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Blake Lively Says Sorry with Cupcakes

Blake Lively Says Sorry with Cupcakes

Blake Lively makes a fashionable run to CVS on Wednesday (March 16) in NYC’s West Village.

The 23-year-old Gossip Girl star picked up a Reach by Design toothbrush at the drugstore.

Blake recently sent some cupcakes to Burberry creative director Christopher Bailey and his team to apologize for missing the fashion house’s show in February.

With a box of sweet treats from London’s Caked bakery, Blake said sorry and also thanked him for inspiring her!

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  • r.

    Lol girl you somehow convinced the fashion world you can be a face of Chanel, why are you still calling the paparazzi to keep you relevant? And from Sony cameras and smart phones to tooth brushes?



  • Hailey

    How sweet. She sent them cupcakes to apologize for Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth being in the front row because of her absence.

  • JC

    What’s going on with her career? Not long ago she was the new it girl in the running for Gatsby and just about every other coveted role. Now the posts are about cupcakes? Pretty Bilson-ish.

  • She looks annoyed. I would be too w/ paparazzi taking pics of me buying a toothbrush. Poor girl. :\

  • Sara

    fame whore with teh paparazzi buying toothbrushes?

  • JC


    Yeah poor girl. She could have very easily gotten some assistant or something to buy her a toothbrush. Look at how dolled up she is to go to CVS. She wanted to be photographed.

  • S

    Like….who cares?

  • r.

    @: LOL if you think she didn’t call them herself. It’s advertisement for the brand.

  • Gossip girl

    This was SOOOOO staged! She was paid to pretend like she was buying a Reach toothbrush. Hence, the pitch from the Reach publicist to post this!

  • just me

    Don’t know why fashion designers are going gaga with her. She is not even popular, not that pretty. I would think that they should bestow that to more deserving young ladies…ie..Emma Watson and others.

  • ace11

    i would lick the dirt off her toes if she asked me

  • Anita

    Lol at everyone saying it’s staged – like she needs these type of pics to stay relevant. Like really! Because she really wants photos of her buying a tooth brush for promo. Question – When Blake Lively is usually photographed, what is she doing? Answer – Either at an event or WORKING on Gossip Girl. There arent that many pics of her “real” day to day life. Now Bilson/Bosworth on the otherhand, how many “coffee run” pics do we need JJ?

  • Hannah

    She is so pretty and stylish.

  • mailey

    how annoying to be followed into a CVS.

  • Anita

    Also if I was a company rep and I saw a celeb with one of my products – I would obviously pay for it to be mentioned somehow in the media. These photos are old now. From when they came out last week, no other media outlet mentioned the brand – they just said she was out buying a tooth brush.

  • lol

    ^Blake has a stan!

  • @r.:

    comment #13 and 16

    why am I replying to a celeb blog comment. oh man, wtf.

  • Sadie

    if she really didn’t want them taking pictures of this, she could have easily stood with her back to the photographers and grabbed a toothbrush.

    why are there no pictures of her beforehand at a restaurant or something? how do they just happen to find her mid-shopping trip at a CVS?

  • Jessica

    She’s very beautiful!

  • jljlj

    WoW, how low can this girl go????????????
    i wouldn’t be surprised if she’s slept her way to where she is now.

  • vivi

    New @stephjonesmusic “That Southern Love” Graphic is new post Here:

  • Stephanie

    What the hell!! do you really think that she would want to be photographed buying a toothbrush? Leave her alone, she is a good girl, unfortunately I cannot say the same about other girls her age in the media who go out with tones of makeup on WANTING to be photographed! She doesn’t look thrilled to see the paparazzi.

  • Katy

    if you look at the photographers name you’ll see that these are indeed staged

    and like someone said, photographers don’t really “find” celebs in stores and if they do you will sure get outside shots of them as well

    these are like her best buy pictures, staged but made to look candid

    I don’t think she did it for money, more for a publicity thing like ‘celebs – caught in the act’

  • lexy hates bilson

    Come on JJ!! Following this chick to the drugstore!! She should have been like Charlie Sheen and pretended to buy some Depends!! Give the haters something to gossip about!

  • jellybean

    her face is as plain as they come..don’t understand how this one got to be famous, I know it’s not because of her looks.

  • hmm

    ^^It’s not from her acting skills either.

  • Super Cool

    she looks disturbed and angry, i think the reason for that is the photographer who followed her into the store… i think that is really disturbing too…

  • Susan

    She’s so fab,I am jealous.

  • smash

    who is she again? yuck