’s sooo hot! I’m so stoked about TB season 4!

  • Nora

    Fair enough. I just find strange that he doesn’t mention her since he’s such a name dropper. Anyway, if she was there I’m sure her publicist will let us know sooner or later.


    So Lykke Li had a party yesterday and KB wanted us to see she brought a present for someone named Lily( too stupid to write proper name?). She also had her 3 hairs dyed Did she go to the party or does she just want people to think so? We’ll know soon enough.

  • sammie

    soooo… he hasnt broken up with k.b yet??? i’d like that news to be reported asap!

  • Peanut Gallery

    Black spandex for the gym would be nice too :-) Can’t wait for season 4!

  • @Merrick

    LMAO………… at your comment about Kate’s 3 hairs being dyed!!!

  • Walk of Shame!!!

    Alex, you walk that walk of shame lol!
    People remember before Kate Bosho Alex was sweet and talked to the paps. No one here can say that he never talked to the paps or was always not nice to them, no true there is even video of him talking and smiling to the paps but ever since beige he always looks so pissed off/ totured even. Dude drop the bag of bones if your that unhappy lol

  • Fame tour

    Joan’s on Third
    Chateau Marmont
    Equinox gym
    Fashion event

  • Don’t Bet On It


    You guys make me laugh. They are living together. Honest. Not trying to stir up crap – just stating the facts. Living together – she’s not going anywhere.

  • Nory

    I like this actor’s work so much, I can’t wait to see him on… … … … …
    well, showing skin.

  • Rachel()

    @Don’t Bet On It: What are your sources? I haven’t seen anything saying they live together. They haven’t said they are living together. Not that he says anything about her. Ever.

    As for the pics, he looks very sweet. Nice to see him in a photo where he doesn’t look like he wants to hurl himself off a bridge. Admittedly, he doesn’t look thrilled to be papped, but he doesn’t look horrified by it like in some situations. Hope he continues to avoid the elements that cause him such distress.

  • Don’t Bet On It


    I can’t give my source, I don’t want to lose a friend. It’s pretty well known in Hollywood. Why do you think Ted Casablanca hates on them so much? He can’t stand Kate and to have Alex fall for her like he did didn’t go over well at all.

    And neither Alex or Kate will say they are living together. They won’t say much at all. It’s what he wants.

  • Brunette

    Looking sexy as usual! Damn Alex, there should be a law against looking this hot ;-)


    @Don’t Bet On It:

    So people who live together stand 5 ft apart in public? He always looks unhappy but cheers up when they are home?

    So she lets him treat her like a leper in public but lives with him? Okay, sure.

    They live together but the very private Skars needs to visit her on movie sets and Tackymint shoots…..Okay.

    My sources tell me that BigFoot and the Easter Bunny have been shacking up for years. Biggie(as I like to call him) is very private (as we know from the lack of good pictures) and will not comment on the relationship. I’d tell you my source but I wouldn’t want them to loose their wings or wand.

  • Skarsgard wannabe

    There have been a few posters on the various JJ posts about KB and AS over the last few weeks, months, etc. claiming they live together. I have no source and couldn’t say one way or the other if it’s true. I just find it curious that some gossip reporter hasn’t stated it somewhere in some article. There are plenty of gossip bloggers who would do it in a heartbeat- no “respecting their privacy”. Just like there would be some pap or individual w/ a camera phone that would take a pic of all these supposed “sweet, affectionate moments when they think no one is looking” and post it. I get that the more reputable reporters & photographers wouldn’t, but in Hollywood… the greedy outweigh the good. If AS needs to pretend so bad that he’s single, when in fact he loves her so much and is all about her-nah, he may like her well enough for now but this won’t be happily ever after for all time. This would play out so different if he really thought she was “the one”.

  • sammie

    @Don’t Bet On It:

    i’m allowed my opinion. thnx.

  • Rachel()

    @MERRICK #43: Lol!


    Don’t Bet On It:

    Btw, if they were living together Khate would have arranged for pictures of them leaving her house. She uses his name for everything else , him living with her would be something she would let everyone know. She had no problem having them follow her from Gelson’s to her house and take pictures there with her dog.

    Honestly if you’d really have to have no self esteem to live with a man who never acknowledges or protects you but in fact looks embarrassed to be seen with you most of the time.

  • Rachel()

    @Don’t Bet On It #41: I totally believe that Alex wouldn’t want people to know it if he and Kate were living together, and that she probably wouldn’t talk about it (much) if he told her not to.
    I can’t, however, really believe any “insider’s” alleged secret source. Even if this is true, why go on a site and insinuate that people are stupid for calling the relationship a sham, when you seem to be the only person in “Hollywood” privy to this information. I’m gonna have to agree with #44. There would have been rumors on gossip sites already. When, if you don’t mind my asking, did they “move in” together?

  • Eresyn

    ROTFL@the 3 hairs being dyed…thank you Merrick, you made me LOL sooo hard ;)


    Does anyone else wonder why Khate wasn’t at the last Joan’s lunch? I mean they’re still going strong and it’s not like she works or anything. Judging from the Nylon party she doesn’t really have friends…so why no lunch with the bf and his friends?