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Eddie Cibrian: 'Playboy' Pilot Shoot!

Eddie Cibrian: 'Playboy' Pilot Shoot!

Eddie Cibrian films scenes for his new NBC TV pilot, Playboy, on Friday (March 18) in Chicago, Ill.

The 37-year-old landed the lead role earlier this month and will star opposite Jenna Dewan.

Eddie‘s fiancee, LeAnn Rimes, will also be appearing on the small screen soon.

The country singer, 28, has signed on to star in CMT Original Movies’ Reel Love, playing a “successful big-city girl who returns to her small-town roots after a family emergency.”

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eddie cibrian playboy filming 03
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eddie cibrian playboy filming 05
eddie cibrian playboy filming 06
eddie cibrian playboy filming 07

Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Iggy

    He looks like ^%$#.

  • Earth to JJ

    We know he’s a Playboy, JJ…
    Let’s see how long it takes him to find a new piece!
    Sorry Leann – your body looks terrible now…Eddie is about athletic sexy bodies not starved ones!

  • Gail

    Isn’t Ashley Green single now? The girl from Twlight?
    They would look good together!
    Jess Biel is also single…
    Hmmm Hmmm Hmmmm!
    It’ll be fun to see who he has chemistry with on set bc this guy is hot…

  • donnettakx polsona

    I need to know where i can find examples and pictures of other rooms to give me some ideas.

  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^_____^ cute

    He like ***** >_<

  • thighmegatampon

    is jenna dewan the one justin timberlake cheated on britney with?

  • Casey

    It just me or are all ‘oringinal’ movies, regardless of network but mostly Hallmark, about a big city successful woman who has to return home after a family emergency and OH LOOK always comes from a farm, or tiny commuity, where everyone is kind and knows their names and yada yada yada. Now dont get me wrong, I enjoy the odd hallmark movie, but this I wont be seeing. Rimes just bad actress, even for that sorta movie.

  • anna

    Don Draper wannabe.

  • !

    Eddie is a tool.

  • kittykat

    Talk about typecasting in this role LOL! Lee-Anne must be freaking out and will likely be watching him VERY carefully on set.

  • julie

    he will NEVER be able to resist the temtation of all those bunnies on the set and they will be gorgeous and have great bodies. that is why Leann will never leave him alone on the set. she will smother him like an old worn out blanket

  • gwen

    No wonder Eddie hooked up with Leann, he can not act. Why does he always look so awkward and out of place? He doesn’t even look the part, he still looks like the lowlife who pimps out his kids for his and Leann’s careers.

    So how did JJ get these photos?

    Is this why Leann called the truce because it was interfering with EC show?

  • Hannah

    i hope everything turns out ok so he can earn some money for his children!

  • The Truth

    @Hannah: Agree with that .Didn’tknow that he was doing a show by hisself. Good for him. he looks there.

  • Whitman

    It’s a real stretch of the imagination to believe this whussy mommy’s boy and coward is playing a hardened lawyer with mob connections. His mommy must have taken the pics on the set.

  • Lela

    I sure as heck won’t be watching either of their projects. And Eddie’s new pilot should be called Player rather than Playboy, although both titles fit.

  • Gwen Rocks!

    I think you are onto something. I’m still not sold on Iguana Face calling a “truce”. There has to be something in it for HER and EC. All of a sudden a “truce”?! She is up to something or this is something she was TOLD to do. Something in the water aint right!

  • .

    It must be so hard to hold your head up when so many people know that you cheated on your ex-wife with a psycho Leann Rimes who has been plain evil to the mother of your children. Neither Eddie nor Leann look “right” nowadays because they know that we know what kind of people they are. Selfish and evil sums it up well.

  • Marieme

    “Iguana Face!” LOL! Thanks, Gwen Rocks. I’m gonna remember that.

    But seriously who’s gonna be watching this creep on anything? What a stupid move!

  • gwen

    I’m surprised there isn’t a shot of Leann hiding somewhere on the set because as she keeps telling us on twitter, she is so blessed to have man she has to literally babysit on the set of his show because she is just that afraid of his cheating being exposed and people knowing that her relationship with EC isn’t any better than his relationshop with BG.

    But LR can always remedy the situation by calling up JJ and getting them to take photos of them at some airport holding hands. Now that is true love. Because coming out of an airport holding his partners hand is something that EC has never ever done before.

  • julie

    bunnies bunnies everywher N not a chance when the keeper is standing guard over her prisoner

  • Carey

    For ONCE Leann looks pretty in a picture

  • gwen

    I see that Leann is STILL tweeting, isn’t that a contradicting in her truce declaration? If she wants to live her life and doesn’t want the opinions of others, then why is she still putting her private info on a public forum? For someone who is always boo hoo over how the paps are hounding and following her, why does she continue to tweet where and when they can find her?

    Leann REALLY thinks that this truce has made things better for her, hence why she is gloating about how special she is because someone requested a concert from her and offered to pay for it. Oh Leann, we all know that it was a favor from a friend and that she has to take whatever job offer her friends set up. Eddie isn’t going to marry her unless she can fulfill her end of the bargain. MONEY, trips, shopping sprees, and jobs.

    So Leann is posting pics of her, EC, and her BFF with Kris Jenner? Wow, even funnier because it makes her very stupid for making that comment about reality stars. Leann must be upset because the media didn’t jump on this story and she thinks that posting pics of the event will draw attention to the fact that she is “friends” with Kris J.

    Leann is tweeting about how she is walking around without any makeup on, we know that is JJ cue.

    Leann has a false sense of security and if she doesn’t close that twitter account soon or stop the photo-ops or leaks to her mouthpieces it’s all going to come crashing down.

  • Carey

    Leann is in Chicago again stalking Eddie.

    WHO is watching the boys she loves so much?
    Will the boys not see their father when he’s working in Chicago?

  • julie

    In the photos I notice that Leann is wearing white did she think she was going to be the bride let me guess, she wanted to be the center of attention Last I heard, that was still a no-no

  • blaine

    Eddie was with his ex for 13 years some of it married, think he really needs some freedom for awhile to find out all the good stuff out there instead of jumping into a relationship with an overbearing ,smothering woman who will check his every move . wise up Edward and make a bolt for freedom and all those little bunny tails that have been stuck in your face

  • gwen

    Of course WEWE is stalking “her love” on the set of his new show, “her sweets” can’t be trusted to be faithful. Something must have happened because she wouldn’t need to be on that set if Eddie hadn’t been sleeping around.

    Star mag had an interesting take on Leann’s weight loss. They said that the problem was Eddie. Apparently Eddie is pressuring Leann to be thin by criticizing her everytime she puts something fattening in her mouth. I’m not buying it, though. If Eddie cared enough about Leann to tell her what she could eat, Leann wouldn’t have to be on twitter because she absolutely wants to live her life without any opinions of others.

    So how long before Leann summons JJ/Dailymail/x17 to get “candid” shots of her and EC out and about in Chicago or at some airport? Or even better, making out with EC on the set of his new show because that would most certainly convince people that EC isn’t cheating on her.

  • blair

    Hi Gwen! Missed you…glad you are back. Love the “truce” move. We all know Leann is witchy33.

  • gwen

    How badly does Leann’s tweets and photo-ops impact her career?
    Crazy Women is at 45 on the Country Billboard Charts, last week it was at 43. It still hasn’t chearted on Itunes. But don’t worry, LR BFF seems to think that a remix with Snoop Dog will revive Crazy Women and take it all the way to #1.

    The more Leann exposes herself to the public and media via her tweets, staged photo-ops, and leaks to her mouthpieces, the less likely the public will support her. So how will Leann’s hosting gig do this weekend? Will they skew the numbers to make it look like LR is still marketable?

    The producers for Drop Dead Diva and the CMT movie need to take note. If they want their shows to be a success, then they need to get Leann off of twitter and tell her to not to tip off the paps. If people see enough of EC and LR via jj, x17, Dailymail, and People mag, then why would they want to watch them on their tv’s?

  • gwen



    I heard that Witchy is tweeting again and that Leann is boo hooing over how her “fans” are being attacked by the BBs. Leann is forever the victim. Perhaps she should focus on her career and get off of twitter.

  • blair

    @gwen…talk about delusional! I checked the twitter page online and sure enough, she is still tweeting as witchy33 even though we all know it’s leann.

  • Gwen Rocks!

    Wow. Did Iguana Face break the truce ALREADY? She could’nt even last one week! She’s delusional and as ( Blair) says, she’s DELUSIONAL! This “truce” does’nt sit well for me. What’s in it for HER? It’s pathetic how she still continues to play the “victim” in all this.

  • gwen


    Do you think that maybe Leann is keeping up the drama with the Withcy account to get EC fired from Playboy because she can’t handle the fact that he is going to be surrounded by all those other women, which she knows by experience he won’t deny? Or worse, she can’t stand to see EC name mentioned with another woman’s name?

  • blair

    @gwen…I don’t know, she’s so twisted I can’t to think like her. It’s possible, she wants him all to herself. It could also be her being defiant and letting people know she won’t delete the account.

  • gwen

    @Gwen Rocks!:

    Leann’s mission: Get Eddie fired from NBC/Playboy so that he doesn’t get caught sucking the fingers of one of his castmates/extras and meeting her at hotels.

    I wonder if Eddie is still pulling the same tricks that BG mentioned in her Cosmo interview.

    “Sorry Le, I couldn’t answer my phone because the battery died”.

  • gwen


    Sorta like she is saying “I’m Leann Rimes and I can do anything I want to do”.

    Leann wouldn’t stop tweeting about BG kids after she was asked over and over not to do it and even went so far as to make that statement about how BG can’t tell her what to do (concerning the ER incident and her tweets afterwards), so I knew that she was going to be as defiant as possible when it came to deleting that account.

    I just thought it was strange that the Witchy and victim posts start right back up just as EC is filming and that was why I came to the conclusion that she might be trying to get EC fired. EC must be filming love scenes with his co-stars today or tomorrow.

  • blair

    @gwen…yeah, that must be driving her crazy!

  • gwen


    And you know how Leann is going to make EC pay for driving her crazy with all those playboy bunnies?

    Staged handholding or pda photo-op. Or yet another “couples spotted” fluff piece from People mag (ie-An insider reports that EC and LR were out shopping/dining/at a club/feeding eat other in Chicago and they just couldn’t keep their hands off of one another. EC was so smitten by LR.)

  • gwen

    Now Leann is tweeting I am blessed and thankful posts over and over.

    Eddie has got to be filming love scenes today because there is no reason why Leann would be losing it like this. Leann just can’t handle the fact that Eddie is kissing someone other than her, what did she expect was going to happen? And the bad part is that it’s not even real kissing, he is ACTING. Or is he?

    Why does Leann insist on mocking God like that. She seriously believes that God is obligated to bless her. Why would God reward LR when she is still being mean and nasty?

    If Leann was blessed and thankful, then the twitter account would be closed right now and she wouldn’t have to compensate for her failed relationship with EC by tweeting “my love” and “my sweets” posts, making tons of posts about how she is “supporting” her sweets while he films his show, and morphing herself in to EC ex-wife.

  • blair

    @gwen….yeah, because their “love” has to be documented in pictures so she can show the world how much they “love” each other. He is paying big time…no more fooling around for Eddie.

  • Gwen Rocks!

    @Gwen and @Blair
    SO true! If the “truce” was sincere, it would’ve been closed the second after calling this so-called truce!
    Gwen, you are onto something here as far as Iguana Face losing it over “kissing”/love scenes on set. Well, SHE would know what that may lead to! So of course her bony knees are shaking at this point.
    My question is, after she called “truce” did BG get a HOME # that BG asked for while the boys are with EC and Iguana? BG asked for this after the ER incident. I highly doubt it. And like you said, Iguana Face STILL continues to tweet and act as Witchy…to try and throw us off. This “victim” act is getting SO old and is as transparent as her pasty skin!

  • blair

    Ding dong the witch is dead! Witchy33 has deleted her account!

  • gwen


    Now that is a step in the right direction. LR must have thought that saying she and BG were friends now was going to solve everything, but then realized that people weren’t going to think that she was sincere until the account was gone.

    I also heard that to convince people that she wasn’t Witchy, Leann wrote a Thank You note to her for deleting the account. Yes, like we haven’t seen that before, right? How many times did a certain someone write “Thank you” or “I agree” posts to herself on this site to convince us that she was not using different names?

    Now the next step is for Leann to close her twitter account, lay low, and don’t release any info to People mag/In Touch.

    I heard LR is tweeting about meeting with an ad company? Perhaps to market her wedding or the reality show about married life with EC/wedding special hosted by Lifetime/CMT/ABC because she just can’t stand that Kate M and Prince Williman are getting more attention than she is.

    For someone who claims that they want to live their life, why is Leann STILL tweeting?

  • gwen

    Oh no Reese Witherspoon is getting married on Saturday?

    You know what that means.

    It means that LR is going to try to upstage it by bombarding the internet with DAILY photo-ops for the rest of the week.

    No wonder Leann has been in rare form, EC is doing love scenes and she is worried that he may develop feelings for his co stars and now she has to compete for attention with Reese’s wedding. How can people focus on HER wedding, when Reese who didn’t try to get a reality show to prove to people that her love is REAL is getting married?

  • blair

    @gwen…actually Leann tweeted that she met with an “add” agency, maybe they are counting all her tweets for the Guiness World Record.

  • Gwen Rocks!

    LOL at counting tweets for the Guiness World Record!

  • gwen


    Or the number of times she writes “my love” and “my sweets”.

  • gwen

    Witchy has opened up yet another twitter account under a different name.

  • Gwen Rocks!

    LMAO at “my love” and “my sweets” ! Ughhhhh. She makes me want to puke!
    So the ‘witch’ is’nt dead after all? What did she re-emerge as? I knew it was too good to be true!!
    Closing the ‘Witchy’ account and calling ‘a truce’ is simply a tactic to protect HERSELF and her dumb “staff” she calls “friends” ( mainly because she has NO friends!). She is still a selfish, jealous and a vindictive person. And she knows that her career is gone to toilet, her money is drying up and is very insecure about her relationship with Eddie.
    Did I miss anything?

  • blair

    @Gwen Rocks! No, you said it all!